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  • Originally posted by FallenEco View Post

    Correct. Sorry about any confusion. The fact that the Workings are described as self-sufficient plays a role as well. Most infrastructure requires maintenance .
    Yep. Which reminds me:

    Artifacts are indestructible. And so are workings. It takes incredible effort to destroy them. And durability can be built in. And workings and artifacts meant for utility, often get these durability boosts.

    Across creation, there are tens of thousands of artifacts and workings, scattered across towns in every Direction. There is a town in the desert that thrives only because of a canteen of infinite water, letting them have water where the closets well, stream, or aquifer is a thousand miles away. Another has dozens of golems slaved to a single command gem, which the ruler holds. He uses this to power the dams, the water pumps, the mill, the forges, the drawbridge, the trains, and the clockwork system. He rules with an iron fist, with the justification that without him, the entire city will stall to a halt. Another has a tablecloth that can create any food, in any amounts. Once used for a gluttonous lunar, it now leads the town to incredible prosperity and equity of wealth. No one starves. Another city has a working over it, that gives them a far temperature than the southern deserts. The people there are never seen outside the city, covered head to toe in cloth and bandages. A lie detector working made by a solar who hated deceit in the first age. People from miles around come to prove their innocence or guilt.

    Workings and artifacts by the thousand.

    Basically? There's magic everywhere. And people have built their entire lives, entire cultures on them. Tens of thousands of people, whose lives are influenced and moved by the workings and artifice of the first age. And your PCs can interact with them. And.... depending on who you want to be, can either steal, augment, co opt, or ignore them.


    • You've already done this one, dude.


      • Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
        You've already done this one, dude.
        Goddamn it. Fine.

        There are a whole hell lot more alchemical drugs than shown in Oadenol's codex. And many rare plants that act as substitute for rare ingredients, and make it a whole of a hell lot more easier to make them. A leftover project from a solar from the first age. With them, the making of potions that staunch bleeding, heal infections, and purge venoms are a lot more easier to make.

        Why aren't they present?

        Because the guild got wind of it. Sure, perhaps if they sent it out on the cheap, it would be a lot more easier... but a bunch of people in the guild, the ones with the most to lose and a lot of power, decreed that any such plants to be destroyed, to ensure that they have a monopoly in ingredients and skilled manpower. A solar can take them, and use them as a plot device to create large amounts of alchemical products.


        • The primary role of the Cult of Darkness' Unseeing Eye is to help Sondok recover various artifacts that Ligier worked on when he was summoned at the behest of the Solar Exalted. As far as he's concerned the ownership of these items now defaults to him and to that end Sondok's cultists scour the world looking for these wonders or clues as to their whereabouts.

          Harmonious Jade remains a former member of the cult after being sold to them as an infant, but her skillset is more orientated towards theft than assassination. After narrowly surviving an attack from the cult she's stolen a list of possible item locations from them and intends to sell it to the Silver Pact in exchange for protection and training.

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          • Minor tweak to 3E lore: the pilgrimaged and struggle for the Caul raged throughout the Shogunate. Hence Sha’a Ok’a having the time to ascend to an Essence 5/6 legend. The Caul vanished in the Balorian Crusade.

            Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow


            • My own Caul headcanon: While it's been pretty stable since it reappeared in the Realm era, the Caul's location is not very fixed. During the 1st Age, it shifted to various positions in the Western Ocean numerous times, moved within the Inland Sea (mostly in the south) a few times, and even moved to the Dreaming Sea a couple of times. During the Shogunate, it vanished once temporarily before vanishing "for good", and there are reports and legends that during that time, it may have appeared in the Fang Lakes.


              • I feel like if there are any therapists in Exalted then there is a god or two in the field for the Sids when they start going through odd phase of paranoia regarding some shadowy group or individuals secretly manipulating events and their lives behind the scenes. Probably not helped by the fact that the Sids are aware that for most of the world this group is their coworkers. .