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2.5 Akuma Consequences

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  • 2.5 Akuma Consequences

    So one of my Solar PC's just became an Akuma and I'm struggling to come up with consequences, any ideas?

    His urge is now "own the world". The Yozi who accepted him basically wants him to claim Creation and then hand it over to him, although the Solar isn't aware of the latter part yet.

    I basically need a few things that will screw him over down the line but not in such a way that it kills him or makes the rest of his circle want to throw him out and/or murder him. It was cool rp but he also basically got essence 5 for very little effort mechanically so I feel there should be repercussions of going dark side as it were.

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    Uh it sounds like the character got an urge to own the world for the yozis. That seems like all the consequence their could be. It doesnt make much sense for other yozi to mess with this as it benefits hell.

    Yozis are patient so its not like thiers going to be quarterly performance reviews. They also wouldnt try and make the solar thier enemy by doing something so cliche as holding his loved ones hostage. If anything theyll try to keep the solars assets in safety so they dont get distracted by personal revenge stuff.

    What could possibly be the fallout of making a deal with a yozi that would make being a solar in creation worse? I mean the world already thinks solars are demon shamans from hell. So theres not going to be a secret wyldeeer hunt after him.

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      I am assuming you want to see this play out in his hands, rather than go with the 'You lose your character' route recommended.

      Number one: no free will... or at least limited free will. Overrule some of his actions. He is now a pawn of the Yozi's and will sometimes act more like them than he wants. I would do this occassionally in high stress situations, depending on the Yozi in question. Maybe he can't tolerate being told he can't have something (he has an urge to own). This could result in something like limit. Or maybe he becomes a kleptomaniac. He strals small items regularly. Lots of options with Infernal mechanics, or Solar limit, or just occasionally do something with it.

      Two: Creature of Darkness. Lots of things are going to affect him very badly. Don't shirk from giving him some extra aggrevated damage.

      Three: Personal relationships. You kow that guy who has zero compassion about things and thinks only about how they can gain from a relationship? This guy. His compassion is gone. He can fake it, but over time, without on screen effort to maintain contacts and allies, they dump him. Maybe sell him out. Probably not to rhe point where they turn to enemies, but any feeling of loyalty goes away. If an ex-ally can backstab him for perso al gain, maybe they stop resisting.

      Four: Motivation and intimacies. If they are not appropriate, he loses them. Pretty sure that just by becoming Akuma, he loses his Motivation permanently, replaced with Urge. Plus, give him new Intamcies to be exploited. If he doesn't rp them, call him on it. He sold his free will when he became an Akuma after all.

      Five: Willpower. I don't remember the willoower rules too clearly, and I am away from my boos. I'm pretty sure messing up his motivation and intimacies are going to restrict his opportunity to regain willpower. If he got essence 5 free or cheaply or easily, you can probably feel some justification in reducing his oermanent willpower. Also, he can never raise it again, except when completing a major Urge goal, seems fair. Kind of like how Solar's could raise essence by completing a Motivation.

      Six: Enemies. He got some day one for being an Akuma. Rival demons under his Yozi master. Demons and cults from opposing Yozis. On the flip side, this is an opportunity to buy some allies he won't lose if you do the personal relationship stuff above.

      Seven: Discovery. While difficult, this can be discovered. People night recognize what he is. Thrice-Damned Gorol was eventually discovered, I think.

      Your mileage may vary, depending on player, group, and story. Don't act to punish the player, but feel free to say that some advantages are permanently lost as part of the trade off.