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    I love memes. Post some Exalted Memes for me!

    Not really Exalted, but I think this one is appropriate.

    I write things.

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    I'm not a good person, but dammit if the hat doesn't match his stupid cloak.

    I'm working on it, all right?


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      Well, there's always...

      "Chicanery-No: If a player uses this Charm in an abusive or exploitative manner, the ST may punch him right in the goddamn face." --TheDementedOne

      "Happiness is very brittle and short-lived in the Exalted community, because ressentiment is our cultural touchstone." --Gayo


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        How about those Yozi tapestries?

        Pronounced "Monkey Pie"

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          Meekrat Steals the Spotlight....

          I write things.


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            Because the Ebon Dragon, of course, is always in everything.....

            Or would you prefer the meatier, more pleasing version?

            And here you thought I was going to use that picture from Scroll of Swallowed Darkness? I'm such a tease.
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            I used to know things. Forbidden things.


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              "Now, my legion, we shall destroy the city of GEM!"

              "Excuse me, but we were going to destroy Gem!"

              "Oh please, if anybody's gonna destroy Gem it's gonna be THE DEMETHEMANIA! HEAVEN THUNDER HAMMER!!"

              I'm feeling bluuuueeeee~


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                My favorite Demotivational Exalted Meme.

                I write things.


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                  I'd like to view the Lady Gaga Sulamor comic if anyone has it. :3

                  Thread Reaper <(´ ՞)ਊ( ՞ )>


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                    Originally posted by Xanandithras View Post
                    I'd like to view the Lady Gaga Sulamor comic if anyone has it. :3


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                      I'm fond of these, actually.

                      "The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground." -G.K. Chesterton


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                        Originally posted by Monkipi View Post
                        How about those Yozi tapestries?
                        Do you mean these?


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                          Hey, looks like I have something to contribute after all!

                          A couple of years back, I wrote a loooong post on the Olde Forum that detailed the odd magic of Raksha peasantry, the Chans of Meme. It was a story trope-based system of 25 customizable themes, tropes and sentiments that behaved like a quirky Thaumaturgy with some Man-Machine Protocols added, and a dash of sorcery's weirdness, if not power. I only got as far as the first 5, but here they are. I've cut out all of the systems stuff--this is all fluff.

                          PART ONE

                          Ho, Lion-Dog!
                          This Meme is invoked in situations where some theme or situational element has been, or is being, overused. It is as applicable for invocation when the Dragon-Blooded Dragonlord, Ragara Drakon, leads his Dragon of warriors through the katas of the Wood Dragon Style as it is when Black Ice Shadow moves like a shadow over the black ice of Gethemene, shadowing the reincarnation of Bright Shattered Ice while undeniably wearing black eye shadow.

                          Image: A grinning face appears over the target, depicting XtotheZ, a legendary Twilight of the First Age, known for his abbreviated skaldic career, enthusiasm for vehicular modifications, and his habit of addressing everyone as "Lion-Dog." Above and below his image, the many instances of the repeated element are woven into a message of Crafting. In the first example above, XtotheZ would be saying,"Ho, Lion-Dog! I see you like dragons, Drakon, as you're the only Dragonlord who drags their Dragon of fellow Dragon-Blooded through the forms of the Wood Dragon.

                          Another example is here:

                          Return Unto Hell, (Brass Dancer)...Ye Are Drunk
                          Used primarily to goad a target into taking only physical actions even as it makes those actions much more difficult, this Meme, said to have been inspired by the anguished and self-conscious admonition delivered by Ligier to the Brass Dancer on the Calibration that followed the Yozis' first year in hell. Malfeas' own enormous Joutun had collapsed, sobbing at the Pole of Wood after five catastrophe-filled days of furiously krumping throughout Creation, interspersed short bursts of velvety-smooth sand dancing.

                          Image: The target is magnified in an image that appears above their head, always from the perspective that produces the most comically ignoble view. Some images include:


                          Hmm, image limitations mean I have to break this down into multiple comments. Part 2 will follow shortly.


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                            PART TWO

                            Overly High Expectations An-Teng Father
                            Part of a linked trio with Return Unto Hell, [Brass Dancer]--You Are Drunk, this Meme forces the target to reattempt an otherwise already successful Mental action, while inhibiting anything other than further Mental actions.

                            Image: The stern, judgemental, and inevitably disapproving countenance of the legendarily strict Shogunate-era patriarch, Ever-Correct Actuary appears above the target, set against a pulsing, striated field of green. Above and below his face appear words which always manage to convey high standards, disapproval at those standards being unmet, a deliberate unfamiliarity with current lingo, and a cruelly insulting wit, all simultaneously. Some examples include:


                            Condescending Confectioner (Vili Vhujunka)
                            One of the first Memes developed by the commoner Raksha, the Condescending Confectioner offers absolute protection against Staff Shaping Combat, though it is highly illegal in almost every freehold in the Bordermarches, and only less so in Raksha enclaves deeper in Creation. Any Fair Folk nobility will make it a point to hunt down and horrifically slaughter any commoner who has been witnessed using this Meme to shut down any Noble's Staff Shaping abilities. Still, it is too valuable to be discarded no matter what the penalties may be, especially since using this Meme against another commoner, or against some Wyld beast or Wyld-tainted tribesman is permitted, if not condoned, in most courts.

                            Image: A ghastly portrait of the mythical candy maker, Vhujunka the Fifth and Dissenting Extracticator fades into sight above the target, crackling with an unholy variant of static charge, amid the sharp, metallic scent of burnt ozone. Above its...head-like, ah,..thing are words that summarize or restate the position or situation of the Meme's target, while the words below the image offer a wan and falsely premised reassurance that the target's wisdom, foresight and good nature reflect positively upon them, or will lead them to good fortune. Some examples include:


                            One last part to go...


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                              PART THREE

                              Insanity Tiger (Broken Limits Tiger)
                              Regarding the Great Curse, and Limit Breaking, it can be said that Creation's most hateful enemies know much, much more than the gods and Exalts who champion reality ever will.
                              The Raksha know that Limit Breaking must exist, as it is the only way to explain how archetypical heroes like the Exalted plunge into shocking, out-of-narrative behavior so frequently. And they know that Limit comes from a curse, deducing that a naturally-occurring instability would have been detected and cured by the Exalted themselves long ago. That was clearly not the case, so the Raksha, masters of narrative and saga, developed this Meme to aid them in those situations when the heroes of Creation's saga veer completely off-script.

                              Image: When it becomes clear to Raksha ears that the words of an Exalt are straying from the heroic path, or that they can see the walls of an Exalt's sense of self crumbling to mental fatigue, they know that boundaries are soon to be broken, and so they invoke the Insanity Tiger, a horrifically frenzied beast whose actions cannot be predicted, and do not make sense even to the Tiger committing them. A field of bright black and jarringly purple radiance streams from behind the tiger's head, and above and below the image float words that most often offer a bizarre cause and a totally unwarranted response. Some examples are:


                              (Tigers are always symbolic of shattering boundaries and transcending limits. The Solars knew this, and when their mastery of War allowed them to transform mortal soldieries into superhuman elites who could bring down Behemoths, they named them Tiger Warriors. When the Green Sun Princes discovered Heretical Charms, began to see a way to power that could allow them to surpass the Primordials themselves, they gave that path the name "Devil Tiger.")

                              BONUS!! Two more Insanity Tiger images that didn't appear in the original article: