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Exalted 3rd edition useful links and topics

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  • Exalted 3rd edition useful links and topics

    Tools and Game Resources

    Errata and Clarifications
    Ex3 developer thread rules compilation credit to Lanaya for this.

    Information and Summaries
    Third Edition fan wiki a new but growing compilation of Third Edition content.
    Cheat Sheet summary of 3rd edition rules.
    Battle Flow Chart a breakdown of the individual steps of 3rd edition combat.
    Social System Cheat Sheet and Flowchart a quick rundown of the social influence system.
    Charm Cascades making the options in character creation less daunting.
    Charm Cascades a more up to date version of the above with content from Miracles of the Solar Exalted.
    Dragon-Blooded Charm Cascades making the creation of Dragon-Blooded characters easier.

    Resource Managment
    Combat Tracker for keeping track of initiative order.
    Initiative Tracker keeps track of motes too.

    Character Creation
    Advanced Character Generator Compatible with Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice.
    Exalted Character Creation Tool This one supports house rules and custom splats.

    Labour Saving
    Artifact Crafting a utility that simulates dice and crafting charms.
    Battle Group Generator a labour saving device for when numerous enemies are present.
    Familiar Generator for your faithful animal companions.
    Dice Roller Is exactly what it sounds like.
    Dice Roller Another dice rolling tool this one includes double Xs and automatically re-rolls selected numbers.

    Creative Resources
    Character Name Generator Voidstate's original, recently returned.
    Character Names Courtesy of Erinys.
    Abyssal Titles Potentially kind of silly, but can be good inspiration.
    Medieval Fantasy City Generator Produces realistic looking maps with ease.
    Weapon Name Generator Help a standard Daiklave take the first steps to being a storied weapon.
    Armour Name Generator Similar inspiration for your breastplate. Separate entries for belts and pauldrons is a bit MMO but still, some good stuff here.

    Really Useful
    Travel Times Map Click on any two points of this map and it'll give you an estimate of travel time between point A and point B, extremely useful if your PCs like to keep moving around.

    Community Resources
    Eric Minton's blog writer blog.
    Exalted Webcomics An archive of Exalted webcomics both old and new.
    Nishkriya Follows the forum posts of Exalted developers and writers which might offer insights into both recently released and upcoming products.

    If anyone has any more suggestions send me a private message. I'm hoping to have links to character sheets and dice roller software here eventually.
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    I’ve moved to Sword of Creation, thank you to everyone who helped made the Exalted community these past few years.

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    Helpful Topics

    The Official Exalted Forum Introduction Thread - Introduce yourself!

    Ask a Question, get an answer - For questions that you don't want an entire discussion about

    [3E] The Artifact and Evocation Workshop - Compilation of Homebrew Artifacts and Evocations

    The Gazetter of X: Locations Workshop - Compilation of Homebrew Locations

    Your Headcanon - Ideas not in the Official game materials that flesh out the setting

    Exalted Media - Inspirational Videos, Comics, Music, etc

    The Out-of-Context Game Quotes Thread - Best In Game Quotes

    Things One is Not Allowed to do in Exalted - Silly Thread listing crazy stuff characters and/or players shouldn't do in Exalted

    [Theory] Creative Agendas: What are gamism, narrativism, and simulationism? -Basics of game theory, useful for understanding some forum jargon.

    What Breaks if... - Questions about rule changes

    Forum Tags

    [2E] - Exalted 2nd Edition
    [2.5E] - Exalted 2nd Edition - Errata'd
    [3E] - Exalted 3rd Edition

    [Actual Play] - Campaign Actual Play reports
    [Artifact] - Homebrew Artifact

    [Character] - Player Character Topic

    [Ex1] - Exalted 1st Edition
    [Ex2] - Exalted 2nd Edition
    [Ex2.5] - Exalted 2nd Edition - Errata'd
    [Ex3] - Exalted 3rd Edition

    [Fiction] - Exalted Fan Fiction
    [Funny] - Silly shit
    [Fanart] - Fan Art

    [Game] - Forum Game

    [Homebrew] - Homebrew, usually of the game mechanics variety

    [LFG] - Looking for Group - see Conventions and Gathering Forum
    [LFP] - Looking for Players - see Conventions and Gathering Forum

    [MA] - Homebrew Martial Arts
    [Martial Arts] - Homebrew Martial Arts
    [Monday Meeting] - Discussions about Onyx Path's Monday Meeting Notes

    [NSFW] - Not Safe for Work

    [PbP] Play by Post - Please see Play by Post Forum
    [PEACH] - Please Edit And Critique Honestly

    [QC] - Quick Character
    [Quest] - Choose your Adventure Quest Game

    [Setting] - Setting Homebrew
    [Sorcery] - Sorcery Homebrew

    [Tools] - Helpful files/programs/etc for Exalted

    [Webcomic] - Exalted Fan Comic

    Exalted Forum Slang

    CCP - Previous owner of Exalted Property
    Chungian Combat - Another term for Paranoid Combat
    Creation-Slaying Oblivion Kick - a combo from the Charcoal March of Spiders Style (Sidereal MA) that, if you're standing atop the Imperial Mountain and it's a clear day, allows you to kill every motherfucker in the world - infinite range attacks with "everyone you can see" targets and no real resistance. It's also slang for other such mega-combos.
    Conky - Fan nickname for Unconquered Sun

    Developer - Project Manager of Game Line. Robert Vance and Eric Minton are the Exalted Developers, Holden and John Mørke were their predecessors.

    Editor - Proofreads the books.

    FaFL - Fan nickname for First and Forsaken Lion
    Falafel - Fan nickname for First and Forsaken Lion

    Her Redness - Fan nickname for the Scarlet Empress

    Ignis Divine - Alternate name for the Unconquered Sunused in late 2nd edition, may no longer be canon.

    Ketchup Carjack - Fan nickname for Chejop Kejak

    Malfean - First Edition Term for Neverborn. Was dropped in later editions when Malfeas was introduced.

    NPC - Non-Player Character

    OP - Onyx Path or Overpowered or Original Poster/Post
    OPP - Onyx Path Publishing

    PC - Player Character
    Paranoia / Paranoia Combat - Terms used to describe Second Edition's lethal combat.
    Paranoia Combo - Second Edition charm combo that includes a perfect defense

    Shard - Second Edition fan name for an Individual Exaltation. Solars have 300 Shards. Sidereals have 100 Shards. Dragonblooded don't have Shards.
    Shard - Second Edition alternative Creation settings (Exalted Modern, Gunstar Autochthonia, etc)
    SWLiHN - She Who Lives in Her Name
    Sidereal'ed - Some posts the same post as you at the same time. Exalted Forum term for "Ninja'ed"
    Solaroid - Second Edition term for Solars, Abyssals, and Infernals
    Sol Invictus - Latin name for the Unconquered Sun of Roman mythology, occasionally used by fans along with the abreviated 'Sol'
    Splat - Major divisions between character types (Solars, Lunars, Sidereals, Dragonblooded, etc)
    ST - Storyteller

    TED - The Ebon Dragon
    Thousand Dooms - Creation ending Scenarios of Exalted 2nd Edition. (Return of the Scarlet Empress, The Silver Prince's Fleet, etc)
    TUS - The Unconquered Sun
    TSR - Thousand Streams River.

    Writer - Produces content for the Game Line on as a Freelancer. Some people are both Developers and Writers. Stephen Lea Sheppard and Dex Davican are examples of Exalted Writers
    WW - White Wolf

    YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary

    5ED - Five Elemental Dragons
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