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    Despise what everyone seem to think, Disciple of Seven Forbidden Wisdom and Black Ice Shadow are not a couple ~

    The no.1 fan of Demetheus. I also draw Exalted things and is looking for commission works ~


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      My post got eaten somewhere or something.

      Anima Banners - I stick to the idea that the anima is based on the person, not the Exaltation's legacy. It can change if a person's life story changes enough. So Cathay Red Dragon when she Exalts as a ronin samurai of a lost clan might have a well, dragon. But after she goes on the path to become the Uniter of the Hundred Kingdoms and the Tiger of Lao, it'll shift to a tiger. Sidereal animas do this with shades of their color and Lunars probably stick something similar to their totem but how it manifests is mutable.

      Also, when an Exalt dies, so does their anima. The instant he breaths his last breath the light snuffs out instantly. You know an Exalt is for sure dead when that light goes out (though there are ways to trick that).

      The Five Shades Associaiton - The Five Clans of the Shadow are spread throughout Creation. Each Direction has elements of each, and each region has customs depending on their ability to hide. They keep in touch with councils of elders, known as the Council of Fiends, comprising of the Six Masters of the Tokens and three lesser elemental dragons, one a censor on their side, and through Heaven they send many missives and resources for the Clans.

      The general structure fo the Clan is to have cels in major cities, led by the Emerald Palace, a trio of a Dragon-Blooded elder, a patron elemental deity and a head of the local Ghost-Faced Killers. This last group represents various elemental- or ghost-blooded recruits trained to dematerialize. While technically not as high ranked as any Dragon-Blooded member of the Clans of the Shadow, they recieve expert training in the martial arts, infiltration and espionage. Below the Emerald Palace in a city's cel are various Iron Walls, officers of the local Associate (who also serves as chief priest of the deity and voice to the Council of Fiends). Iron walls are always Essence channelers of some sort, be it thaumaturges with Awakened Essence, lower ranking Terrestrials or some non-Ghost Faced Killer half-breed. Each Iron Wall has then their own servants in Red Poles, who are the nominal "ranked thug" of the city. Below Red Poles are the Paper Kites. These individuals are the general "disposable assets" of a local cel. Blackmail victims, thugs, even people not knowing they're a simple place to launder resources.

      And more. I got lots of headcanon on these guys. Liek random Triad use of numbers for the above ranks and titles.

      Yellow Jade - I see it more either elementally neutral jade or just more yellowishly tinted whtie jade. In Autochthonia I run it that it's the most common color found and often is used in Alchemical bodies.

      The Council of Entities - I have brainstorms and ideas for all of them actually. Including the Evening Master being a cyborg thaumaturge, the Dawn Sergeant being a Dragon-Blood, and the Midnight Queen possibly being a Lunar.

      Planets - The sun, moon and planets are the literal stars of the incarna, much like other beings in Creation have individuated stars if htey are tied to faith. One's power determines their brightness and their status as top dogs in Creation is why their's are so personalized. Stars are also multi-colored like the Maidens, often hued towards who's house is most favored by them. It's just that lik eon Earth they all look white due to optical illusion unless you use a telescope.

      Mountain Folk Appearance - I imagine Warriors looking more like Neanderthals or Homo habilius than just dwarves. I kind of visualize Workers looking either like coal mine worker children or Homo florences, depending on how well carved-out they were. Mainly since apemen stome folks eemed cool tome.

      And stuff.

      And stuff.
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        Blaque, I'd really like you to post a new thread about your FSA, your thoughts on them were always a big inspiration to my own take on them! The main difference is in leadership; I see them being run by two Councils, the Council of Dragons and the Council of Shadows. The former are Lesser Elemental Dragons, the latter, Elder Dragon-Blooded. They create a balance of power, but are united against outsiders, literally, as the DB elders all know that DotFA charm that allows them to merge with an elemental...

        Mountain Folk Appearance: I see them as more insectile. Warriors are generally large, 6-8ft, and bulky, rather like Bugrom, only scarier, and made of metal. Workers are much smaller, more humanoid (but still with multiple arms), and made of stone. Artisans are the most human-like, with only a couple of insectoid features (faceted eyes and wings, usually, sometimes multiple arms or antennae), with crystalline hair and eyes.


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          Originally posted by Valles View Post

          "Listen to my song!"
          Artifact repairs and remodeling, via music? Yeess.

          Once, there was a maiden... who spent all her time on the internet.
          "Someone out there is WRONG," she said.
          So she tossed a noose made of golden light... and strangled her opponent.
          Both of them died alone.
          "Love is for football players and cheerleaders," her obituary said.


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            From the last forum:

            The Daystar creates a one-way passageway through the Wyld and Pure Chaos from where it sets to where it rises. This creates a huge river from the ocean of the West to feed the forest of the East.
            When the Moon sits in front of the Sun and the Five Stars align, the Celestines may sit in conference and join as one, this is the thesis behind the Eclipse Caste. So the story continues, it was to them the power of the Celestial Bond was given, although the exact nature of it lost in the Second Age, those who remember the First are not telling. Was it a Charm or a spell not unlike the one that binds Terrestrial Brotherhoods? Was it truly only available to the Eclipse Caste, or all of the Solars or even all of the Celestials? Its lack of practice stems from the nature of the Exaltations and the gap that has grown too large between the two Celestial Hosts, the Lunar and the Sidereal. Although then among the Sidereal it would not be so unpracticed but then the Chosen of the Stars are not an open mouthed lot.

            The Primordial Wars and the First Age are scattered with epic romances that even in corrupted forms are still told today. These romances may endure in this Age of Sorrows by the power of these Celestial Bonds. By whatever power of a third party, before the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, two Shards of Divinity are joined together in exalted matrimony. This Bond can only be formed by two Celestial Exalts with a extreme Intimacy towards one another, one of Love or rarely but not unheard of in eccentric cases one of Hate. These feelings must be true, unimposed by any other force but imposes itself, endures, throughout successive incarnations. Those who are blessed or cursed by a Celestial Bond on their Exaltation will feel an Intimacy of some kind toward their Mate, much in the same way as Canon Lunars feel toward their Solar Mate except it works both ways.

            The Celestial Bond is generally known as the Solar-Lunar Bond with reason. There is the nature of the Divine Shards to consider, broken off from the Celestine and by awesome decree never to be rejoined with the whole, lest the Primordials order the Celestines to reabsorb the power they gave-up. So like two magnets of the same polarity, Shards of the same Celestine are resistant to coming together. The Exalted, being what they are, have overcome such obstacles but it was more common for Exalts of different colors to come together. For this reason, actually, the Sidereal could still remain among one another, bonding across Auspices for though their patrons had a shared nature the Maidens were still the Five rather then the One. Their had long been a divide between the Sidereal and the rest of the Celestial Host, for their exclusive duties and the nature of their very Second Breath. Every Sidereal was Fated to receive their Exaltation from birth while the Solar and the Lunar, in the eyes of some, especially themselves, actually earned their Exaltations.

            Most depressing of all are the events of Usurpation. Whatever the nature of its initial setting, it proved to be within the power of the Sidereal at least, or perhaps just the Chosen of Ending, to terminate the Bond, if by the will of one of the Mates. Their were those Sidereals Bonded to Solars and Lunars that took up the Vision of Bronze. Their Mates' assassinations coincided with the Bond's termination, and they died confused and betrayed. There is at least one Deathlord, such as The Widower Of Fallen Stars, who's hatred is sustained by this betrayal.

            By the end of the First Age, what records remain, and there are some meticulous records in the House of Serenity, state that over half of every Celestial Host has this Bond. The Solar and Lunar are dominantly Mated to one another, while uncommonly within their own Host and the Sidereal are still mostly between Auspices. A few Bonds between Sidereal and Solar or Lunar, still remain.

            The Bond Of Night is the sobriquet of a Lunar-Sidereal Bond.
            The Bond Of Light is the sobriquet of a Sidereal-Solar Bond.
            The Bond Of Might is the sobriquet of a Solar-Lunar Bond.
            The Bond Of Sight is the sobriquet of a Sidereal-Sidereal Bond.
            The Bond Of Right is the sobriquet of a Solar-Solar Bond.
            The Bond Of Fight is the sobriquet of a Lunar-Lunar Bond.
            For a Solar Bond where the Solar has become an Abyssal or an Infernal, the last word of the sobriquet has Benighted or Blighted in front of it respectively.
            The Bond Of Fright is the sobriquet of an Abyssal-Abyssal Bond.
            The Bond Of Bright is the sobriquet of an Infernal-Infernal Bond.
            The Bond Of Blight is the sobriquet of an Abyssal-Infernal Bond.
            How did Luna create the Silver Shards? Don't ask Luna Vesanus, the reply will answer nothing at all and only raise more questions. Out of what did Luna create her Champions? And, on another tangent, how many Moons had lain in the cradle of Orammus? Was it 300? A few more, adding the greatest Other Moons that make up the Moon Goddess's being? And where are they now?

            Were they made into the core of Luna's ultimate weapons? 300 would be moon gods shoved into a Divine Shard, splintered off from her whole self to become the engines of power to army of mercurial mad demigods.

            If that's the case, it would explain the nature of the Lunar Shard, more self-aware, more independent then the other shards, not completely unlike the Infernal Shards. Each one has its own ideas of what makes a good Lunar; a Steward, a Warden, an Outsider, a Witch, a Survivor or Something Else. Each leaves Lytek's cabinet searching for its ideal Chosen. When it finds a mortal who might have the potential, it settles in and that's when the real fun begins.

            The Shard creates a Spirit Guide, a mask it might wear to interact with the would-be Chosen until Exaltation or failure. As a Background, a Lunar may have a variable degree of continued interaction with this Spirit Guide even after their Second Breath. Now this Spirit Guide can look like many things, depending on what part of the soul structure its taken from. The Shard may choose itself, from memories of past shapes it took or perhaps the Other Moon deep in its core. If it uses the Lower Soul, the Guide may be some bestial manifestation or other natural phenomenon. If it uses the Higher Soul, then it may be a lot of things, something or someone important to the would-be Chosen.

            Through Dreams and Visions, this Guide will then interact with the potential candidate. According to its own whims and ideas, it will test them. Using the knowledge it can gleam from their minds, it will cajole them. It will make them do things to prove their worth, inside their minds as well as in the waking world. It will do this until they have passed or failed. To those who fail, it may be shame and death. In this Age of Sorrows, Silver Shards have left behind just a few Abyssal and Infernal Exalts.

            For those who pass, something greater then godhood awaits. The Shard will truly fuse with their soul structure and a beacon will be sent up. When this beacon is seen, Luna will often have the courtesy to take time out of her day to greet her new Chosen. She has the means to be in two and more places at once, so she doesn't need to drop anything. It's in this meeting that Silver Tattoos and Marks are placed on the Chosen, and she will whisper to them the name of their Guide, which is used as a secondary name for the Lunar. Without Luna, it can be done with the Guide alone, but she prefers this personal touch.

            Now the Chosen's Tattoos normally remain dormant and hidden, only flaring to life when their Mark and Anima is already shining. Their Guide too will appear prominently in their Totem and may color all of their Charms prominently.
            Caste Terminology

            It is important to note that the Lunar Exalted are not the Solar Exalted. The Sidereal and their Auspices are not the Solar Exalted and the Terrestrial and their Aspects are not the Solar Exalted. The Infernal and the Abyssal Exalted and their Castes, in fact, ARE the Solar Exalted, in strange twisted ways and share their terminology for delineating loose roles of one another. The Lunar Exalted are not the Solar Exalted and nor should they have their words.

            (One could justify that the Alchemicals, prototype of all the Exalted, do not so much as borrow the Solar terminology as the Solar borrow from them. If not, one might consider also changing the name used by the Champions from Caste to Class, ie Excessively Righteous Blossom, Moonsilver Class.)

            What the Lunar follow then are the Phases of the Moon. Luna Ambiguus Aeternum, the Forever Changing Moon, flows through each of these Phases to there and gone again and the halfway points between and her Chosen may take up one of these aspects. The same with Sol and his Chosen, even the Night being the aspect when the Unconquered crawls under Creation and dodges, sneak and runs through things he'd rather not. Only the Chosen of the Maidens take up a whole goddess, such as the Five are almost One made more so ten eyes can feast upon Fate as needed.

            (The suggestions of this Paradigm refer to one another as if they were one block suggestion. While true, in the technical sense, choice bits may be pulled out from them and easily applied without everything else. Below are suggestions for expanding the number of 'Phases' and changing the Phase Marks. This can just as easily be used if they're still called 'Castes' and 'Phase' can be used without any of the below.)

            Extra Castes

            The Moon shifts through a number of Phases. There is the Full Moon, when Luna shines in her full and violent glory. There is the Half Moon, when coyly does Luna veil herself as if a courtesan ready to entreat with words. There is the No Moon, when Luna turns her face away completely to delve in forbidden thoughts and perspectives. In between, there are others, the Gibbous Moon when Luna's full terror is there but she holds back just a fraction, stay her hand for just long enough, to use her words before she uses her fists, or when she is suited for speech but ready for violence. The Crescent Moon, when Luna has nearly gone to her private darkness but shows her face upon the world still or when she is still a socialite but of a mind wandering into black thoughts. The Hidden Moon, when Luna is not just shrouded in shadows but completely gone, not speaking or showing herself to the world at all but stewing in her private thoughts, ready to explode forward in her terrible might.

            (As this paragraph may demonstrate, using 'Moon' rather then 'Phase' or 'Caste' may be as valid an option. It would certainly be strange but rhythmically fitting.)

            These inbetween Phases come when the Chosen chooses all their Attributes as if they were Favored but treats them afterwards as his Phase attributes. With five choices and nine possibilities, the Lunar's Phase is decided by which of three categories, Mind, Body and Face, he favors the most. When a tie is had, one of the 'Middle Moons' is taken up. But the nature of one of the Middle Moons, less absolute then the Prime Moons, transient that they are, is harder to pin. What does Luna give up first when she goes from the Full Moon to the Half Moon, taking up the Gibbous Moon, Violent Strength or Cheating Dexterity? What does she take last, Heartfelt Charisma or Unseen Appearance? And what one thing of Mind does she take, Changing Intelligence or Ant Toppling Wits? That's just a metaphor, of course, Luna has all of them and more, but it represents the problem of trying to personify the Middle Moons handedly.

            (For the Prime Moons, there are 15 different combinations for each Phase. For the Middle Moons, there are 27 possible combinations each.)

            The sobriquet of the Lunar Phases are as follow, in order from Full Moon to Hidden: Moon Warrior, Dark Paladin, Silver Bard, Witch Priest, Argent Sorcerer and Night Fighter.

            (In a Creation without the Middle Moons, they may be, from Full to No, Moon Warrior, Silver Priest and Dark Sorcerer. In such a Creation, the Half Moon would be the Changing Moon.)

            Caste Marks

            The Lunars are not the Solars, that much cannot be stressed enough. As all the Celestial do though, they bear the mark of their patron, shaped by their Phase, as a tiara crown on their brow. The Lunar Phase Marks are not just shining beacons of silvery white light but of light devouring darkness, glowing with shadows.

            ( )

            Each Phase Mark is dropped upon a spot of darkness just as the Silver Chair is oft backdropped against the black night. The Full Moon differs from the Zenith by a triplicate of light devouring dots that replicates the eternally surprised face inexplicably carved into the Silver Chair. The No Moon differs from the Night by being a broken ring of twin crescents. The rest are so different in their basic shape but further drive their shared uniqueness by the interplay of light and shadow.
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              Originally posted by Chejop Kejak View Post
              unless there's a really good reason to decide otherwise, no Autochthon.
              Surely Alchemicals are the only reason necessary to decide otherwise.

              I have approximate knowledge of many things.
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                Originally posted by Crumplepunch View Post
                I think that there's no moon or sun during Calibration. That's because the Daystar and Silver Chair park underneath Creation in a giant reverse-mountain workshop built by Autochthon for their annual maintenance. Or rather, their annual calibration.
                Originally posted by Valles View Post
                The season of Air is the coolest and is appropriately windy, with the North completely snowbound straight through and the West, Center, and East cycling through snow, slush, and various levels of cool, while the South is as pleasant as it ever gets.

                After Air comes Wood, when most of Creation is blooming and the North is experiencing progressively deeper and more frequent thaws. Everywhere but the South, this is when crops are planted, and there, it's the harvest time, before drought and heat kill everything green.

                After Wood comes Fire, which is a hot dry season for most of Creation, the South's deadliest season, and the prime growing time in the North.

                Water comes after Fire - heavy rain clouds blow west to east through Ascending Water, bringing torrential monsoon downpours behind them that stay through all of Respendant Water and slowly fade away to 'normal' by the end of Descending Water. In regions with two growing seasons, this will be when the second crop goes in the ground, and in the South, it's the planting time of their primary crops.

                For the West, East, and Blessed Isle, Earth is the second and more productive growing season, with harvest in Descending Earth - by which time the Northern harvests have been in for weeks or even months, and snow and ice are covering over the living earth.

                The shocking chill of Calibration - one hundred and twenty-five clock-measured hours without sun or moon or stars, when the temperature plummets relentlessly - marks the start of Air and true winter.
                Originally posted by Hand-of-Omega View Post
                *The Penitent was sculpted by an ancient Terrestrial, who used a Martyr version of a DB Crafting charm to shatter the mountain into its present shape with a single blow, dying immediately after. It is a monument to Righteous Guide.
                Those are part of my headcanon too. Also :

                - There is a small independant kingdom lost in a deep valley next to Mt Meru. It was cut off from the rest of the Blessed Isle some time after the Great Contagion when a powerful earthquake collapsed the only way inside the valley, and has been surviving in near perfect autarky ever since. The people there worship the only Dragon-Blooded that ever Exalted in their valley, an Earth Aspect called The Bowing Mountain. It's originally a strange twist on the Immaculate religion, which has slowly evolved appart during hundreds of years. It's probably one of the most peaceful place in Creation.

                - Deep under the sea and far up in the sky, there are whole realms of elementals who function quite a bit like mortal countries, waging war upon each other and making strange art, only rarely concerning themselves with Creation proper.

                - When you try to get out of the Underworld by reaching the Wyld, you instead end up back in the Labyrinth.

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                  Originally posted by Mercury View Post
                  Sidereal Titles - It's not supported by Sidereals 2e, but I've always liked the pervasive idea that each Sidereal has an assigned role within the Bureau of Destiny in addition to their general-purpose conjunctions. Things like the Sidereal who is in charge of maintaining the seals Heaven has placed on forbidden gods, or the Sidereal assigned to figure out what the hell terrestrial gods are actually supposed to be doing.
                  I think it was the 2e Storyteller's Companion that mentions the Sublime Accountant of the Shoreline, a punishment duty in which the Sidereal is required to count and manage Creation's sand grains.

                  Then again that book also mentions a New Moon Lunar caste, so take that as you will.
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                    So others have already said this, I think, but...the Games of Divinity not being a simple source of highs (and the Incarnae not being addicts who killed for the drug) is one of the things I use.

                    Beyond that!

                    --The conventional description of what the First Age was like isn't completely accurate--there was a long stretch of it in which the other races the Primordials created ruled their own nations in Creation, outside the Solar dominion. However, the Solar Exalted overtime made war on these races, diminished them by mucking about with their fate-strands, etc., until by the Late First Age/Age of Dreams it was pretty much as the books describe. This is actually one of the major reasons the Unconquered Sun turned away from his Chosen--he'd wanted to create a world where no one was mistreated, by empowering the most mistreated group (mortals) to fight for their rights, and what he got instead was a world where a tiny fraction of elevated mortals oppressed everyone else. It's a very demoralizing situation!
                    --The Empress is dead, currently, and in fact committed suicide to keep Chejop Kejak from brainwashing her back into rulership when she decided that the Solar Exalted ought to have Creation back.


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                      Originally posted by God_of_Awesome View Post
                      The Daystar creates a one-way passageway through the Wyld and Pure Chaos from where it sets to where it rises. This creates a huge river from the ocean of the West to feed the forest of the East.
                      I now imagine First Age sorcerer-engineers following in the Sun's wake as it breaches the Wyld and studying the way it warps causality around it with its immense Essence and narrative significance. Perhaps they observe some truly bizarre things while riding in its wake such as alternate histories or different timelines interacting with one another. Maybe they saw an alternate history in which Theion To managed to co-opt the Solar Exalted.


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                        Games of Divinity: In my head the Games do indeed have an impact on Creation, and playing them very well does indeed have a positive impact on Creation. The Incarnae did want to take control of the Games for the sake of Creation, because the Primordials were being rather self-interested and not necessarily acting in the best interests of their creations. Some, such as the Ebon Dragon, were being deliberate jerks. The Incarnae are continuing to play the Games for the sake of Creation (the Games will play themselves if left unattended and usually takes the worst possible moves), but are having so much fun with them that they tend to forget to go back to work. Their current stupor is because the designated Celestial exalts haven't come in to remind the Incarnae they have duties besides just the games. Also, because the games play themselves when left unattended, the Incarnae never fully leave the room.

                        Friendly Primoridals: Gaia and Autochthlon weren't the only Primordials to survive the Primordial War unharmed and unchnaged. These were the Primordials that saw their own kind as beind idiots about Creation and seeing it as nothing more than their personal play pen (grossly undersimplifying the situation, but...) and simply left into the deep Wyld to create a new Creation (Cytherea was one of those that left) before the Incarnae could approach them with their plans of rebellion. So there is another Creation with relatively friendly Primordials out there somewhere. Good luch traversing the Wyld long enough to find it.

                        The Great Curse: The Great Curse is ultimately a personal affair, simply exposing it and the manner to which it can be defeated will take almost all of its teeth away from it. The Great Curse basically amplifies the personal flaws of the Exalted it inflicts (in a method that is modified by the type Exaltation in them) and it can be overcome through personal effort. However, it is not a sorcery or charms to expunge it, but of one person in the shard's cycle of incarnation reaching a level of personal enlightenment that they can change their own nature if they so desired. As it is a personal path, the exact method of personal introspection is unique to each Exalt. There were 3 out of ALL the Celestial Exalted (1 Sidereal, 1 Lunar, 1 Solar) that achieved this by accident in the First Age, as did a half dozen Terrestrials. The celestial shards are free of the Curse even today, and the Terrestrial Bloodlines can produce curse free DBs, but requires specific breeding to weed out the cursed bloodlines and is rather difficult to do by AoS.

                        Of Maidens and Sidereals: The total number of Sidereals DOES equal 300. However, most of the shards have been woven into the Loom of Fate because of Usurpation shenannigans. Those shards still exalt mortal beings, but the person effectively gets absorbed into Fate and act as additional Pattern Spiders. There are more Maidens as well, but Primordial War problems have them in a state of non-existance and they took their chosen with them, but are due to come back at some point. All of this damage to Fate and other Shennanigans are the real reason the Maidens are controlling the abilities of their Chosen, until the loom is back to 100%, any undue stress to it would cause really bad things to happen. However, for the Loom to return to full operation all 10 Maidens are needed.

                        On Magitech: Magitech as the Age of Sorrows understands it is actually relatively new. Solars knew of it in the first age, but could accomplish what they did through pure magic that was maintained through feeding the artifacts solar essence. As a result, Magitech was more of an idle pass time in the first age and not taken seriously. Magitech as founded in the AOS is the result of trying to repair damaged First Age artifacts or otherwise make them operable to those without Solar Essences.

                        Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all examples I give are completely random and almost assuredly pulled from my nethers.


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                          Originally posted by hippokrene View Post

                          I prefer the Games being the battery for Creation over Creation being the battery for the Games. I also like the idea of the Incarna not being crack addicts, but having a legit reason to leave Creation in the hands of humans.

                          I will probably be stealing this.
                          I might also. The Games of Divinity do not currently exist in games that I run, at least until I decide on a way to introduce them that makes the Incarna not jerks.


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                            Originally posted by Dairugger View Post
                            Friendly Primoridals: Gaia and Autochthlon weren't the only Primordials to survive the Primordial War unharmed and unchnaged. These were the Primordials that saw their own kind as beind idiots about Creation and seeing it as nothing more than their personal play pen (grossly undersimplifying the situation, but...) and simply left into the deep Wyld to create a new Creation (Cytherea was one of those that left) before the Incarnae could approach them with their plans of rebellion. So there is another Creation with relatively friendly Primordials out there somewhere. Good luch traversing the Wyld long enough to find it.
                            In my Creation that other Creation is Cocoon.

                            Originally posted by Dairugger View Post
                            Of Maidens and Sidereals: The total number of Sidereals DOES equal 300. However, most of the shards have been woven into the Loom of Fate because of Usurpation shenannigans. Those shards still exalt mortal beings, but the person effectively gets absorbed into Fate and act as additional Pattern Spiders.
                            This could make for an interesting short-story/game. The characters are Sidereals who are tasked with resolving some major or minor causality paradoxes in Creation. They know that if they complete their task they'll be absorbed back into Fate to continue to maintain Creation's integrity.


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                              Autochthon invented death, and when he wanted to test it, he couldn't find anybody willing to test it on (understandably). So, he "shot himself in the foot" by testing it on one of his subsouls. This is his "robo-cancer:" he is literally infested by the essence of death. He has one foot in the grave.

                              The Soulsteel caste Alchemicals were the prototype exalts for Autochthon's Exalts in the Primordial War, but the Unconquered Sun thought it would aggravate his condition and barred him from proceeding any further with the idea.

                              The Pole of Smoke is the element of death infesting Autochthon, but it is a symptom and result of the changing of Autochthon, not the source of his troubles. It didn't exist before hand, and it will eventually overtake the Pole of Steam when Autochthon fully dies.

                              Autochthon is clogging the reincarnation cycle. He has one foot in death and one in life. The Neverborn will never be fully pass through until Autochthon first does. (Or Autochthon is pulled all the way back into life, which is impossible. But the Exalted have done impossible things before...)


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                                Final Fantasy XIII has some interesting ideas to be mined from it. Too bad the presentation and execution of those ideas was so... lack-luster...

                                Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, all examples I give are completely random and almost assuredly pulled from my nethers.