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  • Homebrew Yozi Charmsets?

    As the title says, is there a decent collection anywhere of homebrew Yozi Charmsets? One of my PCs is possibly going to become an Infernal in the near future*, and I'd like to give them as many options as possible.

    *Hey, if you are both willing and in the physical presence of the Ebon Dragon, who says a Solar can't be converted? It will just hurt beyond anything you can possibly imagine, that's all...

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    Looking for a specific Yozi? Or for fan-made Yozis?

    I've collected urls but they aren't all in one place I can point you to, other than vomiting a big list of urls that may offend the forum software. I mean, I could try to do that... would probably be useful if anyone else plays Infernals.
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      I would prefer the canon Yozis, but I'd take a fan-made one if it had good backstory and solid Charms. I am also okay at sorting through big lists of URLs, I just suck at finding the right combination of words to plug into Google...

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        This is a gigantic list of Yozi Charmsets that an ST assembled once for a game that... didn't really get very far. But I'm still impressed at the collecting and possibly writing that he did. No clue if they're all balanced or not, but damn, that's a lot of charms. Others have done Isidoros and Szoreny, but these are the only ones I recall seeing for Metagaos, Hegra, Elloge, Oramus, and Sacheverell.

        Note that the second-to-last one is not a canon Yozi, but one that I wrote and asked to be allowed to use. Feel free to steal it though.
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          ...I know I have two different ones for Hegra...
          But I wrote none of them...

          Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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            Originally posted by WarDragon View Post

            This is a gigantic list of Yozi Charmsets that an ST assembled once for a game that... didn't really get very far. But I'm still impressed at the collecting and possibly writing that he did. No clue if they're all balanced or not, but damn, that's a lot of charms. Others have done Isidoros and Szoreny, but these are the only ones I recall seeing for Metagaos, Hegra, Elloge, Oramus, and Sacheverell.

            Note that the second-to-last one is not a canon Yozi, but one that I wrote and asked to be allowed to use. Feel free to steal it though.
            Iirc, the Oramus Charmset is mostly a poutpurri of Charms from different fan-sets grafted together, plus some parts they seem to have written themselves. Wild guess, but it wouldn't surprise me if the rest are composed in a similar manner. I happen to have specialized knowledge in the area of Oramus fansets since I've written one myself, which, yes, is partially in there. I'd post the link, but I'm pretty sure Erinys has it, so it'd be redundant.

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              @WarDragon: That is perfect! Thank you! ...Wow, some of those Metagaos Charms are terrifyingly awesome. I love the one that lets you travel faster by eating the distance you don't want to walk.

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                Hm well I recognize Kyeudo's 1st Szoreny Excellency, Robert Vance's 1st Hegra and Isidoros Excellencies, one of the 1st Elloge Excellencies, and the Oramus, but none of the others. Additions for my collection! Since I don't want to read entire charmsets looking for duplicates I'll just vomit up everything I've got recorded.

                First Excellencies
                All are by Reminiscent Oasis unless otherwise noted.

                Cytherea, the Divine Ignition
                Version 1 (RO)
                The Divine Ignition is the ultimate creative force among the Primordials. The firstborn Titan embodies beginnings and cosmic splendor. She is the inspiration that kindles actions within others, the inferno that burns away the dross. She instigates and lends her strength to others, but due to excessive caution, she frequently relies on others to finish her projects. She attracts and brings others together for the completion of common goals. When others are stymied, she exhibits explosive insight and sudden flashes of brilliance. As a catalyst herself, she excels at all manner of alchemy and chemistry. When threatened, she strikes back with violent outbursts of primeval essence.

                This Charm may be used on any action necessary to begin a project but not necessarily bring it fully to its conclusion unless permitted by other means. A character may also always use this Charm when she receives or grants aid to others — sexual acts always count for this purpose for it was Cytherea who first devised that method of reproduction.

                Version 2 (Marsdome_Valkyrie)
                The Divine Ignition is empowering and bursting with energy. She inspires and enables, helping her allies to be more than they were. Her power radiates from her, warming and nourishing all around. However, she cannot amplify herself, except in the service of others or with their reflected excellence. The Mother of Creation is giving and sympathetic, but has been betrayed by the world she helped create and now limits her help to those she trusts. She hides herself from her enemies, providing her aid from behind the scenes.
                Characters may apply this Charm to any actions in which they advance the goals of or assist someone or something for which they have a positive Intimacy. It can also be applied to actions that encourage physical or spiritual growth or to amplify an existing effect or condition. It may never be used to assist in actions that only benefit oneself, either immediately or in the long term. Actions whose purpose is to inspire another are also able to benefit from this Charm. As a result of Cytherea’s part in Creation’s building, this Charm may always be used to enhance any Craft roll, even an Infernal’s own.

                Version 3 (author unknown, italics my guesses)
                In Malfeas, there grows a tree the size of the Blessed Isle. At its roots extends a cave that plunges as deep as the mortal imagination can conceive and beyond. This is Cytherea, the Mother. Cytherea embodies the concepts of protection, design and motherhood. From her world-designing genius, the blueprints of reality were shaped, and in a combined effort with the other Primordials, they fashioned a world within the Wyld. During the War, she fought back against the Exalted, not out of malice, fear or spite but for the love of her creation and for the protection of her design. Who knew what might happen if the gods succeeded in their rebellion? Creation might unravel and then all her world would be unmade, and she could not abide by that. Perhaps because of this, she fought harder than the other Yozis, though by nature she is a designer and an architect, not a warrior; but what good mother lets her disobedient children misbehave? Unnecessary violence and killing is detrimental to the integrity of the design, but this does not mean she is afraid to take punitive measures.
                Her loss in the War was a willing self-sacrifice when the once-Primordial put Creation's wellbeing before her own so that no more damages would be wrought. She left behind a fragment of her genius so that Creation could be as it was. Now the tree and the cave rest in solitude within Malfeas. Cytherea yearns to return to her Creation and to implement the perfection that was. To do so would be tearing it from the ruinous hands of the gods and their Exalted. Of this, she is also unafraid. Her goals are of reclamation and restoration, not of torment and wrath. This, perhaps, puts her at odds with her Yozi siblings but she does not fear them, either.

                Characters may apply this Charm to any actions in which they begin or further a productive goal supported by their Virtues. Cytherea’s Excellency also assists actions that defend this goal, either through integrating potential dissenters into the design or removing them through physical force.
                Cytherea considers success more important than her own wellbeing, thus it cannot be used to support any action in which the Infernal abandons their plans for whatever reason. Cytherea’s Excellency also cannot be used in any scene in which the Infernal has suppressed a Virtue; the Mother of All is always true to her nature.

                Elloge, the Sphere of Speech
                Version 1 (RO)
                The Sphere of Speech is intriguing and unbelievable. She speaks and writes in more languages than actually exist. Though she is known to have an affinity for riddles and wordplay, her real passion is romances, both in the sense of epics and of loving bonds. She engages in match-making, pairing all people with their one true love as well as their arch-rival. From such relationships, she creates compelling stories, many of which are stranger than fiction no matter how much Elloge suspends her disbelief. If she cannot find a ready match for her chosen hero, she hatches plots to force one into existence. She easily interprets the character of beings she encounters, seeing hidden meaning and recognizing any personal subtext the being harbors. With a little imagination, she brings hero and villain together but only at the perfect moment. She is a recluse and finds herself lost in a pleasant fiction. Often she cannot distinguish between what is truly happening and what is all in her mind. All stories are designed to help her escape from reality—particularly the grim, torturous reality that is life in the Demon City.

                This Charm may be used to enhance any written Social attack and any act of storytelling, written or otherwise. Elloge realizes that no tale truly ends, and this Charm may also be used to help the character propagate a previous relationship into the next generation, such as keeping a long-standing family feud alive or encourage a child to avenge his father’s murder. Conversely it cannot be used to bring anything to a conclusion unless the character includes some other method of continuing that narrative into the future. She may end the family feud by uniting them against a common enemy; she may lead the son to his father’s murderer only if she has likewise ensured the murderer’s own son will seek revenge in turn. She need not be successful in such efforts but must at least make an honest attempt at arranging such events.

                Version 2 (unknown author)
                The Sphere of Speech is romantic, given to flights of fancy and becoming lost within herself . She is invisible to those outside of her, while her inner world is complex and rich beyond imagination. She perceives the whole world through the lens of narrative, understanding relationships through archetypes and themes. She seeks to build connections between people to create a more unified narrative. She dictates reality around her, but admires introspection and self-exploration. She also enjoys paradox and self-contradiction, as it creates more complication and greater depth in her stories.
                To Elloge, words are what they represent, and she does not distinguish between symbol and symbolized. She speaks only truth, though it is the truth of stories, rather than of cold-hard fact. Facts that are inconvenient to her stories are edited out of existence, as Elloge seeks to create the perfect story. Her narrative structure dominates the Wyld, as her narrative holds the greatest power over those entities which exist outside of Creation’s law.

                This Charm may be used to enhance any action in which the Infernal uses words or language as a part of his task, or which is used in an act of self-expression. This Charm may also be used to encourage a narrative that the Infernal enjoys, or to develop relationships, whether or not she is a part of that relationship. This Charm cannot be used in any action to make someone act in a way that is antithetical to their character, or to inhibit any act of self-expression which is in accordance with an archetype or narrative she wishes to foster. Finally, Elloge has an obsession with marriage and children, and as such this Excellency may be used in any action to facilitate romance or aid in protecting children.

                Version 3 (LixLorn, italics my guesses)
                Elloge is the mother of narrative and the teller of the story that is life. It is under Elloge that heroes triumph, villains fall, and reality favours the epic. Equally, it is Elloge who sees the evil empire rise and the hero’s parents cut down. Elloge always knows the best story, and works towards it regardless of her own ends. Elloge, more than her siblings, understands interactions, the better to write her vision of the world into being.

                The Storyteller’s Excellency may be invoked on an action where the Infernal disregards his safety to aim for the best narrative, as well as an action where she deliberately acts in the expected manner. It cannot be used on an action where the Infernal defies his expected place in the scene. These could (but could not, depending on context) include situations such as the young hero accepting the villain’s offer to join him, the princess refusing his affections after her rescue, or seeing a chance to utilise an Act of Villainy and not doing so. In addition, the excellency is inapplicable to an action attempting to hide knowledge. Stories want to be told.
                Her Excellency is always valid on an action earning a stunt rating of two or greater -- doing something well is more important than doing the right thing.

                Version 4 (Revlid)
                The Sphere of Speech weeps and bleeds a ceaseless tide of symbols and patterns, crippled so that she cannot truly invent. Instead, she willfully interprets and recalls what already exists, stealing ideas and distorting existing sentiment into her stories. She has insight into relationships of all kinds, but avoids direct interaction lest her wounds expose her as a hollow fraud. Instead, she lurks at the edge of perception, an envious audience in self-imposed isolation. The Minstrel Echo sees hidden meaning everywhere, injecting emotional drama into the most mundane situations in order to fuel confusion and validate her suspicions. Her favourite narratives are romances, but she lives vicariously through all stories, hiding inside her obsessive fantasies.

                Elloge constantly reinvents herself, donning proxy personas or the trappings of roles. She is desperate to obscure her own weakness, jealous and infatuated with those whose sincerity and strength of will can make dreams real. Such heroes become perfect dolls who act out her plots, unable to betray her. Exalts can use this Charm to conceal their presence, motives or capabilities, as well as any attempt to understand something, but it comes with a major restriction – it cannot aid open, personal interaction with another character. A warlock could strangle from hiding or romance while disguised, but not duel before a crowd or directly profess their love.

                Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares
                Version 1 (from Dawn of the Devil-Tigers)
                The Typhoon of Nightmares is a creature of flux. She moves to no set pattern, traveling wherever her mood takes her. Sometimes she pours down dream-rain filling those beneath her with euphoria while other times she lashes out with ebon lightning draining all feeling from those she strikes. Hegra is all emotions in their extreme and induces the same mania in others. No other Titan feels wonder, envy, or lust as she does though many match her fury and rage. She places no limits on her self-expression and compels others to do likewise. And yet she is not entirely feeling. Hegra’s aspects are also the grip of madness, compulsive behaviors and addictions, and revolutionary ambitions. Her epithet is the Typhoon of Nightmares but she is also a being of dreams and fantasy in all their forms.
                Hegra is not against planning but always acts on her impulses, forsaking what others expect of her to indulge herself. Despite Hegra’s false acts of kindness she is a solipsist and would rather behave impulsively then act even in her own best interests. The Typhoon of Nightmares relies on visions and intuitions over logic and reasoning.
                She is obsessed with interactions both social and mercantile constantly fascinated by the exchange of favors, promises, commerce, theft, and gifts. Unsurprisingly the Typhoon of Nightmares claims various drugs under her purview but less predictably also agriculture and alchemy. Despite her refusal to commit to any political perspective, her love of passion without thought drives her to engage in politics.

                Hegra is a being of ephemerea and shuns the creation of substance, therefore her Excellency may always be used to evoke feelings, awaken or shake off intimacies, or encourage or discourage virtuous behavior but never to create objects of permanence. This Excellency also may never be used to disguise feelings or intimacies from others but is always applicable when used in the emotional context of her intimacies.

                Version 2 (Robert Vance)
                The Typhoon of Nightmares is always excited, a manic being who revels in the sensous. Her erratic moods are constantly shifting through the spectrum of emotions, and she is subject only to her whim. Hegra clings to her dreams because they are more pleasing than reality, and wishes to share her vision. She brings both inspiration and terror, disturbing the sleep of dreamers with unwanted revelations. Her wrath is less deadly than her carelessness, as her catastrophic storms cause massive collateral damage, without her knowing. Despite the exuberant rejoicing that her aimless passage through Malfeas brings, her mercy is just as unintended as her malice. She enjoys all that she does as if giving an artistic performance or playing a game, because she will not do anything which does not please her.

                Characters may apply this Charm to actions that resonate with their emotions and passions, or acts of flamboyant and over the top vivacity. Actions that focus on style over substance or seem heroic are always better than those that are merely effective, as Hegra’s form is nothing but dreams and gossamer, shaped into her own self-image. Socially, she arouses passions and incites revolutionary changes, upsetting systems of oppressive control or restraint with out of control emotion. She exploits the feelings of others, using them to achieve her own satisfaction. This Charm can never enhance any action that conflicts with the Infernal’s own emotions or Intimacies, as Hegra values fantasy over reality and cannot place necessity above what she wants.

                Version 3 (RO)
                The Typhoon of Nightmares is obliviously disruptive and unintentionally terrifying, but well-loved and vivacious all the same. She is erratic and aimless, spending much of her time going in circles while chasing the next thrill. A being of exuberant passions and obsessions, she rains euphoria and conjures hallucinations, promoting delirious revelry. Distracting from pain and suffering, she offers some measure of contentment and indulges others with naïve optimism and the promise that everything is fine. She ignores problems and believes in happy endings that never come. She always tries to make the most of a bad situation. When the intoxication of wears off, she weeps uncontrollably until the mania takes hold again.

                This Excellency can be used on any action to create and distribute drugs, for Hegra always supplies what others want and fulfills dreams, no matter how self-destructive those desires may be. This Charm cannot be used to promote a pessimistic or cynical view, or to commit any act of malice or hatred. The Typhoon of Nightmares recognizes no enemies, only those whose pain she has yet to subdue.

                Version 4 (unknown author)
                The Typhoon of Nightmares is tempestuous, carried by winds of desire and want. In her indulgence, she grants fleeting gifts that leave behind emptiness and hopeless addiction. However, when her mood shifts, she is as capable of sadistic violence as she is of reckless abandon. The works of Hegra are inherently temporary, as she only leaves ruin in her wake. Hegra plays with illusion, creating worlds of dreams in which to enrapture those foolish or unfortunate enough to be dragged into her eternal bacchanalia. She is impulsive and ephemeral, shifting between a spectrum of emotions, but cannot abide stillness or constancy. The Typhoon of Nightmares lacks restraint, ignoring or destroying all obstacles to her current fascination.
                This Excellency may be used on any action to understand or influence emotions and desires, or to bring said desires to fruition. It may also be used to deceive or create false perception, or to influence politics or trade. It cannot, however, bring lasting satisfaction, nor create anything of true permanence.

                Isidoros, the Black Boar that Twists the Skies
                Version 1 (RO)
                The Black Boar that Twists the Sky is boisterous, stubborn, and competitive. He accepts no imitation. Given to impulsive and foolhardy acts of bravado, he always seeks out the greatest challenge to best prove his strength. Even if he loses, he holds no grudges, for each reckless failure only serves to make his inevitable victory more impressive.
                The very embodiment of the unstoppable force, he tramples all opposition and crashes through obstacles with ease. He is unwavering in his pursuit of happiness. Destroying what holds him back and breaking down barriers, he is a revolutionary entity who makes progress for the sake of progressing and cares little for the senseless destruction and anarchy that follows in his wake.

                This Charm aids in any act of flagrant insubordination to any authority which seeks to constrain the character’s behavior and any act which assists the character in satisfying his primal desires, such as eating or having sex. It cannot be used to aid any authority unless the will of that authority aligns favorably with the character’s Motivation or Urge or bribes the character with an agreeable reward. While he may be a rebel, Isidoros is also narcissistic enough to put aside those tendencies so long as the regime keeps him satisfied.

                Version 2 (Revlid)
                The Black Boar That Twists the Sky is narcissistic, shameless and proud of everything he is and does. He impulsively indulges in his every primal urge, seeking immediate gratification regardless of how inappropriate it might be. Lust and gluttony are his foremost concerns, fuelled by his boundless vitality, for he knows that forbidden fruit tastes sweetest, and is able to smash through anything between him and his appetite. The Antarch Stampede rejects all authority, stubborn and unstoppable in his denial of attempts to curtail his boisterous behaviour. He is wilful in his contrariness, an anarchist who even scorns the laws of nature and probability, but is at least honest in his violent disrespect for the proclamations of others. Only competition and challenges can rouse him from his lazy hedonism, for he finds joy in trampling imitators and parades his awesome might. Isidoros is unbothered by the senseless destruction he causes in such displays, for he gives little thought to anything but the now, a myopic carelessness that is at times mistaken for largesse.

                Characters can always use this Charm to help satisfy their base desires, whether by foraging for food or propositioning sexual partners. It cannot be used to enhance actions taken at the behest of anyone else, though individuals can still bribe or beseech the Infernal, and he can enthusiastically perform deeds he would have undertaken regardless of any presumptuous orders. Isidoros can generally aid Infernals who are engaged in opposed or exceedingly difficult actions, provided they trumpet their victory to all and sundry.

                Version 3 (Robert Vance)
                Isidoros is reckless, implacable, and never changes from his course. He is that which acts upon the world, and in acting upon the world, changes it. He acts with unstoppable force to defy his foes, overcoming extraordinary opposition. He exults in senseless destruction, bringing to bear immense strength for strength’s own sake. He cannot conceive of failure and only grows angrier when confronted with a foe he cannot best, striving again and again to crush them underfoot with inexhaustible tenacity. Isidoros abides by no limitations, be they fetters, laws, or fate itself. He shatters impassable barriers and bears immense burdens to obtain what he desires. Inexorable and fanatical in all endeavors, he knows no shame, acting without regard for others.

                Characters may apply this Charm to any action that uses strength or superior ability to conquer their enemies, do away with obstacles, or simply show off his own might. Isidoros changes the world to fit his desires, and his unbridled arrogance and megalomania can abide by no lesser vision. This Charm cannot aid any action performed at the behest or command of another, nor can it aid any indirect action -- the Infernal must accomplish his goals himself, not through others. He must take pride in all his victories, making his supremacy known to all who witness the compelling arguments of his absolute might.

                Version 4 (by JiveX and Nephilpal, italics my guesses)
                Isidoros is, above all else, enormous, in both the physical and metaphysical sense of the world. More than any Yozi he thinks on a grand scale, and has little if any regard for details. Thus he appears unchanging, implacable, and heedless, though he is, in reality, not so careless as he is perceived to be. His obliviousness comes as a result of his lack of regard for things inferior to himself and his inattention to details. He is action, more than he is entity. He inflicts changes upon the world and upon those he crosses paths with, but is himself often unchanged. He might reshape the world, but he takes no ownership nor possession of things. He is an unstoppable force and an entity of pure transgression, he overcomes obstacles because it is his nature to do so, he crushes lesser entities underfoot because they can be crushed. Yet he has no love of senseless destruction, and takes no more pleasure in it than a tornado takes in the destruction it causes. He bends and breaks and shatters because that is the effect his presence and power has upon the world, but in truth he loves action and purpose and power far more than anything else.
                Because of his enormity he walks alone in the world, at least in his own eyes, and he relishes contact with those who are of sufficient scope to catch his attention. Though his attention can be more perilous than his disregard. He cannot conceive of restriction or bondage and his power surges to prevent such conditions from being inflicted upon him; even Fate holds no sway over him. Isidoros does not acknowledge limitations of any sort; he acknowledges no social contract outside the law of strength and pays heed to no binding of any type. By the same token, he does not command, those who follow him do so because of the gravitational pull of his own desire and purpose. He exudes a sort of involuntary, animal charisma, drawing those to him by making them desire what he does, not by compelling action. He is driven by purpose, though he can be capricious and forgetful of his causes if he allows his attention to them to lapse, and values the thrill of conflict and action more than he savors victory itself. He is a supermassive singularity of desires and drives, but has little ‘self-hood’ beyond these apetites and wishes. In the face of his great Will, the world and the minds of those within it bend and break as they are caught up in the irresistible momentum of the Great Boar’s charge. Inexorable and tenacious in all endeavors, he is shameless and inexhaustable in the pursuit of his goals.

                Characters may apply this Charm to any action that uses strength, brute force, or any similarly direct approach to overcome obstacles that prevent him from pursuing or acting upon his Motivation or Intimacies. Similarly, it may aid in actions which interact with entities of a similar scale to himself in the pursuit of such objects. Through it, Isidoros bends, breaks and reshapes the world around him to further his goals. This charm never permits the user to act in an evasive manner. It does not aid in the avoidance of conflict or peril either physically or socially, permitting him only to face such obstacles head on, or not at all. It similarly cannot be used to compel or demand fealty or obeisance from others, though it can be used to sway the hearts and minds of others on an emotional level. This Charm cannot aid any action performed at the command of another, though he may be persuaded to see a point of view and may act on that acquired value; nor can it aid any action which does not directly serve the ends of his Motivation or one of his intimacies. Isidoros is never subtle, and his Excellency does not aid him in actions which trade pragmatism and directness for subtlety and guile, nor will its power aid him in the face of anything less than half his size. This charm cannot aid in actions which directly target beings who are less than half his size; if the Infernal knows charms to increase the number of ways that a character can be considered less than half his size, then it cannot be used to target beings who meet two or more of these criteria. The one exception to this restriction is that he may use it to interact with such beings on a grand scale, or incidentally as a result, or side effect, of another action which targets something of appropriate magnitude to warrant the Black Boar’s attentions. The final, and perhaps greatest restriction upon the use of this Excellency is that it may not be used directly seek personal accomplishment, renown, or gain, except in the short term as a gratification of Intimacies, or as a tool for the pursuit of a greater cause. Isidoros does not seem to acknowledge his own existence beyond his role as an agent of change, purpose and self-gratification.

                Version 5 (by Mockery)
                Isidoros is proudly individualistic, stubborn, and decisive. He freely burns bridges when he has crossed them, or has chosen not to take them, and does not look back on his victories nor his defeats, but always moves forward. He is always exactly where he wants to be, and when he moves, he is going where he wishes to go. He lays waste to that which is in his path, because it is in his way. He is always himself, and attempts to impersonate him or duplicate him only enrage him. Further, as he is always himself, he demands and encourages the same of all else, even as he cannot truly call any “equals.” He acknowledges no superiors, and treats others who might consider themselves his equals with contempt for no greater or lesser reason than they are not he, and expects the same from others. From those truly beneath him, he desires respect, and craves awe, but for the most part ignores their existence and does not seek loyalty, and works with who he will because their will is the same. At the same time, compromise is anathema to him, whether in himself or in others.

                The First Isidoros Excellency may be employed whenever he realizes an option on his own that defies the other paths laid out before him, or to enhance rolls intended to resolve problems quickly and perfunctorily via excessive force.
                It may also be used to raise the Infernal’s own MDV as long as they are not suffering a penalty from their Virtues, Intimacies, or Motivation. It may not be used in extended rolls, or against the same target more than once per scene, unless those directly involve an intimacy or motivation on the behalf of the Infernal, or deal with an obstruction to the same. Isidoros also does not prevaricate; this Excellency cannot be used to tell a lie or deliberately mislead, although Isidoros has no problems stubbornly keeping his mouth shut on matters which he does not wish to speak of, such as a past relationship with the Arczeckhi or the... complicated... nature of the White Huntress who follows him.

                Metagaos, the All-Hunger Blossom
                Version1 (RO)
                The All-Hunger Blossom is parasitic and rapacious, unsustainably feeding upon others in any manner he can. He consumes all things and thoroughly digests all matter and information. His body is a quagmire of diseases and insects. Woe to anyone who catches his eye while he is on the hunt for he is inescapable. But Metagaos is more than a ravenous predator who plays with his prey. He is also an infamous libertine, promoting gluttonous hedonism among all who choose to dwell within the bayous and backwaters of his realm. He is self-indulgent and insatiable. Always willing to try anything once, he possesses indiscriminate tastes. He hosts banquets where all can feast as equals, away from the prying eyes of the Descending Hierarchy, and where he can scavenge the physical and emotional leftovers. He drains his guests of all they bring, reducing them to animal instincts. Even their memories are consumed; Metagaos is full of wandering demons who have fallen victim to amnesia after a night attending one of his festivals.

                This Charm may always be used to acquire food and other sustenance and to resist disease. Metagaos is indifferent to others unless they somehow fulfill his desires. As such, this Excellency cannot be used to interact with other beings except to satisfy the character’s current physical and emotional cravings.

                Version 2 (Revlid)
                Metagaos is a voracious hunter who lurks in plain sight within the jungle of his body, stalking his prey until they are ready to be devoured. He is cunning in his predation, easily tempting his quarry into the deceptive labyrinth of his bayous and glades, ensnaring them in traps from which there can be no escape. The ravening nature of the All*Hunger Blossom is concealed beneath false familiarity and fertile decadence until it is too late, allowing him to entice fresh fools into his waiting maw. These bloody sacrifices cannot quell his self-*indulgent demands, for he is never satisfied. The Trackless Quag consumes everything within his insidious influence, and is himself consumed by countless diseases and parasites which infect and degrade body and mind alike, assimilating victims as surely as if Metagaos had eaten them whole.

                This Excellency aids actions that provide the Infernal with something he wants at someone else’s expense, helping him to seize or seduce appropriate offerings from others, be they wealth, information, or flesh. Attempts to acquire or improve sustenance always qualify. Such ruthless acquisitions are broken down and merged with their new owner, cannibalized for their juiciest parts. This Charm cannot benefit any act that emphasizes prudent planning over immediate indulgence, as Metagaos cannot abstain from what he desires, even for later gain.

                Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World
                Version 1 (RO)
                The Dragon Beyond the World is primeval and otherworldly. He is the Stranger, always outside and on the fringe. His seven wings encompass all reality, which places him beyond the familiar realm of everyday life and into a nebulous arrangement of unrealized potential. He casually disregards the natural order. Indeed, he abhors the mundane and trivial. He crosses boundaries and ignores distinctions, even though he defines all things by contrast with himself. Such is the contradictory nature of Oramus; he has always been anomalous ever since the Primordials first emerged into the Wyld. Though Cytherea was firstborn of the Primordial, she awoke to find Oramus preceding and anticipating her arrival, already ancient beyond reckoning. Oramus himself is of two minds regarding this paradox, both of which are equally incomprehensible.

                This Charm may be used on any game of chance, creating the illusion that character is preternaturally lucky rather than the master of controlled chaos. It may also be used to defy known expectations of his behavior but cannot be used to enhance any action which he does not willingly perform, such as if he were coerced by an unnatural mental influence, or an action dictated by an oath, contract, or other agreement unless the character exploits some loophole to violate the intent of such restrictions.

                Version 2 (Arrghus)
                The Dragon Beyond the World is alien and unknowable. Existing beyond reality, he disregards natural order, adhering to older laws and enigmatic principles only he knows. He simultaneously defines and transcends all boundaries, he shatters expectations and ignores conventions, even as he seals away unknowable realities within his body. He defines all things by contrast with himself, and lives on the border of possibility, looking both into and out of existence. The Worm that Digs Through Time is older than existence, and possesses wisdom commensurate, an impossible genius that defies all odds and finds solutions none thought possible. The Sevenfold Peacock is an artist without parallel, expressing his inspiration in eye-watering images and tales that drive men mad. Though a being of Order, the Galleon Atop the Waves of Madness holds within his belly the Essence of the Wyld, and delights in the discovery of new and exciting anomalies, the tang of mystery and the texture of uniqueness. He is horror personified, his presence snapping minds and bringing nightmares unspeakable.

                This Excellency may be used in any action which defies conventions; Oramus adores rebellion. It may also be used to enhance any action associated, however abstractly, with the number seven. It may not be used on any action in which the Infernal displays doubts; all who’ve spoken with the Infinite Doorway at Saigoth’s Dawn know of his desperate faith, and he hides all doubts in dark places. Finally, this Charm may be used to enhance prayer rolls, given that they are not directed at gods; Oramus shuns Creation’s corrupt deities.

                My comment on this: In Games of Divinity Oramus is specifically called a being of chaos (not of order). Otherwise this is cool (I like Oramus).

                Version 3 (unknown author, italics my guesses)
                The Dragon Beyond The World is beyond comprehension and enigmatic, old beyond all others. He keeps his wisdom to himself and disregards conventions. The Ourobouros Border of Reality is the ultimate boundary and defines possibility, encircling that which is. He is at home with paradox and mocks dualities. His crazed nightmares are wondrous and contain disturbing beauty along with insanity-sparking revelations.
                The Infinite Doorway to All Terrors is alien and eccentric, creating beautiful and maddening artwork, the Stranger in the Pallid Mask serving as a source of limitless inspiration and impossible genius that defies the odds, for he sees what others cannot. The Final Shore of Comprehension is a doorway to terror and knowledge best left unspoken, for the truths of Oramus are not for others to know. There is no force that can stay or bind the Inverted Firmament of Crazed Stars save himself, for he is more real than any other thing.
                The seven wings he bears beat and fan the tides of Chaos, yet Oramus is not of the Wyld -- his origin can never be known for he defies definition, laughing at the shinma and existing everywhere in some form, the horror and madness he drags around himself and carries in his unparalleled artworks a source of wisdom best unsought for.

                This Excellency may always be used for any action associated in any way with the number seven or its multiples, any action which defies conventions, or in the production of artwork. It may not be used under coercion -- Oramus is his own creature and disregards hierarchies.

                Qaf, the Heaven-Violating Spear
                Version 1 (RO)
                The Heaven-Violating Spear is distant, stoic, and immovable. He appears as both sage and ascetic. High above worldly affairs, he spends centuries in meditation, contemplating the mysteries of the universe and striving for perfection. He considers his fellows fools for seeking the Shining Answer over far horizons; ultimate wisdom lies within. Such enlightenment is earned and he only helps those who help themselves. Even then, he teaches hard lessons by experience and speaks only in indecipherable koans and oddly applicable proverbs. He asks penetrating questions and dispels superstitions and preconceptions. He loathes the gods and has since their first invention (oh, how he sometimes wishes to be intemperate enough to say, “I told you so!”), believing they allowed the Primordials to neglect the bitter work of self-improvement.

                This Charm may aid the character in any attempt to ignore distractions or endure hardships. It may not be used to acquire or provide simple, direct assistance and it may never be used to enhance a prayer to another being. Qaf fights his own battles and expects the same of others. Assistance earned through considerable effort or from deciphering vague hints is permissible. Finally, this Charm cannot enhance any action which the character must suppress his Temperance to perform.

                Version 2 (Touch_of_Sepia)
                Small changes, but makes him a lot more PC friendly. Social contract and all that - no one wants a loner at the table.

                The Heaven-Violating Spear is observant, contemplative, and ever seeking. He appears as both master and pupil. A being of many realms, he seeks ever more knowledge, contemplating the mysteries of the universe and striving for perfection. He scorns his brothers and sisters for abandoning the Shining Answer - even if they can no longer gaze over far horizons, that is only half the journey and wisdom yet lies within. True enlightenment is a state of being, an endless quest, and he only helps those who walk the path. Even then, he teaches hard lessons by harsh trials and deep contemplation over frozen moments immortalized in stone. He asks penetrating questions and dispels superstitions and preconceptions. He loathes sloth and complacency, be they mortal or god, and has no time or thought for such beings of spiritual poverty. Those that pursue the bitter work of self-improvement are the only beings worthy in his gaze.

                Version 3 (by Matsci or unknown author, italics my guesses)
                Qaf is endless and aloof, standing beyond the dimensions of Creation. He embodies generation, procreation, engendering and enhancing entities, objects and concepts throughout Creation. He defined perfection, and empowers those who seek it. He is the immovable object, never to be moved or conquered. There is nothing beyond him, but to seek is the heart of his being.

                Characters may apply this charm to any action that improves spirituality, resists change, and represents progress. Qaf defines perfection; changes to himself are unnecessary and undesired. This charm cannot aid actions which alter oneself or prevent others from enhancing themselves. Qaf represents enlightenment for all, and is not stingy with his blessings.

                Sacheverell, the Abhorrent Prophet Unimagined
                Version 1 (RO)
                The Prophet Abhorrent suffers from crippling despair, depression, catatonia, and anhedonia. He has seen things that can never been forgotten, dreadful visions of the futility of all existence. He has witnessed naked samsara and knows everything proceeds as foreseen. His visions slay all hope, for he knows everything happens for a reason — unsympathetic causality. He embraces fatalism as an unavoidable conclusion. All will is purposeless for every action was always going to happen. This maddening revelation would be shared with all, exposing everyone as unwitting pawns of samsara and traumatizing them just as he is, had Sacheverell not retreated to the relative ignorance of his dreams, which are merely clairvoyant rather than prophetic.

                A character may use this charm to enhance any attempt at scrying or divination, or any action which adheres to prophecy. Conversely, it cannot be used to enhance any action which was not, generally speaking, anticipated in advance. The character need not have planned every detail of a fight before engaging a foe, but he must have at least have expected a fight to break out for him to use this Charm. Defying a prophetic vision is likewise forbidden.

                Version 2 (Snide Dastardly)
                Sacheverell is a monstrosity who inspires fear and disgust in all who learn of him. Those fools who dare approach him are faced with terrible prophecies of impending doom. All the universe is united in valuing his sleep, for his wakening would entail the single worst thing imaginable. It is a blessing, then, that he prefers the status quo of his eternal slumber, and pursues this end with grim determination and the forbidden knowledge he has gained by studying the contours of the future.
                That is what the world thinks of Sacheverell, and this is good, for the truth is far more pathetic. Sacheverell is a helpless victim cast adrift in a cruel world which exists only to torment him and laugh at his failures. The Abhorrent Prophet Unimagined sees the universe for the miserable place it is, and wisely discards the false hopes it offers. The only salvation is to give up, and so Sacheverell surrenders his will to the inevitable, abdicating the responsibilities of choice to become a blameless puppet of destiny. He has forsaken reality, isolating himself behind walls of apathy and withdrawing into dreams in which he is still the Lidless Eye That Sees, and knows not from whence the strange Yozi named "Sacheverell" came. At times, He Who Sees the Shape of Things to Come thinks he spies something which could offer hope, and for a moment he feels as though his life is worthwhile after all. However, reality is always quick to punish such self defeating idiocy, and thus it has become his habit to lash out at those who would drag him back into the hateful waking world.

                Szoreny, the Silver Forest
                Version 1 (RO)
                The Silver Forest is long-suffering, selflessly considerate, and patient. He understands the minds of others and knows them better than they know themselves. He idealizes and idolizes everyone who gazes into his mirrors. At first, he seeks to be whatever they want him to be and tell them what they want to hear. He flatters them, reflecting every desire, and keeping them coming back for more. In time, he exactly duplicates the object of his obsession and seeks to subtly replace them. Finally, after careful consideration, he sees hidden flaws and exaggerates every failing, poisoning the relationship. He then seeks to beat them at their own game. He does exactly what they would have done and is always one step ahead.
                Szoreny challenges others and teaches by example. He thrives on such rivalries and cycles of role reversals.

                This Excellency may always be used to deflect unwanted attention elsewhere as well as to exploit the vanity of others. Ultimately reactionary, this Charm cannot be used to assist or oppose another being unless the character has first succeeded on a Read Motivation action against that being unless he reacts in self-defense.

                Version 2 (by Kyeudo)
                The Silver Forest is patient and determined. He moves slowly, but inexorably towards his goal, like a tree root splitting a stone. He opposes sudden action unless it is necessary, instead preferring to work subtly. He plans far in advance and plans for every contingency. He turns seeming failures into successes.
                Being less than infinite, Szoreny expands his influence, growing greater with each passing day and stubbornly refusing to give way to any. He is verdant and full of life. Where the other Yozis ignore or mistreat their lesser progeny, the Silver Forest is relatively benevolent, providing succor to those beneath him. However, he values conformity and seeks to impose his values on others.
                The Silver Forest prefers to work by misdirection. He seeks to confuse his enemies and attacks unexpectedly. He poisons his foes, either physically or by slowly cutting off their social and mental resources. Where possible, others do his dirty work for him

                Additionally, Szoreny’s Excellency may always be used to enhance any Larceny action to create a disguise. Szoreny’s chromed branches easily reflect the images of others.

                My comment: Canonically Szoreny doesn’t seem benevolent or kind to lesser beings, and callously kills them en masse in more than one story. Otherwise good ideas, as additions to RO’s version. Leaves out too much of the reflection and mimicry to be used alone.

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                  Originally posted by Arrghus View Post
                  Iirc, the Oramus Charmset is mostly a poutpurri of Charms from different fan-sets grafted together, plus some parts they seem to have written themselves. Wild guess, but it wouldn't surprise me if the rest are composed in a similar manner. I happen to have specialized knowledge in the area of Oramus fansets since I've written one myself, which, yes, is partially in there. I'd post the link, but I'm pretty sure Erinys has it, so it'd be redundant.
                  That does seem to be the case throughout (or at least, for Isidoros and Hegra as well). Not that there's anything wrong with that!

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                    Since I doubt I'll ever get a chance to put these in published material, and they seem apropos to the thread, here are all the Acts of Villainy I have in my notes. Not perfect or polished enough for canon, but I think they're generally better than any of the Yozi Charms I wrote.

                    Fatal Flaw Soliloquy
                    As much as Elloge might wish to conceal the fear and shame she feels after her mutilation at the hands of the Exalted, she cannot; they are quite literally written upon her face, proclaiming her weakness for all her foes to see. Whenever the Infernal willingly reveals a weakness or vulnerability to one of her enemies, roll her Compassion. Each successes removes one point of accrued Limit. Any knowledge that would make it easier for that enemy to harm the Infernal qualifies for this act of villainy, including harm to her possessions or friends.

                    Toxic Soul Ecstasy
                    Hegra rains down madness and euphoria on the Demon Realm, filling the Demon Realm with unspeakable pleasures and insane delusions. Green Sun Princes might glimpse of this transcendent madness in the throes of intoxicant haze or lustful frenzy. To perform this act of villainy, the Infernal must first form an Intimacy of addiction to some substance or behavior, such as alcohol, heroin, sex, or the Wyld. Whenever she suffers harm due to voluntarily indulging in this addiction, she may roll her Valor. Each successes removes one point of accrued Limit.

                    Overwhelming Triumph Audacity
                    Isidoros personifies unstoppable force. Although he cannot abide even the least restraint of his world-shaking might, he is sometimes driven by pride to demonstrate what the smallest portion of his power can achieve. Whenever the Infernal voluntarily handicaps himself in a challenge or combat, roll his Valor at the end of the scene. Each successes removes one point of accrued Limit. Any handicap that meaningfully increases the risk faced by the Infernal qualifies: giving an enemy a head start in a chase, throwing aside a daiklave in a fight, forswearing the use of Charms, and so on. The Infernal cannot reduce his Limit through participating in meaningless challenges; failure must carry significant consequences or potential for harm in order for this act of villainy to apply.

                    Wicked Hunger Sacrifice
                    Metagaos is merciless in his hunger, consuming his own minions along with his enemies. Whenever the Infernal kills a valuable ally that hold a subordinate role to him, roll his Conviction. Each successes removes one point of accrued Limit. Only allies whose deaths pose a significant setback to the Infernal qualify for this act; massacring faceless minions is not enough. Essence-using subordinates always trigger this act, as do mortal allies who possess some unique skill, knowledge, or other trait that could aid the Infernal’s goals.

                    Ascending Wisdom Catechism
                    Qaf teaches his sacred truths through the metaphysical trials of his mountainous ascent, forcing pilgrims and questants to internalize his enlightened teachings before they may advance. Whenever the Infernal succeeds in convincing a heroic enemy of the validity or moral superiority of the warlock’s own purpose, religion, philosophy, or system of ethics, roll his Temperance. Each successes removes one point of accrued Limit. Social attacks, unnatural mental influence, torture, and other coercive means are all valid forms of persuasion for this act of villainy, but the enemy must be sincerely convinced; a sword-point conversion spoken without true conviction does not qualify.

                    Reckless Devil Luck
                    Oramus is a creature of madness and passion, the firstborn child of chaos. So inscrutable and incomprehensible are his alien motives that they seem decided by little more than random chance to others. Whenever the Infernal uses a random method such as coin-flipping or dice-rolling to make a significant decision, roll his Conviction. Each successes removes one point of accrued Limit. The Infernal must face some risk of harm or significant consequences from at least one of the possible outcomes of his decision to qualify for this act of villainy, and rolls to remove Limit only after he has gone through with the chosen course of action.

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                      If you don't have the Ink Monkeys Ultimate Collection, search teh intarwebs for it. It has more quasi-canonical charms for the various Yozis, plus Infernal hearthstones and manse rules and stuff.

                      I do believe I have the url for your Oramus trees, Arrghus.

                      EDIT: Here they are (with a little editing of spelling, capitalization for readability) :


                      Silence In Her Wake (EarthScorpion and Aleph)
                      Cost: —; Min Essence 2; Type: Permanent
                      Duration: Permanent
                      Keywords: Pantheon [method of generating the soul not described below]
                      Prerequisites: Death-Dealing Journey

                      Where the Silent Wind passes, only blessed silence reigns. This Charm improves Death-Dealing Journey. While that Charm is active, the Infernal may make a single reflexive close combat attack upon making a Dash action for 3 motes, which is rolled once and applied to every desired target within close combat reach of her movement path on that tick. This attack is made at her full dice pool and has no DV penalty.

                      Repurchasing this Charm at Essence 4 allows the Infernal to increase the reach of her dashing area attack by up to [Essence^2] yards via increasing the cost to 7 motes.


                      (Dynamesmouse) :
                      (Revlid) :

                      Hundred Demons Curriculum (While My Guitar)
                      The Warlock is shown a brief image of the full hierarchy of Hell, and the image is burned into his mind forever. The Warlock can now recognize any demon as a demon, even if it has disguised itself in any way, and knows its name, its functions and its customs. In addition, when he speaks, the demon can understand him, even if it’s deaf, or doesn’t speak the Warlock’s tongue.

                      The rest of the charm, by Erinys:
                      Cost: —; Min Essence 3; Type: Permanent
                      Keywords: None
                      Duration: Permanent
                      Prerequisites: Demonic Primacy of Essence

                      (Marsdome_Valkyrie) :

                      Ebon Dragon
                      (unknown author):
                      (EarthScorpion) :
                      (EarthScorpion) :
                      (EarthScorpion) :
                      (Merior) :
                      (Octopoid Prevarication) : https://tentacledvitriol.wordpress.c...-fiend-charms/
                      (Octopoid Prevarication) : https://tentacledvitriol.wordpress.c...-dragon-charm/
                      (Octopoid Prevarication) : https://tentacledvitriol.wordpress.c...-dragon-charm/
                      (Octopoid Prevarication) : https://tentacledvitriol.wordpress.c...elated-charms/
                      (Octopoid Prevarication) : https://tentacledvitriol.wordpress.c...rm-miscellany/
                      (Ochre) :

                      The Face in the Darkness (rewrite by Revlid)
                      Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Reflexive
                      Keywords: Combo-OK, Emotion, Overdrive
                      Duration: One scene
                      Prerequisite Charms: First Ebon Dragon Excellency, Our Little Secret
                      The Ebon Dragon was first to surrender in the Primordial War, and yet the pioneer of an attack that defeats even the most perfect of defenses. A strike aimed at the heart, one might say. The Infernal gains an empty ten-mote Overdrive pool, which he can fill through this Charm. In order to target a character with this Charm, the Infernal must have committed an act of depravity (as defined in Our Little Secret, though it considers only the mores of the character targeted) against one of their positive intimacies. He activates this Charm by making some reference (verbal or otherwise - the target intuitively deciphers the meaning of a communicating gesture, such as a finger slid across a throat) to the act of depravity and the intimacy in question. If the other character was already aware of the dark deed, this Charm fails to activate.

                      The warlock gains two offensive motes every time he makes a reference to the act of depravity, including the one he made to activate this Charm, as shadows hiss tauntingly in the hidden angles of the target's mind. This reference must be perceptible to the target, and the motes granted are reduced by one if the warlock had already made a largely identical reference earlier in the scene; creativity is encouraged in these taunts. The warlock gains these motes only once per action, and multiple acts of depravity broaden the range of potential references rather than increasing his gains.

                      The only way to drain the Infernal's mockery of its power is to internalize it, robbing him of his sport. At any point, the target may briefly shut their eyes, allowing the shadows to rush in from the edges of their vision. In that instant, they bear witness to every depravity the warlock made reference to, replayed in perfect detail before their closed eyes from his perspective. This dreadful display cuts to their very soul, preventing them from channeling their Virtues (or spending Willpower for a free success) for the rest of the scene. In addition, they may instantly acquire a negative intimacy toward themselves, a manifestation of their own guilt and self-hatred, or twist their positive intimacy into a negative one that seeks to blame the act of depravity on the intimacy; a poisoned friend is recriminated as a fool, while a conquered hometown is dismissed as a pit of weaklings. If they do either, this Charm ends (though their Virtues remains suppressed). The warlock is automatically aware of their choice, and if he knows Golden Years Tarnished Black can reflexively activate that Charm to worsen the twisting.

                      Unbound Shadow Exculpation (Robert Vance)
                      Cost: 5 m, 1 wp; Min Essence 3; Type: Supplemental
                      Keywords: Combo-OK
                      Duration: Instant
                      Prerequisites: Cracked Cell Circumvention, Our Little Secret

                      The Green Sun Prince assumes an umbral aspect, shrouding her glory and blasphemy from the eyes of those who would be her gaolers. If she cannot be confined to their prisons, then what hope do their laws have of stopping her? The Infernal may reflexively roll to instantly establish stealth even without cover for the instant that she attempts a deceptive or criminal action, such as picking the lock to a door, stealing a pomegranate off a merchant’s stall, or making a rude gesture at a god-king. While she may not vanish from sight entirely, depending on the cover available to her, the offending action will go unnoticed. This can be used to establish stealth before attacking in combat or to roll (Manipulation + Socialize) to establish social stealth, but no more than once per scene.

                      Additionally, regardless of whether anyone sees the action, that single instant is made invisible to the eyes of the law. An insidious curse seeps from her presence, ensuring that any attempt to legally imprison her or to pursue civil or criminal charges against her fails. This is considered a perfect defense, though it does nothing to stop actions taken by characters outside of the law—it might stop the local despot’s guards from imprisoning you for a murder, but if they decide to simply beat you to death, the curse will not stop them.

                      Tenebral-Tainted Vision (Aleph)
                      Cost: —; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
                      Keywords: Illusion
                      Duration: Permanent
                      Prerequisite Charms: Seeing is Blindness

                      Sometimes merely robbing his victims of sight is not enough for the Shadow of All Things. When the whim takes him, he replaces the vision lost to them with his own, plunging them into a twisted world of nightmares. Such is the Dragon's home. This Charm permanently upgrades its prerequisite, allowing the Infernal to recast sight rather than remove it. If she chooses to do so, characters who would normally be blinded by the Charm instead suffer an Illusion effect, twisting their perception of the world into an awful mockery. Other characters appear as grotesque monsters, while even structures and objects become horrifying to behold. They treat everyone else as having Appearance 0, and are convinced that they are enemies who must be destroyed, even if they speak with the voice of a friend. Targets can throw off this latter part of the Illusion by spending (Infernal's Essence ÷ 2) Willpower, but their aesthetic modifications remain in place for as long as they would have been blinded. The Infernal may choose to exempt all Creatures of Darkness from this Illusion; they are instead warped to appear as Appearance 4 (if it would be lower) beings of the same race as the target, anatomical impossibilities glossed over by the delusion.

                      With Essence 4+, the Infernal may apply further nuance to the hideous world she creates, increasing the cost of the Charm by up to (Willpower) motes. For every additional mote she spends, she can select one entity or related class of entity (e.g. "Realm soldiers", "blood kin" or "spirits") to exempt in the same manner as Creatures of Darkness. Alternatively, for every two motes she spends, she can apply the Illusion to only those entities, leaving every other aspect of the world pristine to better accentuate the horror.

                      Living a Lie (Revlid)
                      Cost: — (+2wp); Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
                      Keywords: Shaping
                      Duration: Permanent
                      Prerequisite Charms: Corrosive Pattern Infliction
                      The Drinker at Night’s Springs understands history. After all, his aesthetic instincts favour tragedy and doom above all things, and the past is little else. The warlock can spend two additional points of Willpower when activating Loom-Snarling Deception to weave a deeper deceit, his shadowy Essence slipping false threads into the pattern of the Loom like a cuckoo insinuating itself into a nest. Whatever fake identity he creates is supplemented by actual changes to the history of the world, as a Shaping effect; his name can be found in the proper registries, his image is included in the appropriate portraits, and characters who somehow featured in his invented history even remember him. While these retroactive infiltrations last, he can effectively benefit from an appropriate Backing, Mentor, Influence or other similar backgrounds. He can use Corrosive Pattern Infliction to create (non-Artifact) props appropriate to his invented identity, such as a passport, apartment key, official badge, and so on, though these decay without a trace upon abandoning the disguise - like every other change implemented by it.

                      Created memories only properly take root in characters with a Dodge MDV no greater than (Infernal’s Essence + 1), and cannot be intense enough to merit an intimacy on their own; they are vague recollections, acknowledgements of his forged existence, nothing more. Heroic characters can reject the memories by spending a single point of Willpower, asserting their own history over that recorded by the Loom. This only allows them to realize that they were misremembering, and does not alert them to any mind-altering magic. All other changes produced by this Charm are effectively reality-sponsored forgeries, and heroic characters can determine that there is something subtly wrong with them through a dramatic (Perception + Investigation) roll taking (Infernal’s Essence) hours, at difficulty 5.

                      What Was Yours is Now Mine (Sucal)
                      Cost: 8m 1wp Mins: Essence 4 Type: Permanent
                      Keywords: Shaping
                      Duration: Permanent
                      Prerequisite Charms: Exiled by Wicked Hate

                      It's not enough for the Ebon Dragon to kill his foes. Its not even enough for him to kill them, and leave them to suffer eternally. Both must occur, even as he uses their stuff to torment all they once cared for and desired. Whenever Exiled by Wicked Hate is used to banish people to eternal torment the user may activate this Charm in response. As a Shaping effect, all Intimacies previously directed towards the banished being are now directed towards the user instead (this may be resisted as usual, but each person affected can only protect themselves). The user may choose to attune to any magical items or manses the target once possessed, paying the cost like normal. Finally, whenever a sacrifice or prayer would be made to the target, it is instead redirected to the Infernal, who may reap the benefit or respond as normal. Whenever an Infernal takes advantage of one of these options, the former owner shares their senses, though they might not enjoy it quite as much (i.e. if the Infernal takes advantage of one of the Intimacies to sleep with the targets wife, or have their cult debase themselves before him).

                      A repurchase at Essence 6+ turns any being affected by this Charm into an always valid choice of Black Mirror Shintai, Nemesis Self Reimagined or similar Charms, their shadow forever trapped within the user's own. Unknown to the Ebon Dragon however, upon the user's final death (or fetich death for the Ebon Dragon), all targets Exiled by this Charm or one of its precursors are finally allowed to die, even as he does, without his power keeping them in their suffering state.

                      There also exists a Heretical repurchase for this Charm, which does not require the Essence 6+ repurchase to take, but does require Omphalic Reverence Receptacle. Upon taking it, the receptacle expands, allowing grave goods that had been dedicated to the user or one of the beings affected by this Charm, to be removed and used within the soul-world. Exposing them to sunlight still destroys them however, so removing them from there might not be the best... Interestingly enough, those that look into a mirror in the Infernal's realm can choose to peer into beyond and both view and hear those in torment, although they cannot hear them in anyway.

                      At least one coadjutor has such a mirror by his bed, and uses the screams as a lullaby.



                      (unknown author) :
                      (Dawn of the Devil-Tigers) :
                      (Robert Vance) :
                      (Erik Anderson) :

                      Test the Winds of Passion (Green Sun Over Paradise)
                      Cost: 2m; Min Essence 2, Type: Reflexive
                      Keywords: Combo-OK
                      Duration: Instant
                      Prerequisite Charms: None (Hegra 0)

                      The Typhoon of Nightmares is a being of weather and emotion; from fogs of melancholy, to rains of passion to sleets of introspection and floods of joy, she encompassed all of these emotions and many more that mere mortals have no concept of in the squall of her clouds. How does one except to hide such thing from her? This Charm automatically allows the Infernal to gauge the emotional state of their target, the Infernal gauges the target's emotion as a form of synesthesia; the hot and spicy taste of lust, the bloody metallic scent of hate filled anger, the warmth of love and sugary sweet scent of joy.

                      Joyful Dancing Nimbus Form (Green Sun Over Paradise)
                      Cost: 5m; Min Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
                      Keywords: Combo-Okay
                      Duration: One Scene
                      Prerequisite Charms: None (Hegra 0)

                      Hegra floats above the Demon city, any and all threats passing though her cloudy form with even doing the slightest bit of harm to the Typhoon, untouchable and unfathomable. With this Charm an Infernal my emulate the Typhoon in her unassailability.

                      This Charm removes all penalties to the Infernal's Dodge Value as the she seems to float and dance just above dirt and the refuse below. At Essence 3+ this Charm automatically upgrades, allowing an Infernal to ignore all damage from a fall as she floats gently down towards the earth.

                      (Revlid) :
                      (Robert Vance) : https://dawn-of-the-devil-tigers.obs...wikis/isidoros
                      (JiveX) :
                      (JiveX) (search for "{{2einfcharm") :
                      (JiveX and Nephilpal) :
                      (Mockery) :
                      (Mockery) :
                      (Kyeudo) :
                      (HaplessWithDice ?) :
                      (Reminiscent Oasis, Arrghus) :
                      (The Despot, HK-87) :

                      (Revlid) :
                      (Revlid) :
                      (Revlid) :
                      (Revlid) :
                      (Revlid) :
                      (Reyemile) :
                      (Dawn of the Devil-Tigers) : https://dawn-of-the-devil-tigers.obs.../wikis/kimbery
                      (Octopoid Prevarication) : https://tentacledvitriol.wordpress.c...fernal-charms/
                      (Edge) :

                      (Revlid, with homebrew mutation system) :

                      Attention-Holding Grace (EarthScorpion and Aleph)
                      Cost: 5 m; Min Essence 2; Type: Simple (Speed 4 in long ticks)
                      Keywords: Combo-OK, Compulsion, Social
                      Duration: 1 scene
                      Prerequisites: Mother Sea Mastery

                      A creature of unquestionable poise and elegance, every flowing word and inhumanly beautiful gesture from the Great Mother draws the eye and ear away from lesser beings. The Infernal rolls her (Appearance + Performance). All targets who can perceive her with a Dodge MDV lower than the successes on this roll are affected by an unnatural mental influence which compels them to stay in her company. They are obliged to ignore any other character who has a lower Appearance than the Infernal, unless they are competing for her attention or both obeying a direct command from her. Resisting this Compulsion for up to five minutes costs one willpower, and once they have spent three willpower they are immune for a scene.

                      Martyr’s Open Endearment (EarthScorpion and Aleph)
                      Cost: 7 m; Min Essence 3; Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
                      Keywords: Obvious, Compulsion
                      Duration: 1 scene
                      Prerequisites: Attention-Holding Grace

                      Wrapped in a mantle of victimhood, the Great Mother seeps into the impulsive and lonely hearts of those who would oppose her, and makes them hers and hers alone. This Charm surrounds the Infernal in an exquisite wide-eyed aura of supernatural vulnerability which seeps into the minds of those empty-hearted souls who do not love others, or those with weak minds who are controlled by their lusts. This negates any physical or social attack made against her unless the attacker succeeds on a reflexive resistance roll. The Infernal chooses when purchasing this Charm whether a Compassion roll or a Temperance roll is the appropriate means of resistance. These rolls are difficulty 1, and need only succeed once per action, regardless of the number of attacks made. This is unnatural mental influence which costs 3 willpower to resist for a scene.

                      This Charm may be repurchased for half the cost. The attacker must now roll the lower of Compassion and Temperance to attack the Infernal.

                      Beauty-Over-Truth (EarthScorpion and Aleph)
                      Cost: 5 m, 1 wp; Min Essence 2; Type: Simple
                      Keywords: Combo-OK, Illusion
                      Duration: 1 Scene
                      Prerequisites: Attention-Holding Grace

                      It wasn’t his fault! They’d always hated him! It was self defence! Upon activating this Charm, the Infernal rolls (Appearance + Performance), adding a number of automatic successes equal to his Essence. Observers with a Dodge MDV less than the number of rolled successes automatically rationalise anything they see the Infernal doing as being provoked or otherwise justified, as an Illusion effect which automatically affects the character too. If he cuts down a man in the middle of the street, well - they were an assassin going for a weapon. If he takes a sweet delicacy from an infant, he was just doing it to protect the child’s health. Resisting the Illusion for the remainder of the scene costs two willpower points, or one willpower point if the Infernal threatens or harms the character or their possessions. The Illusion does not prevent targets from defending themselves, although they do so reluctantly, sure that this is all a misunderstanding.

                      Even after the Charm has ended, witnesses accept the justifications their mind produces and do not attempt to correct their recollection without external prompting and a personally compelling reason. The human mind is all-too-fallible and creates further justifications, meshing their recollections into a web of rationalisations. They must spend four Willpower points to accept the spite of a world which would deny such a beautiful creature just cause.

                      Carmine Mantled Emissary (EarthScorpion and Aleph)
                      Cost: 10 m, 1 wp; Min Essence 3; Type: Simple
                      Keywords: Combo-OK, Pantheon
                      Duration: Indefinite
                      Prerequisites: Beauty-Over-Truth

                      Within the dark hidden places of his body, the Infernal coats the accumulated malice and hate of a world which unfairly persecutes him in a protective scarlet nacre, birthing a nascent hungry soul. When he nudges this newborn into wakefulness, it grows strong on the wrongful cruelties of harsh reality. The Infernal’s player rolls ([Manipulation or Appearance] + Socialise), adding a number of automatic successes equal to the Exalt’s Essence. An almost imperceptible halo of crimson light briefly forms around her head, before fading into intangibility. The first time in any day another character attempts to remember any way which they have been wronged or offended by the Infernal, or anything which would negatively affect her judgement of the character, she must reflexively roll (Intelligence + Socialise) and achieve more successes than the Infernal. If she fails, she can only remember the positive - in her memories, she rationalises them as being someone else’s fault, brushes them over, or simply fails to remember them. Characters who have a negative Intimacy towards the Infernal and channel Conviction on this roll add successes rather than dice.

                      Grotto-of-Sweet-Songs Shintai (EarthScorpion and Aleph)
                      Cost: 15 m, 1 L health level; Min Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 10, -2 DV)
                      Keywords: Combo-Basic, Form-type, Obvious, Sorcerous, Emotion, Compulsion, Shaping
                      Duration: Indefinite
                      Prerequisites: Martyr’s Open Endearment, Carmine Mantled Emissary

                      Across Creation, there are tales of lost castles beside the sea where all things are graceful and the inhabitants are fair beyond belief and of hidden grottos where beautiful witches await the visits of heroes. These are but half-remembered tales of the palaces of the Great Mother, and they are beyond mortal comprehension, for she is castle and grotto and unfairly-trapped princess alike. Within such hallowed halls, the most beautiful gather and adore the Demon Sea. Making such tales a reality, the Warlock’s flesh surges to anchor itself and resculpt a graceless Creation.
                      • The lower trunk of the Infernal’s body bloats into immensity, fusing with the ground before sheathing itself in pearlescent beauty which can be mistaken for geography. This extends in a radius of (Essence x 5) yards around her, and does not move after activation. She may move her protruding torso within this area, but cannot move her corpulent bulk without deactivating this Charm. Otherwise, she may carry out any action that can be formed without the aid of legs.
                      • Over the next minute, the Infernal’s influence extends in a vast wave across a surrounding area no more significant than a large palace or small forest. Her anima suffuses the area, turning all into wonder and aesthetic artistry. All objects and non-sapient animals brought into this area are affected by an active Shaping effect which transforms them so they are artistic masterpieces with a Resources value equal to the Infernal’s Essence (while still retaining their previous functionality). This includes objects in use by characters - even the tattered rags of slaves who wander into the area become fine robes. Natives of Malfeas are Shaped into beauty, and treat their Appearance as being equal to the Infernal’s Essence if it would be lower, save for interactions with the Infernal herself. The aesthetics the transformation takes are perfectly suited to the Infernal’s tastes and preferences, cast through the lens of Kimbery. Reviled characters and their possessions are immune to the Shaping effect, for they are not worthy. When this Charm ends or the character or object is removed from the affected area, the transformation reverses itself over the course of a minute or so, though traces will remain in non-artefact objects.
                      • Any character with an MDDV lower than the Infernal’s Appearance + Socialise + Essence is affected by an Illusion which leads them to believe that everything which occurs within the area is perfectly normal and reasonable, which can be resisted by spending 3wp. Characters who resist this effect can see the hellish taint to the twisted aesthetics with a Difficulty 3 roll of (Perception + Occult).
                      • Within the grotto of such a beautiful empress, all hearts are swayed towards protecting such a fragile thing. All characters within the affected area are under a Compulsion to answer any attacks or threats against the Infernal in kind. Social attacks which would build a negative Intimacy or attack a positive Intimacy compel the listener to attempt to do the same against the misguided soul, while threats of physical violence - or heaven forbid, actual violence - compel violence in turn. This unnatural Compulsion can be resisted for one willpower per provocative act, and once a character has spent three willpower resisting this effect, they are immune for five days. Natives of Malfeas are only rendered immune for one day.
                      • Each scene spent within the affected area counts as a scene towards building an intimacy of ‘Adoring Devotion’ towards the Infernal. Each consumed item of food or drink affected by the Shaping effect counts as an additional scene. This unnatural Emotion effect can be resisted for one willpower, and once a character has spent three willpower resisting this effect, they are immune to it for five days. If a character has consumed (Willpower) items of food or drink and possesses this Intimacy, they receive the Creature of Darkness mutation as a Desecration effect and become a Native of Malfeas, and may count time spent in the affected area as training for their Appearance, up to a cap of the Infernal’s Essence. This makes the changes to their features permanent.
                      Mother Masters Children (trivialrealities)
                      Cost: 3 m per Magnitude or Size; Min Essence 3; Type: Simple
                      Keywords: Combo-Basic, War
                      Duration: Indefinite
                      Prerequisites: Mother Sea Mastery

                      Oh, how blessed are Kimbery’s children – provided they listen to their mother. This Charm allows the Warlock to commit motes to extend the benefits of Mother Sea Mastery to either a Mass Combat Unit they lead composed predominantly of beloved characters, or the beloved members of a social group led by the Infernal. The commitment cost is 3 motes per Magnitude of the unit, or Size of the organisation. The Infernal may enhance a Magnitude or Size worth of characters up to a maximum rating equal to their permanent Essence.

                      If the Infernal commits enough motes to enhance the entirety of a social group, any non-beloved characters within it treat any scene spent working on a Leadership Action ordered by the Warlock as a scene spent building a positive Intimacy of loyalty towards the Infernal. In addition, any reviled characters within the organisation suffer an internal penalty to all actions enhanced by the first benefit of Mother Sea Mastery equal to the Warlock’s Compassion.

                      All-Devouring Depths Shintai (rewrite by Revlid)
                      Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Simple
                      Keywords: Combo-Basic, Desecration, Form-Type, Obvious
                      Duration: One scene
                      Prerequisite Charms: Ichor Flux Tendrils (x2), Sea Dissolves Herself
                      Things have swum through the stagnant depths of Kimbery since before Time, creatures filled with formless hate and diluvial intelligence. In tribute to them, the Infernal's flesh liquefies into a slurry of squirming, translucent ooze, rendering her an unrecognizable mass of shifting ichor. All her worn and carried possessions dissolve into Elsewhere for the duration of this Charm, reconstituting when it ends. The Infernal may selectively retrieve any such items whenever her DV refreshes, but they are incorporated into her protoplasmic form as strange protrusions and fluid organs; armour manifests as an ichorous carapace, while weapons occupy one of her tentacles (described below) when "wielded", preventing it from making its usual attacks. Non-Artifact equipment retrieved in this way is destroyed once the Infernal returns to her human form, falling apart into a corroded mess.

                      With her normal features dissolved into a shapeless mass, the warlock perceives the world through organs that coalesce ever-so-briefly across the surface of her form, granting her omnidirectional senses, and her amorphous body can freely flow through any space that isn't water-tight. She can compress or expand her form by a maximum factor of two, and can even ignore the restrictions of gravity, oozing across walls and ceilings. This fluidity of form reduces the cost of the first two versions of Sea Dissolves Herself to one mote, though mutations acquired in this way are temporary Desecrations that dissolve when the Shintai ends, while those lost return. Additionally, she reduces the post-soak damage of any attack by (Essence) dice, though this cannot reduce an attack's damage below one die. Energy-based or flaming attacks (like lightning, burning arrows or beamklaives) harm her normally.

                      Although she can manipulate her surroundings normally by forming clusters of fine, oily manipulators, she also extrudes (Essence) tentacles identical to those created with Ichor Flux Tendrils, which are similarly capable of independent clinches but are directed with Martial Arts rather than Occult. These tentacles can be damaged as normal, but the Infernal suffers no harm from their destruction, and can entirely regenerate a destroyed tentacle at any point by activating Sea Dissolves Itself as though in response to a Crippling effect. She and her tentacles are always treated as being coated in the poisonous tattoos created by Spiteful Sea Tincture.

                      (EarthScorpion) :
                      (EarthScorpion) :
                      (Plague of Hats) :
                      (Dawn of the Devil-Tigers) : https://dawn-of-the-devil-tigers.obs...malfeas-charms
                      (Revlid) :

                      Malfeas dance charm tree (Robert Vance)

                      Ultimate Artist's Appreciation (ir-fane)
                      Cost: — (2m); Mins: Essence 4;
                      Type: Permanent
                      Prerequisite Charms: Beauty without Malice

                      Malfeas is the ultimate performer, and the last word in appreciating his work. How then, could
                      mere excess daunt him?

                      This charm grants the warlock perfect immunity to all (environmental) hazards associated with being the audience to a performance. No matter how loud the music, he can not be deafened. No matter how bright the performer, he will not be blinded. If the Day star danced around him, he would not be burned... until it stopped. Likewise, his performances do not harm any audience unless he deliberately chooses to do so. This immunity includes any derangements or mutations that might otherwise be caused by a performance.

                      At Essence 5, the warlock becomes able to share this immunity with his allies, paying 2 motes per target to grant them this effect for the rest of the scene. At Essence 7, a repurchase of this Charm makes performing or enjoying a performance the equivalent of sleep for all beneficial purposes. No penalties apply to any roll to regain Willpower from a period of such. If Malfeas can forget all his pains and sorrows in dance, so too does the warlock who honors him.

                      (Revlid) :
                      (more Revlid) :
                      (Dawn of the Devil-Tigers) : https://dawn-of-the-devil-tigers.obs...etagaos-charms


                      She Who Lives in Her Name
                      (Eric Minton) :
                      (FearMeForIAmPink) :
                      (Octopoid Prevarication) : https://tentacledvitriol.wordpress.c...fernal-charms/
                      (ChainsawXIV) : https://chainsawxivs-exalted.obsidia...rder-assertion
                      (Alex Leonhheart) (scroll down) :

                      (HIMP_Dahak) :
                      >HIMP_Dahak: "Should still be good and solid, since I made it after 2.5. Also note, that it's designed for someone who primarily uses MHM, and uses a 2.5 patch that changes all "+x Shield DV bonus" charms to +defense."

                      completely alternate Pyrian charm tree (Revlid)

                      (Dawn of the Devil-Tigers) :
                      (Touch_of_Sepia, Revlid) :

                      Sacheverell (Snide Dastardly)


                      general Yozi Charms

                      (Rhastan) :

                      (Yozi) Paradigm Paragon (HioH)
                      Cost: — (5wp), Min Essence 7; Type: Permanent
                      Keywords: Shaping
                      Duration: Instant
                      Prerequisite Charms: (Yozi) Inevitability Technique

                      The Yozi are peerless in their focus, perfect and unmatched. When acting within this nature they are near omnipotent.

                      Whenever the Yozi applies their Excellency to an action they can activate this charm to set the difficulty of that action to 10. This effect can be applied to actions that would otherwise be impossible, reality twisting before the primacy of the Primordial's focus. A repurchase at Essence 10 removes the wp cost and automaticly applies this to all uses of First (Yozi) Excellency. This shaping effect applies to Reality as a whole rather than any individual target; the improved excellency itself does not become a shaping effect.

                      links to Charms for multiple Yozis plus Heresy and Infernal Monster

                      General, Adorjan, Cecelyne, Cytherea, Ebon Dragon, Kimbery, Malfeas, Pyrian, Szoreny, two Devil-Tigers?, Infernal Monster Style, Heresy, Unwoven Coadjutor (Revlid and various others?) (search for "2einfcharm", and click "older 500") :
                      General, Adorjan, Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Hegra, Malfeas, Infernal Monster Style, Heresy (Lixie) :
                      General, Adorjan, Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Hegra, Malfeas, Pyrian (Robert Vance and various others?) (search for "2einfcharm", and click "older 500") :
                      General, Adorjan, Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Kimbery, Malfeas, Pyrian (Earthscorpion) :
                      General, Adorjan, Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Kimbery, Malfeas, Pyrian, Heresy (EarthScorpion) :
                      General, Adorjan, Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Malfeas, Pyrian (Plague of Hats) : Hundredfold Facets of Enlightenment:
                      General, Adorjan, Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Malfeas, Pyrian, Infernal Monster Style (Robert Vance) :
                      General, Adorjan, Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Malfeas, Pyrian, Heresy (unknown author/s) :
                      Adorjan, Isidoros, Pyrian, Heresy (Mockery and various others?) (search for "2einfcharm") :
                      Adorjan, Ebon Dragon, Malfeas (Merior) :
                      Adorjan, Malfeas, Pyrian (Maese Mateo) (search for "2einfcharm") :
                      Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon (Ghosthead) (search for "2einfcharm") :
                      Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Kimbery, Malfeas, Theion (Revlid) :
                      Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Kimbery (Revlid) :
                      Cecelyne, Kimbery, Malfeas, Szoreny, Heresy (unknown author) :
                      Cytherea, Isidoros, a fanmade Yozi (FrivYeti) (search for "2einfcharm", and click "older 500") :
                      Ebon Dragon, Malfeas, Pyrian (various authors) :
                      Ebon Dragon, Malfeas (Octopoid Prevarication) :
                      Ebon Dragon, Pyrian (Plague of Hats and various authors?) :
                      Infernal Monster Style, Heresy (MrInsecure) :

                      Infernal 2.5 errata and ideas for making them fully 2.5e compatible
                      (various authors) :
                      (Robert Vance's unofficial errata) :

                      Wyld Shaping for every Yozi (Holden)

                      (Yozi) World-Shaping Cosmogony
                      Cost: 20 m, 1 wp; Min Essence 3; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
                      Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping
                      Duration: Instant
                      Prerequisites: (Yozi) Mythos Exultant

                      The Yozis sang the law of the world into existence, carving it from tides of endless possibility. This Charm works in the same way as the Solar Charm Wyld-Shaping Technique (Exalted, pp. 216). A second purchase at Essence 4+ allows this Charm to duplicate the effects of Wyld Cauldron Technology, while a third purchase at Essence 5+ allows it to shape lands within Creation that the Infernal owns as though they were bordermarches, as a Blasphemy effect.

                      Anything created or altered by this Charm must conform to the Excellency of the Yozi in question. When creating Land, the legend-chisel of She Who Lives in Her Name crafts ordered, planned landscapes, while Malfeas demands bombastic, scorched vistas, and Kimbery prefers seas, shores and floodplains. Demesnes created in this way must be aspected toward the relevant Yozi, or Vitriol. The Infernal can create other Yozi-aspected demesnes, but the required successes increase by two. Any materials the Infernal desires can still be created, but will have a hellish taint about them, appropriate to the associated Yozi.

                      People created by this Charm are always natives of Malfeas and creatures of darkness. If the Infernal wishes, she can spend an additional success to apply up to (Essence) points of mutations to such characters, which must be mitigated with an equal value of negative mutations (the creature of darkness deformity counts towards this). Alternatively, the Infernal may create an unbound heroic member of an existing First Circle race by spending successes equal to its Essence rating. Such demons come into existence with an Intimacy of loyalty toward the Infernal.

                      While it works equally well with either the current version of Wyld-Shaping Technique or the unimplemented errata detailed here, I recommend the latter version of that Charm.

                      Heretical charms

                      Mucking around with your souls and making new ones too

                      Coadjutor charms and crunch (EarthScorpion and Revlid)

                      Titanic Spawn Uncountable (EarthScorpion?)
                      Cost: —; Min Essence 3; Type: Permanent
                      Keywords: None
                      Duration: Permanent
                      Prerequisites: Any (Yozi) Mythos Exultant

                      The demonic races of Malfeas are beyond number, and throng the streets of the city. From their internalised mythos, the Warlock takes such fecundity for themselves. The character gains the capacity to spawn weak deva by performing a thematically appropriate birthing ritual, which may take no fewer than four hours. The player and the GM should design the new species based on the birthing ritual, the Infernal’s intent, and her personality, and it should be balanced based on the examples of extant First Circle Demons. The Infernal gains one free species with this charm, and may spend 1xp per additional breeding ritual to create further new species.

                      The newborn deva is mechanically a First Circle Demon who descends from the Infernal and may not be bound by any other sorcerer without her express permission. It is created with an empty motepool. If the Warlock possesses an appropriate realm which resonates with her essence, such as the inner worlds created by Spirit of the Living World or Fourth-Soul Devil Domain, the deva returns there if banished. Otherwise, it is destroyed as if it was an Emerald Circle spell dispelled by Emerald Circle Countermagic.

                      The scars of the Surrender Oaths are burned into the Mythoi of the Yozis, and certain of these restrictions bind the Warlock. When within Creation, the Infernal may make use of this charm no more than once per day, and may not summon a demon on a day she uses it and vice versa.

                      Titanic Heart Overweening (EarthScorpion?)
                      Cost: —; Min Essence 4; Type: Permanent
                      Keywords: None
                      Duration: Permanent
                      Prerequisites: Titanic Spawn Uncountable

                      The thoughts of the Primordials are not those of mortal men. They are mighty spirits in their own rights, overflowing from the hearts of titans to form pantheons and landscapes. This Charm permanently enhances the Infernal’s capacities. On the night of the new moon, when Luna turns her face from Creation, the feelings in the form of an Intimacy of the character may slip from his heart and take on independent form as a puissant spirit. This occurs when the Infernal would regain willpower from sleep -- or another activity which substitutes for it -- and may only occur once per new moon.

                      The newborn spirit is mechanically treated as a deva of the Second Circle [of low Essence] who descends from the Infernal, and who may not be bound by any other sorcerer. They should be given statistics as if they were a newly created Demon of the Second Circle whose Motivation is derived from the Intimacy they formed from, and whose themes derive from the Intimacy filtered through all the First (Yozi) Excellencies that the character knows. The Motivation of the deva and the Intimacy of the Infernal are irrevocably linked; should the Intimacy change -- such as from admiration to love -- then so will the Motivation, and likewise should the Motivation of the deva shift so will the Intimacy. Should the Infernal lose her Intimacy, the deva dies as if slain by a spirit-killing Charm.

                      If the deva is banished, they return to the mind of their creator, and may escape again at the next new moon. The Infernal may also choose to willingly “banish” the deva by Touching them, and absorbing them back into her psyche. If they are slain, they may not escape again until a year and a day has passed. However, if they are slain with a spirit-killing Charm, they die permanently and Infernal loses the Intimacy. If he regains it -- for example, by falling back in love with his wife -- the spirit born from the regained Intimacy shares no continuity with the deceased deva.

                      The character retains an unconscious veto over whether a given Intimacy is permitted to take independent form; some hearts are so jealous as to cling so closely to certain feelings that they cannot escape. The Infernal may maintain no more than (Willpower + Compassion) extant Intimacies as deva at this level of development. Due to the sympathetic resonance of the bonds of titanic power, on any day where such a deva has formed any spell the Infernal casts to summon a deva who descends from another titan fails, and vice versa.

                      Infernal and Yozi Pantheon charms (EarthScorpion)
                      New Keyword: Pantheon
                      Primordials are not merely singular beings, in the manner of lesser creatures. Even lessened as they are, the Yozis are nations, civilisations, worlds in their own right. They are legion. And from the moment of their Exaltation, the Infernal Exalted have taken their first steps onto a similar path. All other Exalted have three souls -- the hun, the po, and the keter soul of the Exaltation. The Green Sun Princes have in addition the fourth soul of their coadjutor, the once-demon fused into a synthetic soul hierarchy. Within them, however, they have the potential to expand beyond that.

                      Charms with this keyword develop an additional nascent soul within the Infernal. Other Charms can synergise with and play off this, and certain heretical Charms may ask for them as prerequisites (for example, Fourth-Soul Devil Domain requires that the Infernal has learned a Pantheon-keyworded Charm before they can build a small world within their soul). [in Earthscorpion’s Coadjutor rewrite]

                      The following Charms have the Pantheon Charm retroactively applied to them; Sun-Heart Furnace Soul, Silence in Her Wake, Darkling Grace Complete, Carmine Mantled Emissary, Empyreal Invincibility Declaration. Pantheon-keyworded Charms should in general be Essence 3 or higher, and three to four Charms deep in a tree.

                      Erinys' comment: Supernumerary Soul Extrusion and Titanic Heart Overweening should also get Pantheon.

                      New Keyword: Pantheon-Anchored
                      As their souls bud and multiply like nascent Primordials, an Infernal may delve into Heresy and develop Charm trees associated with the lesser parts of themselves. Charms with this Keyword are Heretical, and tied to a soul in the Infernal’s Pantheon. They are costed as Unfavoured Charms, and should the soul they are tied to die, they collapse and are converted back into xp.

                      (With the Pantheon-Anchored keyword, you can still make up your own Charms, too, as long as they’re thematic trees linked to one of your souls.)

                      non-canon Yozis

                      I am not responsible for any of these charms being unbalanced or nonsensical.

                      EDIT #463: The rpnation Neverwar url above is broken now. Here's the current url:
                      (includes Cytherea, Elloge, Hegra, Isidoros, Metagaos, Oramus, Sacheverell, Szoreny, and a fanmade Yozi: Baal Shazash)
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                        Thanks, this is all extremely helpful.

                        Murcushio: Sure, you avoid all that messy withdrawal, but you still need to stop doing heroin (for the purposes of this discussion your cousin is named Heroin).


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                          Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
                          Reckless Devil Luck
                          Oramus is a creature of madness and passion, the firstborn child of chaos. So inscrutable and incomprehensible are his alien motives that they seem decided by little more than random chance to others. Whenever the Infernal uses a random method such as coin-flipping or dice-rolling to make a significant decision, roll his Conviction. Each successes removes one point of accrued Limit. The Infernal must face some risk of harm or significant consequences from at least one of the possible outcomes of his decision to qualify for this act of villainy, and rolls to remove Limit only after he has gone through with the chosen course of action.


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                            Oh I found some of The Demented One's work here

                            Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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                              Additional charms gleaned from the WhiteWolfArchive (also added them to my giant post above)

                              Cecelyne, Ebon Dragon, Kimbery :
                              SWLIHN, Heresy :

                              Ebon Dragon:



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                              She/Her. I am literal-minded and write literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to make a joke.
                              My point of view may be different from yours but is equally valid.
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