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    So, we've all seen movies, tv shows, or trailers, played video games, or read books that all but screamed Exalted. Here's a thread to post those in.

    I'll start:

    If you want to play Thomas Edison, you'd better be up to the task of carrying all of civilization through the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, while the Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded are shooting at you.

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    Asura's Wrath -- In which the gods kidnap an essence 10 Infernal's daughter and a whole lot of murderstomping ensues.

    Dead Fantasy -- Monty Oum's Final Fantasy vs Dead or Alive videos. Hands down the best source of stunt fodder I've ever seen.

    Wakfu -- A cast of murderhobos go a-questing across the scavenger lands while a deranged and genocidal Getimian pursues them with his army of first-age constructs.


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      The Man With the Iron Fists -- A bunch of world class Martial Artists fighting over a massive shipment of gold. One of the best cinematic depictions of supernatural Martial Arts

      Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame -- A disgraced magistrate is sent to investigate the deaths of construction workers building Empress Dowager's new statue. There's no better film if you're playing a Water aspect Dragon Blooded.

      Flying Swords of Dragon Gate -- A number of factions travel to a remote inn believed to be above an ancient tomb holding untold riches. As high flying as wuxia action comes (Jet Li has a sword fight IN A TORNADO), would perfectly make the transfer as a remote inn in the Southeast where rumors of a first age tomb has brought a multitude of powerful beings against each other.

      Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons -- A Stephen Chow directed adaptation of one of the largest inspirations of Exalted as a whole. Visually breathtaking, top notch cast, and over the top action. Stephen Chow's trade-mark zaniness is somewhat restrained in the movie, but there's still plenty to give you a chuckle. Even some excellent scenes showing how a large enough number of determined mortals can in fact stand against the supernatural.

      Wu Xia (Also known by it's terrible domestic release title as "Dragon") -- Not nearly as over the top as the others on this list, but still excellent nonetheless. A fantastic action/mystery set in period China. A paper-worker accidentally kills a pair of bandits, bringing the attention of a local detective who is determined that he is actually a master martial artist. Power-wise, it sticks pretty close to Heroic-Mortal, but still has excellent dialogue, an amazing cast, great pacing, and fantastic martial arts.

      Exalted Behind a Screen of Jade, Savant of the Immaculate Texts, No Moon Scholar, Good Sitting Dog, Best Lurking Cat with Bones, Pioneer Pooch, Corsair, Director, Keeper of the Karstein Manor, Scion with Shield of Knowledge, Erymanthian Boar, Seeking Awakened, Cloaked Changeling, Family Head, Kindred, Agent, Poltergeist, Disciple of the Antler Crown, Wraith, Conspiracy Theorist, First Time Traveler


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        Bayonetta, because

        That and she looks awesome doing... everything.

        I made some Martial Arts for 3e, look at them here and here.


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          The ruined cities described in this fanfic are going to be a major source of inspiration for me for First Age and Shogunate Era ruins, once EX3 hits.

          If you want to play Thomas Edison, you'd better be up to the task of carrying all of civilization through the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, while the Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded are shooting at you.


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            I have extolled the virtues (or would that be Virtues?) of a particular series repeatedly in a chat I'm a part of, mostly because it friggin' deserves it. My metaphorical throat is hoarse from shouting about how good this series is for Exalted inspiration, so I'm just going to tell everyone here:

            Go to Crunchryoll right now, and search for "Magi: Labyrinth of Magic".


            Glorious Echeladder Ascension Technique - Forum Topic

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              Putting aside the comic relief moments, this is pretty much exactly how I envision Exalt vs Exalt swordfights looking.


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                I'll not list the usual titles I give, this time... (I do have a slightly odd idea of what 'screams Exalted', though.)

                From a slightly left-field angle: Borges' The Universal History of Iniquity, and Calvino's Invisible Cities.

                From a less left-field angle: Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom by Stephen Platt (on the Taiping revolt), The Mask of the Sorcerer by Darrell Schweitzer (an unwilling sorcerer comes into his power in not-Egypt, and narrates in an untrustworthy Gene Wolfe-style fashion), Alien Kind: Foxes and Late Imperial Chinese Narrative by Rania Huntington (on huli jing and matters vulpine in classical Chinese literature), Don Juan by Lord Byron.


                The Emperor and the Assassin: an alternate (and IMO better) take on the assassination attempt on Qin Shihuangdi than the one presented in Hero. Not as flashy, mind.

                Casablanca: no fantastic elements, but otherwise perfect.

                The Warlords: Heavily fictionalised account (there's no mention of the various foreign powers involved or what actually happened when the Qing army retook Nanjing [1], for instance) of three generals suppressing the Taiping Revolt and how they're driven apart afterwards. Worth watching.

                Battle of Wits: A Mohist defensive warfare specialist has to rally a besieged city against its attackers in Warring States China. This is interesting because it also presents a peasant's eye view (if a somewhat sanitised one, though still pretty grim) of what's going on as well as the set pieces. Not cheerful, but worth seeing.

                [1] In some ways just as well; it was pretty awful.

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                  I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Kill la Kill. Seems to me like it's basically Exalted: The Anime.
                  Ryuko is definitely an Infernal, with Senketsu(and by extension Junketsu) being hellforged wonders, Satsuki and the Elite Four are Solars, Nui is a Sidereal, Ragyo is probably a high-essence god, all the one- and two-star students are Dragon-Blooded, and Aikuro+the rest of Nudist Beach are all heroic mortals. That's the best I can figure, at least.


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                    I always want a 3D version of Perfect Cherry Blossom and now my wish has been granted~

                    Too bad the only canon way to play danmaku in Exalted is using Cascade of Cutting Terror. Kinda hard to be appreciated for your sense of artistic and beauty when everyone you hit explode into a fountain of blood.
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                    The no.1 fan of Demetheus. I also draw Exalted things and is looking for commission works ~


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                      Are pictures in the spirit of the thread? Better to keep it all in one place, I figure.

                      I've found a new source of imagery for Lunar war forms and Behemoths.

                      And some others that jumped out at me:


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                        A couple of novel series that Ive found to have a very Exalted feel are:

                        1) The Deathstalker series by Simon R Green. Very much Heavens Reach, Exalted in space.
                        2) The Stormlight archive series by Brandon Sanderson. The second book is due out next month and the series has a very cool setting with civilisation fallen from the First Age equivelant and some characters who are pretty much Exalts coming into their powers.


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                          The 2011 Thundercats reboot. No, seriously.

                          It opens in a fantasy-style Empire with a Europe-meets-Egypt kind of flare. The empire is wildly racist, uses slavery and torture, and ostracizes the king's son for doing things like caring about the underclass and believing in ancient legends of "technology". Still, as the heir, he is trained in using the awesomely powerful magical sword which maintained the Empire's strength for generations.

                          And then the Empire is brought down by a surprise attack from its nomadic tribal longtime enemies... armed with advanced technology, and ultimately revealed to be working for an ancient undead evil who once ruled all the races of this region, and much more besides. Only a handful of people escape to fight a guerilla war, but they have to invest their resources in trying to gain more followers, and cause their foes to defect when possible, if they want to win in the long term... in the short term, on the other hand, they are racing to reach magical sanctums to gain the powerful stones found there.

                          It seems pretty applicable to me.

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                            Shinobi ( ). Because of all the cool, distinct and heavily themed martial arts.

                            Ninja Scroll ( ). An obvious one, I know, but no one has mentioned it yet.

                            True Legend ( ). Almost forgot about this one. It has all the ingredients of Exalted awesomeness. Supernatural martial arts,epic storytelling and a Sidereal riding on the head of a god.
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                              A TCD of Oramus fighting a Solar ?

                              Man, I wish I have the ability to wack people I don't like with a Stop sign too.

                              The no.1 fan of Demetheus. I also draw Exalted things and is looking for commission works ~