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  • Originally posted by Lukkychukky View Post

    You had me at Hunter.
    Then I definitely recommend checking out Mandy. It's a surreal ride. Just, heads up, it's way slower burn than the trailers make it look.

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    • I'd love it if it were established that there were at least one Solar warrior during the Shogunate like this guy!

      Of course, even the mightiest Anathema can still fall before the Wyld Hunt...

      Still, Solars reincarnate, even into the modern era [warning: NSFW]!


      • Garo fight scenes


        • Lots of good links lately!

          Check out Momentum Exalted!


          • Hmm... I have mixed feelings on this one from just the first episode: the pacing is incredibly rushed, the direction is uninspired, and the fight choreography gets lazy when the protagonist reaches full power, but it's Exalted enough that I think I have to share:

            Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary is a fall-season anime which is apparently based on... a Taiwanese CRPG from back in 2004? IDK, I can't explain its existence. But anyway, the villain faction is basically "Imperial China except with mass-produced Warstriders," giving it a distinctly Realm-adjacent aesthetic, and, lo and behold, some of the peasant rebels have fantastic magic powers. Our lead, though merely a heroic mortal, stumbles into a ludicrously-powerful N/A artifact (and with it an ally who's a... cyborg Lunar?), and it looks like she'll probably end up leading the fight against the not-quite-Realm.

            Also... it hasn't been built yet, but the empire developed plans for what basically appears to be the land-ship equivalent of the Death Star.

            From what's out so far, it's not high-quality, but it's definitely watchable, and if you're even the slightest bit magitech-friendly, you'll probably find something worth stealing for your campaign.

            EDIT: The pacing was a lot smoother on the second episode. Hopefully the rushed premiere was simply an aberration.
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            • If anyone is a fan of the "Tales" games, Tales of Bersaria is 75% off on Steam.

              Besides being a JRPG generally, and revolving a lot on spirits that occur naturally across the world, it made me think of Exalted because you are branded "The Demon Lord of Calamity", and you have to defeat the heroic leaders of humanity who want to purge the world of demons. It's a decent, if not exact, depiction of a band of Anathema going up against the Realm.

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              • I've been enjoying Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation lately.

                Twenty years ago, a Cultivation Clan (that being a clan who cultivate their mystical power along with military and political) was destroyed for making use of resentful energy (undead, demonic, etc). Though their surviving clan members tried for years to bring back their leader through reincarnation magic, he never reappeared.

                One day, though, his soul was summoned into the body of a young cultivator who was so despairing that he gave his body freely and entirely.

                As the five surviving clans march toward war (one overwhelming one vs. the other four), the reincarnated grandmaster is much more interested in enjoying life this time. But even so, the new friendships he makes while hiding his nature pull him into the newly unfolding tragedy.

                Check out Momentum Exalted!


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