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  • Originally posted by inksplatterm View Post
    Cost: 6m, 3i, 1wp. Mins: Essence 3.
    Type: Simple Tags: Aggravated, Decisive-Only
    Duration: instant
    Prerequisites: Ride the Lightning, Static Cage

    With a shout, Surge's wielder summons a spark of lightning within Surge and fires it into their opponent.
    If within close or short range, the attack is made with (Dexterity + Melee), but if it's made from Medium or long range, the attack uses (Dexterity + Thrown). In either case, the decisive attack does aggravated damage with a base damage of the attack roll's successes. The attack ignores hardness, and cannot be blocked or dodged without the use of a Charm. It does not include initiative in it's damage roll, but it does reset initiative to base.
    The only part that really caught my attention was this last evocation. It doesn't use initiative for the damage roll but it does reset. But it also has initiative in the cost. So where does that initiative get spent? Is it irrelevant because the exalt will just reset anyways? If so, why is it in the cost? Or does it take place AFTER resetting to base, in which case they're going to crash themselves every time? (unless they're a Dawn who resets to 4) If it doesn't matter, I'd remove it.

    After that, I'd ask how powerful is it to give someone a decisive attack they can spam without regard for Initiative that ignores Hardness? That sounds like a great way to kill anyone every fight ever. Something this strong sounds like a "once per scene" sort of deal, or at LEAST with a heavy reset condition, or a complex trigger in the first place. There needs to be some sort of limiter, because if I had this power I'd just wreck everything every combat.

    Otherwise, looks cool to me.

    I post Artifacts in this thread. How I make them is in this thread.
    I have made many tools and other things for 3rd Edition. I now host all of my creations on my Google site: The Vault of the Unsung Hero


    • So I've made progress on the thing, still not really feeling it though. Suggestions, ideas and criticisms are welcome.

      Ancestors' Anguish – soulsteel & black jade bead chain (dire chain, Artifact ●●●)
      Tags: Bashing, Grappling, Martial Arts, Disarming, Flexible, Reaching

      Created some time during the Shogunate by a Champion of Sijan, Ancestor's Anguish is a man-long string of fist-sized Black Jade beads, each with a Soulsteel core forged out of the nephwrack patrons of a now-extinguished ancestor-cult of Deadspeakers.

      Ancestor's Anguish is compatible with DPC and other martial arts that use decorative items such as scarves and sashes.

      Embraced by the damned
      Cost: 3m per hl
      Type: Simple
      Duration: indefinite
      Keywords: ???
      Minimums: Essence 1

      The Exalt wears the beads around their neck and says a prayer, calling upon the ghosts imprisoned in Ancestor's Anguish to protect her with their own corpus. A subtle shroud of ectoplasm, visible only to those who can see the immaterial, covers the wielder and provides up to [Essence] temporary -0 health levels. When releasing motes committed to this charm during combat, the damage they contain is converted into initiative: 1i for each point of Bashing Damage and 2i for each point of Lethal or Aggravated Damage.

      These health levels don't simply vanish, they are a part of the souls imprisoned in Ancestors' Anguish and at most 10 health levels can be filled before they need to be recharged ((or "healed"?)) either by submerging the Artifact in blood (which it drinks) or through an hour-long prayer ritual in remembrance of one's ancestors, using incense, prayer strips and burnt offerings.

      Striking Fear
      Cost: 5m 2i
      Type: Simple
      Duration: 1 action (target)
      Keywords: Uniform, Psyche (fear)
      Minimums: Essence 2
      Prerequisites: Embraced by the damned

      The Exalt makes an unholy mudra against a target as an Occult-based ranged attack that uses Thrown accuracy rules, pounding a ghostly symbol into their chest that freezes their body with fear. As well as dealing damage, treat successes on the damage roll as Social Influence creating or reinforcing a Tie of Abject Terror. If this influence succeeds, the target may not move towards the character on their next turn. Moving away requires a Disengage attempt as far as Medium Range. Faced with this influence, Mortals normally attempt to run away.

      This Evocation can be used outside of combat, ignoring the initiative cost and rolling an Instill action in place of an attack. This version of Striking Fear deals no damage, but may be used against groups at the usual penalty.

      Heart-Chilling Snare
      Cost: 7m 2i or 7m 1wp (The initiative cost is paid after resetting to base)
      Type: reflexive
      Duration: Special
      Keywords: Psyche (apathy, lethargy)
      Minimums: Essence 2?
      Prerequisites: Striking Fear

      The damned reach out of their prison, their limbs mirroring the actions of their master. The wielder activates this Evocation after rolling the damage of a Decisive Attack in which Ancestor's Anguish was used, dulling a number of intimacies whose total (positive) value is equal to or less than the health levels inflicted. For example, with 5 damage one can dull a Defining Intimacy (4) or one Minor and one Major (2+3). The wielder must be aware of the intimacies they wish to affect.

      Until the next sunrise or until the next time they see the sun, whichever is longer, the wielder may treat the intimacies affected in this way as their own while the originator treats those intimacies as one degree lower, having them tainted with lethargy and doubt.
      Only one use of this Evocation may be active at a time.

      This Evocation may be used outside of combat, substituting the initiative cost by 1wp and rolling an Instill action in place of a Decisive Attack.
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      • Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post

        The only part that really caught my attention was this last evocation. It doesn't use initiative for the damage roll but it does reset. But it also has initiative in the cost. So where does that initiative get spent? Is it irrelevant because the exalt will just reset anyways? If so, why is it in the cost? Or does it take place AFTER resetting to base, in which case they're going to crash themselves every time? (unless they're a Dawn who resets to 4) If it doesn't matter, I'd remove it.

        After that, I'd ask how powerful is it to give someone a decisive attack they can spam without regard for Initiative that ignores Hardness? That sounds like a great way to kill anyone every fight ever. Something this strong sounds like a "once per scene" sort of deal, or at LEAST with a heavy reset condition, or a complex trigger in the first place. There needs to be some sort of limiter, because if I had this power I'd just wreck everything every combat.

        Otherwise, looks cool to me.
        Thank you for your comments!!

        taking them into consideration here's an edit

        Cost: 6m, 1wp. Mins: Essence 3.
        Type: Simple Tags: Aggravated, Decisive-Only
        Duration: instant
        Prerequisites: Ride the Lightning, Static Cage

        With a shout, Surge's wielder summons a spark of lightning within Surge and fires it into their opponent.
        If within close or short range, the attack is made with (Dexterity + Melee), but if it's made from Medium or long range, the attack uses (Dexterity + Thrown). In either case, the decisive attack does aggravated damage with a base damage equal to the attack roll's successes. The attack ignores hardness, and cannot be blocked or dodged without the use of a Charm. It does not include initiative in it's damage roll, but it does reset initiative to base.

        special activation rules: After Thunderbolt is used, Surge needs to be recharged before it can use Thunderbolt again. To achieve this recharge, Surge may either be left out in a thunderstorm to be struck by lightning, or it cannot be used at all in the next two combat scenes.


        • Hello!
          I've been working on a pair of artifacts for my night caste archer, the main idea for this set was to have a bow that could be stealthily concealed in the cloak and be drawn directly from its fabric, then it sort of evolved into full cloth/loom set. The thing is, I've no idea how to balance them or what their ratings should be. I'd really appreciate any kind of feedback, mostly regarding blatantly overpowered/useless stuff, and possible costs (required essence and motes - for both artifacts, every evoc has all the previous ones as prereqs). Don't worry about styling/wording errors, I'd like to get the mechanics down first. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as this is basically my first time attempting to come up with any sort of evocs, much less an entire set of artifacts.

          Hands of the Invisible Seamstress, Moonsilver Cloak and Starmetal Bow (5*, 5*)
          These twinned artifacts were forged in the image of Fateweaver, a mythical figure known only by the word of mouth, by a Sidereal named Outstanding Contribution to the Historical Process. Having heard the legends of the seamstress who could manipulate the fabric of reality itself, the exalt decided to make the legend come true and create items that would reflect Fateweaver’s legendary prowess. Coincidentally, by assuming Fateweaver’s identity, she managed to erase the legend from the minds of people of Creation.
          Cloth appears as a dark, tattered cloth made out of Moonsliver threads. Its protection is equal to that of an artifact light armor.
          Loom is a Starmetal artifact powerbow with spindle motifs and several perpendicular moonsilver thread bowstrings.

          Special Rule: Cloth (cloak) and Loom (powerbow), the component artifacts of the Hands of the Invisible Seamstress, only work in tandem with each other. To gain benefits of any, the user has to attune to both. In addition, its evocations are purchased in pairs for double the usual price.
          By attuning to the Hands of the Invisible Seamstress, the wielder gains the ability to fully conceal the bow in the fabric of the cloak, appearing as a starmetal pattern on its back. The user is always treated as having the bow in her hands, ready to strike, as long as her hands are empty.
          The Loom cannot fire regular arrows, only those made out of Cloth’s threads, which require no additional cost. They are fully compatible with archery charms such as Fiery Arrow and so on.
          After a long, intensive battle with many arrows shot, the Cloth may (up to the Storyteller’s discretion) appear as nothing but a small swatch due to losing so many strands, decreasing its soak and hardness until the threads recover at midnight.
          Special Resource: The Cloth and Loom use a special resource called spun threads (st) to fuel their evocations. By default, the pool contains 3 threads, and resets to that value once per day, at midnight. In addition, the user can collect additional threads:
          • Attacking an enemy with an arrow fired from the Loom awards the user 1 spun thread (always 1, even in case of multi-target/multi-arrow attacks)
          • Whenever an enemy has been struck by an arrow fired from the Loom (again, only the main target for multiple target attacks. If there is no main target, the one chosen by the user), a thin bond of fate is created between the Cloth and the enemy struck. Whenever a Bonded target advances on the wielder, award 1 spun thread for every range band moved.
          For every spun thread in reserve, ignore 1 die penalty to stealth attempts.

          Creation and Destruction
          Requirements: essence 2, stealth 2, archery 2

          Loom: Needle Follows the Thread[4m 1+st]
          Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Tags: Stackable, Withering-only
          The Fateweaver can effortlessly retrace and recreate her steps, finding it easier and easier to replicate an existing pattern. Using this evocation increases post-soak damage by 3, provided the target has been previously Bonded. For every subsequent use of this evocation on attacks against the same enemy, increase post-soak damage by 3 more (so 3, then 6, then 9 etc), but also increase the st cost by 1. Cap is equal to the user’s essence.

          Cloth: Thread Follows the Needle [4m 1+st]
          Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Tags: Dual
          The Fateweaver can effortlessly retrace and recreate her steps, finding it easier and easier to repair a damaged pattern. Use this evocation while attempting to re-enter stealth during combat. Waive the usual penalty for entering stealth in combat, and increase soak by 3 and hardness by 2 against the next attack that successfully hits the user. Subsequent activations of this evocation increase the st cost by 1 and boost the bonus soak by +3 and hardness by +2 . This increases for every use up to the Solar’s essence. (eg up to 9 soak and 6 hardness for 1 attack in exchange for 3 st). If she has not been hit yet, the new instance of the evocation replaces the previous one. If the user wishes so, this evocation can be used to heal normally instead of creating temporary hls. In that case, subsequent uses heal a number of hls equal to the spun threads spent, but the evocation becomes a simple action that cannot be placed in a flurry. The user still cannot heal more hls per day than her essence. In both cases, the user must spend 1 more st with every activation up to the essence cap - she cannot opt to depower the evocation to lower the cost.

          Unity and Division
          Requirements: essence 3, stealth 3, archery 3

          Loom: Two Strands Converge [5m 1wp 2st]
          Type: Simple; Duration: Instant; Tags: Withering-only
          As fickle as ever, The Fateweaver pays little attention to the whereabouts of her threads. Having them mingle with one another only refines her work further. The user fires a withering arrow that splits in flight, aiming at two opponents who share a range band. Halve the raw damage of the attacks if they hit. (min. Overwhelming damage still applies, add any post-soak damage as usual as well) If both enemies are hit, their essences are interwoven. One cannot move without the other, necessitating a delay action until both can act on the same tick if they wish to change range bands. They also suffer an accuracy penalty equal to each other’s essence. Either character can lessen his penalty by tagging a positive intimacy towards the other (by the usual worth of the intimacy). The effect lasts for an amount of turns equal to the amount of successes on the lower damage roll + the user’s essence, divided by two, rounded up.

          Cloth: Lone Strand Diverges [5m 1wp 2st]
          Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Tags: Perilous
          As fickle as ever, The Fateweaver pays little attention to the whereabouts of her thread. Having it disjoint only refines her work further. When the user succeeds on a disengage attempt, she may reflexively activate this charm. Refund the initiative cost of disengage. The user’s being begins to unravel, blurring her form. Until the end of the subsequent round after this evocation was used, all combatants wishing to attack her must first delay their actions by at least 3 ticks as their hesitation makes them unable to mount a precise strike. The initiative lost as a result of delaying actions is awarded to the solar with a cap of the user’s essence*2.

          Requirements: essence 4, stealth 4, archery 4

          Loom: Fate, Unraveled [1m per st, all remaining st]
          Type: Simple; Duration: One Round; Tags: Decisive-Only
          When she is not satisfied with the results of her work, the Fateweaver simply discards the failure without thought, and spreads new cloth in its place. This evocation uses up all remaining spun threads and severs the bonds, disabling the ability to gather more spun threads until the artifact restores itself at midnight. The user launches an attack up to the weapon’s range that ignores hardness equal to the amount of threads used. If the attack deals at least 1 health level of damage, convert all damage levels recorded in the target’s health track to aggravated damage, up to the number of spun threads used. Based on the amount of health track filled with aggravated damage after being attacked by this evocation, one of the following occurs:
          Less than half - the target becomes partially woven out of Creation, taking a missing limb flaw of their choosing. Any positive intimacy towards the user is dropped by a level - minor intimacies disappear. These penalties last until all aggravated damage is removed.
          Less than full - the target becomes almost fully woven out of creation, taking both missing limb flaws. Any positive intimacy towards the user is dropped by two levels - both minor and major intimacies disappear. These penalties last until all aggravated damage is removed.
          Full health track - the target is woven out of creation. They die instantly, any trace of their existence is removed from history, and from memories, except the artifact wielder’s. The user can share her memories with people she has at least a major intimacy towards, granting them full recollection of the removed character.

          Cloth: Fate, Rewoven [10m 1wp]
          Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Tags: Uniform
          When she is not satisfied with the results of her work, the Fateweaver simply sets the failure aside, and uses it as a guideline to improve her next work. In order to make use of this evocation, the wielder of the Hands must first erase a character with Fate, Unraveled. When subject to an attack, the user can recall the removed character’s memory. The recalled character proceeds to protect the user to the best of his ability, acting on the tick he has been summoned on (before the attacker’s strike against the wielder resolves.. The character can clash attacks aimed at the user, can use distract gambits (using the wielder’s init but not actually reducing it), use social attacks to dissuade the enemies from attacking, and so on - up to the Storyteller’s discretion, but always to the best of his ability. In case of social actions, the enemies cannot spend wp to resist them. Any enemy that used to have a positive tie towards the returned character is assaulted by a sudden, painful influx of memories, taking a -3 penalty to all mental ability-based rolls for (user’s essence) days. The character protects the user for a number of turns equal to her essence, then disappears forever. The user can store up to essence characters in her memory. If another one is Unraveled while the cap is full, choose a single character to remove.
          Alternatively, this charm can be used to summon the forgotten character outside combat. In this case, the evocation becomes a simple action. The returned character is compelled to answer up to essence questions to the best of her knowledge, then disappears forever.
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          • I've been working on some armor for the group's Dodge Supernal Dawn Caste; she's a Martial Artist of the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan style. ​This is what I've come up with; it's my first attempt at a homebrew artifact, so comments are very welcome! Thanks, all!
            Humble Pearl – Artifact 4 Silken Armor

            Humble Pearl is a set of Silken Armor with Starmetal bindings and whispersilk cloth. Humble Pearl was created by a Celestial God that was infatuated with Dancing Smile, a Chosen of Serenity. Which Celestial God it was is currently unknown, as the God forged himself into Humble Pearl in order to be as close to the object of his infatuation as possible. Dancing Smile came to appreciate the benefits of such an arrangement with the God and thereafter never took off Humble Pearl.

            Humble Pearl was no artifact sockets.

            The only valid dice pool for instilling Intimacies into Humble Pearl is Appearance + Martial Arts. For this purpose, Humble Pearl has a Resolve of 5.

            Attunement Benefits
            In addition to the normal benefit of Silken Armor, the wearer may pay a 2m surcharge on the attunement cost to reduce the Essence Requirement of Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Form by 1.
            Resonant: If a character is Resonant with Humble Pearl, the mote surcharge is reduced by 1.
            Dissonant: This benefit does not apply.
            Once a character reaches Essence 2 naturally, this surcharge obviously does not apply.

            Pearls Before Swine
            Cost: -
            Min: Essence 1
            Type: Permanent
            Tags: None
            Prerequisites: None

            Humble Pearl does not exert himself and does not put himself forward. Humble Pearl emphasizes the character's beauty, charm, and wit at the 'expense' of himself. A character who wishes to realize that Humble Pearl is, in fact, armor does so against a difficulty of the wearer's Appearance. If this roll fails, then the character believes that they either missed cleanly or that their attack was lost in the folds of the garment. This benefit does not apply to characters directly perceiving Essence flows, such as with All Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight.
            Resonant: This difficulty also applies to attempts to realize that Humble Pearl is even an artifact.

            Flashing Pearl Weave
            Cost: 3m
            Min: Essence 1
            Type: Supplemental
            Tag: Withering-Only
            Prerequisites: Pearls Before Swine

            Such is the effectiveness of Humble Pearl's emphasis on his wearer's features instead of his own that the attacks with Humble Pearl's sweeping sleeves and draping weaves are not noticed until almost too late. When using this Charm with an attack that uses Humble Pearl, the wearer can raise the Overwhelming characteristic of his attack to be equal to the wearer's Appearance.

            Languid Pearl Movement
            Cost: 4m, (Optionally, 3m, +1 WP)
            Min: Essence 2
            Type: Supplemental
            Tags: None
            Prerequisites: Flashing Pearl Weave

            Humble Pearl can also affect the senses of those watching his wearer. This Evocation allows the wearer to roll Appearance + Martial Arts vs. Resolve to reestablish surprise during combat. Outside of combat, the wearer may spend 3 motes and a Willpower and activate this charm when the character makes an Ambush attack. This usage, called Pearlescent Drowning Waves, allows the wearer to roll Appearance + Martial Arts to establish the difficulty to even be considered as a possible source of the attack, even if she is the only possible person. For example, if she used this while strangling a lover amidst their sheets and an Investigator failed to beat the number of successes the wearer rolled, the Investigator would likely conclude the lover died by suffocation by his own sheets.

            Distracting Pearl Hue
            Cost: 3m, 1 WP
            Min: Essence 2
            Type: Reflexive
            Tag: Psyche
            Prerequisites: Pearls Before Swine

            Humble Pearl's movements whilst the wearer performs the katas of the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan style can trigger a fixation on the wearer that is difficult to overcome. When the wearer activates Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Form, she may also reflexively activate this Evocation to roll an Appearance + Martial Arts pool against the Resolve of each opponent who can see her. Opponents whose Resolve is beaten must spend 2i to attack a character or battle group other than the wearer. An affected character may spend a point of Willpower to overcome this effect for a turn. Once a character spends Willpower points such that their Resolve+Willpower spent is greater than the wearer's Appearance, this effect is removed from the character for the rest of the scene.
            Resonant: If within Short Range of an opponent who spends initiative to ignore this, gain the initiative spent.
            Dissonant: An affected character only has to spend 1 WP to overcome the effect for the rest of the scene.

            Flashing Weave Defense
            Cost: 1m per die, 1 WP
            Min: Essence 2
            Type: Reflexive
            Tags: Perilous
            Prerequisites: Distracting Pearl Hue

            Humble Pearl will not suffer his charge to be hit easily. In major matters, he can move himself in ways to bend his wearer out of danger. When defending herself, the wearer may choose an intimacy not tied to Humble Pearl that is directly applicable to the current contest to add non-Charm dice to the roll equal to the intensity of the intimacy (or half that much to a static value). In so doing, the character gains an Minor Tie of Gratitude to Humble Pearl; if the character already has a Tie of Gratitude to Humble Pearl, it increases by one level (up to Defining). Once per session, reset by the character performing a burnt offering to Humble Pearl sufficient for the level of the Intimacy and succeeding on an Appearance + Martial Arts roll (see rules for prayers to Spirits).

            Resonant: This charm can be used once per scene.

            Sacrifice of Pearls
            Cost: Special
            Min: Essence 3
            Type: Reflexive
            Tags: None
            Prerequisites: Flashing Weave Defense, Languid Pearl Movement

            By this point, Humble Pearl will not suffer his charge to be permanently harmed or scarred. A character who knows this Evocation may not choose to accept a physical debilitation instead of being killed. However, Humble Pearl himself will sacrifice himself for his charge if the need is great. Once per season, in a situation where the choice exists to accept a physical debilitation or to die, Humble Pearl will sacrifice himself rather than allow his charge to die. This sacrifice manifests itself as the loss of all Evocations accessed in Humble Pearl (and the concomitant experience). This also reduces Humble Pearl to simple court garb until the wearer (or another, if the wearer still ends up dying) performs an Appearance + Martial Arts roll vs Difficulty 5 as well as sacrificing a minimum of Resources 4 to reawaken Humble Pearl.

            Resonant: After using this charm, the wearer only spends half the normal amount of experience to learn the Evocations of Humble Pearl.

            Dissonant: A character who uses this Charm may not ever reattune to Humble Pearl, although they may perform the prayer roll to reawaken Humble Pearl.

            Special: This charm may not be learned until the wearer has a Defining Tie of Gratitude to Humble Pearl and the wearer has created a Defining Tie of Adoration in Humble Pearl to herself.


            • Hey everybody! It's been a hot minute since I posted here last, but here I go again. Two artifacts again this time, one focused on poison (which probably needs a lot of work), and one built around Fae despite my rather loose knowledge on them. I hope they aren't too unplayable.

              __________________________________________________ _________________

              Ebon Fang of Corpse Breath (*** dot) Soulsteel Longfang
              Attunement Cost: 5m
              Hearthstone slots: 0
              I was not always a tool of death. I was once a tool of the hunt. I was something that was built to bring down the greatest of beasts for the good of all. Now I am something more, and something less. My name, my title, has changed. Once, I was the Emerald Spire of Singing Serpents, but that was before the fall.
              Created in the First Age for the sole purpose of combating the greatest beasts of the land, the Emerald Spire of Singing Serpents was a glorious spear of Green Jade and Moonsilver decoration. Its beauty however masked its true reason for being, the toxic heart of a behemoth stretched to wring out vile ills lie inside, forever bleeding its poison blood by the magic of the Sun’s that placed it within. It was thus a serpent, glorious scales shining as it arced through the air, only to pierce the hide of vile beasts and deliver unto them nightmares in the blood. For many centuries it served its purpose well… until its master lay slain, the artifact buried in the belly of some unknown horror for ages. Until the day that its master returned, garbed no longer in the clock of sunlight, by whispering the secrets of the grave.
              No eyes to see, no ears to hear, no senses to witness the place it was brought to. Had the Emerald Spire of Singing Serpents been able to speak of this place, it would refuse to, for the transformation came about in this dark place. Unmade without stripping away metal, metaled down without fire, the Soulsteel that now adorns the artifact closed around. Names and purpose changed, if only slightly. This was the birth of the Ebon Fang of Corpse Breath, whose touch could now only bring rot.

              Evocations: While attuned this artifact exudes and coats its metal in a thin layer of acid. The attuned exalt is rendered immune to the effects of this acid, but all other naturally occurring materials will begin to burn away as though exposed to a flame when contact is made. This can be used in attacks if stunted accordingly, and is considered to deal damage equal to 1A/Contact where the interval is defined as physical contact. Difficulty 5 (Stamina + Resistance) to ignore effects; this roll must be made each time the acid makes contact with living material.

              Unfurled Wings
              Cost: - Mins: Essence 1
              Type: Permanent
              Keywords: None
              Duration: Permanent
              Prerequisites: None
              So long as the artifact remains attuned to the exalt, this weapon can be used for thrown attacks out to Long range and will return to the exalt when ordered, as though under the effects of Call the Blade (p.347). For an additional payment of 1wp the range can be increased an additional range band per Strength level, but the exalts suffers -2 die to hit for each additional range band.

              Seven Bleeding Fangs
              Cost: 4m (+2m per additional effect) Mins: Essence 2
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: Decisive-Only
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Unfurled Wings
              By activating this evocation, a toxin is chosen to coat the head of the weapon. There are exactly seven potential effects to choose from, which must be witness in effect before that specific effect can be selected on activation. A random effect is to be selected if the exalt does not select one before rolling to attack. These effects include…

              Paralytic (Minor): 1i/round, 5 rounds, -2, damage ~ Crashed enemies suffer a -2 on all withdraw, disengage, and rush actions.
              Paralytic (Major): 3i/round, 10 rounds, -4, damage ~ Crashed enemies suffer the same effects as Paralytic (Minor), suffering a -1 to Parry and Dodge in addition.
              Hallucinogenic: 2i/round, 15 rounds, -3, damage ~ Crashed enemies lose a point of wp or enter a waking dream like state for the remaining rounds.
              Flame Stealer: 1L/round, 4 rounds, -1, damage ~ While under the effects of this poison, the afflicted will suffer a -2 to all defenses against Water or Air related attacks.
              Flame Granter: 1L/round, 4 rounds, -1, damage ~ While under the effects of this poison, the afflicted will suffer a -2 to all defenses against Fire related attacks.
              Sense Thief: 1B/Round, 3 rounds, -4, damage ~ While under the effects of this poison, the afflicted will suffer a -4 to all Perception or Awareness rolls. This poison can leave the afflicted permanently damaged.
              Blackout: 2i/round, 5 rounds, -2, damage ~ Crashed enemies are considered to be rendered unconscious. The poison ceases to affect the afflicted at this point.

              Welcoming Grave Rot
              Cost: 10m, 1wp Mins: Essence 3
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: Decisive-Only
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Seven Bleeding Fangs
              Should this evocation be activated on a successful decisive attack, the opponent is exposed to the most powerful venom sleeping within the weapon. As this toxin takes effect, the living material of the afflicted begins to rot away as though the mask of life had been pulled away to reveal the rot that lay beneath. It is not possible to purge the system of this toxin by mundane means, and only the greatest of the Exalted have endured or cured those afflicted. Thankfully, the artifact holds a single vial of antidote for all of its poisons in the base of the weapon. Unfortunately, the effects of this specific poison can only be cured by an antidote that is recently regenerated, as it loses the potency to do so 6 hours afterwards. This vial refills itself over the course of 2 days.
              This toxin is unique as its effects can be modified by the exalt on application. At the most effective, the toxin has a Damage/Interval of 5L/round, a duration of (wielders Essence) rounds, a Penalty of (Afflicted Stamina), and the damage Vector. This toxin’s Damage/Interval, Duration, and Penalty can be modified to sleep within the afflicted system waiting to take effect. The longest possible Damage/Interval time-frame is 1L/4days, Duration of Indefinite, Penalty -0. Modifying the potency of the toxin does not require anything outside of forethought.

              __________________________________________________ _______________

              Will of the Broken Bulwark (**** dot) Articulated Plate
              Attunement Cost: 6m
              Hearthstone slots: 0
              There is only so much one can do to combat the Courts of the Fair Folk. Even for a god, sometimes there is so, so little. The Will of the Broken Bulwark is part of what little one god could do.
              Deep at the border between the Scavenger Lands and East lays a great valley. Little grows within this valley, but the earth brings forth great treasures for those that seek it. In one such site a great god of the forge made his home, worshiped by all for miles around. He used the metals of the earth and fire of his belly to shape great wonders, and taught the arts to those that would offer him service and sacrifice. But he was as crafty of mind as he was of tool, “conveniently” leaving out key knowledge to shape true works of art so that his students would always return. He did not realize that both their reverence and their hatred for his trickery became a fragrant breeze in the darker places of Creation…
              None were prepared for the Fair Folks arrival. They arrived like the wind, setting up like traveling merchants in abandoned quarries, feeding on those foolish enough to wander to close, or stupid enough to leave their homes unlocked. In response to their prayers, the forge god set the elements under his command to strike at the Fair Folk. They dealt a devastating blow, but the Fae regrouped too quickly. The god knew he and his followers would be lost far too soon if he did not act. So he did.
              Taking the bodies of slain Fae his surviving elementals had collected, he shaped the strange and Wyld materials into recognizable shape and form. In time, he had nearly completed what would be his greatest work. And with great sacrifice, he gifted both the newly forged armor and much of his power to a mortal woman. She became his champion. She became the Fair Folks doom. It was not until the chosen of the god had returned with the rakshasa’s head that he was able to complete his creation. The greatest armor the god would ever shape, the Will of the Broken Bulwark.

              While attuned to and wearing this artifact, the exalt gains the Hideous merit. The exalt also gains one of the Derangement flaws (chosen randomly) of a random severity (selected by Storyteller) at the first activation of one of the artifacts evocations. The Derangement lasts the reminder of the scene in which it is gained. Consult p.168 for flaw details.

              Special rules: As armor comprised of Fae components, this armor is weakened to cold iron (see the Cold Iron Bane merit). Against enemies using iron weapons, this armor counts as light artifact instead of heavy.

              Steel Resolve Stance
              Cost: 3m Mins: Essence 1
              Type: Reflexive
              Keywords: None
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: None
              Sometimes, a strong will is all one needs to keep fighting. Against a withering attack, the exalt may use this evocation and cite a relevant intimacy (battle or protection related intimacies always apply) to add their Resolve score to their Soak. Against a decisive attack, (Resolve/2, round up) is added to Hardness instead. A given intimacy may only be used once per scene.

              Wyld Courses Within
              Cost: 3m, 1wp Mins: Essence 1
              Type: Supplemental
              Keywords: Dual
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Steel Resolve Stance
              The taint of the Wyld lingers… shall we share it? On a decisive attack, the exalt may force a target to use their Resolve in place of Soak and Hardness, should it be lower. If the target has a Major or Defining intimacy related to courage, valor, or similar fear resistant qualities, they may pay a point of willpower to become immune to this effect for the scene.

              Care for Hungry Tools
              Cost: 2wp Mins: Essence 2
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: None
              Duration: One Scene
              Prerequisites: Wyld Courses Within
              Something within the armor still seeks the dreams and nightmares of the mortal mind. What would happen should we feed it? Using this charm empowers the armor for the remainder of the scene, removing the willpower cost of all prerequisite evocations. If activated before the Derangement flaw is applied (Evocation section) the exalt will not suffer from the flaw for this scene. Only base willpower can be used for this evocation (temporary, cult merit, etc. cannot be used).

              The Little Toy Shop
              Cost: 10m, 3wp Mins: Essence 3
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: Perilous
              Duration: One Scene
              Prerequisites: Care for Hungry Tools

              “The doors are open little one, come along and play. Once the doors are closed little one, forever you shall stay…”

              Activating this evocation should be carefully considered. On activation, the exalts shadow elongates and from the inky depths arises a troupe of nightmarish toy like creatures numbering that of a battle group Size (Essence/2 round up). This battlegroup will obey the commands of the artifact until they are destroyed or dismissed and share stats with Hobgoblin’s (p.536), these stats are upgraded to Buck-Ogre’s at Size 3 or higher.

              Special Notes: The Little Toy Shop is a dangerous evocation. Unknown to even the creator the Will of the Broken Bulwark is actually a slumbering raksha trapped in the form of a suit of armor. Should the exalt wearing this artifact expend more than 5 willpower, the storyteller is to roll to determine if the Fae awakes (how this roll is determined is up the Storyteller). Should the evocation The Little Toy Shop be activated to meet the minimum, the raksha is immediately awoken. Once awoken all willpower spent on evocations are fed to the raksha, which on accumulation of 15 points of spent willpower is free to become its own entity, appearing to others as a moving suit of armor. Accumulated willpower consumed by Will of the Broken Bulwark decays at a rate of 1 willpower per week.

              "Enjoy the moment with all your might,
              Whether its gloomy, whether its bright."


              • Not a complete artifact more a general outline hoping for some input, direction, ideas, etc.

                A bit about the character.
                I will be a Zenith with Integrity supernal.
                Giant, Sorcery and a Familiar (Agata, The Beauteous Wasp, Demon of the First Circle)

                I like the demon especially
                Shimmering Crystal Beauty: Anyone who looks upon the agata is treated as having a Minor Tie of wonder towards it for purposes of social influence rolls
                Jeweled Heart Allure (6m; Reflexive; One scene; Essence 2): The agata radiates beauty that dumbfounds even battle-hardened warriors, forcing characters to pay a point of Willpower before they can attack it in a scene unless they have an Intimacy that represents ruthlessness, pitilessness, or a desperate reason to fight it that is greater than the Minor Tie created by Shimmering Crystal Beauty.

                and I though it would be cool to have a similar artifact (i.e. armor, crown, necklace, etc.) that would give my character similar abilities. I can see Shimmering Crystal Beauty being part of the basic package possibly giving it an automatic Instill roll instead of automatic effect. And Jeweled Heart Allure as an evocation.

                I would appreciate your thoughts (3 point or 4 point artifact), how viable/overpowered this could be (or just plain silly), and any additional evocations you may think fits.

                while (horse.state == dead)


                • So, I'm trying to come up with an Artifact 5 Soulsteel (with a comparatively small amount of Black Jade) Grand Daiklave if anyone would like to help. Theme around it is blood, health and hate for the living (the blade has the hate, not the wielder). I know that I want the attunement bonus to be some sort of life drain or otherwise tie into that. I was thinking an additional attunement cost of 1LHL that can't be healed as long as it's attuned by any means and grants healing a single health level when you kill a noteworthy opponent or lower the level of a Battlegroup with the Grand Daiklave (not counting Route). Some of the evocations should cost one or more health levels and most of them shouldn't work against anything that isn't living. I do have a short history for it as well.

                  A berserker in the First Age, Sinare was never satisfied with her weapons and armor and often discarded them as not being right for her. Eventually her Circle had had enough. Pooling together their resources, they forged Hateful Death (working name, might stick with it), a Grand Daiklave made of Soulsteel with a fuller of Black Jade. The ore for the Soulsteel they processed themselves, taking only the hungry ghosts of powerful warriors known for rushing into battle and trusting to their armor to protect them. Ghosts that they purposefully made sure existed. Sinare, who thirsted for blood in battle nearly as much as Hateful Death, found the blade to her liking. Especially when she found that killing the living bolstered her own health. The blade was buried with its master after her eventual death during the Usurpation, for the blade hates its wielder nearly as much as the rest of the living.


                  • I was told to post this here.

                    Hey guys I am new to exalted and I'm in a game starting next Sunday the 7th. Well I am playing a night caste investigator with Supernal Dodge and a focus on stealth and thrown. I have bought a 4 point chakram that I am naming Light cuts from Darkness, as I wanted it to be focused on attacking from stealth and helping the user regain and maintain stealth. I was thinking oraculum and maybe a touch of soulsteel but idk. Thing is as I am new to exalted I am at total loss when it comes to making both attunement bonuses and evocations. I have looked through the example artifacts but it didn't really help me. So I'm hoping you good people can help me.


                    • Originally posted by gfrobbin84 View Post
                      as I wanted it to be focused on attacking from stealth and helping the user regain and maintain stealth.
                      The Solar set is already pretty damn good at that though, so I can't think of anything to add that wouldn't be redundant or better expressed as a custom charm of that ability. What other possible aspects can you think of that you'd want to explore? This might be a bit of personal opinion, but I think Evocations are better suited to more "out-there" or heavily themed mechanics, so maybe you cold start by figuring that part out?


                      • Well he sees himself as a protector of the Poor and Weak who can not protect themselves. Despising those who would use their power or reach to hurt or take advantage of them without the means to retaliate. So maybe something focused on protecting user and allies, like making ranged counter attacks or reflexively using it to impede attacks. If that is still to broad maybe specifically focusing on countering ranged attacks.


                        • Let some ideas play out here and maybe y'all can help me codify it into some evocations. Building off my last post of protecting yourself and others from the reach of those who seek to hurt them without retaliation.

                          Reach of the Mighty Undone
                          Attunement: when attuned to this chakram the very air around the users seeks to deter strikes against him. Any ranged attacks against him have their dice pool reduced by x.

                          Then maybe a charm that let's you reflexive (dex+thrown) opposed roll against ranged attacks against him or persons he can see and has a least a minor positive intimacy too. Possibly allowing either base or as an upgrade letting you follow up with an attack against the originator of the triggering attack of the chakram user wins the opposed roll, the chakram like trace back down the projectiles path to the attacker.

                          Maybe something that increases the die penalty from the attunement and/or let's him apply it to others he has a positive intimacy too.


                          • OK so I have come up with something and would love if I could get some critiques on it. I am especially unsure on the cost of things but gladly accept critiques on any of it as I am very new to this and unsure of the power level of this.

                            The Defender's Blade (Orichalcum Chakram) * * *
                            Attunement Cost: 5m
                            Hearthstones: 1 slot

                            The Defender's Blade belonged to a 1st age Dawn caste devoted to defending his allies and found the reach of a daiklave to limiting in reach to truly defend those he cared for. So he developed this special Chakram to defeat attacks even when they occurred outside of his immediately reach. The Defender's blade was lost to time when it's owner fell, in the East, during usurpation.

                            While attuned to The Defender's Blade it hovers next to the wielder and just requires 1 free hand to command it about the battlefield.

                            ​Guard the Field
                            Cost: 3m+1m/attack Minimums: Thrown 4, Essence 1
                            Type: Simple
                            Duration: 1 Turn
                            Prerequisite: None

                            This Evocation represents a special Defend Other action. It follows the rules for Defend Other with the following exceptions: First, it applies to all characters within Short Range that the wielder has a Positive Tie towards. Secondly, it uses the wielder's (Dexterity+Thrown+Specialty)/2 to calculate the Parry of the Defense. Lastly, the attacker cannot choose to hit the wielder of this Artifact. Each attack intercepted costs 1m. This Evocation ends after any attack exceeds the Parry of The Defender's Blade.

                            Resonant: This Evocation applies to all applicable characters within Medium Range.

                            Guard's Retribution
                            Cost: 5m Minimums: Thrown 4, Essence 2
                            Type: Reflexive
                            Duration: Instant
                            Prerequisites: Guard the Field

                            The Wielder of this blade always makes sure an offender pays for striking those he cares for. Once per round when someone who the Exalt has at least a minor Positive tie to is attacked and within short range of the Exalt, or Medium if he takes the Guardian action, he can use this charm to make a reflexive counter attack at the offender.
                            Zone of Defense
                            Cost: - (1 WP) Minimums: Thrown 5, Essence 3
                            Type: Permanent
                            Duration: Permanent
                            Prerequisite: Guard's Retribution

                            Zone of Defense upgrades Guard the Field permanently in the following ways. First of all, it makes Guard the Field Reflexive. Secondly, it allows Guard the Field to protect characters out to Long Range, and, while active, allows Guardian's Retribution to Counterattack out to Long Range. Lastly, for an extra cost of 1 WP when activating Guard the Field, it makes the Duration of Guard the Field one Scene.

                            Activations of Guard the Field after the first scene-long activation may drop the WP cost for the scene.

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                            • Gfrobbins: This blade looks pretty darn powerful to me. For a three dot artifact, I think this verges on broken-in-half territory.

                              ​First, for only two extra motes of attunement, it allows you to parry with Thrown. As that is a built-in limitation of the Ability, I would be hesitant to allow that, particularly as a permanent effect. I would, personally, prefer a standard attunement cost with the first Evocation being automatically unlocked if Resonant, and the first Evocation is a 2m charm that allows parrying with the Chakram. Granted, my play experience is currently limited, so please take this and all my evaluation with a slight grain of salt.

                              Guard the Field: Really, really nasty. It allows the character, for 3m per attack intercepted, to effectively increase the Defense by my (Dex+Thrown)/2 with no other negative effects. This is, effectively, in most circumstances, 3m for +5 Defense to anyone I have a positive Tie to (which, I imagine, is going to be the entire Circle I'm part of). Way over the top. Note: It doesn't even impede me from attacking! I would recommend a few changes. First, to use it at Medium or Long range, it requires me to take a Miscellaneous Action that can't be flurried (effectively, an Aim action with no specific target). Secondly, if the attacker exceeds my defense, the chakram is knocked from the air and has to be retrieved before it can be used at all again. Lastly, I'd recommend at least double the cost. I think some combination of these would balance this ability out. Another option to bring this into a bit more of balance is to have it only be usable once per round.

                              Guard's Retribution: This is, again, too cheap for the effect. I would increase the cost and simply remove the requirement to parry the opponent's attack. If you attack anyone he has a Positive Tie towards, he can counterattack. You might want to stipulate that it can only be used if the target takes damage from the attack.

                              Zone of Defense: This is basically bonkers. Read my commentary on the first charm, then apply it to everyone on my side on the field. An effective +5 Defense for everyone for the LOW-LOW price of 5m, 1WP (+3m per attack beyond the first)? This is a similar cost as Flow Like Blood type effects, and that only removes penalties (and sometimes only conditionally). I assume that it just allows the Exalt to Parry, but what happens when I use this and then pull even a regular sword out? Assuming I have Melee 5 (and the aforementioned Dex 5), does that give me an effective Parry of 10? I think this ability would be fair if it did two things: 1) Remove the required action specified in Guard the Field comments above, and 2) allowed a free use of Guard the Field.

                              Hope this helps.


                              • Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I figured I would need to do some editing since I am very new to the system. At least now people can see what I was going for.

                                Ok Edited the original entry from the feedback. Would still love more feedback.
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