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[EX3] [Actual Play] Exalted: Princes of the Universe

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  • [EX3] [Actual Play] Exalted: Princes of the Universe


    This is a Podcast of the Exalted 3rd Edition game my gaming group has been playing. We began running a few months ago with the leaked draft and after I received my backer preview we all decided to wrap up season 1 and take this opportunity to rebuild the pcs using the Ex3 release. This gave people a chance to refine their character builds and invest in what they were using more of in game. We have begun recording as of Season 2 and podcasting it. We use a TASCAM DR-22 and a Samson C03U


    The circle is looking to setup its own nation in the south and is using a mountain manse they discovered as a capital city. Through the course of season one the group setup a functioning city with help from the guild and by making deals with a minor family in a Lookshye Gens. We just got the recording process setup so that it actually works. but that happened in episode 3 of season 2. I will be backfilling what happened and trying to make the events less obscure. We're kind of off the cuff but did our best to dial back so that listeners can figure out whats going on. My only promise is that it will get better as we get more familiar with the setup and acclimate to being recorded.

    The Party

    The Killer Queen [Queen of a Thousand Conquests] (Solar Zenith) - The first of her Circle to Exalt, the Killer Queen was a sorceress, sacrificing her memories of her past and family in exchange for greater power. Initially content to oversee a cult dedicated to hedonism, second chances, and of course, herself, she was lead down an altogether different path upon successfully escaping with her followers from an Immaculate ambush. Her drive to save her people lead to her Exaltation, and she now intends to carry out a campaign of conquest across the South and eventually all of creation, to unite the world beneath her banner. A student of the Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style martial arts and gifted dancer.

    The Majestic [Skyward Effulgent Majesty] (Solar Twilight) - Third of his Circle to Exalt, The Majestic was the genius armorsmith, tailor, chef, and linguist belonging to the Circle's Night Caste merchant prince. Originally content with creating his beautiful works under another's authority, everything changed when The Killer Queen and the Night Caste's caravan decided to explore a first age manse. Awed by the gravity and scale of craftsmanship, what would normally humble instead resonated a deep sense of recognition and vanity within The Majestic, leading to his Exaltation. The Majestic woke his loyal Pterok servant from extended slumber, rid himself of the Night Caste's ownership, and joined with The Killer Queen to unite the South, and eventually all of Creation, hoping to bring about a new age of enlightenment.

    The Wanderer (Solar Dawn) - The latest member of the circle to exalt. An orphaned strongman that spent his days protecting a small village in the south from raiders and predators. His village was destroyed by an undead horde which lead to him exalting. He is optimistic, a big eater and tries to act as selfless as possible.

    The Wolf [Longhorned Seawolf] (Solar Eclipse) - The circle's newest addition. A lazy but talented Icewalker who exalted after a fantastic and harrowing escape from angry spirits of dead realm soldiers. His moment of exaltation happened when he made a compact with the fallen armies commander to kill the Bull of North and gained the fealty of the deceased Tepet Ejava and her Vermilion Legion.

    Secondary Characters

    The Void Within Without (Abyssal Daybreak) - A pale necromancer child that lives in the catacombs of the circles mountain manse in the south. Part of the force that wiped out The Wanderer’s village, he was later recruited to work with the circle to build up infrastructure in their new capital city. A servant of the Mask of Winters. Allie 3 to the Killer Queen.

    Admiral Sand (Infernal) - A warlord who is massing an army of deprived Yozi cultists in the south. Seeking to conquer every kingdom in the sands. Assaulted the Circle’s base and was rebuked. Currently signed a nonaggression treaty with them.

    The Butcher (Liminal) - A massive man in a butcher's smock and metal pyramid helmet. An old enemy of The Nightman that was fought to a standstill in a recent skirmish in Chiaroscuro with Nightman and Killer Queen. Now wanders the world and has not been seen since.

    Out of Commission Characters

    The Countess [of Skyward Effulgent Majesty] (Dragonking Pterok) - A sleeping ancient found in a ruined villa of The Majestic. Having allegedly died before the usurpation and reincarnating during the shogunate era; The Countess decided to sleep away the great contagion in hopes of awakening in a world where her master had returned to Creation. Fanatically loyal to The Majestic and by extension his circle, she immediately began tutoring him in The Way Things Should Be; Which of course started with daily voluntary human sacrifices to the eternal glory of the skyward majesty and his circlemates. Allie nothing to nobody because she recently completed an elaborate suicide plot!

    Ceaselessly Falling Devastation (Abyssal Dusk) - A cadaveriffic warrior with an axe chained to his arm. Wiped out The Wanderer’s village and was present at his second breath. Eventually destroyed forever by The Wanderer by being cast into the Mouth of the Void. Dead Forever. No Comebacks.

    The Nightman [Unregulated Righteous Devil Warmachine] (Alchemical Soulsteel) - Part of an Assembly of The Great Maker’s chosen who was left behind to watch over creation after Autochthon departed in the First Age. Having spent a methusalem amount of time fighting for mortals without access to a temple of the Great Maker to recuperate; the Devil of Chiaroscuro is suffering from centuries of crippling injuries and maintenance flaws. Rescued and partially healed by the circle after being buried in a shallow grave. The founder of the Righteous Devil style martial arts. Allie 3 to the freezer hes been sealed in.

    Season 1
    1. The Circle Assembles / Fall of the Nightman
    2. The Mountain Manse / The Volcano Lord
    3. Memories of Chiaroscuro / The Admiral Sand Solution
    4. The Lookshye Perfect Warrior Open / What Lies Beneath
    5. Showdown at the Mouth of the Void / The Siege of Admiral Sand
    Season 2
    1. The Kingdom of No-Key / Traveller’s Foreshadowing
    2. Killer Queen Gets Biblical / What are Little Pteroks Made of?
    3. The Northmost Tour / Catch Your Allies as they Fall
    4. The North Hates You / The Circle Hates the North (Current)
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    I'm interested, but your Podbean link seems to be broken!

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      I fixed it! (I think...)


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        This weeks episode up!


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          A little extra now. We talk about what exalted means to us and give a bit of background for the game.


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            What happened to the Night Caste merchant?

            "Wizard of Oz, you really are a wizard!"


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              When reading this the first time I missed the Alchemical, it was only recently I read through it and went "...Wait a second, Soulsteel?"

              Listening to your podcast now.

              As for the pain of 2.Xe... Well I had some fun games in it, but good lord did it ever have issues.

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              Play Alchemical's in 3e now, you're welcome.


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                NIce! I have been looking for something like this for a long time

                Sorry for asking. But is there Patron to this?
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                  Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
                  What happened to the Night Caste merchant?
                  We actually touch base on that in this intro discussion: at 40:50 to 44:00

                  The majestic was a slave bought by the night caste. The night caste exalted and hid it from people, they joined up with the Killer Queens cult to excavate first age ruins. When the mortal that would take on the mantle of Skyward Effulgent Majesty entered the tomb they were raiding and saw all of the architecture and grandure he exalted. The Night caste basically tried to make the argument that the Majestic was still his slave, revealed he too was a solar and did not want them to be equals. While this happened the Majestic's essence opened up the sleeper coffin of one of his old servants: the dragon king pterok know as The Countess of Skyward Effulgent Majesty. She slinked her way to where this heated argument was happening and upon recognizing her old master being treated like chattle she snuck up behind the Night Caste and tore out his heart from his back. She then presented it to the Majestic as a welcome back offering and he ate it. THe Killer Queen didnt seem bothered by how this turned out and welcomed the new circlemate. Out with the old and in with the new. Before anyone asks: yes i know: the circle NEVER questioned how a cryostasis sick dragon king got the drop and the assassin murder strike on a Night Caste. They just assume he sucked and retroactivley make him out worse than he was in thier minds to justify it.


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                    Originally posted by light-hero View Post
                    NIce! I have been looking for something like this for a long time

                    Sorry for asking. But is there Patron to this?
                    Do you mean a Patreon? We dont have anything like that set up. we basically just got our recording process ironed out, so if people like hearing our endless, poorly edited, speaker crackling, droning...then uh yeah i could see taking money from people. We have expenses in the form of our podbean account...i guess?


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                      If one could sponsor some editing that would be nice. Besides that I am a huge fan.



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                        Season 1 Recap is up!



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                          Episode 5 is up and closes out Story 2 in a kind of fantastic way.



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                            So we remastered the old episodes as best as possible from the raws. Added an intro and outro. Rebalanced the compression and cleaned up tagging. Also everything is in ORDER now. no more jumping around the early episodes.

                            Also the newest episode is now up from Thursday.


                            The circle deals with the uncomfortable blowback from each others tantrums by completly avoiding any attempt to address them. Some old friends crash on by for Calibration as well.

                            We may be recording the next episode this Tuesday/ Wednesday but right now we are int alks on how to pace episode uploads and begin building our backlog.


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                              We actually got our pre xmas session done and its up.

                              our crafter did artifact n/a stuff and we saw the more extreme ends of what a loyal ally can look like.