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    Tiresias requested:

    Originally posted by Tiresias
    "Realm satrapies, particularly those were different rebel groups are fighting the Realm and each other at the same time."
    I hope my humble offering brings you holiday cheer!

    Phanzadel, a Satrapy to the North

    Phanzadel is a city-state established during the Shogunate, further north than most other Satrapies to the realm. Originally established as a watchpost against Lunar and Wyld incursions alike by the Sidereals (and, as an open secret, built around a warning node that acted as part of the Realm Defense Network, and provided the city with some early insight into such incursions), a sort of “miracle mile” alarm post to let the southern reaches know of any threats coming from that direction, the city slowly but steadily grew under Dragon-Blooded control, largely due to several reserves of natural resources present in the northern citadel (including a hot spring oasis that provided a small piece of paradise on breaks for soldiers, several nearby mines that allowed the Dragon-Bloods to get rich running mines regardless of heritage, and the potential for glory just for being associated with such an important post, even if the actual dangers were seen as unlikely to materialize).

    Even as the Shogunate waned, Phanzadel continued to grow as its own entity. The Dragon-blooded lines that ruled the post eventually became isolated from the Gens as time passed due to the isolation; while occasional newcomers would travel to try and make a name, overall the leadership of the city lacked any but the most distant ties to the Shogunate and Gens, and though they continued to send taxes and deal with the southern realms, they eventually split into an independent entity due to their political and physical isolation. The city was set far enough south that it escaped destruction in the Baloran Crusade as well, though it was now much more a northern outpost than it had been in the past.

    With the rise of the Scarlet Empress, the city leadership still lacked a direct tie to the ruling bodies of the Realm; however, the secret of the Defense Grid and the node that the city sat upon led Phanzadel to pledge themselves as a Satrapy and begin attempting to increase their connection to the new Empire. They agreed to an increase in taxes, and began accepting more frequent envoys and marriages to increase the leadership’s connection to the Realm.
    This has led to some problems.

    The move split the Dragon-blooded leadership. Those who preferred the city’s independence and distrusted the new Empire and balked at the new restrictions placed on the city by a foreign power began covertly sponsoring rebellions among the people. They remained a political faction for many centuries, but recently with the Scarlet Empress’ disappearance this rebel party have begun taking activist action and even organized lesser Dragonbloods into terrorist cells to fight against the new regime, calling the new organization the Liberators. Initially, though there was violence, it tended to be directed at the apparatuses of government and economics rather than people - destruction of rival’s mining operations and transfer posts, attacks on empty government buildings, and the like.

    However, the new movement sparked a third faction to come into being. Those Dragon-bloods who weren’t part of the leading body and weren’t joining with the Liberators saw the chaos as an opportunity to take power themselves and gain a voice in the politics of the city that they’d been long denied. Together with wealthy mortals who’d also been kept out of the system, this new organization, the Heralds of the Next Dawn, began to work in more violent tactics, targeting supporters of the existing regime regardless of their support for the Scarlet Empress (though they tended to target the factions that preferred the Empire more often, seeing her as simply another perpetrator of the domination by the most powerful lines of blood over governing skill). They also tend to frame each faction for attacks on its rivals about half the time, leading to increased confusion and lower approval for all three factions. This, in turn, has led to more brutal retaliations by both the ruling faction and the Liberators; with the Empress absent and unable to enforce her will, and the Deliberative focused on maintaining the Realm’s cohesion, this means that the shadow war in Phanzadel is spilling into the light, and turning into a much more bloody affair.

    Leading the Ruling Faction is Masaka Dakur, an Earth Aspect. His family has always been prominent in the city since its foundation; the line produces skilled sorcerers, most of whom are initiated through a ritual tying them to the Defense Grid node. He’s one of the few who knows the true nature of the node, and the importance of keeping it a secret, hence his support for the Realm. When not addressing the crisis at hand, he works as an architect and a gardener.
    The Liberators are lead by Sagasha Sahan, a prominent Fire Aspect. Her family is also long associated with power in the city, and she is dead set against allowing anyone else control the city’s destiny. She’s also been responsible for pushing the violent streak in retaliation for the Heralds’ actions - she advocated killings since her ascension to her family’s seat on the ruling council, but was outvoted until new faction evolved.

    The Leader of the Heralds is of unknown origin, and is only known as the Priest. The Priest could be an Infernal instigator, an Abyssal dedicated to creating more death for a new Shadowland, a returned Zenith, or something else altogether. Many rumors abound about his (or even her - the Priest always wears a mask and long robes, making it impossible to tell their identity) nature, but what is clear is that the Priest has no problem engaging in violence.

    In addition to these forces, there is the ambassador from the Realm. Ledaal Synona is an Air Aspect who believes that the Realm is the only peaceful solution to maintaining order in Creation. A supporter of the official party line, she’s been struggling to maintain her mission’s coherence since the loss of the Empress, whom she all but worshipped; without her Empress’ guidance, she’s been forced to improvise her diplomatic strategy, especially in light of the Herald’s arising. Further, she’s come under more and more pressure from her House to shift matters to benefit them, not just the Realm in general, something she has problems doing.

    There’s a final player that no one is aware of yet. A Chosen of Endings has entered the city. Is he there to kill someone, to end the fighting, to end a political viewpoint, or to end Phanzadel altogether?
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