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[Ex3] Dedicated First Impressions Thread

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  • [Ex3] Dedicated First Impressions Thread

    I thought it'd be nice for the devs and writers to have a thread where people can post their first impressions of the book.

    To avoid cluttering up this particular thread, please post discussions of the book or discussions of first impressions in another thread. Not that I can actually enforce that or anything.

    [Ex3] Why Gods Need the Exigence - Plot hooks for Exigent characters of various gods.
    [Ex3] Homebrew Solar Charms - I can see the future, and it is glorious.
    [Ex3] The Glass Library - My Exalted Third Edition Blog (Updated 24/04/2016)

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    oh my god is the art amazing.

    and and there is a freaking sun on the background of the text and yet its all readable, what. a friggin' SUN in a blue sky. and a freaking decrepit ramshackle city into the intro fiction, even the ragged stuff looks beautiful.

    Edit: wow, that is the best statue of the Unconquered Sun I ever seen.

    Edit: those caste marks look pretty cool to.

    Edit: chivalry of death huh? sounds interesting. hope we can get more info on that soon


    Edit: ooooooh, Liminals. hm, seems they must be bound to a creator in some fashion or they go crazy. that sucks.

    Edit: "there are other Exalt abroad in the world, their tales will be told in time"
    with art of: Green Alchemical Starmetal Girl, Infernal Fiend Girl, and some guy who looks like he is having a mental breakdown. kay. thats reassuring.
    oh and....some guy in a toga and.....WHO IS THE GREEN EYED GLOWING PERSON!? is a Malfean guy or....something else?

    Edit: Careful with that city picture with airships 3e....thats lookin mighty magitech to me, though that might just be a part of Yu-shan, I dunno...

    Edit: ooooooh, theres that map! and its still the Jmperial City on the Blessed Jsle, hehehehe, so many I's that look like J's.

    Edit: oh good, stuf about the Getimians already, wow, Rakan Thulio really is shaking things up! lost gods, even Sidereals are joining him, whoa. just....frack. things are gonna get real in Yu-Shan.

    Edit: awesome report on the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress. so many plot hooks. but under it: why does House Nellens have the mark of the Deceivers on it? isn't that like.....painting a target on yourself or something in this culture? especially when your MORTAL?

    Edit: wow, lots of art of realistic creation looking things, awesome then get to the fair folk/Wyld and WHOA. thats a switch. beautiful, but doesn't look like anything like Creation. I like it.

    Edit: yeah yeah systems and such- wait. why is that Twilight caste mark glowing blue/silver!? now I'm confused forevermore.
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      Yeah, I'm just skimming through the whole thing looking at the art, and it looks pretty awesome. Currently on page 60, beautiful stuff.
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          That early picture of the Unconquered Sun statue......I likes.

          Not returning to the forums, just stopping in for a moment.


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            This book is absolutely gorgeous. I've been wishing I'd had the cash for the Orichalcum Edition since the kickstarter closed and now I'm REALLY regretting I couldn't afford it. (I am getting the Deluxe print edition, thank gods.)

            Also, Holden and co. have essentially codified Keyword: Shenanigans-No as a rule, sans face punching. (It's got the golden rule in here too, but there's a specific separate rule that essentially says that if a player is intentionally bending the spirit of something to exploit the letter of the rules. "You are explicitly empowered to call shenanigans whenever it seems necessary.")

            I think it'll be a few hours before the euphoria of actually having the PDF is going to wear off enough for me to be remotely objective about any of this. Right now it's got a squee powered anima banner blazing directly into my eyes.

            Edit 1: There's a few bits of artwork I'm not a fan of so far, the Poser stuff in specific. Also page 13 has Panther and Harmonious Jade's skin color matched as 'vaguely peach-tan' which doesn't really sit well with me TBH.

            On the upside, major props for including the Red Rule (paraphrased: "No, you can't date rape a player character with your mind control powers"). Thankfully not one I've ever needed at my table, but I've been in campaigns that weren't so lucky and it's nice to have a mention of how shitty that is in the book itself.

            Also very happy to see things like the note in combat on not being able to run up your initiative by punching your allies repeatedly and other patently dumb tricks in that vein. So far at least, the book has done an excellent job of making explicitly clear what parts of the system are meant only as a system abstraction and not an in-character phenomenon.

            Glad we kept Excellency as a thing. Extra glad it's only one charm instead of half a dozen now.
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            Sisyphus has it easy...


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              This book is fucking beautiful. I want to explore the Dreaming Sea. Palanquin looks so amazing. I'm mostly too excited to read

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                Oh Heavens, the art is gorgeous.
                edit: okay, not all of it.
                re-edit: Love the fictions, though.
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                When will you rage?


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                  2nd impression: Fuck. I have to go to class soon, and then run analyses, and then start a paper. I'll be back my precious.

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                    Originally posted by JimB View Post

                    Thank you, JimB, you captured my sentiments with great verisimilitude.


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                      Originally posted by Raziere View Post

                      Edit: oh good, stuf about the Getimians already, wow, Rakan Thulio really is shaking things up! lost gods, even Sidereals are joining him, whoa. just....frack. things are gonna get real in Yu-Shan.
                      Wait, what?!

                      There's a "Fuck you, Bureau of Destiny! I'm going to do what I want!" Faction?

                      /3rd Edition is awesome!

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                        "You're reading the introduction right now" --> I shot Pepsi out of my nose.


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                          *Looks at writers in credits*

                          Oh, hey! Rai's a writer now! The Freedom Stone lives on in ways undreamt of back in the day!


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                            I'm scrolling through it slowly because Acrobat is choking on its own tongue (note to self: find better PDF reader). My very first impression is that I'm glad that Rich specifically mentioned that the cover wasn't final because man is that ugly.

                            Like the water color vibe that the opening fiction and the background of the pages have.

                            Don't like the big box with the page number in the middle of the page.

                            Have you ever read a Coik post before, man? lol


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                              Originally posted by JimB View Post
                              My thoughts exactly. But I'm work right now, so I can't read it. The wait is killing me.
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