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  • Thanks for the feedback! And for catching the dissonant/resonant issue on From the Tideless Sea—I'd completely overlooked that the Solar Charm prerequisite already acted as a gatekeeper.

    Regarding the costs, remember that the quoted Evocations effectively have a mote surcharge of two or three motes to attune the rings that enable their activation; you're really down 4m for Turtleweed's Numbing Bite and 10m, 1wp for The Mystery of the Derelict. (Yes you also get the benefits of the weapon tags themselves, but you may have to drop attunement granting tags you want and spend the motes on less immediately useful ones to enable an Evocation. Unless you're Essence 9 anyway, at which point you could attune the whole shebang at once for 14 committed motes...)

    Points taken on scaling back the poison effects of Turtleweed's Numbing Bite and the Speed drain of The Mystery of the Derelict. The Resonant effect on the former only doubles 9s to the passive poison damage rolls though, it doesn't affect direct sword damage on either withering or decisive attacks.

    Edit: The reason the daiklave's attunement bonus is stackable is because my basic premise for the artifact is a 9 rings dragon sword whose rings interact and unlock its higher powers. For Wood Dragon Claws you're not committing 5m for the base artifact weapon effect; I wanted the wielder to have some motes left available to actually use the Evocations and his own Charms.
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    • Okay, here are Sargasso's updated charms.

      Turtleweed’s Numbing Bite
      2m; Mins: Essence 2
      Type: Supplemental
      Keywords: Decisive-only, Resonant, Stackable
      Duration: Instant
      Prerequisites: None

      Adopting the toxic essence of turtleweed, Sargasso drips venom from the Poison ring to coat its point and edge, presenting even greater peril to those whose blood it draws. On a decisive attack that successfully inflicts at least one health level, this Evocation subjects the target to the effects of a stinging poison with damage of 3i/round (B in Crash), duration of 6 rounds, and penalty of -2.

      Resonant: The wielder doubles 9s when rolling poison damage.

      Special Activation Rules: This Evocation requires the wielder to have attuned the rings adding the Piercing and Poisonable tags beforehand.

      From the Tideless Sea
      —; Mins: Essence 3
      Type: Permanent
      Keywords: None
      Duration: Permanent
      Prerequisites: Call of the Dawn, Wondrous Lamina Seamstress, Ship-Leavening Meditation

      In time Sargasso’s sympathy with its namesake grows so strong that it can call kelp from its watery beds, causing it to crawl from the water and drape itself over a ship to shore up its structure. This Evocation upgrades Ship-Leavening Meditation (Exalted, p. 390), waiving the mote cost of that Charm if used in the presence of substantial growths of seaweed and extending its duration to One Week (time enough to make port and begin repairs). The added flexibility and strength of the seaweed bindings negates up to Essence levels of subsequent hull damage entirely while the Charm is in effect.

      Special Activation Rules: This Evocation requires the wielder to have attuned the rings adding the Flexible and Shield tags beforehand.

      The Mystery of the Derelict
      7m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
      Type: Simple
      Keywords: Dissonant, Resonant
      Duration: One Scene
      Prerequisites: Silken Frond Tangle, Call of the Dawn

      Sargasso’s wielder may call up a morass of seaweed to entangle and becalm an enemy ship at up to extreme range, turning the seas within three range bands around it into a naval hazard that requires two (Wits + Sail) rolls at difficulty 5 to successfully navigate.

      The Mystery of the Derelict can only be used once per day, unless reset by winning a naval engagement. The Dawn Caste anima power cannot reset this Evocation.

      Dissonant: Characters dissonant with jade cannot unlock this Evocation.

      Resonant: The target ship becomes so tangled in dragging seaweed that its Speed is reduced by the Exalt’s (Essence/2, round up) even if it manages to navigate its way out of the hazard. This requires six man-hours for divers to clear from the hull per point of Speed lost.

      Special Activation Rules: This Evocation requires the wielder to have attuned the rings adding the Disarming, Grappling, and Thrown tags beforehand.

      And here's the drawing I did of the sword, hopefully in a format the forums can display this time:

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      • Originally posted by Matt the Bruins fan View Post
        The Resonant effect on the former only doubles 9s to the passive poison damage rolls though, it doesn't affect direct sword damage on either withering or decisive attacks.
        Do you want it to be possible for the poison to deal 6 levels of lethal damage to a crashed target in a single turn? I have the feeling you didn't really think this through.

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        • D'oh! Nope, but I thought I had changed the Crash damage to Bashing as I was conceiving the poison as a paralytic, not something lethal. Will update my post above to reflect that.


          • I have a player who wants to be able to create a shadow duplicate of himself when in combat. If there's a charm that does this, I'm all ears. Failing that, I've come up with this idea for a 3-dot artefact. Just one evocation for now, for the base effect. I was toying with the idea of having the shade duplicate the wearer's combat actions, but I'm not sure if that's too restrictive.

            Shadow's Aid (Artefact Cloak •••)

            Originally created by one of the dark goddesses of Champoor for one of her favoured Dragon-blooded, Shadow's Aid is a traveller's cloak fastened with a black jade clasp. On receiving the cloak, her champion inevitably became the target of much unwanted attention, and the cloak changed hands several times before finally leaving the city and heading out across the Dreaming Sea, in the hands of one of the Solar Exalted. Whether the cloak will deign to be with him for long is a question best left to the Fates.

            Attunement: 5m
            When a Solar or Dragon-blooded attunes to Shadow's Aid, he or she becomes harder to follow. The character adds three dice to all Stealth rolls.


            Dark Companion
            Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 1
            Type: Simple
            Keywords: Mute, Perilous
            Duration: One scene or until destroyed or the user is in Initiative Crash
            Prerequisites: None
            A shadowy form slides from beneath the cloak, to aid its wearer in time of need. The shade acts as another character under the control of the wearer, appearing as the shadow of its wearer, who must always keep it within line of sight. The shade has the physical attributes of the cloak's wearer, but is mute, cannot engage in social actions and automatically fails any mental rolls it is required to make. It has no equipment of its own, but can attack with a mortal version of the weapon the cloak's wearer is currently using. It can interact with opponents' weapons if given the opportunity. The shade is destroyed by a successful decisive attack, if the cloak's wearer is forced into initiative crash or the wearer dismisses it.

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