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  • Originally posted by Erinys View Post
    The Scarlet Bride, as an akuma, cannot use the Sword of Creation at all. Neither can any other Infernal, nor anyone under the influence of the Broken-Winged Crane. Unless they somehow break through and completely rebuild its security protocols – but if that's possible at all, it would take centuries of brilliant work by the greatest Infernal and demon artificers – and involve several deaths, although the Grid can't ghost-eat spirits.

    TL;DR = Scarlet Empress akuma + Realm Defense Grid is not an apocalyptic Doom on the verge of destroying Creation.
    Well, this is pretty much established canon (RotSE, P39).


    • Originally posted by Bastet View Post
      I think if you have to worry about the Scarlet Empress coming back as an Akuma you are already dealing with an above average amount of doom and denying her access to the Grid is fighting the symptoms without addressing the underlying problem.
      Gorol was found out Pretty Darn Quick after the Primordial War, and I immagine the Deliberative taking it very seriously.

      But the Doom thing was just my tongue-in-cheek comment, not actually the reason I posted. I just think it's a very plausible headcanon. They don't want random Third Circle demons or ishvara somehow activating the RDG. The only parts they might not have thought of is necrotic essence ("What, dead people are going to waltz into the Manse? LOL") and entirely new Exalted hosts ("Exigents are obviously inferior to Solars, but so are all the other Exalted. Not everyone can be perfect.")

      I had no idea anything similar was in RotSE due to not wanting to touch that book. All I knew is that she blew up Thorns and then everybody's running scared.

      I am extremely literal-minded and always write very literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to joke.
      Exalted name-generators, Infernal and 1E-2.5E homebrew from many authors


      • Originally posted by Erinys View Post
        I had no idea anything similar was in RotSE due to not wanting to touch that book. All I knew is that she blew up Thorns and then everybody's running scared.
        If I recall right, she actually blew up [insert target of the Storyteller's choice], with the Bull of the North being a prominent example. Then the Mask took his toys and went back to the Underworld while the going was good.

        Currently writing for Exigents.


        • Originally posted by Erinys View Post
          Gorol was found out Pretty Darn Quick after the Primordial War
          100 years and that was because Malfeas tipped his hand.

          Originally posted by Erinys
          They don't want random Third Circle demons or ishvara somehow activating the RDG.
          With the other contingencies these would have to be third circle demons and Ishvara whose main priority was to preserve Creation.


          • Underworld related stuff

            There is a special type of flower that comes from the underworld. It has different names in different places, in some it is known as tears of the dead, or blood flowers, most simply call them grave markers. They take the shape of many different kinds of flowers, from lilies to daises, and most commonly roses. The one difference is all the flowers have a striking red color, which appears to shift as flowing blood.
            The flowers seeds are 'immortal' in that they can lay in the ground for centuries without blooming and still be alive. Whether because of some necromancers trick or simple essence from the underworld, the flowers only bloom when exposed to human blood.

            And so on forgotten battlefields where the bodies have been left to rot, one can find the soldiers adorned in a field of bright red flowers, the only burial they will ever receive.


            • I imagine the civilization of the Caul being based on Mohist philosophy with a Ming Dynasty based Great Wall of China expy surrounding the whole continent, dividing land and sea, as a great fortress-continent. The strange Loom replacement on the area means that the people of the Caul look upon different stars and constellations than in the rest of Creation. Thulio might have a hand in it and maybe working on a replacement automated Heaven ideal instead of a bloated bureaucracy. His Divine Lunar Presence agreed to it since it means no Sidereals would try and control his Silver Monarchy.


              • TLDR Synopsis: The Following is my headcannon taken from several different posts by different people over the years and then twisted/codified into my own personal form.
                This deals with the Idea that there are only 3 surviving Celestines in Yushan, US, Luna & Uranus, but that Uranus only partially exists now. The truth of 15 Maidens, why there are only 100 Sidereal shards (there aren't) and who the Lost Maidens are. I plan on using this as a piece of a future game so if you might play under me in the future, SPOILERS.

                Uranus the Weaver of Fate
                The Maidens aspects of fate derived from one overarching Celestine known as Uranus the Weaver of Fate, who is the god of the Loom of Fate. Each of the Maidens we know are actually pieces of Uranus not unlike lesser souls of the Primordials. In this way Uranus is one of the most Primordial-like Deities ever created and the opposite of Luna whom was forged into one out of an infinite possibilities. However Uranis does not "exist" while his power is divided between the maidens, unlike Primodrials whom are seperate entities from their lesser souls. These lesser divinities of the Maidens performed different functions within the Loom far more efficiently working as separate entities than Uranus could ever do as a single whole. Uranus rarely reformed in his full power except when commanded to do so by the Empyrean Flame or when the Loom of Fate was in dire straights. When he did manifest Uranus was easily the match for the Unconquered Sun or Luna.

                The Lost Maidens
                It is a lost knowledge that there are also not 5 Maidens of Fate, but 15. The Maidens were born of 3 Choirs of Maidens corresponding to Periods: Ascendant, Resplendent, & Descendant, and the 5 Aspects of Fate: Land, Conflict, Culture, Knowledge, & Change. These Choirs would rotate through their order as needed during the Primordial Age. The 15 Maidens are thus the relationships between the most prolific qualities during these periods (though many nations will harken to each period type). It is also important to note that Maidens of different Choirs were never meant to work together just as Maidens of the same Aspect were never meant to work together. Thus the current state of Creation is partly due to the conflicts in Choirs of the 5 surviving Maidens.

                The Choirs: The Choirs divide general style and personality of the Maidens as well as what types of ages they were meant to govern over. Again due to the Multitemporal nature of Primordial Creation and its interactions with the different world-bodies of the Primordials it could and did exist in multiple ages at the same time, thus different portions of Creation were governed by different Choirs of Maidens at the same "time".
                • Ascendant: The Ascendant Maidens governed periods of Creation during the Primordial Age when Creation was expressly expanding or growing in some manner and were filled with a sense of discovery and optimism. Resplendent Ages were those when new races, new magics, new blessings, and conflicts, arose and proliferated. The Maidens of the Ascendant Choir were vibrant beings of boundless energy and forceful personality that helped to drive Creation forward.
                  • Mars and Mercury are both of the Ascendant Choir.
                  • Ascendant Maidens true forms are those of youthful adults, and are often overly optimistic.
                • Resplendent: The Resplendent Maidens governed over periods of stability when Creation was meant to stay relatively static, these periods were filled with contentment and relative peace. A Resplendent Epoch was one where the balances of power were slow to shift, and while change did occur it did so rarely in ways that could upset the Primordial Order. The Maidens of the Resplendent Choir were beings that have a generally soft hand rarely taking a direct hand unless something threatens the balance they attempted to maintain: plotters, spy masters and long game strategists. Resplendent Maidens had to be these things as their purview often governed over more than half of Creation.
                  • Venus and Jupiter are both of the Resplendent Choir.
                  • Resplendent Maidens true forms are those of mature women and are often very pragmatic.
                • Descendant: The Descendant Maidens governed over periods of restructuring and divine punishment, periods of descendence are marked by nihilism and loss. Descendant Eras were harsh times that were brought about by the direct anger of the Primordials or the breaking of Divine Law by the beings across a land. The Maidens of the Ascendant Choir were dark, mysterious and relentless, and the most directly imposing of the Maidens.
                  • Saturn is the only surviving member of the Descendent Choir.
                  • Descendent Maidens true forms are those of elder crones, and are often very pessimistic or morbid.
                Aspects of Fate:
                • Land: This refers to the relationship between the peoples/races/nations and the lands that they hold/inhabit.
                  • Mercury, Maiden of Journeys: The Ascendence of a people often comes with the Journey to find and create a homeland or simply to grow the one in which they dwell. Mercury aided in exploration, establishment of trade, and the growth of its people, land, and resources. Mercury was known as the Golden Guide, showing the way and guiding the races down their ordained paths.
                  • Aurora, Maiden of Borders: As races and nations grow and become stable they settle down, create cities, walls and establish a border. Aurora was a stately woman known as the Lady of Horizons, she gave credence to not only political borders but societal customs and etiquette as well. Through her grace the true extents of a people were known.
                  • Orbona, Maiden of Exile: When a race or nation was thrown into Descendence Orbona would manifest beyond its borders creating an enemy, plague or disaster but the result would be the same. The lands of that people would no longer welcome them. Or when the Empyrean Flame was truly upset she would descend herself and push the transgressing race or nation from their lands by divine force or geas. She manifested as a truly mischievous and childlike young woman cackling to herself. She was known as the Fearful Lady.
                • Conflict: Conflict is a fact of existence but the means by which a people uses to get through conflict depends on their stage of development. The tone of conflict in an age often dictates the fates of those within it.
                  • Mars, Maiden of Battle: As a people Ascend to greatness they often come into conflict with those around them. These conflicts tend to be bloody battles, slaughter and even genocide. Mars in those days was called the Crimson Commander and often lead armies in battle.
                  • Mellor, Maiden of Diplomacy: As peoples mature, and the state of balance is maintained, the threat of war weakening one side may be disastrous to both, or the idea of warfare may be seen as simply a wasteful option. When this Resplendent maturity develops, diplomacy and the art of the fan take over under the purview of the Ruby Courtesan and was often found with her sister Venus.
                  • Discordia, Maiden of Strife: When a people fall into decadence it is said they have already begun to summon Discordia into their midst. When a chosen people a marked for destruction for the dereliction of some Primordially appointed task, then it is Discordia that is sent to punish them, using their own paranoia, skemes and plots to undo the people from within. Discordia is known as the Scarlet Assassin.
                • Culture: Cultures is an important facet that dictates much of the fate of a people or person.
                  • Plutus, Maiden of Desire: An Ascendant people are driven hard to succeed and by the Desire to improve their lot in Creation. This can be also construed as greed, for wealth and riches are certainly amongst the highest priority of this drive. Plutus was known as the Jade Temptress, for she was known to give visions of heart's desires.
                  • Venus, Maiden of Serenity: A Resplendent people are often taken with matters of artistry, the heart and serene beauty. These desire to entertain and be entertained is a powerful one that helps keep the masses under control. Venus was known as the Verdant Courtesan and was often found with her sister Mellor.
                  • Algea, Maiden of Sorrow: A Descendent people are filled with sorrow and loss. Their minds turn toward practicality and their deeds toward the merciless. Algea was known was the Virescent Hag (as in makes people turn green) whom walked with plague and was renowned for her hag-like appearance.
                • Knowledge: What knowledge and how that knowledge is pursued/used helped to determine the fate of a person or even a people.
                  • Minerva, Maiden of Inspiration: During ages of Ascendance the growth of knowledge is utterly unchecked and inspiration seems to run rampant through sages and artisans. Minerva was known as the Cerulian Muse and would often be found at Theatres, and Colleges.
                  • Jupiter, Maiden of Secrets: During ages of Resplendence the growth of knowledge does not stop but it is often held in the hands of the few, and the most prized knowledge is no longer innovation but the secrets of others. These might be secret plans or magics; or the political machinations and humiliations of rivals. Jupiter was known as the Sapphire Sage.
                  • Mnemosyne, Maiden of Memory: During the ages of Descendance the growth of knowledge is halted and often lost. That which does survive is in the form of memories and oral traditions. These fragile containers often change and distort that which once was leaving history in the form of legends. Mnemosyne was also referred to as the Leaden Listener and was often seen as an elderly traveler and storyteller.
                • Change: How massive changes to societies come into being and what forces of fate drive them often helps dictate the fate of all those within them.
                  • Nike, Maiden of Glory: During the ages of Ascendance, it is the need to prove oneself that motivates the great and brings change to a people. To strike out on their own and push the limits to make a name for one's self. Nike was a brash young maiden often called the Amaranthine Champion.
                  • Juno, Maiden of Law: During the ages of Resplendence, it is the rule of Law and the changes to this Law that cause the greatest change the fate of a people. These rules, regulations, decrees and edicts are what separate ease from discomfort, rich from poor, and life from death, Juno was a regal woman of remarkable beauty that was often referred to as the Lavender Queen.
                  • Saturn, Maiden of Endings: During the ages of Descendance, it is not law or glory that governs fate, but death itself. The end comes swiftly to concepts, places and people without remorse and it was Saturn's purview to govern this. Saturn was and is a quiet unknowable but utterly necessary darkness. Saturn was often seen as a tall slender, even attractive elder woman, covered in a violet cloak and was referred to as the Violet Reaper.

                Mercury, Journeys
                Mars, Battles
                Plutus, Desire/Greed
                Minerva, Inspirations
                Nike, Glory
                Aurora, Borders
                Mellor, Diplomacy
                Venus, Serenity
                Jupiter, Secrets
                Juno, Law
                Orbona, Exile
                Discordia, Strife
                Algea, Sorrow/Tears
                Mnemosyne, Memories
                Saturn, Endings

                The Primordial War
                Prior the Primordial War the gods across Creation had been abused and mistreated for millennia. Eventually the corruption, abuse and Primordial conflicts had come to a head. Perhaps the Shadow of All Things gave impetus to the rebellion as a musing, or that Autochthon had had enough of being the Primordial Host's whipping boy, but Luna and the Unconquered Sun had had enough and with the backing of the Primordial Artificer they felt they had the power to begin recruiting. The pair of Celestines knew they would need gods of each Fated Aspect to keep the Loom Operational.
                • Maiden of the Lands: Sol knew Orbona took far too much glee in her role of exiler, and Aurora was staunchly against change of any kind. And so Mercury was brought into the fold, the Unconquered Sun began to give her a brilliant speech but was waved aside as Mercury was also sold upon the risk against he odds.
                • Maidens of Conflict: Again Sol was left with but one choice, as Mellor was utterly against violence and the Emperor of Creation was not going to be talked into abdicating Yushan, battle was inevitable. Additionally Discordia was one of the few gods content with the rule of the Primordials even if it was trying at times, her role was "fun" and she fed upon the fear and paranoia she created. The only choice was Mars, and she took a great deal of convincing before she too could see a path to victory and joined the fold.
                • Maidens of Culture: Sol knew that the world he wished to create would require a gentle long term touch that promoted civility. Plutus inspired greatness through desire and greed, while Algea turned cultures into sad nihilistic downward spirals. Venus was the only choice that made sense, and fortunately she was more than willing to turn against the Primordials that caused so much suffering and constantly undid her finest works.
                • Maidens of Knowledge: This was one area where Sol and Luna had no choice. While Minerva and Mnemosyne could either have had a chance to join the Rebellion, it was Jupiter who came to Luna and subtly demanded entry. She gave no reasoned argument as for why, and never has, Jupiter does things for her own reasons. She did point out that without her help Sol and Luna would have already been discovered and only the Seal of Secrets held them obscured from the Lidless-Eye-That-Sees. Thus the Maiden of Secrets was apart of the Rebellion before she had even been invited.
                • Maidens of Change: The Maidens of Change were among the most potent of the Aspects of Fate. They were responsible for how large scale evolutions would take place in their time periods and likewise how Creation after the Primordial War should continue to evolve. Strongest and most terrifying amongst them was the Saturn, the Maiden of Endings. While Nike & Juno were both powerful in their own right but each was unsuited. Sol feared Juno would side with the Divine Law that he hoped to tear down. Meanwhile Nike's bravado and drive for Glory made her brash, unpredictable and impossible to control, Nike was likely to challenge and take on the Primordial Host without regard. Saturn however was a grim reaper, a silent, powerful and resigned to her task in the cosmos. If any being could bring an end to the Primordial Rule of Creation, Saturn's power would need to be a part of it. Thankfully for reasons of her own, only known to Jupiter, Saturn agreed.
                The Great Conference: After the Maidens were gathered to the cause, Autochthon and Jupiter the assembled Celestines and let them in on some important facts.
                1. The Divine Geas was built into their very existence. Should this war begin as is the Primordials could simply invoke the Divine Geas and force the Celestines to surrender and do as they wished. The Celestines would lose the consciousness that they had slowly gained over the eons since their original construction/conception.
                2. Exaltations were a solution to the problem of the Divine Geas. Each Celestine must entrust their own powers and concepts into Essence Shards which could be then grafted into lesser beings as hosts for their divine might. These beings must have no geas from the Celestines and could thus could not be controlled by proxy. These beings would then fight the war against the Primordials on the behalf of the Celestines and the Gods. Autochthon even provided a few prototypes made using his own essence for the Celestines to see.
                3. The Sidereal Exaltations were a particularly delicate and important matter. Autochthon let it be known that should the Maidens receive the gift of Exaltations that due to their shared nature by being portions of Uranus that all Maidens would be granted Exaltations. Additionally without Sidereal Exalted using and confusing Fate/Reality it was unlikely that the Primordial War could be won. It was essential to turn and use as many of the other Maidens as possible, and to seal the rest before the enemy could make use of the Exaltations as well.
                4. Divine Imprisonment was necessary, as once the struggle for Creation began, the Primordials could still order the Celestines to destroy their Exalted even if the Exalted weren’t geased. Thus just before the rebellion began, each of the Celestines, and their celestial embodiments must be sealed away in an unbreakable prison. Thus Autochthon created the Celestial Prisons each specific to hold a particular Celestine.
                Gaia's Inclusion: The first greatest hurdle that almost tore apart the rebellion prior to it beginning was the inclusion of Gaia, the Emerald Mother. This was so strongly against Autochthon's wishes that he nearly abandoned the idea altogether, only the reason of Venus and Jupiter eventually stopped him. Instead Gaia was admitted but only if she too created Exalted so that Autochthon could be certain of her loyalties. Gaia did so, and prolifically, the Dragonblooded would make the mainstay of the Exalted heavy forces, and wade through the bloodiest of battles.
                Other Maidens: Many of the other Maidens did end up joining with the Rebellious Divinities either before or during the Primordial War. At the End of the Primordial War the Loyalist were thrown into the Prison of Uranus, and Neutral Maidens were imprisoned by some specific means, never to be released either. The Exaltation that they held as part of Uranus too were bound in the first Jade Prisons, each associated with a different Maiden.
                • Rebellious Maidens: Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Mnemosyne, Nike, Plutus, Saturn, & Venus
                • Loyalists Maidens: Aurora, Discordia, Juno, Minerva, Orbona
                • Neutral Maidens: Algea, Mellor,
                The Lost Maidens: The Rebellious Maidens beyond the 5 known today understood that Creation could only be ruled by 5 Maidens of the 5 Aspects at a time. Each sealed themselves away waiting for the time when their fellow Maiden promised to step down and let them step in. Unfortunately for these 3 Maidens (Mnemosyne, Nike, & Plutus) the Unconquered Sun and Luna had already agreed that these maidens would be sealed away forever just like their Loyalist and Neutral sisters. These beings have Prison Palaces in Yushan which contain them and their power. The reason for this treachery is unknown to the Divine Public and is a mostly forgotten secret. Anytime Sol Invictus brings it up to the Maidens he is quietly shushed and Jupiter assures him that it is utterly necessary.


                • Cats are not a popular pet of choice in Ysyr, but the island nevertheless features several cat farms. One of the sorcerer princes of the empire had the first made to keep their Erymanthoi motivated with a regular intake of fresh and fluffy treats. Some of the blood apes there have since taken a liking to the cuteness of the feline critters in addition to appreciating their flesh and blood.

                  (Poor kitties.)


                  • Every time a Solar uses Ghost-Eating Technique, a Neverborn feels as if it's being tickled.

                    Not all of the Clay Man was broken cleanly. One particularly large chunk of him tasted death for a second, and was mourned in private by the Great Inventor where he gradually rebuilt himself from Primordial Essence, forced to become a destructive force just to maintain his existence. For the Viator of Nullspace, it wasn't personal until he remembered just how big a role the Primordials played in his origin.

                    The Gunstar Autocthonia shard happened mainly because of one timeline divergence: The Primordial King simply showed the Sun a future where he won and the consequences thereof instead of trying to fight his Chosen right off the bat. The Tyrant Sun has henceforth become a willing accomplice, his anger at his Chosen stemming from things like that part of the Underworld filled with Solar rape victim ghosts and Desus. Just. Desus. The Traitor Queen is, of course, Nysela. And the worst part of it is-in a roundabout sort of way, he's completely right; the Primordials lost and were diminished in the main timeline because of their shock and horror at being beaten by mere mortals, but here not only did they rout the Exalted but their faith in themselves and their king was restored by the Sun returning to the fold. In short, the Primordials were able to actually accept and move beyond truly irreversible defeats such as the Neverborn, and the conviction of their maturity in itself makes them more formidable foes. The Gunstar effort is doomed, because even if Autocthon is successfully reforged into a living weapon, the best the Solar Deliberative can hope for at this point is a pyrrhic victory that ends with them in control of a Creation on the brink of Oblivion while the surviving Primordials simply retreat to construct a new one.

                    The Ebon Dragon is not the most intact Primordial. Cytherea is, and that's why she's the only one who's mustering anything like a competant escape plan that isn't "use the threat of the Ebon Dragon's escape plan as leverage to convince the Unconquered Sun to let me and my brozi get probation" as well as somehow evade almost all queries about herself other than her title.

                    Wherever the Ebon Dragon's shadow dragon jouten goes, Adorjan frequently follows because he's one of the quietest things in all of Malfeas.

                    The Sun does what he does because fundamentally, he is malfunctioning. Luna does what she does because fundamentally, she is working exactly as designed.

                    Hundreds of years from now, a Sidereal will discover how to transform Starmetal back into gods. He will steal this work from the Demon City's archives, and an accident involving botching a high-essence Obsidian Shards of Infinity charm while being simultaneously banished by Orabilis will send him adrift in time and space. He will give his life to protect the first five experimental lifeforms he created with this technique, and they in turn will be inspired and grow strong from his sacrifice countless unknown aeons before meeting the Primordials-whose assumption will be inaccurate but technically correct. The Maidens are a stable time loop.

                    The Games of Divnity are a mashup of Dance Dance Revolution and Bejeweled.

                    Reaching the Shining Answer would never have brought the Primordials the solace they sought, any more than Adrian did hearing the laughter of her fetich-killed self when she approached that low-hanging star that marks its' nearest reaches. All they would have got was a glimpse into the simultaneous ultimate end of all things starting from themselves, and the inspiration to create the "I Reached The Shining Answer And All I Got Was This T-Shirt" brand of T-shirts. There's nothing there for any of them. It's just where infinitely infinite cardinalities like the Wyld or Oblivion converge and terminate at a single point.

                    Except maybe Oramus. If he squinted, perhaps he'd see just beyond that singularity, a World of Darkness. Or even further, a land of Dungeons and Dragons.
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                    • 99% of the time, Luna is the most irreverent being in all of Creation. Nothing is sacred, nothing is beyond mockery or reproach, not even her favorite boytoy (Sol) and truest love (Gaia - though this one's a lot harder to get away with). It would be like if South Park was a goddess. The remaining 1% refers to a single sentence. A singular message of intent. One statement that has guided her every action since she ate the hearts of all her other selves: "Everything I do is for the sake of Creation."

                      Luna doesn't just take on the forms of other beings throughout her existence; she IS those other beings. She puts on names, personalities and even interests like you and I would put on a new shirt. The only common threads between the forms are a connection to the moon, which gives them their power, and their oath to protect Creation, which gives them purpose. Were it not for these binding threads, Luna's various personalities would have gone to war long ago (... well, that and they all remember how Luna came to be to begin with. Just because she won last time doesn't mean she wants to repeat it)

                      If Sol or Luna were to die, the other would be psychologically broken beyond repair. And why wouldn't they? They've been best friends, best friends with benefits, lovers, partners, colleagues, rivals and every relationship in between for so long that a world without the Sun and Moon is unimaginable to us now. Luna would stand a better chance of recovery than Sol would, but her forms would change until they would be unrecognizable.

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                      • Economics in Yu-Shan.
                        This is twofold.

                        #1 While the quality of manufactured goods in Yu-Shan is generally extremely high I downplay the notion that it should trivially make the possessions of royalty look like crap. The chair in your office is a very good chair not a miracle shaped for your ass that a king would gladly trade in his throne for. Chairs like that exist, but not every chair in Yu-Shan is like that. I feel it gives the city a more lived-in feel.

                        #2 Ambrosia Currency has a ludicrous value that makes it impossible to spend on day to day items even the smallest denomination would be like trying to pay for a meal at a restaurant in gold bars, as such most businesses set up a tab with their customers as a matter of necessity. Bids for a reform find themselves opposed by social prejudice. There are a few ways around it like semi-regular festivals that allow bartering of goods and there is always some black market currency on the rise, the latest of which resembles an essence based version of the Bitcoin.


                        • Originally posted by Bastet View Post
                          #1 While the quality of manufactured goods in Yu-Shan is generally extremely high I downplay the notion that it should trivially make the possessions of royalty look like crap. The chair in your office is a very good chair not a miracle shaped for your ass that a king would gladly trade in his throne for. Chairs like that exist, but not every chair in Yu-Shan is like that. I feel it gives the city a more lived-in feel.
                          It's only sensible: sometimes you need chairs that are actively uncomfortable, or gods would fall asleep at their desks.


                          • Also "miracle shaped for your ass" is a pretty fantastic turn of phrase.

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                            • Ah, but it may be perfectly appropriate for a Thousand Comforts Lounge.

                              I am extremely literal-minded and always write very literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to joke.
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                              • Or those moonsilver pantaloons from Scroll of Swallowed Darkness.