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  • So far the only real homebrew I've even BEGUN to do is Ardor's Oath, and at the moment, it's just a name, a general concept, and no evocations. The other (a 3rd Ed update of Soul Mirror) IS up on the forums, so I have it listed as (F) rather than (H).

    Ardor's Oath is a very NEW daiklave, forged at the expense of House Nellens as a wedding gift for a character (who was an unexalted scion of theirs) and his Dragon-Blooded wife (who's already inherited a more powerful weapon). He's a professional physician, she's a military officer, and they were both working in Greyfalls, for the Realm government there. Its intent in forging was that when they had their first Exalted child, they'd have a spare weapon on hand for when that child came of age. The difficulty is that during their wedding reception, the Garrison was called out to aid an outlying village that'd been attacked, and they both had to skip out early and have their wedding night on the road (As the 'physician on hand' for the Realm government, he was often sent out with Garrison deployments despite not being military). What they turned up at the village was essentially an Abyssal Exalt (still haven't written up specifics) systematically converting the population into undead for military purposes. So, in goes the wife to free the prisoners/experiments, and the husband sets up a field hospital to treat these ticking timebombs, having to save as many as possible, because the ones he DOESN'T save will go zombie and attack him and the other patients. While that's going on, the wife engages the Death Knight, and takes the brunt of an attack that supernaturally festers a Decisive wound, and she ends up on her husband's operating table. When he decides to pit himself against a potentially-incurable magical infection WHILE STILL DEALING WITH TRIAGE ZOMBIES, he hits the dramatic tipping point and ends up Exalting as a Twilight. After saving her, he takes up Ardor's Oath (which she'd been using in the fight because it was on hand during the reception, when she got told to deploy), and makes her a promise that he's going to DEAL with that Deathknight.

    The weapon itself is predominantly Red Jade, fashioned as a saber, with an ornate Orichalcum basket hilt, and stylized images of blooming flowers amid warm flames etched into the blade and traced out in Starmetal. I know the first three evocations will have to be the sort of broad stuff that would work for the weapon's hypothetical 'firstborn Dragon' wielder, but can also be functional in the hands of this crusading husband, while the ones that follow after can start to reflect HIS oath and the legend coming out of it. The themes behind its powers very much seem to center on passion and promises being kept. This was for the life they were going to build together, the legacy they were going to create, and now it's being turned to a new end in preservation of that legacy... even though the whole 'Anathema' issue might well destroy that prospect. It's a seed planted out of season, and who knows what fruit it will now bear.


    • Yeah, well, the name definitely grabbed me, and I would love to see more red jade artifacts dealing with passion and not just setting things ablaze ^^


      • Oh, believe me, I'd love a hand in developing it. I'm very much feeling short of ideas for how to make those initial three Evocations work in a way that can serve as an effective thematic 'pivot point' without making them too bland to really convey the core identity of the artifact. Best way to put it is that I've got a very good idea of who Ardor's Oath IS, but not such a good idea of what Ardor's Oath DOES.


        • Here's an update to Sargasso. I decided to rework its hilt design to something I prefer the look of, which prompted a few minor adjustments to its Evocations and the addition of a 10th, Twisting Moray Lunge. (I felt like it needed something more to enhance its use in personal combat, and this fits the new design.)


          • This is my first time ever attempt of homebrew so please help me to balance it correctly (especially the cost)
            I will focus on the mechanics because I'm not very good at esoteric descriptions


            Schikai 1 « Insert Name »
            Cost: 3m
            Mins : Essence 1
            Type: Reflexive
            Keywords: Stackable
            Prerequisite : None
            When the wielder successfully apply his parry DV on an attack made with a weapon, he can use this evocation to double its weight. Next time the target of this evocation want to use his weapon (for attack or parry) he needs to pay 1 initiative to do it because of the weight. Further use of this evocation on the same weapon add a +1 initiative to the cost to use it (maximum 3 initiative). The target of this evocation cannot crash himself by using the weapon (he simply cannot use it because of the weight)
            As an alternative, this evocation may be used when a target successfully apply his parry DV on the wielder's attack
            The effects lasts for the rest of scene
            Note: I'm not sure with the maximum initiative and the crash because of the base initiative. This would mean that if the target resets to base initiative, he will have to drop his weapon to go on fighting

            Schikai 2 « Insert Name »
            Cost : 5m
            Mins : Essence 2
            Type : Supplemental
            Keywords : Withering-Only, Stackabke
            Prerequisite : Shikai 1
            This Evocation can be used on a withering attack. If the wielder succesfully hit the target (pass the total Soak of the target and deals at least 1 initiative damage), then the body of the target is weigthed for the rest of the scene. Disengage Action cost 1 initiative more to be taken and the target suffer a mobility penalty of 1 that stacks with his armor mobility penalty if he has one. Another use of this evocation on the same target add a +1 initiative to the cost of Disengage Action and a +1 mobility penalty (maximum 2).
            The effects lasts for the rest of scene

            As some of you can see, I'm a huge fan of Bleach and this Zanpakuto seems the easiest I find to convert to EX3 system

            PS: Ho and I'm French by the way so I hope you will understand all of this


            • Back on page 22 of this thread, I came across an artefact whose concept I greatly liked, although I did feel that the execution had a few holes in it. So I wrote up a revised version of it:

              Immortal Manus of the Silver King (Artifact ●●●● Moonsilver & White Jade Prosthetic Arm)
              In the burning plains of the southern Wyld there is a bubble of perfect stability, a meadow of no more than twenty acres dominated by a majestic shrine built in the style of the First Age. No spells defend it from the ravages of chaos, but Raksha leave it untouched for fear of the treasure which it holds. Poems in Old Realm decorate the walls, telling a hundred different legends, many of which are contradictory, of the King of the Silver Hand. In the centre of the room, a simple altar bears a box of dark wood inlaid with moonsilver some three feet in length. Within this box there lies what seems to be the severed arm of a white jade statue, inlaid with swirling moonsilver patterns that draw the eye along their curves but can never be followed all the way.

              The tale of the King of the Silver Hand is well-known among the Raksha princes of all Directions, though whether he was born of the moon or the sun, whether she was a man or a woman or whether it was a single individual or a title worn by many Exalted none can truly recall, for all the tales tell the King put to death any Raksha who so much as glimpsed Immortal Manus.

              The fae tell many tales of the Silver-Handed One, though all end tragically for the brave raksha who faced them. They say that he was exiled from Creation and launched an invasion into the Wyld itself to carve himself a kingdom from chaos to spite his pursuers. They say that he lost his arm in honorable combat with a champion of the Fair Folk, and spent no less than seven years as a lover of that same champion, but cruelly betrayed him or her - again, the stories are not clear - and used their Heart Grace’s blood to quench the arm he had been perfidiously forging in secret. They say that he claimed their domain for his own, slew their friends and forged them into terrible servants to his will and used these servants to conquer a dozen more courts of the Raksha. They say that he ruled for a timeless time, before finally a circle of Terrestrial servants he had brought with him betrayed him, slew him and cast his body into Deep Chaos, entombing his arm at the furthest reaches of the southern deserts.

              It is for this reason that the Fair Folk refuse to approach the temple of Manus’ resting - they fear that some remnant of the King may yet linger within it, ready to wreak vengeance upon them.

              Held to the stump of an Essence-wielder's limb and attuned, the white jade that composes the arm begins to shift and mold, fusing to the stump and reconfiguring itself into an exact replica of the lost limb; every vein and detail imitated the white jade, while the lines of muscle and sinew are artfully traced in moonsilver. While the arm is borne, the bearer's anima is tainted with flecks of silver and their caste mark (if they have one) is set in a shining circlet of silver-white if their anima rises above Dim.

              Evocations of Immortal Manus of the Silver King:
              Attunement: This artifact requires that the user have the Amputee Flaw to represent a missing arm. Once the attunement cost of 8 is committed the character is treated as not having the Amputee Flaw.

              While attuned the bearer’s unarmed attacks are treated as medium artifact smashfists as the Essence of the artifact spread across the chakras of the King’s body, which shine with steady white hearts and glint with silver to any who might perceive them through mystical means. This explicitly allows the bearer of Immortal Manus to stunt to parry lethal damage unarmed, catching blows on their jade-and-moonsilver arm or forcing a sudden burst of Essence up out of their chakras to counter the attack.

              Shining Hand of Wrath

              Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1
              Type: Reflexive
              Keywords: Aggravated
              Duration: Indefinite
              Prerequisites: None
              Immortal Manus of the Silver King is a terror to the rulers of Creation’s edge, and this Evocation is in no small part the reason why. Upon activation, the artefact and its bearer’s chakras blaze with a cold, stark light. This imposes a -3 penalty to all attempts at stealth as per a Glowing solar anima unless the arm and the entirety of the wielder’s torso and head save the eyes are covered, in which case it imposes -1, but causes any unarmed attacks the user makes to deal aggravated damage to characters with Cold Iron Bane.

              Indomitable Jade-Silver Form

              Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: Resonant
              Duration: One Scene
              Prerequisites: Shining Hand of Wrath
              The King breathes deeply, drawing the mingled Essence of stability and change from the arm deep into his chakras then clenches his body, forcing the Essence to the surface of his skin where it bubbles up and solidifies, transforming him into a living statue of white jade, muscles delineated by moonsilver etchings. While this Evocation is active, the King bears protection equivalent to Medium Artifact Armour and need not stunt to parry lethal damage.

              Indomitable Jade-Silver Form is incompatible with any form of armor, but explicitly does not interfere with any Martial Art. In fact, it often transforms slightly to befit a given Art, such as by forming small, silvery claws when used by a Tiger stylist or taking on the appearance of scales upon the body of a master of Snake style.

              Resonant: Bearers resonant with white jade may reduce the cost of either Integrity-Protecting Prana, Chaos-Warding Prana or similar charms by 2m, 1wp while Indomitable Jade-Silver Form is active. Once the evocation ends, the effects of Integrity-Protecting Prana continue without any need to commit more motes or spend Willpower.

              Solipsistic Outsider Declaration

              Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: Resonant
              Duration: One Scene
              Prerequisites: Shining Hand of Wrath
              The King of the Silver Hand was mighty, but made many enemies that, perhaps, he need not have. His once-hand retains some echo of this self-destructive tendency. Shining Hand of Wrath must be active for this Evocation to be used.

              Upon activating Solipsistic Outsider Declaration, the King raises a hand and points at a foe within Long range which they can see and hold a negative Intimacy towards. The foe feels the icy hand of fear grip their heart as they gain Cold Iron Bane for the remainder of the scene.

              Resonant: Only bearers resonant with moonsilver may awaken this Evocation.

              Awful Argent Apparition

              Cost: 4m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
              Type: Supplemental
              Keywords: Psyche, Decisive-only
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Shining hand of Wrath
              The King of the Silver Hand is a legend of terror among the Raksha, such that they dare not even approach his weapon’s tomb. Upon landing a Decisive attack upon an opponent with Cold iron Bane, the King may immediately make a Reflexive Instil action with the Psyche keyword based on Appearance + Presence against the target, which may be enhanced by any intimidation-enhancing Charms that rely on body language, such as Tiger’s Dread Symmetry (Exalted, p.370). If this succeeds, the foe gains a Major Intimacy of fear towards the King for (Essence) days.

              Once this duration is over, the Intimacy may be eroded as usual, but until then it is invulnerable to any non-magical means of erosion, although it can potentially be raised to Defining. However, no Raksha charm or power is capable of eroding this intimacy until the duration has expired - the Princes Without Shape cannot so easily rid themselves of the memory of the one who hunted them so mercilessly.

              At Essence 4, the Intimacy remains inviolate for (Essence) months. At Essence 5+, the Intimacy lasts for (Essence) centuries before it can be removed by mundane means.

              Creation Claims Its Prize

              Cost: 4m, 1wp or 8m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
              Type: Supplemental
              Keywords: Dual, Stackable
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Indomitable Platinum Form
              The Fair Folk are creatures of wild power and resplendent madness, but fear and are fascinated by Creation like nothing else. Creation does not return their fascination, though, and chains them in stone if they linger - it is their predator, and Immortal Manus its swift and terrible hand.

              The King may pay 4m, 1wp to enhance an Unarmed Withering attack against a creature with Cold Iron Bane. If the attack hits, the target loses an additional (Essence) Initiative from their Initiative pool immediately and subtracts this number every time they would gain Initiative for the rest of the scene. This Evocation’s effects are stackable up to (Essence) times.

              Alternatively 8m, 1wp may be paid to enhance an Unarmed Decisive Attack against a creature with Cold Iron Bane which applies a -2 penalty to the Hardness of the foe. Should the target take at least one health level of damage resulting from an attack enhanced by this version of Creation Claims Its Prize then the target takes receives a -1 penalty to their Mobility. This Evocation’s effects are stackable up to (Essence) times.
              Any Fair Folk slain by an attack enhanced by Creation Claims Its Prize is Calcified regardless of location.

              This charm can only be used while Indomitable Platinum Form is active.

              Magnanimity of the Silver Monarch

              Cost: 20m, 2wp +8xp; Mins: Essence 5
              Type: Simple
              Keywords: None
              Duration: Instant
              Prerequisites: Creation Claims its Prize
              The King looks upon the Calcified remains of his foes and decides to cement Creation’s victory, arranging the Calcified remains of five Raksha nobles around himself while in the deep Wyld the King erupts his shell in a flash of prismatic light flash-forging a loyal servant from the broken shells of his foes and sending ripples of his power across the Wyld.

              This charm requires the remains of five Raksha nobles Calcified by the prerequisite and instantly creates a being equivalent to one created by an Ambition 2, Finesse 3 Sorcerous Working. The Circle of the Working is determined by the average level of the Calcified Nobles, Essence 3 results in a Terrestrial creation, Essence 4 results in a Celestial creation and Essence 5 results in a Solar creation. Finesse 3 represents the King’s general intent for her servant and the residual characteristics of slain Raksha.

              The creation has a permanent Defining Tie (Loyalty to the Silver-Armed King) and a Major Tie (Hatred for the Wyld). Only (Essence/2) beings created by Magnanimity of the Silver Monarch can exist at any given time.

              Any commentary and criticism would be more than welcome, as even if it isn't really my own creation this is my first real try at 'creating' an artefact, and I'm still something of a novice when it comes to 3e mechanics. I've tried to take The Unsung Hero 's advice to the original writer, Gigaton-Falcon-Emu .
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              • I'm just getting back into Exalted, and find the concept of weapons and armors having their own special powers a great idea. My problem is I have no idea of balancing these things.
                So, I have a concept for a black jade harpoon, but would like some help figuring out what evocations it should have.
                Obviously it should have some way to stick into things (after a successful decisive attack) like a harpoon would, and some sort of essence chain to tie it to the exalt or exalt's boat.
                Maybe something that would help the exalt with underwater combat?

                Thank you in advance for any ideas.


                • Per request, here's an initial draft of Ardor's Oath as it emerged from the smithy.

                  Ardor’s Oath (Artifact ***, Red Jade Reaper Daiklave) (A sword that helps its wielder keep oaths made to loved ones)

                  The first time Ardor’s Oath was unsheathed was at a wedding. Commissioned by House Nellens as a wedding gift for Nellens Kelari and Tepet Linara, it was expected that its first wielder would be their child, who seemed likely to manifest the blood of the dragon. That expectation was thrown to the side, however, at the need of the moment. The pair lived in Greyfalls, in service to the Nellens garrison and Realm Satrapy there, and their reception was interrupted by the call to arms. The first to attune to the blade was Linara herself, because the call to arms denied her the opportunity to retrieve her grandfather’s blade, the Direlance Seven Summers Burning. On that deployment, she was wounded by the Death Knight known as The Anchorite Quenched by the Tears of the Bereaved, a darkly festering thing that put her on her newlywed husband’s operating table. Contesting with the infection killing his wife triggered Kelari’s own ascent to the Twilight caste, and he ultimately took up the blade with a vow to strike against the forces of the Deathlords until they could no longer threaten Creation, or his wife.

                  Ardor’s Oath is a lightly curved saber, suitable for fencing or cavalry engagements. The blade and tang are crafted of a red Jadesteel alloy, and the basket hilt is an ornate pattern of licking flame wrought in Orichalcum, extending a full third of the blade’s length along its unsharpened back edge. Patterns of flame and blooming lotuses are etched into the blade, and embellished with traceries of Starmetal. A Hearthstone socket rests at the upper curve of the basket hilt, on the centerline, and the grip itself is fitted to hand with slats of carved wood bearing the scene of a happy wedding flanking the tang, themselves protected with woven saffron-yellow silk cords. The weapon’s sheath is smooth polished red jade, capped in Orichalcum at both ends that emulates the blade’s flame motif, bearing twin Starmetal medallions flanking the hilt, one stamped with the mons of house Tepet, and the other with the mons of house Nellens. Positioned between the two medallions, within the Orichalcum ornamentation, is a second hearthstone socket.

                  Attunement: 5
                  Type: Medium (Acc +3, Dmg +12, Def +1, Ovw +5)
                  Tags: Lethal, Melee, Balanced
                  Hearthstone Slot(s): 2
                  Era: Time of Tumult

                  Evocations of Ardor’s Oath
                  Solars and Dragon-Blooded resonate with Ardor’s Oath. Resonant wielders gain a number of -4 Health Levels equal to the Resolve Bonus granted by their Beloved Word so long as Ardor’s Oath remains on their person. Further, no one who maintains a positive Defining Tie to another person is Dissonant with Ardor’s Oath.

                  Brand Upon the Soul Prana
                  Cost: 3m, 1 wp Mins: Essence 1
                  Type: Simple
                  Keywords: None
                  Duration: Instant
                  Prerequisites: None

                  Ardor’s Oath exists foremost to remind its wielder of the things she loves enough to commit to, making those things into anchors of her very self. The blade minds what promises she makes, and when a worthy one crosses her lips, Ardor’s Oath takes on the warmth of a sun-baked stone for a full day thereafter. Further, the heat of her own words catches spark and marks the promise within her mind, wreathing it in the essence of purity, passion, and destiny. At the conclusion of a scene in which the storyteller has ruled that the character has established or upheld a Principle intimacy to take an action or meet a condition based upon a promise they have made to a person they love (as judged by an existing Tie), the player may activate this charm to mark the Principle as their Beloved Word. This status lasts until the promise has been filled, or the condition met. No character can sustain more than a single Beloved Word at a time, though once it has been fulfilled she may develop a new one without impediment. So long as the Beloved Word status continues, that Principle cannot be weakened by Instill Action attempts; only the one who took the oath can, through their own actions, decide whether or not to forsake it. A Beloved Word that is discarded unfulfilled lingers on as an Intimacy with a special rating of ‘Forgotten’, which is less than Minor, and offers no resolve bonus or other mechanical benefit, preventing the selection of a new Beloved Word. In essence, Forgotten intimacies are only on the character’s sheet as a reminder of why any new oaths they may take carry no water by the standards of Ardor’s Oath.

                  Special Activation Rules: So long as the wielder is Resonant with Jade, this Evocation awakens at no cost the first time that an eligible Principle increases in strength due to their own actions during a scene.

                  Living Within the Word Technique
                  Cost: 3m Mins: Essence 1
                  Type: Supplemental
                  Keywords: Dissonant
                  Duration: Instant
                  Prerequisites: Brand Upon the Soul Prana

                  From oaths and trust given come a summer’s bounty of strength in adversity, and no oath can be fulfilled by the dead. With a hand upon Ardor’s Oath, its wielder draws upon her commitment to her oath, channeling the strength of that promise to the effort of remaining alive to see it fulfilled. This charm allows a wielder to add a number of non-charm dice equal to her Beloved Word’s Resolve bonus to her Parry or Evasion defense values, or to any Resistance or Survival rolls involved with staying alive despite direct challenges such as (but not limited to) exhaustion, pain, starvation, dehydration, or suffocation.

                  Dissonant: A Dissonant wielder considers the dice bonus granted by this Evocation to be charm dice.

                  Conflagration of the Worthy Cause
                  Cost: 8m Mins: Essence 2
                  Type: Simple
                  Keywords: Psyche, Resonant
                  Duration: One Scene
                  Prerequisites: Brand Upon the Soul Prana

                  Wherever people gather, there is love and affection, even amid adversity. Wherever there are love and affection, there is sympathy for the same. Wherever that sympathy can be found, Ardor’s Oath can find allies for its cause. This charm is an enhanced Instill Action attempt, and must be performed before an audience (though it may be a hesitant or unwilling one). The wielder rolls Charisma + Presence against a difficulty of (5 - Beloved Word’s resolve bonus). Success immediately forms a battlegroup loyal to the wielder from among the onlookers, and instills a minor intimacy to help the Wielder uphold the wielder’s Beloved Word (or strengthens an intimacy that is already present). By default this battlegroup is Size 1, with a Drill rating of Poor, and Might 1… but every 2 extra successes increase the size of the battlegroup by 1 (assuming the source population includes enough people to allow it), and if the audience is entirely composed of well trained troops, the Storyteller may rule that the ad-hoc battlegroup’s Drill rating is appropriately higher. Though the battlegroup only remains cohesive and under the wielder’s command for a single scene, the Intimacy remains in those who served in it.

                  Resonant: A Resonant wielder may weave their own martial training into the battlegroup’s minds as part of this Evocation’s activation. If the wielder possesses a War rating of 2, the battlegroup is assured of an Average Drill rating, and if the wielder possesses a war rating of 4, the battlegroup is assured of an Elite Drill rating.
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                  • Would it be appropriate to make Artefact prosthetic eyes out of Starmetal, or would you have to use Adamant or some other material in there too?


                    • starmetal is rare, so maybe if you want it to be a "starmetal eye' just use it for the iris? and exotic materials for the rest


                      • Originally posted by vampire hunter D View Post
                        starmetal is rare, so maybe if you want it to be a "starmetal eye' just use it for the iris? and exotic materials for the rest
                        That would make sense, but I was thinking in terms of whether starmetal would be appropriate thematically for the thing, given its particular qualities and resonance. Maybe red jade would be better, for the fire/light association, or even orichalcum.


                        • Originally posted by ajf115 View Post

                          That would make sense, but I was thinking in terms of whether starmetal would be appropriate thematically for the thing, given its particular qualities and resonance.
                          Well, starmetal has resonances that include foresight, and ephemeral things. It also can have resonances based on the constellation it fell from, or the House of the Maidens that's in. So, I'd say a starmetal prosthetic eye was a reasonable thing to make, but it would definitely have somewhat odder effects than just seeing normally. It's what I'd go to to make something that could see dematerialized beings, for one. Or something that "sees" by showing you the very immediate future.


                          • Starmetal seems entirely fair to build into a prosthetic eye. Just be prepared for a running joke about Sidereals being after your eye.


                            • Originally posted by Caffeine Delusions View Post
                              Starmetal seems entirely fair to build into a prosthetic eye. Just be prepared for a running joke about Sidereals being after your eye.
                              The only issue is that I can't get the idea of red jade/orichalcum laser eyes out of my head.


                              • Originally posted by ajf115 View Post
                                The only issue is that I can't get the idea of red jade/orichalcum laser eyes out of my head.

                                An entirely reasonable thing! If you want to make your prosthetic eye out of red jade and orichalcum, and shoot lasers all day, I certainly won't stop you! I was just maintaining that it is reasonable to build them out of starmetal, if that's what you want.

                                I honestly feel like all of the magical materials are at least somewhat reasonable to make prosthetics out of, because all Exalted are liable to take crippling injuries, and it would be weird if they couldn't make a prosthetic out of their favored magical material. It'll just change what sort of evocations you can evoke from it.