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    Hi all,

    So, I'll soon be starting a game set in Grieve, and I planned on having a Liminal show up targeting the users of the White Elixir, but I'd like to have more charm potential than the 6 in the Corebook. So I wanted to ask if anyone here had created any QC Liminal charms that I could steal.

    Glorious Useless-Post Prana
    Cost: 2m; Mins: Linguistics 1, Essence 1 Type: Simple
    Keywords: Mute
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Ten-Characters Methodology

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    Wrote these before I saw Liminal charms so I'm not 100% happy with them.

    Two Hearts Beating
    As the Solar charm Front-Line Warriors’ Stamina save that the initiative boost is provided by using up a secondary heart that much be replaced before the charm is reset.

    Patchwork Body Shift
    The Liminal designates two physical attributes as donor and recipient, she may transfer any number of attribute dots from the former to the latter as sinew twists and reshapes to the new physical ideal, this may never lower a trait to 0 or raise one higher than 6 but the new rating counts for all purposes.
    At the end of the scene the reallocated muscle mass wastes away and the donor attribute doesn’t return to its original rating until the Liminal replaces the muscle mass.

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      I have no premade, but now I will make them.


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        Magnum Opus: Fewer than I wanted, but it's late. Hopefully they'll do for now, until I can come up with some better ones.

        Offensive Charms

        Broken and Victorious (2ahl, 1wp; Supplemental; Instant; Decisive-only, Perilous): She draws back the bowstring; raises her sword; clenches her fist. Her joints scream inside her, and she surrenders them to Mother.
        Once per scene, the Liminal may use this Charm to add up to 5 automatic successes to a decisive attack. If the attack connects, she suffers a crippling injury of a Health Level value equal to the added successes, breaking a leg with the force of her own kick or boiling her eyes with strange Essence. Afterward, when she resets to base, she gains extra Initiative equal to her wound penalty.

        Social Charms

        Honey-and-Iron Emanation (4m, 1wp; Reflexive; One scene): The Child of the Soil cuts into herself with blade or nail, harmlessly drawing blood. In doing so, she opens herself to the love of the dead and the fear of the living.
        This Charm adds a non-Charm +1 bonus to the Liminal's Appearance, which may not bring her above Appearance 6. She gains the Hideous Merit in the eyes of living but ignores it when interacting with the dead (even if she already had it). If she uses social influence to compel one of the undead to approach or follow her, they are treated as though they had a minor Tie of lust, love, or hunger toward the Liminal.

        Voice-Drinking Solitude (3m per success, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Mute): Her lungs were empty once, when she was someone else's corpse. Recalling that terrible emptiness, she inhales the breath and words of others to allay the memory.
        This Charm can be used when someone uses their voice to attempt prayer or social influence within short range of the Liminal. Every two motes spent removes one success from their roll, to a maximum of (Manipulation + 1s rolled); if this reduces the target's successes to 0, she may pay 5m unmuted to rip out their voice for a scene as a crippling injury. The Liminal can only consume one voice per scene.
        If the targeted roll is a prayer to the dead, the Willpower cost of this Charm is waived.

        Miscellaneous Charms

        Empty Heart Seeking (1m; Supplemental; Instant): The Liminal Exalted are inexorable in their hunt, when they care to hunt. Few know this as well as those who have bled or loved in their presence.
        Empty Heart Seeking supplements a roll to track someone whose blood the Liminal has in her possession, either in a vial or in her veins. If the blood sample is no more than (Essence x Intimacy, minimum 1) days old, she gains double 9s on the roll; otherwise, she may simply attempt to track the target when circumstances would render it impossible. She can keep only (Perception) different blood samples on her person at a time, but may store any amount of them elsewhere.
        If she has had sex with her target within the last (Intimacy) days, the Liminal is considered to possess a fresh sample of their blood, even if she's already at her limit.

        Centipede Skin Rebirth (4m, 1ahl; Simple; Instant): By hand and by will, the Liminal flays herself alive; blood pooling in her footsteps, she flees into the darkness.
        Roll ([Appearance or Stamina] + Resistance); this is both a threaten action (which ignores the -3 penalty for multiple targets) and an instantaneous disguise attempt requiring no props or preparation, though it can't mimic a specific character. This disguise lasts until the health level cost of this Charm heals or until the Liminal can graft the skin of another onto her body; until then, she benefits from the Hideous Merit, while her anima is considered to be at the glowing level when others develop Ties toward her.

        Centipede Skin Curse (— (+3m); Permanent): Otherness is the curse of the Liminal Exalted. Only by revelling in it can they share this curse, and perhaps soothe their bitter hearts.
        By paying and committing an additional 3m upon activating Centipede Skin Rebirth, the Liminal preserves her shed skin indefinitely. She may use this sad robe to end that Charm prematurely, or graft it onto a willing or helpless target to forcibly disguise them as herself. The former use ends her commitment, while the latter lasts until her victim can end the curse by magic or surgery (at a difficulty of [Essence + 1] or [5], whichever is lower), until they die, or until the Liminal releases the committed motes with a touch.
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          Here's a few I worked out. I don't know if they're any good. I took some of the ideas for the medicine charms from 3rd ed.
          Charm Ideas:


          Muscle Memory Remembered
          Cost: 4m Min: Dexterity 3, Essence 1
          Type: Reflexive
          Keywords: Bridge
          Duration: Instant
          Prerequisite charms: none

          The Liminal's limbs(or parts of them) remember the pain of combat. With this charm the Liminal informs that limb that it is in danger again. The limb can apply the Liminal's full parry to one attack independently ignoring onslaught penalties. Further, the Liminal can apply this charm to multiple limbs allowing each of them to parry a separate attack with no onslaught penalties. This does not reduce or eliminate the onslaught penalties on the Liminal herself just the limb.

          Muscle Memory Fades
          Cost: 2m per soak, 3m per hardness, 1wp Mins: Dexterity 4, Essence 1
          Type: Reflexive
          Keywords: Bridge,
          Duration: Instant
          Prerequisite Charms: Muscle Memory Remembered(of same ability)

          Sometimes it is more dangerous to stop an attack than is to simply roll with it. This charm converts the Liminal's parry value into soak. One point of parry and two motes per point of soak.
          A repurchase at Essence 2 allows the Liminal to convert parry to hardness with one willpower(total) and at two points of parry and three motes per hardness.

          Muscle Memory Forgotten
          Cost: 2m, 1i Mins: Dexterity 4, Essence 2
          Type: Reflexive
          Keywords: Counterattack, Withering-only, Bridge
          Duration: Instant
          Prerequisite Charms: Muscle Memory Fades(of same ability)

          Muscle Memory isn't always a benefit. Habitual moves can make a fighter predictable. This charm causes the limb closest to the imminent attack to lash out unpredictably. The limb performs a withering attack at a -1die penalty against the target. The Liminal gains no initiative from this attack and any initiative damage the target receives is lost. The Liminal may use this charm for a counterattack even if he has already made an attack this turn.

          Familiar Hands (a.k.a. Thank-You Thing)
          Cost: 8m, 2i, 1wp Mins: Dexterity 5, Essence 5
          Type: Simple
          Keywords: Uniform, Bridge
          Duration: One scene
          Prerequisite Charms: Muscle Memory Forgotten (of same ability)

          The Liminal's hands detach from her arms and float around her. (if melee then still holding her weapons) The Liminal can have her hands act either defensively or offensively. If the hands are acting defensively, then the Liminal can ignore up to -2 in onslaught penalties each turn. If the hands are acting offensively, then the Liminal can take make a second attack that turn on the same tick. At the end of the scene the hands fall to the ground and begin to decay meaning the hands will need to be replaced. Without the benefit of the charm, which she cannot reactivate until she replaces her hands, the Liminal suffers a -2 penalty to dexterity actions involving tasks that require hands.


          Soil's Promise
          Cost: 10m Mins: Intelligence 3, Essence 1
          Type: Simple
          Keywords: None
          Duration: Instant
          Prerequisite charms: none

          The Liminal takes a handful of soil and imbues it with the essence of the grave. She then applies it to a target's wounds, which can include the Liminal herself. The soil removes dead material and absorbs any local infection (like gangrene) or poison. This converts any aggravated damage to lethal for future treatment.

          Soil's Embrace
          Cost: 1m per bashing, 2m per lethal Mins: Intelligence 4, Essence 1
          Type: Simple
          Keywords: None
          Duration: Instant
          Prerequisite Charms: Soil's Promise

          The soil calls to Liminals offering peace and safety. The Liminal buries herself in soil to heal her wounds. She must remain underground for fifteen minutes to an hour. For the cost of one mote for each level of bashing and two motes for each level of lethal the Liminal heals her injuries.

          Soil's Gift
          Cost: 5m, 1wp Mins: Intelligence 3, Essence 1
          Type: Simple
          Keyword: None
          Duration: Instant
          Prerequisite Charms: Soil's Promise

          Not all Liminals are doctors but self interest and isolation often quickly changes that. Using dirt, maggots, fungus and other things from the soil the Liminal spends fifteen minutes to an hour treating a patient. She rolls (Intellegence + Medicine) and the number of successes is the number of lethal and bashing health levels healed if the patient remains resting and in bed the rest of the day.

          Edit: Oh, and if I post any ideas to these forums and the Devs like them, they are welcome to use them. (My name's already in the book ;P )
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          Hi, I'm Smiles With Fangs. I backed Exalted 3rd edition, but I can't make the image I have smaller so here's a kitten

          I made some Liminal Charms here I made some Evocations for Wood Dragon's Claws here I'm working on a splat for the Moonsilver Warriors here


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            A few more Charm Ideas I came up with.
            Soil's Vengeance
            Cost: 4m Mins: Intelligence 5, Essence 4
            Type: Supplemental
            Keywords: none
            Duration: Instant
            Prerequisite Charms: Soil's Embrace

            The soil is not always kind. It can harm more easily than it can heal. The Liminal takes a handful of soil and applies it to a target. This may (and likely will) require an attack roll. As such the soil can be applied to a weapon or thrown as a short range weapon that does no damage. If the soil is successfully applied then the target must immediately attempt to resist an infection of the storyteller's choice. Examples of soil-bound infections include; gangrene, skin-rot and polio. If the target fails they are immediately infected with the ailment and must receive treatment to resist again.


            Resentful Cooperation
            Cost: 3m Mins: Charisma 3, Essence 1
            Type: Simple
            Keyword: none
            Duration: One Task
            Prerequisite Charms: none

            Being unwelcome can have its advantages, albeit not many. Targeting a group or organization the Liminal draws on the power of her “wrongness” to get a non-combat task done. This reduces the amount of time the task takes by (the Liminal's Essence)/2 rounded up steps. This cannot be applied to any project that would take longer than a month after the reduction. This charm implies that if the group completes the task expediently that the Liminal will leave. If the Liminal attempts to use this charm a second(or more) times on the same group or organization in a season then she must succeed at a (Charisma+(relevant ability)) roll against the guile or (Wits+(relevant ability)) of the group. The group or organization gets a cumulative +2die to their roll(+1 to Guile) for each previous time the Liminal has used this charm.

            Bone-dry Oratory
            Cost: 3m Mins: Charisma 3 Essence 1
            Type: Simple
            Keyword: None
            Duration: One project or task being attempted
            Prerequisite Charms: Resentful Cooperation

            People naturally tend to want to do the opposite of what a Liminal wants. This charm works with that tendency. The Liminal gives a speech to a group or organization about a project she feels strongly about, but her dry diatribe only impairs the project slowing it down or stopping it entirely. The Liminal rolls (Charisma+(relevant ability)) against the task or project's accumulated successes. If the Liminal has a positive intimacy toward the success of the project then add the intimacy’s value to the Liminal's roll as extra dice. Success indicates that the project has been slowed by the Liminal's essence in steps. If any project is raised to over a century in duration then it is abandoned entirely.

            Blood Contract
            Cost: 10m, 1lhl, 1wp Mins: Charisma 5 Essence 5
            Type: Simple
            Keyword: psyche
            Duration: varies
            Prerequisite Charms: (need intermediary charms)

            The Liminal deliberately injures herself and uses the blood to write up and/or sign a contract. Anyone who violates the contract, including the Liminal herself, is bound to serve the violated party for a number of days equal to the permanent essence of the Liminal at the time she signed the contract. The Storyteller may grant a roll to resist this servitude if an order is given that the character would not normally be willing to do. Suicidal or unacceptable orders immediately end the term of servitude. If the violating party dies prior to or in the course of violating the contract then their po soul fulfills the term of service as a hungry ghost.

            Hi, I'm Smiles With Fangs. I backed Exalted 3rd edition, but I can't make the image I have smaller so here's a kitten

            I made some Liminal Charms here I made some Evocations for Wood Dragon's Claws here I'm working on a splat for the Moonsilver Warriors here


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              From the Ink Monkey's Ultimate Collection, a Liminal Charm that used to be a Lunar Charm

              Weapon-Trapping Body Dominion
              5m; Mins: Stamina/Resistance 4, Essence 3;
              Type: Reflexive (Step 9)
              Keywords: Decisive-only, Counterattack, Stackable
              Duration: One scene
              Prerequisite Charms: Armor-Forming Technique

              Those who seek to bury their steel within the Chosen of Black Soil, beware; you may never get it back.

              This Charm may be activated in response to any attack that successfully rolls damage against the Liminal, provided that attack is made with a weapon not possessing the Natural tag. The character makes an unblockable disarming gambit with a dice-pool equal to (Stamina + Athletics + levels of damage inflicted by the attack), opposed by the original attacker’s Evasion. Success traps the offending weapon within or against the Liminal’s body; her blood congeals into a powerful bonding agent at the point of impact even as her body extrudes a sturdy cage of bone to hold the weapon in place. The weapon remains trapped as long as the Liminal commits Essence to this Charm, up to a maximum duration of one scene.

              Reclaiming a captured weapon requires a miscellaneous action in which the attacker rolls (Strength + Athletics) against a difficulty of the Liminal’s Stamina. Should the attacker release her weapon while the Liminal holds it, a barehanded Brawl or Martial Arts attack roll may be necessary to grasp it again in order to attempt to draw it out. The Liminal may hold up to (Essence) weapons with her body at once, but each held weapon imposes a -1 mobility penalty (as though from armor).

              And my original expansion Charrm:

              Foe-Trapping Flesh Cage / Weeping Wound-Orifice Grasp
              Cost: 5m; Mins: Stamina/Resistance 5, Essence 3;
              Type: Reflexive (Step 9)
              Keywords: Decisive-only, Counterattack, Stackable
              Duration: One scene
              Prerequisite Charms: Weapon-Trapping Body Dominion
              This Charm is identical to Weapon-Trapping Body Dominion, except that the counterattack is a gambit to establish a clinch against the attacker. The Liminal may substitute his Brawl rating for his Athletics for the purpose of determining the dice pool.

              On a success, treat this as a normal clinch, save that the Liminal's rounds of control are not spent each turn or lost simply from being attacked; the clinch does not end until the Liminal releases the motes committed to this Charm or has all of her rounds of control depleted from taking damage. The Liminal may not end this clinch with a Throw or Slam maneuver, but she may use any weapon trapped with Weapon-Trapping Body Dominion together with Brawl-based savaging maneuvers against her victim.

              Alternatively, I could see Liminal Charms for doing these things as Gambit-enhancers which can be applied offensively, rather than as counter-attacks. But these counter-attacks would remain, as trapping weapons and enemies within their grotesque and unnatural bodies is easier when the opponents willingly touch them, especially when those opponents are kind enough to open a new hole.

              Also, I found a similar thread with only one post in it, so let's bring that post into this thread, huh?

              Originally posted by The MG View Post
              As Tiresias' thread, but for the Chernozem.

              CHARMS OF THE BLOOD

              Cloying Red Scent (Investigation)
              As long as she keeps a sample of someone's blood on her person – whether in a vial or her own belly – the Liminal Exalted can attempt to track that someone across any distance and terrain.

              Ghoul-Seed Curiosity (Investigation)
              This Charm creates a tiny lump like a beating heart. If ingested or placed in an open wound, the lump fuses with the victim's flesh and shares their senses (except sight). Through meditation, the Blood Aspect may commune with the ghoul-seed and learn of the victim's activities.

              Four Hundred Heartbeats Curse (Medicine)
              Cursing a dead or immortal thing with life, the Blood Aspects makes them as susceptible to disease and poison as a mortal, even if they lack the necessary biology.

              Twin Reliquaries Purification (Medicine)
              Touching a willing or helpless target, the Chernozem exchanges their blood with her own. Poisons and diseases are transferred from the Exalted to the target, and vice versa.
              Usage of this Charm provides blood for Cloying Red Scent and similar Charms.

              Honey-and-Iron Emanation (Presence)
              Cloaking herself in an aura of rarefied blood, the Liminal Exalted repulses the living and seduces the dead.

              CHARMS OF THE FLESH

              Living Ogre Attack (Brawl)
              The Chernozem's limb twists into a fanged maw as he strikes, inflicting hideous wounds.

              Shroud-Rending Strike (Brawl)
              This Charm allows the Liminal Exalted to attempt forcibly dematerialising a spirit with an unarmed attack. If the spirit is a creature of death, it cannot materialise again until the sun crosses the horizon, even if it has the motes to do so.

              Centipede Skin Rebirth (Larceny)
              The cost of this Charm is in health levels. When activated, it destroys the Liminal's skin, to be replaced by a new one when the wounds heal. The new skin appears as the user desires, allowing him to change his skin, hair, apparent sex, and body fat, but not his height or his eyes.
              If the Liminal has body parts from multiple individuals, he may ignore the limitations of this Charm to perfectly mimic any of them.
              With an upgrade, the "hideous skinless monster" phase of this Charm provides a hefty bonus to Intimidate actions.

              Centipede Skin Curse (Larceny)
              After using Centipede Skin Rebirth, the Flesh Aspect may attach his tattered skin to someone else, giving them his previous appearance. This transformation appears perfect, though the discerning eye can tell that it shares the limitations of CSR. In time, the cursed visage rots away, but removing it beforehand requires surgery.
              The Flesh Aspect may also attach the skin to himself, reverting to his previous appearance without using CSR.

              Bruise-Black Ogre Hide (Resistance)
              This Charm increases the Liminal's soak based on his current wound penalty. The higher it is, the greater the effect of the Charm.

              Bursting Yidak Feast (Resistance)
              The Chernozem releases a gout of shadowy blood in response to an attack, blinding and disorienting the attacker. More importantly, the smell of the blood lingers, summoning evil spirits to hound the opponent.

              Yōma-Sealing Reliquary (Resistance)
              After defeating a spirit, the Liminal may forego destroying it to instead seal it in a scar, tattoo, or brand upon his body. The seal is symbolic of the bound spirit, and is Obviously supernatural if the spirit was not a creature of death (for example, demon-seals are often brassy). Stronger spirits leave larger marks, and the mightiest may render entire limbs useless.
              The Liminal may commune with his sealed spirits in sleep or in death, and may briefly release the weaker ones to do his bidding.
              An identical Charm exists in Occult.

              CHARMS OF THE MARROW

              Spattered Parchment Occultation (Stealth)
              By marking her own body with complex patterns of ink and scars, which may be garish and overt or impossibly fine, the Marrow Aspect endows herself with an effect like Arcane Fate, which does not affect written records and the like.
              This is a permanent Charm, but its effect can be suspended by removing or otherwise destroying the Liminal's skin. If so happens, she decides when reactivates (no less than one day later).

              CHARMS OF THE SOIL

              Shroud of the Black Interstice (Occult)
              Stepping halfway into the grave that birthed him, the Child of the Black Earth becomes simultaneously material and immaterial, percieving and interacting freely with both sides of the Shroud. Spirits, as well as anyone who can see the immaterial, see him as a shadowy monster resembling his anima.

              formerly Tornado Wolf, formerly Inugami