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  • Gleaming Crescent (Moonsilver Skycutter - Artifact ***)

    Beautiful moonlight
    Gleaming on the silver pond

    Gibbous and deadly

    So reads the stanza of Gleaming Crescent, an elegant arch of moonsilver forged near the end of the Shogunate. Baptised in the blood of the Fair Folk, it slew hundreds before its first and only wielder was dragged to his death by the teeming hordes of the Wyld. Now, it rests in the trophy room of the Cataphract-King called the Emperor of Sorrows, still bearing the bloodstains of the raksha it killed. The Emperor reads the haiku every day, sheding a single diamond tear for his fallen kin while he plots vengeance on the world that slew them.

    Evocations of Gleaming Crescent

    A Solar or Lunar who attunes to Gleaming Crescent finds that it will always return to his hand after an attack, even on a botched attack roll.

    Strike from Behind
    Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: None

    Gleaming Crescent always returns to its wielder's hand, a fact that can sometimes be surprising to those who engage him. Immediately after making a withering attack at an opponent at least at Short range, the wielder may use this Evocation to unleash a second attack at a different opponent, who must be at Close range to the wielder. This second attack may be withering or decisive.

    Thrown Protector
    Cost: 6m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: Strike from Behind

    With uncanny skill and insight, the wielder of Gleaming Crescent may strike a ranged attack away from one he loves with but a flick of the wrist. To use this Evocation, someone toward whom the wielder holds a least a Minor positive Tie must be the target of a ranged attack. This Evocation is a reflexive (Dexterity + Thrown) roll against the total successes rolled on that attack. Every success on this roll subtracts one success from the attack roll, to a minimum of zero, before it is applied to the target's Defense. As always, Gleaming Crescent immediately returns to its wielder's hand after this "attack."

    Protect Thyself
    Cost: 4m,1W; Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Clash, Decisive-only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: Thrown Protector

    By hurling Gleaming Crescent at an incoming attacker, the wielder may teach the offender that striking him is a fool's errand. This Evocation allows the wielder to make a reflexive Thrown clash attack against an attack directed at him, regardless of his place in the Initiative order. This does not count as the wielder's combat action.

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    • Originally posted by Aranfan View Post

      Perfect, the 3 dot artifact is perfect for my dawn to loot off a dragon blood. Now I just need a decent 3 dot reaper diaklave to loot off said DB.

      Glad to be of service. I didn't know how your Dawn operated so I went with two options. And grappling is generally a good bet.


      • Originally posted by Myradmir View Post

        Glad to be of service. I didn't know how your Dawn operated so I went with two options. And grappling is generally a good bet.

        My dawn is Invincible Sword Princess. I just needed a random 3 dot thing a dynast or lookshyan would be likely to have for her to loot.


        • So my first attempt at an artifact knife. I would appreciate input.

          Ash: Red Jade and artifact knife (3)

          Crafted in the early days of the scarlet empire, it was actually originally designed by a usurper who attempted to slay the empress with it. That usurpers name was stricken from history, but the blade was not. Passed into house cathak, the knife was used for several generations before being lost out in the threshold. Now it makes its way into hands of assassins and outcastes. It seems though as of recent, it, much like the woman it was made to slay, has vanished...

          Light Melee Artifact knife with the Lethal, Melee, Thrown (Short) Tags

          New Tag: Burn

          Successful attacks with this artifact produce points of Burn, which can be used to enhance evocations. A wielder can hold Stamina + Essence Burn in total.

          Attunement Bonus:
          A solar or Dragon blood who attunes to Ash for an additional 2 motes, gets one bonus success on join battle,
          and upon rolling starts with 1 point of Burn. (This success counts as dice from charms)

          Searing Wound

          Cost 2m,
          Essence 1:
          Keywords (Withering Only) Burn
          Prerequisite: None

          Many would say a clean cut is best. Ash sees otherwise. This charm adds Essence or 2 (whichever greater) to the raw damage of a withering attack.
          On the damage roll, less clean blows hide tainted scouring. Ones on the damage roll increase the weilders Burn by 1. (However the attack must inflict at least 1 point of initiative damage)

          (Wanted to make something that played with dice numbers a different way with this one).

          Ashes to Ashes

          Cost: 3m 1i and 1+ Burn
          Essence 1
          Decisive Only, Burn
          Prerequisite: Searing Wound

          Many don't expect the low boil to be so suddenly deadly. Ash proves otherwise. When making a decisive attack, the Exalt sacrifices a bit of momentum to release the flames withing the blade
          The attack does +2 raw damage, +1 for each extra burn spent. The exalt may only spend up to Essence or 3, whichever is greater Burn on this attack. Those slain by this attack leave corpses that have skin as ash that has glowing cracks that fade over time.

          Glowing Coal Beacon

          Cost 3m 2 Burn
          Essence 2
          Duration: Essence Actions
          Decisive only? (not sure if that makes it too weak) Burn

          Prerequisite: Ashes to Ashes

          A dimly burning coal is like a beacon in darkness. Upon landing a decisive attack that deals at least 1 level of damage, the exalt may pour burn into that
          wound in order to create a beacon. For essence actions, allies targeting the character with ranged attacks find it easier to aim at the red glow within.
          Ranged attacks benefit as though they had aimed (though this provides no dice at medium or further without a subsequent aim action).

          The victim may stop this glow by patting out the coal like wound as a miscellanious action on their turn. This is not flurryable.

          Dust to Dust
          Cost 8m 1wp 2 Burn (Special, see charm)
          Essence 3
          Keywords: Decisive only Burn
          Duration: Varies (See charm)
          Prerequisite: Glowing Coal Beacon

          Sometimes a wound gets worse as the battle rages. After landing a decisive attack that does at least 3 levels of damage, the wielder may pay the cost of this charm to leave a small glowing scar. This has no benefit at first, but as the burn intensifies, eventually the truth makes itself known.

          Each time the wielder of Ash would gain Burn, they may filter up to Essence points of it into the wound. This causes it to spread the glow through the veins and chakras of the target. Once they have accumulated 5 or more burn in the wound (Maximum 10) They may at any time choose to release the motes committed to this charm. Doing so causes a searing attack as a flame erupts from the wound to engulf the target. The target may attempt to defend against this attack, however the sudden nature is treated as a normal suprise attack with the usual -2 penalty to defense. The attack roll is 8 dice, but the wielder may spend up to 3 points of burn from within the blade to enhance this attack, adding 1 die per point. This slays trivial opponents without contest. The damage of this attack is equal to 3 + the burn in the wound. This bypasses hardness from armor. Victims killed by this turn into a pile of dust. It also incidentally prevents a hungry ghost from rising.

          A victim can attempt to stop the coming blaze if they are able to make an Intelligence + Medicine roll at a difficulty of 3 to know what is happening. If they succeed, they may spend a miscellanious action and a willpower to attempt to realign their own essence meridians with a Stamina + Resistance roll against a difficulty of the wound's Burn/2 round up. This action cannot be flurried.


          OK so dunno if this is balanced or not. I was concerned about the mechanics a bit more than the fluff itself. I would greatly appreciate input.
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          • Alright, I've got the first artifact I've ever tried to create on my own, and I KNOW it needs some sort of balancing help, if someone would be so kind. I really wanted to explore an interesting space with the artifact in question, and so I thought of something that plays with the limit track in a very...liminal...kind of way, I suppose. Now I've worked the fluff of the blade, but not really the fluff of the charms just yet, as I want to finalize the charms before I begin making their flavour. So without further ado, I present Sanguis Gladii.
            Sanguis Gladii (Soulsteel/Starmetal Grand Daiklaive)
            Acc 1, Dmg 14, Def 0, OW 5, Attun. 8, Lethal/Melee/Balanced/Reaching/Two-Handed

            There once was a god . . . who ruled over the mortal liquid. Styuger, of the Crimson-Consuming River was this god’s given name, and his domain of control was over that of blood. Oft before large scale wars, light skirmishes, or tavern bar brawls, the phrase ‘blood for the blood god’ would be uttered; none knew who the blood god was, nor if the phrase did anything, but it served as a variable warning to the opposing party that you’d not be pulling any blows. People whom knew the phrase were content with saying it before combat, and those who heard it and lived on would likely also use it for the same purpose. Little did any know that the words DID carry meaning; a secret prayer to the blood god to watch upon their battle, and that any blood that spilled was rightfully his to take. Take the god did, and all blood that fell upon a battlefield while he watched went to fill up his river. To other gods, he was not well liked. He was ruthless, underhanded, and beyond all, blood-thirsty. He downed at least three goblets of blood every day from his river to assure it would never overflow, and every sip was his version of ambrosia. Little could most gods to do him, as he was powerful by his own right by not needing to depend on the ambrosia other gods depended on.

            His first of three strikes came during the day of the Usurpation. A Solar Twilight had locked himself in his study with his numerous artifacts, with hopes that one would be enough to save him. Time was not on his side however, as those of the Blood of Elements busted through his door. As a battle cry, one blessed by the Blood of Elements yelled the phrase that drew Styuger’s eye as he struck down the Twilight. Not minutes after they left with a pile of First Age Artifacts, the god appeared and claimed all the blood of the fallen solar for his own, taking care to keep it in its own cauldron, as those blessed by the Blood of the Sun were rarely slain with his mantra in the air. The Unconquered Sun found out that the Blood God had desecrated the body of a Solar by stripping it of its blood, and demanded the god cast the blood of the Solar back on the land. The god, to keep his graces, spend five years sifting through his river, pretending to collect the blood of the mixed solar, and poured a cauldron of blood onto the floor of the Manse where the Solar had died. He kept the cauldron of Solar blood secretly hidden, on a low boil to ensure it never settled for decades.

            His second of three strikes came during the day the Scarlet Empress rose. Outside of the Great Imperial Manse, those blessed with the Blood of the Moon fought tooth, nail, and claw with the Balorian Crusades. A group of particularly quick Bloods of the Moon who thought it best to seek out the Fair Folk behind the forces did so. The Owl who Knows, Venom Coats the Claw, and The Savage Quoll-Lion, dashed behind enemy lines and struck directly for the Raksha. The group of three found exactly what they were looking for, in a group of nine. The Owl who Knows whispered the words of the mantra to both of his allies, and the battle erupted. Nine Raksha fell, where three blessed by the Blood of the Moon were protected by their tattoos. They left quickly, as there were plenty more Nobles to deal with. There was no blood of mortals to collect here, but the god could still make a gain. He appeared, and with strenuous effort, collected the nine falsified souls of the fallen Raksha, as it was what allowed them to exist here, and was thus the Blood of the Wyld. He stored the mass in an unused cauldron, and sealed it within, as he was unsure if the ‘blood’ retained Wyld properties, and may just grow legs and leave his care. He was called upon by Luna who stated that she had Chosen that had seen him briefly at the area where Raksha had fallen, and had been expending an exuberant amount of essence. He stated that he’d heard his mantra and showed up to only the dead Raksha, and lied that he had attempted to see if he could derive some sort of physical liquid blood from the fallen Raksha for study by those blessed by the Blood of the Loom, but had ultimately failed any attempt to do so. Luna was suspicious, but accepted the answer, as there was nothing more she could do beyond questioning.

            His third of three strikes came 100 years later, during the day The Maidens finally found reason to cast him out of Yu-Shan. The Maiden of Battles stated that no great battle was complete without blood soaking the land. The Maiden of Journeys stated that the best journeys were earned through blood, sweat and tears; not just sweat and tears. The Maiden of Endings stated that there are some endings that are simply not complete without the blood of the fallen to showcase what happened, and to bring the end to a clean close. The Maiden of Serenity more or less agreed with her sisters. The Maiden of Secrets was by far the most annoyed, as she knew of Cauldron of Solar blood, the captured false souls of the fallen Raksha, as well as the Exigent Blessing that Styuger had stolen from The Unconquered Sun. With the evidence stacked against him, the God of Blood had no defense to turn to. So the maidens cast him from heaven, and down into creation, cursed to flow as a clear river, much like his very own, for the rest of eternity.

            What the maidens were unaware of was that all of those reagents, besides the Exigent Blessing, had been used ten years prior. The Blood God had taken 8lbs. of Soulsteel, and 2 lbs. of Starmetal, and melted them to a liquid, then deposited it into the cauldron of Solar’s blood. He slow-boiled the brew for 40 years, until he was sure that it was cool enough he could reach in and pluck the cooled metal from inside. This was easy, given that all the iron of the blood had soaked into the metal and become a part of it, turning the entire metal a light red. The Blood God pulled the 10 lbs. of metal from his cauldron, and immediately noticed how malleable the metal was. He had expected this, and pulled the nine souls of the Raksha from their confinement, and folded the metal on top of each fake soul. With the metal folded 9 times over each false soul, he folded it one last time and heat-treated the blade in molten-boiling blood. The blade took on a deep red tint, and was substantially more sturdy, much like Soulsteel was supposed to be. He attuned to the blade, and hid it within Elsewhere.

            When he was cast down, any hope to find where the resources that were used to forge it fell with him, and even Nara-O was unsure as to where the reagents may have gone, as it appeared the god was not the only one concerned in the knowledge of how the reagents were used.
            The Exigent Blessing that Styuger had stolen was his only saving grace from the curse that was cast upon him. He waits as a river, in the far North-eastern corner of creation, gaining prayer still from those who recite his mantra, because the spark of The Unconquered Sun that lies within the Exigent Blessing is enough to keep the god conscious.

            Evocations of Sanguis Gladii
            The wielder, upon attunement, gains the Past Lives merit at the 3-dot level.

            Upon attunement, the blood essence of the sword connects and mixes with that of the wielder, making wielding the blade effortless. The wielder may wield the sword in one hand, but does not remove the Two-Handed Tag of the weapon.

            If wielded by a Chosen that has the Great Curse inflicted upon them, their limit will work differently, as described below. If wielded by something not inflicted by the great curse, they will now have a limit track that works as detailed below:
            The wielded has a limit track of 7. On one side, it is labeled Insanity, on the other side, it is labeled curse. The wielded has two different types of Limit, Insanity, and Curse. Curse Limit works just as normal limit does. Should the track of seven be filled with curse, the wielder will experience the Limit Break Compassionate Martyrdom, as well as losing access to any charm that is not in the Lore, Occult, Investigation, Medicine, and Bureaucracy abilities. Insanity Limit works the opposite of Curse Limit, growing as the wielder furthers their goals and slips more and more into their own self-righteousness. Once per scene, if the wielder acts in a way that supports a Major Intimacy and has an effect on the scene, they will roll one die of Insanity. Once per scene, if the wielder acts in a way that supports a Defining Intimacy and has an effect on the scene, they will roll two dice of Insanity. Once per scene, if the wielder is ever responsible for the deaths of innocents, and tries to justify the killings or ignores them, they roll three dice of insanity. Should the track of seven be filled with Insanity Limit, the wielder will experience the Limit Break Berserk Anger, and gain [Willpower x 2] Wyld Mutations (as chosen by the Storyteller) that last for the duration of the Limit Break. These tracks fill up starting at opposite ends, and override each other as they are gained. If the wielder is at 4 Curse and 3 Insanity, and does something to further their motivations or intimacies, then they will gain a point of Insanity and lose a point of Curse. After a break occurs, the limit track is emptied. Un-attuning to the blade and not wielding it does make the limit track disappear, but it does not clear it. Any actions that would gain Curse or Insanity do not change the Limit track if the blade is not wielded and attuned to. Picking the blade back up at any time will restore the limit track back to what it was before the wielder left it.

            Evocations of Sanguis Gladii will have the keyword “Limit” on them. Evocations with this keyword will have different effectiveness depending on the wielder’s current limit.


            Name: Clarity in Care and Madness
            Cost: 5m Mins: Essence 1 Type: Supplemental Keywords: Withering-Only, Limit Duration: Instant PreReq: None
            Desc.: Add two non-charm dice to an attack. If Insanity is 5+, reduce the cost of this charm by [Insanity/2], rounded up. If Curse is 5+, add [Curse/2] charm-added dice as well.

            Name: Crimson Flower Kata
            Cost: 4m per petal, 1wp Mins: Essence 2 Type: Simple Keywords: Decisive-Only, Limit Duration: Variable PreReq: Clarity in Care and Madness
            Desc.: After making decisive attack, may spend 4 motes up to [Insanity] times, each 4 adding one petal of blood blooming from the struck target. At the beginning of each of the target’s turns, one petal recedes back with enough force to cut flesh, inflicting [Curse] initiative damage. The initiative is lost, not gained by the user of Crimson Flower Kata. If Insanity is 5+ reduce the cost of each petal by 2m. If Curse is 5+, the petals deals 2 dice of decisive damage that ignores hardness instead of dealing initiative damage.

            Name: Bloody Double
            Cost: 8m, 2lh Mins: Essence 3 Type: Simple Keywords: Limit Duration: One Scene
            PreReq: Crimson Flower Kata
            Desc.: Creates a duplicate of the user out of blood and bile. The duplicate acts as a three-dot ally (as per the merit) controlled by the storyteller, with a defining intimacy of furthering the user’s goals, a major intimacy to protect the user, and a negative intimacy to iron. The stats for the Bloody double are as labeled below:

            Essence:1; Willpower: 4; Join Battle: [Insanity+3], HL: -0x[Curse]/Incap; Peripheral Motes: 15
            Actions: The bloody double gains all the users favored and caste abilities at half the dot scores.
            Combat: Attack (Bloody Grand Daiklaive): Variable dice pool (Damage 13, minimum 3);
            Combat movement 6, Evasion [Variable], Parry [Variable], Soak/Hardness: [Curse]/[Insanity]
            Cold Iron Ruin: Weapons made of iron deal aggravated damage, and double all decisive damage applied to them.
            The bloody double can use Clarity in Care and Madness, and Crimson Flower Kata, and bases their numbers off the users Insanity and Curse. In addition, if the user has Insanity 7, the bloody double has access to the Fae charm [Dreadful Fanged Maelstrom Approach]. If the user has Curse 7, the bloody double has the terrestrial spell [Death of Obsidian Butterflies], and instead gains 5 sorcerous motes every turn instead of regaining normal motes.

            This ability may only be used once per session.

            Name: Unchained Fever Dreams
            Cost: 8m, 2wp Mins: Essence 3 Type: Simple Keywords: Limit Duration: One Scene PreReq: Crimson Flower Kata
            Desc.: The wielder channels the deep receded essences of the blade and in a mighty explosion of colors and sound, summons forth dormant creatures. They summon forth lions, wolfs, and/or bears in number equal to the user’s [Curse] / 2. Each creature has a number of wyld mutation dots equal to the user’s [Insanity] x 2. These creatures do not serve the user, but will fight the user’s enemies until they are no more, at which point they may or may not turn on the user, depending on how involved and savage they were in combat. If the user has Curse 5+, all summoned beasts gain 3 extra dice to all actions for they scene, and are more likely to ignore the user. If the user has Insanity 5+, reduce the mote cost of this charm by 2, and the user has a chance of summoning something large, such as a tyrant lizard, river dragon, or Ox-dragon.

            This ability may only be used once per session.

            Name: She Who Walks the Red Path
            Cost: 7m, 1wp Mins: Essence 4 Type: Simple Keywords: Limit Duration: [Insanity] Rounds
            PreReq: Bloody Double, Unchained Fever Dreams
            Desc. The Blood God’s river revitalizes itself around the wielder, rejoicing in the carnage the wielder brings to a battlefield. All enemies within short range of the wielder treat the ground as difficult terrain. For every non-trivial character, friend or foe that dies within short range of the wielder, the wielder gains: 1 initiative, 1 armor soak, and [Curse] motes. If the size of a group falls while this is active, or two non-trivial opponents fall within range of the river, expand the range the river reaches to medium. The wielder does not treat the ground as difficult terrain, and gets [Curse] non-charm dice to Rush actions, and allows the wielder to rush opponents up to medium range away.
            So it is an odd blade, with an odd assortment of evocations, but I feel good about its first draft. 2500+ words for an artifact I feel is a decent standard.
            So please, give some feedback, balance concerns, and if you have any question about the (Possibly somewhat confusing) mechanics, let me know. And if you think of any way you can loophole through anything, please bring that up to. I'd prefer removing those types of impurities especially.


            • I couldn't help but notice that nobody seems to have written up Evocations for the tattoos gained from the Pact with Mara initiation. Allow me to take a crack at it with a version mostly centered around sorcerer-assassins, with some token nods toward demon summoning and Black Claw synergy.

              (Yes, I couldn't resist the urge to indulge my twee self and lay out the Charm tree for the Mara tattoos in a way that spells a giant M, however counterintuitive it is from a "starting Evocations at the top, followups at the bottom" perspective. Sue me.)

              Evocations of the Demonic Tattoos of Mara

              Night-Drinking Meditation

              Cost: 2m +3m/extra range band, Mins: Essence 1
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: Mute
              Duration: Indefinite
              Prerequisites: None

              Meditating under the night sky for an hour, the sorcerer draws in the essence of the darkness that surrounds her, refining it and storing it in her tattoos for later use. When she releases the motes committed to this Charm, an area of supernatural darkness centered on her current whereabouts springs up for the duration of the scene. This effect encompasses everything within Close range, plus one additional range band in every direction per 3 extra motes paid when activating this Evocation, out to a maximum of Medium at 8m. Within her zone of darkness, nonmagical sources of light only provide illumination out to close range, and even the animas of the Celestial Exalted shed no light beyond short range. Magical effects that explicitly dispel darkness or provide light beyond short range are contested by the sorcerer’s Wits+Occult, with (Essence) automatic successes (roll her opponent’s permanent Willpower score in opposition if the contesting effect doesn’t specify a pool to be used); however, the Evocation has no defense against magic that allows a character to see in total darkness or effects designated uncontestable such as the Eye of the Unconquered Sun.
              Releasing commitment to Night-Drinking Meditation may supplement an attempt to re-establish surprise, providing appropriate concealment regardless of the character’s surroundings and penalizing Perception+Awareness rolls to notice the sorcerer as per total darkness.
              Reduce the cost of this Evocation by 3m if the meditation takes place during New Moon or Calibration, to a minimum of 1m.

              Comments: I generally prefer starting effects that are costly, but offer an interesting expansion to the character’s tactical repertoire over smaller bonuses. The ability to hide with no cover or concealment is certainly an impactful one*, but I believe the nighttime meditation requirement (which practically translates to a „once per day” reset condition), coupled with the sheer inconvenience of having to commit the mote cost until you actually use it make it appropriate for Essence 1.
              *Solar Stealth grants it at Essence 2, albeit packaged with a scenelong Stealth booster, which likely affects the overall balance of the Charm in question.

              One With Shadows

              Cost: 10m, Mins: Essence 1
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: None
              Duration: One scene
              Prerequisites: None

              By activating this Evocation, the sorcerer can transform into a living shadow for one scene, carrying all items currently on her person with herself. In this form, she can slip under the space beneath a door or slide through the thinnest crack. In well-lit regions, observers notice the existence of an unusual shadow if they make a (Perception + Awareness) roll at difficulty 3, unless the wearer conceals himself in a larger shadow.
              When the character is a shadow, she is dematerialized and can only affect or be affected by other dematerialized creatures or by Charms and weapons capable of attacking dematerialized foes. If the wearer uses such a Charm or weapon while dematerialized, she briefly materializes for the duration of the attack, and can affect material foes – but she can also be affected by them in turn. Otherwise, she is immune to all materialized threats, although she can be trapped in a room that is sealed tightly enough.
              Once the scene ends, the character must remain in solid form for at least ten minutes before transforming back into a shadow.

              Comments: this is practically the basic effect of the Belt of Shadow Walking, except it costs a Charm pick and has been changed to be merely very very powerful instead of being outright broken. Arguably.

              Force-Swallowing Darkness Defense

              Cost: 6m, Mins: Essence 1
              Type: Reflexive
              Keywords: Withering-only
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: None

              When a blow connects, the sorcerer’s tattoos surge with power, straining to break free to defend their master. The mystical markings uncoil from around her chakras, shifting to meet her foe’s blade, and her flesh bulges with arcane energies as if writhing serpents were moving beneath her skin.
              After the character is hit by a withering attack but before damage is rolled, she may activate this Evocation to increase her soak by (Essence or 3, whichever is higher). Moreover, if the triggering attack still Crashes her, it causes an eruption of Essence that suffuses her form, causing her to ignore the normal restrictions associated with casting while in Initiative Crash.

              Comments: I love the imagery of mystical tattoos coming alive, but running around half-naked isn’t exactly a viable strategy in Exalted (not without a significant investment in Resistance, at least), and what is the point if you can’t show them off? Thus, a soak booster seemed like a no-brainer – however, I couldn’t make it too efficient in case someone decided to stack it on top of Spirit Strengthens the Skin. So I bumped up the cost and gave it a situationally powerful extra effect (+1 wp and the equivalent of 3 non-Charm successes on shape sorcery for 6 motes is incredibly good, but I’m not sure how tactically sound is the „keep gesticulating in front of the dude who just Crashed you” idea in most cases compared to the alternative of looking for an exit strategy).

              Wound-Eluding Shadow Substitution

              Cost: 7m, Mins: Essence 1
              Type: Reflexive
              Keywords: Decisive-only
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: One With Shadows, Force-Swallowing Darkness Defense

              Sensing her impending doom, the sorcerer can utter the secret name of her own shadow, compelling it to stand in her place while she seeps through the unseen cracks of the world to avoid the blow.
              After the character has been hit but before damage is rolled, she may activate this Evocation to redirect the hit to her shadow. The shadow’s Health Track and healing times are identical to a mortal’s, but all damage caused to it is automatically Aggravated, and it’s immune to poisons and bleeding. This defense is not infallible: any damage in excess of the shadow’s Health Levels spills over to its master.
              If the shadow takes damage to any of its -2 Health Levels, the injuries start to show: it might start walking with a limp (no matter how healthy its owner), have big chunks of its „flesh” missing, or whatever visuals the group finds entertaining and/or appropriate. If it ever takes damage to its Incapacitated Health Level, it’s destroyed forever. Noticing an absent or irregular shadow is generally a Difficulty 3 Perception+Awareness roll, albeit the consequences of such a discovery are heavily dependent on social context and should be determined by the GM on a case-by-case basis.
              Replacing a destroyed shadow can be done with an Ambition 1 sorcerous working of the Terrestrial Circle; imbuing such a creation with extraordinary powers (for example, extra health levels and faster healing times), however, falls squarely under the purview of the Celestial Circle, with Ambition determined by the potency of said powers.
              Special activation rules: once this Evocation has been activated, the character may not call upon its power again until her shadow is completely healed.

              Comments: very much straining the limits of even Solar power, this is basically an imperfect perfect at Essence 1 – a slightly bigger (it can absorb 6 Health Levels without consequences instead of 5) version of Iron Skin Concentration that requires no mote commitment until it’s reset. However, resetting it is way more of a pain in the ass (up to two weeks of waiting instead of just staying in bed for one day while the Twilight slaps Wound-Mending Care Technique on you), with a chance of actually having to pay xp for it. I think it’s just about appropriate for a Solar, but I probably wouldn’t allow it for Celestials and below.

              Thousand-Fanged Night Manifestation

              Cost: 4m 1wp, Mins: Essence 2
              Type: Reflexive
              Keywords: None
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Night-Drinking Meditation

              The darkness pouring forth from the sorcerer’s chakras is more than just an absence of light – it gives form to unseen terrors, sheltering them and allowing them to prey upon the unwary.
              Upon releasing her commitment to Night-Drinking Meditation, the character may activate this Evocation, allowing every First Circle demon she personally summoned and is currently within her zone of darkness to reflexively materialize at no cost and take a re-establish surprise action.

              Comments: this is basically Material Exegesis Prana, except it only works on First Circles, and even then only on ones the character summoned personally, and even then only on those that also happen to hang around in her close vicinity. And it doesn’t have a willpower regain condition either. And it’s tied to a more ore less once per day resource. But it doesn’t require a roll, and it doesn’t require an action, and allows the materializing demons to immediately take advantage of the concealment it provides, which is a pretty massive benefit from an action economy perspective. I think it more or less balances out in the end.
              (It’s also probably way better if you’re a Twilight, which I’m pretty happy with, because even though I’m not particularly bothered by Twilights not being the best at sorcery, I know that many people are, and I want this to be useful for as many people as possible.)

              Unfettered Shade Dissolution

              Cost: 1wp, Mins: Essence 2
              Type: Reflexive
              Keywords: None
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Night-Drinking Meditation, One With Shadows

              The sorcerer releases the roiling shadows stored within her chakras, and in the same heartbeat, she also releases her grip on her material form, dissolving into the darkness and pulling her body together at a different location.
              Upon releasing her commitment to Night-Drinking Meditation, the sorcerer may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively teleport to any point within her area of darkness; this counts as her movement action for the turn (if she activates it outside of her turn, it uses up her movement action in her next turn). This may even take her through walls and other forms of physical obstruction as long as the other side is within range and not specifically warded against teleportation; however, this Evocation provides no information about the perils that await her there.
              If the prerequisite was used to supplement a re-establish surprise action, opposing Perception+Awareness rolls may be even further penalized by the character’s sudden disappearance, especially if she used Unfettered Shade Dissolution to reach an unlikely hiding place.

              Comments: another Night-Drinking Meditation upgrade. If it feels like it’s starting to strain from being pulled in too many directions (It helps you in hiding! It lets you manifest your demon army! It’s a repositioning tool! But it also lets you infiltrate places you normally couldn’t! But only once per day!), that’s completely intentional; I want it to be a locus of interesting decisions and/or deliberate planning to set up situations where it can be used for maximum impact. Also worth noting that not every character needs every Evocation: for example, a sorcerer-assassin can probably get great value out of Night-Drinking Meditation and Unfettered Shade Dissolution alone, without branching out into demon summoning.
              Balance-wise, it’s another „fast track to power”, much like Night-Drinking Meditation itself: the ability to cross multiple range bands and to move through impassable obstacles both appear at Essence 3 in the Solar charmset. However, the equivalent in Athletics, Godspeed Steps takes its user across three range bands for 4m 1wp, so I feel comfortable pegging an 8m 1wp, once per day effect that reaches out to medium as appropriate for Essence 2. As for the equivalent in Larceny, Door-Evading Technique, it is bound by the limitations inherent to the Solar charmset; as Unfettered Shade Dissolution represents a strange and esoteric effect gained through a pact with a powerful denizen of Malfeas instead of a logical outgrowth of mortal skill sharpened to a legendary degree, it can be allowed to access overt displays of supernatural might earlier. And, of course, there’s the whole „once per day” thing, too.

              Mara’s Embrace

              Cost: 4m, Mins: Essence 2
              Type: Supplemental
              Keywords: Decisive-only
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Force-Swallowing Darkness Defense

              The sorcerer’s tattoos rip themselves off of her skin in the form of serpentine shadows that grasp at her opponent, empowered by the same forces that fuel her magic.
              This Evocation enhances a Grapple gambit, granting double 9s on the attack roll if the target is standing in darkness or shadow heavy enough to qualify as concealment for attempting stealth, holds an Intimacy of love or lust toward the sorcerer, or if it’s new moon or Calibration. Double 8s if two criteria are met, double 7s if all three are.

              Comments: living tattoos! Black Claw synergy! What more could anybody ask for?
              Pricing notes: doubles can be devastating or useless, depending on how you roll. On average, they’re worth +0.1 success per die, so 2m per double seems like a reasonable price point for a splat that can go up to 20 dice on a roll (well, 23 with sufficiently advanced munchkinization). Of course, this completely ignores that these are non-Charm successes and should accordingly be priced much more conservatively, but given the fact that maximizing one’s grappling pool is rarely a priority for a sorcerer, and reliably arranging situations where at least two criteria are met takes some planning and forethought which should be rewarded, I’m feeling rather confident that the end result won’t end up being gamebreaking.
              Of course, if there’s a sudden surge in Supernal Brawlers who express a strong interest in picking up the eerily specific combination of occult, seduction and stealth as their secondary competencies, I may end up revising that opinion.

              Kiss of Draining Shadows

              Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2
              Type: Reflexive
              Keywords: None
              Duration: Until the grapple ends
              Prerequisites: Mara’s Embrace

              This Evocation can be used during a grapple attempt initiated by, or targeting the character. After the grapple’s attack and Initiative roll have succeeded, but before the control roll, Kiss of Draining Shadows can be activated to siphon (Essence/2, round up) dots of Strength off of the opponent the sorcerer is grappling with. Dots lost by the victim are gained by the character for the duration of the grapple, explicitly counting as a bonus added by Charms. Kiss of Draining Shadows can’t reduce a character below Strength 1, nor can it increase the sorcerer’s Strength rating above double its normal value.
              If the character incapacitates her opponent before the grapple ends, Strength dots gained through this Evocation persist for the duration of the scene; moreover, whenever she takes a shape sorcery action, she may sacrifice a dot of extra Strength to gain three additional sorcerous motes.

              Comments: another riff on the living tattoo aesthetics, this time emphasizing Mara’s vampiric themes. In addition to the Black Claw synergy, it's also intended to help defend against incoming grapples, which tend to be a death sentence for squishy sorcerers.
              As a side note, it may or may not be worth noting that the wording of this Evocation results in two interesting emergent qualities. First is that at high Essence, it can actually be more beneficial to grapple high-Strength opponents because you can leech more Strength dots off of them, since the victim can’t lose dots that would take them below Strength 1, and only dots lost by the victim are gained by the user. (I like to imagine that Mara would heartily approve of this preference for muscular hunks.) Second is that since Strength dots gained by incapacitating an opponent can be converted into smotes and a character can’t leech off more than his normal rating, high-Strength sorcerers are objectively better at casting spells.
              Of course, neither of these is likely to become relevant at most tables, since 60 sessions are a lot to play through.

              Night-Rallying Call

              Cost: (demon’s Essence)*2m; Essence: 3
              Type: Reflexive
              Keywords: None
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Thousand-Fanged Night Manifestation

              Drawing upon her patron's affinity for demons, the sorcerer lets out an irresistible call her servants hear and obey immediately, no matter where they are.
              In conjunction with activating the prerequisite, the sorcerer may call a demon summoned and bound by her to her side as long as it’s in Creation, regardless of distance, by paying motes equal to twice the demon’s permanent Essence. Demons summoned with Night-Rallying Call are eligible to benefit from Thousand-Fanged Night Manifestation even if they are not of the First Circle.

              Comments: discount Twilight anima power to the rescue! Except it’s good for Twilights as well since they can’t normally bind Second Circles as familiars.
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              Evocations for the demonic tattoos gained from the Pact with Mara sorcerous initiation || Pyre-Kindler (Soulsteel and Red Jade Grimscythe, Artifact 3) || Tenebrous Descent (Stormcaller's Black Jade Reaver Daiklave cousin, Artifact 5)
              Advice for running the corebook shikari antagonists


              • Sun and Moon Sheath(Articulated Plate, 4-dots)
                This armour is forged with a thousand scales Orichalcum attached to a thick layer of liquid Moonsilver, each scale is carved with prayer to both The Unconquered Sun and Luna. The Moonsilver constantly shifts through prayers invoking the glory of the heavens themselves, and calling their blessings down on the bearer. It was forged by a cadre of Dragon-Blooded, working with their worst enemies, a small group of Lunars during the Balorian crusade in a desperate attempt to create something that would stem the tides of Chaos. Sadly, the Artifact they created had other ideas, as the craftsmen were assaulted with visions of the celestial bodies in all their glory. The Wyld eventually claimed their hideout as well, but not before they finished the armour. And so, satisfied and their purpose complete, they charged into certain deaths against the Fae, while the armour fell into the Wyld, where it would remain. However, rumours of its existence and location constantly abound, even though none have ever laid eyes on it since it was forged.

                Thanks to Kilbert for helping with the Evocations.

                A Solar or Lunar that attunes this armour for an additional 2 motes finds that it will always fit them perfectly, reducing its mobility penalty by 1.

                Dawn's Glorious Ascent

                Cost: 2m; Essence: 1
                Type: Supplemental
                Keywords: Perilous
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisites: None

                The Heavens bear the wearer up to ever greater heights. This charm supplements a jump, or an action to rise from prone.

                If used to supplement a jump, the bearer does not fall from its apex until his next turn, held in the a halo of light. However, he may not activate this charm to prevent falling damage.

                Alternatively, this evocation may be used to reflexively rise from prone.

                (First Editing run: I like this, I think I'll keep it...)

                Mystery Concealing Crescent

                Cost: 3m; Essence: 1
                Type: Reflexive
                Keywords: None
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisites: None

                The bearer of the armour may activate this evocation in response to a successful Reed Intentions action. Using this charm, the bearer creates a false intimacy that is read alongside a real one, or a false purpose to be read alongside a real purpose. There is no way to distinguish between the two, though using the charm causes silver crescent to appear around the bearers irises.

                (And this too, I think is fine)

                Heavenly Noonday Brilliance

                Cost: 4m; Essence: 3
                Type: Supplemental
                Keywords: None
                Duration: Instant
                Prerequisites: Dawn's Glorious Ascent

                Drawing deeper on the glory of the Sun, the bearer finds his own glory magnified. If the bearer's anima is at the dim level, he may double 9s on a presence roll. If it is at the glowing level, he may double 8s or ignore the penalty for attempting to influence groups. If it is at the Bonfire level, he may double 7s and ignore the penalties for affecting groups.

                No matter which of the options he chooses, he may only use this charm once per day, resetting the following noon.

                (This is a nice bug evocation. I think I'll bump it up to being the Capstone for the Sun Branch, and drop in magnificent light.)

                Blessed Full Moon

                Cost: 5m; Essence: 2
                Type: Simple
                Keywords: None
                Duration: Scene
                Prerequisites: Mystery Concealing Crescent

                By spending a turn in prayer to the Silver Lady, the bearer cloaks themselves in mystery and silver light. The caster's movements are difficult to follow as she moves from one location to the next. Nor can the method of movement be discerned. The bearer simply appears to be in one place and then another. Even more insidiously, silver after images flow around her, inflicting a -1 penalty on all attack rolls for the scene.

                (In Magnificent Light

                Cost: 6m, 3a; Essence: 3
                Type: Simple
                Keywords: None
                Duration: Scene
                Prerequisites: Heavenly Noonday Brilliance

                After using Dawn's Glorious Ascent, the bearer sheds their anima, casting it towards the ground like golden rain. For the rest of the scene they gain a brilliant white anima banner which functions like the anima of a Dragon-Blood and may not be exhausted by any means. However, they lose access to any abilities granted to them by their normal anima banner.) Removed

                Hollow Black Moon

                Cost: 7m; Essence: 3
                Type: Simple
                Keywords: None
                Duration: (Essence) Turns
                Prerequisites: Blessed Full Moon

                Spending a further turn in prayer after the activation of Blessed Full Moon causes the cloak of silver light to darken and eventually become completely black. Each turn the bearer spends wreathed in this darkness, the bearer may reflexively choose one real intimacy and generate one false intimacy of matching strength. At the end of the duration these intimacies are switched, and the now false intimacies are cast out, becoming pale reflections of the caster. Until the end of the scene, the caster may move these pale images about as he pleases with but a thought. At the end of the scene, the illusions merge once more with the character, and he may choose which intimacies to retain, while the others are consumed by the armour.

                Removing these. Well. Hollow Black Moon makes enough sense, but In Magnificent Light doesn't so... Scrap that. Replace In Magnificent Light with the following:

                Descent of the Celestial Dragon

                Cost: +8m; Essence: 4
                Type: Simple
                Keywords: None
                Duration: Scene
                Prerequisites: Hollow Black Moon, Heavenly Noonday Brilliance

                Calling on the absolute dominance of the Sun and Moon over the Heavens, the attuned ascends unto the heavens. By paying an 8 mote surcharge on Hollow Black Moon during the night or Heavenly Noonday Brilliance during the day, along with the benefits of either charm, the attuned gains the benefits of Soaring Dragon's Flight. Furthermore, they may cause immediate and drastic changes in the weather by spending a turn making an appropriate stunt; they may not take any other action during this turn

                And I appear to be somewhat all over the place with this, and any help would be appreciated. Still stands.
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                • This thread continues to be a joy to read. Keep it up everyone!

                  I'd like to issue a challenge. Some of you have done this, others haven't. But I challenge you all to make Artifacts that have innate, by-the-rules drawbacks, without removing them in the magic of the Artifact.

                  Examples include:
                  -Make Throwing weapons that don't return to you.
                  -Make armor with mobility penalty that you don't get to reduce
                  -Make armor that doesn't magically count as not-armor for martial arts
                  -Make weapons with tags that don't let you ignore the cost, difficulty, or limitations of those tags (like Smashing)
                  -Make Heavy Weapons that keep that -1 Defense penalty

                  It's so easy to think of magical items as "like the base stuff, but without those pesky drawbacks". I'll be the first to admit being guilty of this, but the beauty of the Evocation system is that they don't have to work in this way. You'll notice that almost none of the Dev-created Artifacts ignore the innate difficulties of the items. Their advantages are not directly related to the item in question.

                  You could make a sword that lets you fly like an eagle. An armor that lets you walk through walls. A shield that purifies any liquid that falls across its surface. A hammer that forges bones together better than metal.

                  I challenge you all to embrace the difficulties of the system, and find ways to express your artifact with other advantages. I'll not judge anyone who wants to keep making your heavy artifact armor that works for a snake martial artist if that's what you want to make. But if you do, it's not part of my challenge. Cheers!

                  I post Artifacts in this thread. How I make them is in this thread.
                  I have made many tools and other things for 3rd Edition. I now host all of my creations on my Google site: The Vault of the Unsung Hero


                  • Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post
                    This thread continues to be a joy to read. Keep it up everyone!

                    I'd like to issue a challenge. Some of you have done this, others haven't. But I challenge you all to make Artifacts that have innate, by-the-rules drawbacks, without removing them in the magic of the Artifact.
                    I don't know how this one does for your challenge but here is my attempt its all about mote manipulation and its got the built in downside of being normally a melee weapon unless its activated and then its a brawl weapon:

                    This weapon comes from an idea for a Zanpakto from bleach. The basic concept is from there so I decided to keep the transforming aspect of release.

                    Lady(Lord) Gwenevere (Starmetal and Moonsilver Reaper Daiklave) Artifact 5(?)

                    Lady Gwenevere was originally a goddess of trickery and decipetion. She climibed high in the celestial bureaucracy through a mix of betrayal and theft, going so far as to steal prayers from her betters and use the gained power to power overthrow and raise in power. This continued in the first age until she stole from Luna. Getting caught she was quickly turned to starmetal. The twilight that worked on the weapon she as to become found that the metal spoke to him and almost seduced him. The goddess cheated like she always did and was still conciouss in her hunk of starmetal and seduced her crafter into giving her the chance to live again and seduce her weilder. Allowing her to steal the power of her weilder and those she attacks.

                    Special: The wielder of this weapon gets a positive intimacy of Romatic Love. The weapon pretends like it is whatever gender the wielder finds attractive.

                    Drain Gwenevere
                    Cost: 10m -0 LHL Mins: Essence 1
                    Type: Simple
                    Duration: One Scene
                    Prerequisites: Minor Intimacy of Love for the weapon.
                    The weapon twists and shifts wrapping around the wielders hand like a glove. The tip of the blade splits and strikes into the weilders wrist drawing blood and drawing essence from the wielder awaken the sleeping goddess in the blade. While in this form the weapon has several special abilities:
                    First it becomes an light artifact weapon with all the normal tags associated with a mundane cetus with meaning the weapon can no longer be used with melee.
                    Secound all people within medium range must pay an additional essence at each instances of essence use, this tax is also paid by the wielder. This mote tax is always drained from personal essence first. If this tax cannot be paid the person loses 1 Init dues to discomfort of their essence being pulled to the negative.
                    Finally the weapon gains a 20 mote essence pool that is initially empty. The weapon gains the mote tax from all the people effected by the essence drain in addition it gains one mote per round in combat taking that mote from the wielders normal essence gain. (the wielder only gains 4 motes per round) These motes be used only on attacks with the weapon or on the evocations of the weapon. Should the weapons mote pool be full any excess motes gained are added to the wielders pools.
                    The essence to activate this weapon is not committed and the health level cost is waived if all of the weilder -0 health levels are already filled with lethal damage.

                    Alternate idea:
                    Secound all people within Medium range lose 1 mote of peripheral essence at each instance of Essence expenditure. This affects the wielder.
                    Finally the weapon gains a 20 mote essence pool initially with 10 motes in it. The weapon drains 1 mote of the personal pool and adds it to its essence pool with each strike against a person with essence. If the blow hits a person with no personal essence it adds one additional success to the damage or Init roll as its ripped from the affected persons soul.
                    For the purposes of this effect spirits essence pool counts as both personal and peripheral.

                    Taste the Essence
                    Cost: 1m Mins: Essence 2
                    Type: Reflexive
                    Duration: Until next turn
                    Prerequisites: Drain Gwenevere
                    This Evocation can only be active when Drain Gwenevere is active.
                    This charm gives the weilder the ability to taste the essence in the air. It allows him to see beings that can wield essence. Spirits are always visible to this charm in any form they take. Beings with separate essence pools are not always fully visible. Any being that has mote left in his personal essence is visible as if he were a spirit. If the being has no essence remaining in his personal essence pool all actions against him take -1 penalty if this is the sense used to locate him. If the being is not a spirit and has no essence remaining in its pools (or has no essence pools to begin with) it is considered invisible to this charm.

                    Cult Stealing Strike
                    Cost: 4m Mins: Essence 2
                    Type: Supplmental
                    Keywords: Decisive only
                    Duration: Instant (Health levels dealt days)
                    Prerequisites: Drain Gwenevere
                    This charm supplements a Decisive attack against a spirit. It may strike Immatiel spirit normally. In addition should the spirit have accesss to a cult this attack steals the connection to its cult. For every health level of damage dealt that is how many days the spirit does not gain the benfits of its cult instead the weilder gains it. Should the Spirit be permantly killed the cult rating stays with the solar until the worship ends naturally. (Usually a season).

                    Essence burning Strike
                    Cost: 5m + 1 willpower Mins: Essence3
                    Type: Simple
                    Keywords: Withering only
                    Duration: Instant
                    Prerequisites: Taste the essence, cult Stealing strike
                    This Evocation can only be used once per day and only when drain Gwenevere is active. This evocation creates a special withering attack. Instead of damaging the enemies it instead drains motes of essence. This attack ignores soak from armor but adds the foes essence to his natural soak. Every success on the withering damage roll drains 1 mote from the targets essence. If Drain Gwenever is active Gwenevere gains half the essence burned this way. If this leaves the essence pool empty the burn instead deals a lethal health level per 2 motes that would have been burned away. This evocation can be reset by stealing a cult rating from a spirit such as with Cult Stealing Strike.
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                    • Could someone adapt the Sharur?

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                      • Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post
                        I challenge you all to embrace the difficulties of the system, and find ways to express your artifact with other advantages. I'll not judge anyone who wants to keep making your heavy artifact armor that works for a snake martial artist if that's what you want to make. But if you do, it's not part of my challenge. Cheers!
                        I believe I've stayed within these lines with Sanguis, seeing as you can wield it with one hand, but you do not ignore the Two-Handed tag. You can wield it with one hand as more of a thematic thing.
                        Which by the way, you seem active on these forums often, and especially here in the A&E one, so I was hoping you might be able to look over my artifact and give some feedback? I'm looking for ways to make sure it's...acceptable, by more than just my standards. I've always been horrendous when it comes to balancing charms.


                        • Here is the next iteration of the Armor of Wily Murk. Please critique.

                          Armor of Wily Murk (Orichalcum chain shirt ***)

                          An exalt who attunes the Armor of Wily Murk gains one automatic non-charm success to the larceny roll to conceal it.

                          Evocations of the Armor of Wily Murk

                          Cover of Darkness Approach
                          Cost: 10m, Mins: Essence 1
                          Type: Simple
                          Keywords: Mute
                          Duration: Indefinite
                          Prerequisite Evocations: None

                          The Armor of Wily Murk drinks in light, shrouding everything around it in shadow. This evocation creates a could of darkness around the wearer that extends to short range. Any action taken by someone other than the wearer within this could suffers the -3 penalty for blindness.

                          Hidden by Darkness Method
                          Cost: --, Mins: Essence 2
                          Type: Permanent
                          Keywords: None
                          Duration: Permanent
                          Prerequisite Evocations: Cover of Darkness Approach

                          This evocation permanently upgrades it's prerequisite, making it count as an attempt by the wearer to establish stealth, perception or awareness based rolls to contest this attempt suffer the -3 penalty for blindness.

                          Grue Imitation Prana
                          Cost: 1m, Mins: Essence 3
                          Type: Supplemental
                          Keywords: Uniform, Mute
                          Duration: Instant
                          Prerequisite Evocations: Hidden by Darkness Method

                          This charm supplements an attack roll made by any ability, making it count as an ambush as long as the target is within the cloud created by Cover of Darkness Approach.


                          • Pact With Mara Demonic Tattoo Evocations

                            Apprentice Demonologist

                            Cost: -; Mins: Essence 1
                            Type: Permanent
                            Keywords: -
                            Duration: Permanent
                            Prerequisites: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Demon of the First Circle

                            The inky black tattoos which cover your chakra points become swirling mandalas of demonic potency, growing as your skill in the dark arts grows. You may reduce the ritual time of Demon of the First Circle by up to (Essence + Occult, Divided by 2, round up) hours. At essence 5+ it becomes possible to cast Summon Demon of the First Circle in combat, it requires 2WP and 25 sorcerous motes.

                            Gate of Ruin
                            Cost: 5m 1wp; Mins: Essence 2
                            Type: Supplemental
                            Keywords: -
                            Duration: Instantaneous
                            Prerequisites: Apprentice Demonologist

                            You are able to open a larger fissure between creation and malfeas, hauling more demons through in one ritual than is probably wise. Your thirst for power however is unquenchable. This charm supplements the binding roll on a Summon Demon of the First Circle ritual. Before making the binding roll choose the number of first circle demons you wish to attempt to summon. For each additional demon, treat the difficulty of the binding roll as one higher. You may attempt to summon up to (Essence + Occult) first circle demons at a time.

                            Journeyman Demonologist
                            Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3
                            Type: Permanent
                            Keywords: -
                            Duration: Permanent
                            Prerequisites: Apprentice Demonologist, Celestial Circle Sorcery, Demon of the Second Circle

                            Your black chakra tattoos grow even larger and more complex, your mastery of the dark arts growing alongside them. You now have the power to command Demons of the Second Circle, and whats more, you have the skill to do so. Whenever making a binding roll against a Demon of the Second Circle, you are able to attempt banishings even if you fail by three or more on the binding roll.

                            The Time is Now
                            Cost: 10m 1wp; Mins: Essence 4
                            Type: Reflexive
                            Keywords: -
                            Duration: One Scene
                            Prerequisites: Journeyman Demonologist

                            Your skill is now such that not even the position of celestial bodies can prevent you from achieving your goals. The Time is Now. You may summon Demons of the First Circle even during daytime, and Demons of the Second Circle without the presence of a full moon at night. If you have Master Demonologist, you may additionally summon Demons of the Third Circle at night outside of Calibration.

                            Master Demonologist
                            Cost: 15m 1wp; Mins: Essence 5
                            Type: Reflexive
                            Keywords: -
                            Duration: Instantaneous
                            Prerequisites: Journeyman Demonologist, Solar Circle Sorcery, Demon of the Third Circle

                            Your black chakra tattoos are now complete, moving and twisting and changing constantly in ways that are slightly painful to look at, you have achieved true mastery of of Demonology. Whenever you roll to bind a demon through any of the Demon of the (Number) Circle spells and fail, you may reflexively activate this charm to roll again with the same modifiers as the previous roll, no additional charms may be used on this roll.
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                            • The Unsung Hero Octopoid

                              I don't suppose either of you would be willing to critique the Armor of Wily Murk?



                              Those are some very powerful evocations. My gut says that the effect against 3rd Circles is too strong for a pact with a 2nd Circle like Mara.


                              • Which effect against 3rd circles? The only evocation that assists with that on the 'tree' is the last, which allows you a reroll (aside from the time is now, which is sort of a rehash of an old 2e charm).