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  • Originally posted by Accelerator View Post
    Oh oh oh. New ideas.

    How about this

    Bountiful nation:

    This working means that whomever wears this crown, his group, his organization, or his nation state will gain the most in whatever resources they produce. The country's primary export is food? The fields are fertile. The plants are well grown and verdant. The country is primarily mining? The mines are literally dripping with gold and silver. The end effect is not supernatural. There are no magical materials. No artifact plants. No sudden bursts of sorcerers amongst you. What it does, is that it takes what makes your nation strong, and crank it up several notches.

    Keen eye for talent:

    I got this idea while reading Iris Zero. And a homebrewed demon called Vicero, the wasteland Khan. Iris Zero: Sasamori, a girl, has the power to literally think of a job, and use signs above a person's head to determine if this person is the best suited for the job or no, denoted by a cross or a tick. Vicero has a talent for picking the best servants and those with talent.

    So let's say that the crown lets the king make a roll. Maybe Bureaucracy, social, or perception, or awareness. But he rolls. He botches? He gets wrong information. Maybe a alcoholic gets appointed to protect the wine cellar. He rolls ok? He manages to pick out, amongst a gathering of people, the best person for, say, leading his army. He rolls really well? He says a name, along with immediate family and appearance and circumstances, of a person that either is in his country or works under him by any means no matter how small, and that person is literally the best guy for the job.
    I love Iris:Zero! This is a really cool way to adapt an anime idea to exalted. On the idea of fields being more fertile and mines being overflowing with materials. For a crown for a power like that I would modify the description like food harvest are done so timely and well that waste that traditionally happens doesn't. Or the ores get smelted better or the veins of ore are purer yield higher quality or more quantity of the material. To theme/tie the idea of a good ruler more. As the crown leads to better policies that result in less wastes etc.

    The Iris: Zero idea would be a really cool add on power. Have the ability to make a roll and find a person perfectly suited to a task. I love it


    • As come on, man. Why not retroactively make the resources better?

      Remember, we aren't solars. The crown's power doesnt need to manifest as superhuman excellence in ruling. It can also be a shaping effect, retroactively shifting the past and the surroundings.

      Also, you're a fan too?