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  • I suppose I have two artifacts to show off/have critiqued. To better let the thread understand my thoughts, I suppose I ought give a short blurb about my character; Princeps Valentinian XII.

    "The Shining Golden Star, the Cemetery Killer of the White Ocean, the Crimson Rider, the Dread Drifter of Saigoth-Azorn, the Twenty Tiger Slayer, and numerous names surround Valentinian, as this man, who once pledged his eternal service to the Unconquered Sun continues to walk Creation, seeking to continue their duty and slay wickedness and restore Righteousness within Creation. Allied with their fellows, who all swore their own eternal service as well during the apocalyptic Titanomachia; Gideon the Thresher, Orlando the Lion, Malgigi the Owl-Hearted, Khai J'onn the Lesser, and Soft-Eyed Lucca, they pledged unity in this purpose, each finding themselves reborn time and again as their essence was reborn in new hosts, allowing them to continue their work. However, even as their drive hasn't faltered, perhaps Creation has moved on without them, as Valentinian has found it harder and harder to prosecute his crusade, as fewer and fewer recall the Deliberative, or even the rightful worship and honor of the gods. Still, this is just another task that the Ignis Divine has placed before the stern-minded Valentinian as they continue their task. Newly reborn and reunited with their beloved companion, the heroic Simhata, Brendanus and holy blade, Castitas, they will renew their work as soon as they find their fellows. Appearing in his current incarnation as a trim, tanned young woman with golden blonde hair arrayed in a scruffy pageboy's cut, Valentinian is an austere but virtuous person, ready and willing to assist others, even if these benefactors must accept Vaentinian's prideful and very archaic personality."

    This is important, as Valentinian and their weapons, are defined by this endless war, granting them many advantages and more than a few quirks to address.

    Anyways, here is his holy blade, the daiklaive, Castitas

    Castitas (Artifact 5)
    A superbly flawless daiklaive, built as a broadsword with Orichalcum blade and Starmetal hilt, this ancient weapon is one infamous across Creation, being intertwined with Princeps Valentinian, a warrior of no little renown, known for traveling across Creation and punishing those deemed “Evil.” Little is known about Castitas' manufacture, although rumors abound, from a sunbeam forged into a solid form to that of an ancient behemoth that fell in love with the Warrior and tore her metallic heart for him, which he dutifully forged into a weapon he would always hold. The truth is somewhat more mundane, and more somber,
    When Valentinian was newly Exalted, he quickly befriended one of Mars' handmaidens, the Valkyrie-Yakshas. The two were inseparable, and often competed for honor and glory in combat. However, in this happy time in the midst of the horror of the Titanomachia,disaster struck, as the god-beast Glyruu the Gaudy heard of this friendship and singled out Valnetinian's companion, striking her down for sport. Valentinian was inconsolable in his grief, even after he slew Glyruu. It was only when Venus approached him and presented him with a sword and a note from Mars that he was able to find peace.

    “All Life is a trial. You did my handmaiden a great service, giving her happiness, and for that, I will offer you salve for your wounded soul. Sadly, even I cannot reforge her life, but as my sister can attest, before Creation comes Destruction. Her life was snuffed out, but from these embers, a newly born life is one I offer to you. She is no longer my handmaiden, but the ultimate weapon for a noble soul like yourself. Receive Castitas, for she is made specially for you.
    --Mars, the Star of Conflict”

    With that, Valentinian understood, and the pair have been inseparable ever since. While he eventually found love again in his wife, Soft-Eyed Lucca, even she knew she ultimately wasn't his soulmate, and the pair, even across Valentinian's innumerable lives, have stayed together.
    Sing her praises!
    Handmaiden of the Crimson Star!
    Bringer of Peace! Holder of Hope!
    Born of Steel, Sunlight, Blood and Love!
    By her hand, Evil is cut down like chaff into the wind!
    Walk, Handmaiden, on the Eternal Crimson Path!
    Your Love will be with you always!
    Shine, Castitas, your light will cleanse this world!”

    Castitas Evocations:
    Blood and Tears of the Soldier-Martyr
    Cost 1hl per BP (1m per BP)
    Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Duration: -
    Keywords: Obvious
    Miracles and Virtue don't come freely. Valentinian knows that better than anyone, and in order to empower Castitas, has offered numerous blood sacrifices to make her all the stronger. Offering blood to the blade equal to 1HL in damage grants 1 Blood Point, which can be used to empower Castitas' numerous other charms. Indeed, if lethal damage is dealt to Valentinian, then Castitas can drink of their spilled ichor, as long as the required essence is paid. This can accrue up to (Essence) BP at a time, and Castitas can contain 10 BP in total.

    The Blade Wields the Soldier
    Cost: 1BP
    Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Duration: Instant
    Perquisites: Blood and Tears of the Soldier-Martyr
    Such is the deep bond Valentinian and Castitas share that Castitias can, with her millennia of battle, foresee attacks and dance to intercept, using Valentinian to do so. This charm allows the defense of unexpected attacks at half Parry defense.

    Armor of the Virtuous
    Cost: 3BP
    Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Holy, Obvious, Defend-Other
    Duration: 1 scene
    Prerequisite: Blood and Tears of the Soldier-Martyr
    Castitas is a being of Hope and Holiness, and she is dedicated to serving all against Wickedness. Valentinian can select one person other than himself, and offer a short Paean to the blade. This person will be suffused in light. This marked person will then receive (Valentinian's Essence) in both non-charm bonus dice to their defenses against Creatures of Darkness, and to their Resolve.

    The Beating Heart of Battle
    Cost: -
    Essence 2
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Overdrive
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisites: Blade Wields the Soldier
    Castitas is no stranger to combat, seeing campaigns across a thousand lands and over a thousand years. Indeed, after gaining this charm, Castitas can reach into the beating heart of battle rather than merely be limited to sacrifices from simple blood, able to gain sustenance from the back and forth of combat. If Castitas parries a decisive attack or an attack from a battle group successfully, then she gains 1BP.

    Memento Mori
    Cost: 3BP (1BP)
    Essence 3
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Holy, Decisive-Only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisites: Armor of the Virtuous
    All who stand before Castitas are already dead. Sometimes, they must be reminded of that. However, her wroth is directed only to those who prey on the weak, feeble, and the virtuous. This charm delivers a decisive attack against any opponents in close range as a flash of harsh golden sunlight. If the target is a Creature of Darkness, the damage dealt is converted to Aggravated damage. In addition, if the target attacked those protected by Armor of the Virtuous, then the cost of this charm is reduced to 1BP, as Castitas cannot abide those who prey on her charges, covering the difference with her own power.

    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
    Cost: -
    Essence 3
    Type: Reflexive
    Duration: Permanent
    Keywords: -
    Prerequisites: Armor of the Virtuous
    Castitas exults herself with the joy of Virtue triumphing over Evil. When a Creature of Darkness is slain by Castitas, then she gains 1BP.

    Bulla Ex Aurora
    Cost: 5BP, 1 WP, 1 roll of limit
    Essence 3
    Type: Simple
    Duration: Permanent
    Keywords: Holy
    Prerequisites: Memento Mori, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
    Castitas was once a handmaiden to the Star of Conflict, and using her ancient connection to the Constellation of the Sword, combined with Valentinian's Solar puissance, she can inflict a decree of absolute disaster upon her foes. Selecting a single target who has done wickedness before them, Valentnian can declare that being a Creature of Darkness, granting all the penalties and weaknesses therein. This decree can only be reversed if forgiveness is asked of the bearer of Castitas, or a Priest of the Unconquered Sun, who will grant it if given. However, this power is one Valentinian is loathe to use, as they feel it is a weakness to rely on their majesty in such a back-handed, dishonorable way. For this reason, Valentinian must roll once for limit each time they use this charm.

    Land of the Light
    Cost: 15m, 3 BP (+5 XP)
    Essence 4
    Type: Simple
    Duration: 1 Year and 1 day
    Keywords: Holy, Landmark
    Prerequisites: Bulla ex Aurora
    Unlike the prior art, this skill allows Castitas to draw forth the conflicted destiny of a land into herself, producing a small mile-radius land free of strife for the next year. This land will not be touched by war, Raksha or demonic invasion during this time, as such intrusions pass miraculously around it. However, Castitas can only gorge herself on so much chaos, and can only produce one such Tanelorn at a time. In addition, if Valentinian stays within the domain, then this protection is lessened, by a rate of one week lowered for each day they spend within this realm of peace, as Valentinian and their Eternal Oath is a lightning rod for the chaos of Creation itself. In addition, if an additional 5 XP is paid, then Valentinian can consecrate this land as a Solar demense, their Solar majesty blessing the land itself with supernatural power.

    Reaching for The Impossible Dream
    Cost: 10 BP
    Essence 5
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Indefinite
    Prerequisites: Land of the Light
    Valentinian has known death time and again, and has come to accept it as a necessary evil in his endless mission across time. But, sometimes, it's not enough, there are still things that must be done with that vessel. Understanding this, Castitas will expend her accrued blood and send new life into Valentinian, For a cost of 10 BP, they can withstand mortal injuries, rising from what would have otherwise been killing blows to fight again, restoring half their health levels. In addition, Valentinian, as long as the BP are committed, will be able to rebuild their body, restoring crippling effects, although wounds will still heal as normal. While Castitas is a being of holiness and hope, she is also a sword, and cannot assist in supernatural healing, forcing Valentinian to find help elsewhere in that regard. A word of warning, though; death can only be escaped once per scene with this charm. Should death come a second time, Valentinian must accept this fate and subsequent reincarnation into a new vessel.

    Pepper Steak for the Sinner
    Cost: 10BP, 1 wp, 3 Limit
    Essence 5
    Type: Supplemental
    Duration: 1 Attack
    Keywords: Decisive-Only
    Prerequisites: Reaching for The Impossible Dream
    Some enemies ought not just be killed, but represent such a danger to Creation that their very existence is a threat. For these foes, absolute purification is necessary. On a successful decisive attack, damage is not rolled. Rather, half of the raw damage is dealt to the target as aggravated damage. If the target is defeated with this damage, their body is annihilated completely, becoming motes of light as their spirits are sent into reincarnation immediately.
    Rest now, you have been purified!

    And now, their armor, the evil plate mail, Crimtherion.

    Crimtherion, Vestments of the Eternal Wanderer (Artifact 4)
    Born of scraps of Martian Iron, Orichalcum, and the dried leather of Valentinian's greatest foe of the Titanomachia, 14th soul of Ta'akzouka, Lohz Damahni, the Irresistible Tentacles of Greed. Forged into an impressive suit of plate armor, the armor Crimtherion is a constant companion of Valentinian, reappearing time and again in his path, as if he is destined to always be within her grasp. However, unlike his relationship to his blade, Castitas, this symbiosis is not one Valentinian yearns for. Some strange spark of intelligence remains in the armor, and whispers of great evil emanate from the armor, perhaps exacerbated by the heavy destiny Valentinian bears. Still, Valentinian dons this accursed garb, reasoning that in spite of this pain, he is freeing others from the burden such evil vestments.

    Listen to your fathers, my sons,
    for your labors enrich your clan.
    Listen to your mothers, my daughters,
    for your virtue furthers Heaven's plan.
    Remember this lesson, my children,
    For the Cemetery Killer stalks the night
    Of crimson helm and writhing cloak,
    His road paved by Peace's flight.
    So, take heed, my children, say your prayers, and do your parents proud
    E'er, Crimtherion, of loathsome face and foul shroud,
    Stalks the darkness for those of ill repute
    Adds your life to his bounty of gruesome loot.”
    --Children's rhyme across the White Sea describing the ancient boogeyman, Crimtherion

    Tell Me Why
    Cost: 1wp
    Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Duration: Instant
    Keywords: Obvious
    Prerequisites: N/A
    Like iron sand to a lodestone, Valentinian draws ill fortune to himself. Perhaps because of this, Crimtherion adapted, devouring bad luck for purposes known only to the deep malevolence of the armor. Should Valentinian roll any 1s, 2s, or 3s, then he may instantly re-roll those dice. On top of this, Valentinain may instead allow the armor to 'consume' these dice, preventing potential failures, but also decreasing his next action by this same amount of dice in his next action as Fate reasserts itself. No excellency may be used on this next roll, although other charms may be applied, as Valentinian must accept bad luck in some form. This charm is obvious to anyone observing Valentinian, as the armor grows small writhing tentacles, stealing hitherto unknown motes from the surrounding air, sucking them into the armor's depths. This causes severe headaches for mortals to observe and many just plain look away, seeing the terrifying truth of Luck itself for the first time.

    Put Your Grasses On
    Cost: 1 consumed dice, 1 Limit
    Essence : 2
    Type: Supplemental
    Duration: 1 action
    Prerequisites: Tell Me Why
    Fed with the ill fortune of her master, Crimtherion reawakens slowly, whispering dark truths into her master's mind as she seeks further pain and chaos to feast on. Expending one of Crimtherion's consumed dice, she allows Valentinian a glimpse into a potential future she holds onto. Should Valentinian accept this gift, he gains an additional (Essence) dice to his next action, but this knowledge still comes with a harsh cost. Valentinian must accept the cost of an additional limit, as his mind reels from this look into forbidden knowledge of the future.

    Waiting So Long
    Cost: 4m, 3 consumed Dice
    Essence: 2
    Type: Simple
    Duration: 1 Scene
    Keywords: Emotion, Obvious
    Prerequisites: Put Your Grasses On
    Flush with evil intentions, Crimtherion haunts all those around her with the stolen last moments of those Valentinian slew throughout his career. This produces a corona of screaming faces, fearful cries and absolute pandemonium around Valentinian as his foes collapse before this terror; easy chaff for Castitas. It is for this very reason he acquired the loathsome nickname; Cemetery Killer Valentinian, that he rarely employs this charm. This charm is a social influence attack of unyielding terror upon all those around Valentinian, as unending visions of death play out before them. This is a (Charisma+Performance) attack, with an additional bonus to the dice pool of Valentinian's essence, counting as non-charm dice. If successful, a -3 penalty is imposed to the defenses of such foes as they collapse in dread, unable to defend themselves. Of note, though, dice of this charm's dice pool cannot be consumed, as Crimtherion finds consuming her own spewed ill destiny utterly abhorrent.

    Cost: 5m
    Essence: 3
    Type: Reflexive
    Duration: Instant
    Keywords: Clash
    Prerequisites: Waiting So Long
    Crimtherion delights in tormenting Valentinian, especially by protecting those things he treasures, belittiling his mission and his capabilities. Any allied target within the same range band as Valentinian attacked by a foe in close range, and Valentinian may elect to activate this charm to enter a clash attack against these aggressors. Spectral tentacles lash out at the foes, scourging those arrayed against Valentinian, and more importantly, against Crimtherion. In addition, if the foes are under the effects of Waiting So Long, a -3 penalty is imposed on their dice pool, as the spectral limbs meld with the nightmares assaulting them, adding to the horror.

    My Brother
    Cost: 4 Dice (2m)
    Essence: 3
    Type: Simple
    Duration: 1 Scene
    Prerequisites: Indra
    Crimtherion embraces her master tightly, wreathing him in a swarm of tentacles that claw at all who approach. This charm grasps at any opponents within close range. This charm decreases any initiative loss for missing attacks directed at Valentinian by one, and also allows Valentinian to reverse onslaught penalties up to his (Melee) in dice to his defenses. This charm effect costs 2m to use per use.

    Cost: -(1m)
    Essence: 3
    Type: Supplemental
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisites: My Brother
    Crimtherion is no stranger to battle, lending her immense spiritual energies to her master , egging him on to further vistas of slaughter in the hopes of breaking him, even if by just a little.This charm acts as a permanent expansion to My Brother, allowing Valentinian the option of adding the additional Initiative lost to his own, at a cost of 1m per initiative lost by way of My Brother.

    My Love For You Is Like A Truck
    Cost: 5 Dice, 7m, 1wp
    Essence: 4
    Type: Supplemental
    Duration: Instant
    Keywords: Obvious
    Prerequisites: Forces
    Crimtherion delights in slaughter, seeing the suffering of others as fuel for the grist of the never-ending wheel of Greed she once exemplified. This charm empowers Valentinian by adding any remaining dice after the activation cost to the damage of a decisive attack, utilizing the poor luck Crimtherion consumed onto the target of Valentinian's ire.

    Hai Yo (Oh, Ashes)
    Cost: 5m
    Essence: 5
    Type: Supplemental
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisites: My Love for You is Like A Truck
    Crimtherion's hunger for blood grows, sending her master into fits of murderous rage, thrilled as she steals bits of Valentinian's virtue, his most valued possession of all. This charm permanently increases My Love For You is Like A Truck. If the attack empowered by this charm kills its target, double the reset value of Valentinian's initiative.


    • Hello there! Here is my first artifact that I'm currently working on for my Dawn Caste using the SVN style, I wanted something that could really bolster the combat capabilites of a musician style fighter (Kung fu hustle anyone?) and this is my attempt at that. Mostly finished I'm just going to add some more
      Evocations and as I haven't played much at all (none in fact) I would love some feedback on its state so far. I feel like it could be a bit too strong atm.
      Oh and I would give feedback myself but I wouldn't trust my advice on mechanical balace.

      Euphonious Discord
      (Orichalcum/Blue Jade Artifact ****)

      A truly beautiful instrument resembling a slightly curved guzheng. The body is made out of the finest wood and ornate with large amounts of orichalcum, the strings shimmering with blue jade as they vibrate and shape the air itself to carry a melody to its audience. Euphonious Discords origins are veiled in mystery but it is said to have appeared numerous time throughout the ages at important political events in the hands of a talented musician and there are claims that its distinct tone have even been heard in the midst of great battles. The instrument will only wake if it deems its user worthy and talented enough, this has always been one of the exalted as mere mortals cannot impress it. Very few people know it by name and even fewer know of its use as a powerful weapon, capable of assassinating someone with a silent wind from a note woven in with the music performed or slicing through a battle formation with a beautiful chord.


      For all purposes Euphonious Discords Evocations are treated as Silver-Voiced Nightingale Charms including the minimum Essence requirements if martial arts is a Dawn castes supernal ability. While attuned and using the ancient guzheng the Solars kiai attacks are enhanced. They receive the tags Thrown (Long), Lethal and Cutting and add (Performance / 2, rounded up) dice to the raw damage of decisiveattacks , the razor sharp winds capable of cutting through foes and scenery alike. If the user of Euphonious Discord has five dots in Performance, Calm Gale awakens for free.

      Hearthstone slot(s): 2

      Calm Gale
      Cost: 3m (+1m); Mins: Essence 1
      Type: Supplemental
      Keywords: Decisive-only, Mute
      Duration: Instant
      Prerequisites: None

      As Euphonious Discords strings are plucked they cause a wind sharp as the tip of a spear to pierce through the air producing no sound whatsoever when it hits its target.

      This empowers a decisive kiai attack with the piercing tag and doubles 10s on its damage roll. Additionally, if the exalt pay an extra mote the attack will be completely silent and if it kills its intended target no sound is heard when the body or anything they were carrying falls to the ground. If this attack is flurried with a successful Performance-based influence no one will know where this attack came from as it is part of the music being played, raising no suspicion against the user.

      Rending Storm
      Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 1
      Type: Simple
      Keywords: Withering-only
      Duration: Instant
      Prerequisites: None

      Violent winds gather around the musician as her tempo quickens until she suddenly unleash them, slicing through the air like hundreds of daiklaves as the music echoes behind them.

      The user makes a withering kiaiattack against all foes within short range or in a line reaching medium range and knocks them back one range band. Every 3 extra successes on this attack knocks a target back one additional range band. Initiative gained from each attack can not exceed the users (Performance + Essence). If this hits a battlegroup it converts up to (Performance / 2, rounded up) dice to automatic successes on the damage roll. Unlike most other Simple Charms and Evocations, The Storm may be placed in a flurry with a Performance-based influence.

      Shifting Winds
      Cost: 4m, (+1wp); Mins: Essence 2
      Type: Simple
      Keywords: Mute
      Duration: One Scene
      Prerequisites: Calm Gale

      With a sudden change of rhythm beautifully incorporated into the performance the musician guide gusts of wind to relocate objects or nudge people in a direction, encouraging them to move in certain ways. All this without someone noticing.

      Shifting Winds lets the user move objects within medium range around freely, as long as they don’t exceed the size of a regular table. It also lets her direct people around her, changing their paths or encouraging them to do something different from what they were planning (This calls for a Performance influence roll with 2 automatic successes) provided they are not in combat or similarly occupied. The gusts of wind and the fact that objects are changing places are completely unnoticeable by the affected, people also won’t realize that they have been directed somewhere else.

      This Evocation can also be used in combat by spending the extra Willpower point, this will allow the user to make any gambit except grapple against anyone in medium range using (Performance + Dexterity) to determine the dice pool on the attack roll. This gambit is a reflexive action and do not hinder the user from doing anything else while Shifting Winds is active.

      Subduing Duress
      Cost: 6m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2
      Type: Reflexive
      Keywords: Clash, Dual, Resonant
      Duration: Instant
      Prerequisites: Rending Storm

      Flipping the instrument to a standing position the musician rakes her hand across the strings, producing a loud and powerful sound. Immense pressure emanates from the instrument, forcing everything in its path away from it.

      Allows the user to make a reflexive clash attack, this attack can be a withering or a decisive kiai attack. A successful decisive attack grants initiative equal to her extra successes, up to a maximum of her Performance. This initiative is added before calculating the raw damage dice pool. If she chooses to make a withering attack it will gain ([Performance + Essence] / 2, rounded up) extra non-Charm dice to its attack pool. If the user of this Evocation wins the clash their opponent will be knocked back one range band + (Essence / 2, rounded up).

      Resonant: The attacker lose Initiative equal to what the user of this Evocation gains.

      Continuous Echo
      Cost: 3m, (+1wp); Mins: Essence 2
      Type: Supplemental
      Keywords: Decisive-only
      Duration: Instant
      Prerequisites: Calm Gale, Rending Storm

      The strings are plucked with an increasing precision and intensity as the music rips clean through the fully armored soldier, leaving only an echo of the hauntingly beautiful melody.

      Supplementing a decisive attack Continuous Echo intensifies the kiai greatly, adding the difference in Initiative to the raw damage. This bonus cannot exceed ([Initiative/2, rounded up] + Performance) dice. Any allies hearing this performance will gain (Users Performance/2, rounded up) extra dice on their next action, inspired by the empowering melody. If this Evocation was used to supplement the same attack as Calm Gale an additional point of willpower can be paid to also double 9s on the damage roll.

      This Evocation can only be used once a scene.

      Discordant Crescendo
      Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
      Type: Simple
      Keywords: Decisive-only, Aggravated, Psyche
      Duration: One Scene
      Prerequisites: Subduing Duress, Shifting Winds, Continuous Echo

      A hurricane of song and slicing winds rages in the middle of a great battle, causing confusion and death among the ranks. Allies striking down allies and soldiers being cut apart by the sharp wind.

      Discordant Crescendo starts off as a beautiful piece of music that cuts through any noise of battle or otherwise overbearing sounds, it has a reach of two range bands + (Essence). During this part of the Evocation the user makes an instill action using (Performance + Charisma) against everyone in range ignoring social penalties for trivial opponents. If this is successful, a defining intimacy of the users choice will be instilled for the duration of Discordant Crescendo. After one scene the intimacy will completely disappear.

      Everyone who resisted this instill action will begin taking damage by the slicing winds of the hurricane that is starting to form around the user, a single decisive attack with the users full Initiative is made against all such targets in range of the Evocation. This attack is a kiai and as such use (Martial Arts + Dexterity) to calculate dice and has all the associated tags. The raw damage of this attack is also increased by (Essence + 1).

      This Evocation can only be used once a week but can be reset by the user successfully completing a major goal using Euphonious Discord.
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      • I was looking at videos for the DLC of that Devil May Cry game where they made an alternate storyline, the one in which you're able to play as Vergil, and the image of how his version of the power to drag oneself toward enemies/platforms and vice-versa struck me with inspiration.

        A set of five starmetal throwing knives, each one consecrated to the Five Maidens (primarily through means of the hilt guards being wrought in the forms of the Maidens' sigils), but rather than being based on their purviews, it's to invoke their relationship as planets; their powers are based on throwing the knives and creating lines of teleportation to and from them. Since it creates its own distinct fighting style, it's four dots.

        The basic idea is that two of the knives have power to teleport the thrower to where they land (for a style of getting in close, slashing away, and then pulling out), two of them have powers to drag what they're embedded in towards and away from the wielder, and the last serves as the kind of master blade that binds all of the others in connection to the thrower (that one consecrated to Jupiter, based on Glories portraying her as the kind of guiding matronly figure of the Five).

        It would evolve from basic powers of manipulating the position of various figures on the field, through more complex permutations of having the blades work in tandem, a few that might work based on weaponizing mutual teleportations (such as placing a large object right over somebody's head), and the pinnacle Charm consists of awakening the Jupiter blade and throwing it into an enemy, causing all of the others to home in with a devastating flurry of attacks.

        Not a horribly bloody shredding sort, mind; based on the subtle nature of starmetal, the harmonious motions of the planets, the sensibilities of the one who wrought the knives, and the ethereal nature of their power, the flurry cuts with such precision that hardly any blood is spilt, but most of what is vital will be severed.

        I have approximate knowledge of many things.
        Watch me play Dark Souls III (completed) Watch me play Breath of the Wild (updated 12/03)


        • Look, it doesn't seem right that the Artifact Workshop should be the subject of necromancy. It should be alive and thriving, dammit! But here we are.

          Anyway, without further ado, here's

          (Starmetal Longfang, Artifact 5)

          (Vaikuttava is my attempt at depicting Odin's spear Gungnir, especially as it's portrayed in Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. Volsa One-Eye, naturally, is my Wotan-expy shahan-ya.)

          Vaikuttava's seven-foot haft is carved of the flawless, pale grey heartwood of the first ash tree and covered in thousands of tiny moonsilver characters, many in languages now long forgotten by history. Its foot-long, leaf-bladed head is shining starmetal, with orichalcum veins giving it the appearance of a true leaf. One of its hearthstone sockets is a hole through both shaft and tang where they join; the other is set in the white jade cap that covers the butt end.

          Vaikuttava, it is said, was forged by the Great Maker himself. Tempered in the blood of Venus and the tears of Mars, it was empowered by the two Maidens to forge ties between enemies, and to exploit those bonds to further the work of the great uprising. At the end of the Divine Revolution, Vaikuttava was one of the foci used to bind the gods' defeated enemies; of the many indecipherable oaths still remaining on its haft from that time, none now can say which were sworn by the defeated makers of the world. Nor can any say what would happen should Vaikuttava's power be broken.

          During the Usurpation, Vaikuttava was taken from its resting place in the Violet Bier of Sorrows by its original wielder's reincarnation, Lai Kuo Fest, and used against the Solars; but Lai Kuo Fest was slain by the Lunar witch-king Volsa One-Eye, who holds it to this day as he broods on his throne in his mountain fastness in the distant North.

          The full power of Vaikuttava is unknown, as nobody capable of using its full potential has laid a hand on it since the First Age, and most of its exploits during the Divine Revolution have been lost to time and the chaos of war. Below are some of the powers it has evinced in the hands of Volsa One-Eye, who uses it to enforce an uneasy peace among his fractious uf-yas and jagaleen.

          Attunement: 5m
          Type: Medium (+3 ACC, +12 DMG, +1 DEF, OVW 4)
          Tags: Lethal, Melee, Thrown (Short), Piercing
          Hearthstone slot(s): 2
          Era: War of the Gods

          [I'm using the presentation format from Irked's Solar Charms rework, because I like it.]

          Runes of Weighty Bargains (5m, 1wp)
          Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Dissonant, Resonant
          Prerequisites: Essence 1
          Whenever Vaikuttava's wielder strikes a bargain with someone for whom she holds a negative Tie, she may use this Charm to instantly and permanently engrave its terms on Vaikuttava's haft in miniscule moonsilver writing. A bargain so engraved is called a graven oath, and can only be altered or removed by mutual agreement of all parties and the reactivation of this Charm. Vaikuttava's wielder gains a number of non-Charm bonus dice on any roll made that directly supports an attempt to fulfill the terms of a graven oath equal to the intensity of the negative Tie she holds for the other party.
          As long as at least one of her graven oaths remains on Vaikuttava's haft, its wielder has the Defining Principle: "What is written on Vaikuttava's haft is unbreakable law." This Principle cannot be voluntarily diminished, and reasserts itself in full strength at the end of each scene, even if Vaikuttava passes to a different wielder; only the erasure of the graven oaths or the shattering of Vaikuttava can remove the Principle.
          If a graven oath is sanctified with the Eclipse Caste anima power, Vaikuttava's wielder waives the Willpower cost of this Evocation. Using this Evocation counts as using the Eclipse Caste anima power to seal an oath for the purpose of other Charms (for example, a Lunar whose mate uses Runes of Weighty Bargains may use Blood Geas Binding on that oath, even if her mate is not Eclipse Caste).
          A resonant wielder awakens Runes of Weighty Bargains when she first attunes to Vaikuttava. A dissonant wielder gains only one bonus die, instead of a number of dice equal to the Tie's intensity.
          [The most notable graven oath in the Ring is Wotan's contract with the giants; Wotan's efforts to find a loophole in this contract drive the entire action of Die Walküre and Siegfried. I'm not really happy with front-loading so much of what makes the spear unique, but it's kinda hard to ease slowly into the concept of "you draw power from oaths that constrain you".]

          Spear Shields All Bonds (4m)
          Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant; Keywords: None
          Prerequisites: Essence 1; Runes of Weighty Bargains
          When using a Defend Other action to guard someone with whom she has made a graven oath, Vaikuttava's wielder may add the intensity of her negative Tie towards them to her Parry as non-Charm successes.
          [Wotan always seems to end up defending his enemies: first Fasolt and Fafner, then Hunding.]

          Halt the Fierce (3m)
          Type: Reflexive; Duration: One scene; Keywords: None
          Prerequisites: Essence 2; Spear Shields All Bonds, Unassailable Guardian Posture or Vigilant Mastiff Technique
          Any character who has a Tie of any type towards Vaikuttava's wielder must pay one point of Willpower to attack the subject of her Defend Other action if he beats the wielder's Parry.
          [Wotan uses this to stop Donner and Froh from attacking the giants in Das Rheingold 2.]

          Sword in Splinters (3m)
          Type: Reflexive; Duration: Instant: Keywords: Counterattack, Perilous, Resonant
          Prerequisites: Essence 3; Halt the Fierce
          When its wielder successfully parries with Vaikuttava, she may make a reflexive disarm gambit against her attacker, doubling 10s on the Initiative roll. A successful disarm automatically shatters mortal weapons beyond repair; an artifact weapon's attunement is instantly broken.
          A resonant wielder doubles 9s on the Initiative roll.
          [Wotan's destruction of Nothung in Die Walküre II.5 is a use of Sword in Splinters with a Defend Other on Hunding.]

          Stretch Forth the Spear (2m)
          Type: Supplemental; Duration: Instant; Keywords: Resonant
          Prerequisites: Essence 3; Sword in Splinters
          This Charm supplements a disarm gambit, shattering mortal weapons and de-attuning artifacts on a successful gambit as per Sword in Splinters.
          A resonant wielder doubles 10s on the Initiative roll.
          [This is here for Siegfried's use, since Wotan never attacks him.]

          The Hallowed Haft (+1wp)
          Type: Permanent; Duration: Permanent; Keywords: Dissonant
          Prerequisites: Essence 4; Sword in Splinters
          This Evocation permanently upgrades Sword in Splinters and, if the wielder has awakened it, Stretch Forth the Spear. The wielder may pay an additional point of Willpower when activating Sword in Splinters or Stretch Forth the Spear. If this results in a successful disarm of an artifact weapon wielded by someone for whom the wielder has a negative Tie, that weapon is immediately destroyed.
          A weapon destroyed in this fashion may be reforged, restoring it to its original state, as a superior project, equivalent to creating a new artifact with a rating one lower than the weapon's; alternatively, a single use of Celestial Reforging Technique (Arms of the Chosen, p. 19) may restore it. The wielder of a weapon so reforged awakens Sword in Splinters for that weapon at no experience cost and ignoring prerequisites, so long as he is not dissonant with the weapon; if he is resonant, he also awakens The Hallowed Haft and Stretch Forth the Spear. A weapon (including Vaikuttava itself) with The Hallowed Haft awakened which is destroyed by The Hallowed Haft cannot be reforged; its power is gone forever.
          A dissonant wielder may not awaken The Hallowed Haft.
          [Because Wotan's spear was eventually destroyed in turn by Nothung, in Siegfried III.2]

          Mighty Toil, Tiring Never (5m)
          Type: Reflexive; Duration: Indefinite; Keywords: Dissonant
          Prerequisite: Essence 2; Runes of Weighty Bargains
          Vaikuttava's wielder can empower her subordinates with the power of her bargains. When she activates this Charm, she chooses a single one of her graven oaths. While this Charm lasts, any character who acknowledges the wielder as his superior adds one non-Charm die to any roll that directly supports an attempt to fulfill the terms of the oath at the wielder's direction. Other parties to the graven oath also gain this benefit, whether they acknowledge the wielder as a superior or not.
          The bonus die granted by a dissonant wielder counts as a Charm die.

          [Note: There should be an entire tree of Evocations beyond Mighty Toil, Tiring Never, which allows the wielder to draw more power from graven oaths at the expense of being even further constrained by them, but I can think of neither appropriate effects nor appropriate quotes from the Ring to name Charms after. There should also be a third major Evocation tree involving Terrible Things happening when the spear is thrown, but since I haven't read the Eddas and Wotan never throws the spear in the Ring, I don't really know where to take that. Finally, I have zero confidence in my ability to balance anything. I think it's pretty clear where I want each of the Charms to go, but I don't know how well they succeed, or how appropriate their costs are. Suggestions eagerly solicited.]

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          • Someone bumped this thread, and I realized I should post my artifact ideas in here. Hopefully they still generate interest.

            So I was thinking of an expanded version of "Bracers of Universal Crafting" from page 602 of the corebook. One of the problems with craft is getting enough crafting materials... But what if your gloves provided you the necessary materials?

            I'm not talking about literally conjuring something out of nothing with essence (Wyld Shaping Technique), as that would be thematically inappropriate and, more importantly, boring and easily abused. No.

            What I'm thinking is that the gloves teleport material the crafter needs from somewhere already in creation. The idea is that this would create future story complications for the PC. The PC makes food for a wedding cake? Maybe on their next adventure there's some complication about a nobleman's food stores being raided by a mysterious thief, and he blames it on friends/allies/something of this PC.

            Or, if he makes a lot of wood items, he angers a nearby wood elemental who tracks him down. Some uses might be handwaved, but I see much potential for hilarity. Sometimes nothing at all might happen, but it would keep the PC on their toes.

            Also to note: The gloves would not necessarily provide special components for forging artifacts. Maybe they can steal the dying breath of a dragon blood, if one is dying at that exact moment, but can't make a DB die. Nor can they provide the heart of a behemoth (which presumably might kill it.)

            Mechanically, they'd give the same benefits as the bracers in the core, with this as an additional base ability. I'm thinking 4 dots would be appropriate.

            Or, would this work as some kind of evocation for the bracers?

            I'm not sure, so feedback is welcome.
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            • Personally, rather than teleportation I'd make them Starmetal Bracers that Direct Fate towards providing you materials. Certainly bringing the materials forth would be a matter for Evocations, but I'm not confident enough in the craft system to speak definitively on how they'd look.


              • I'm just not sure why the noble would blame someone attached to the player characters for the theft, instead of someone who works in his kitchens.

                If my can of Spaghettios goes missing, I'd assume it was one of my roommates who took it, rather than assuming it was someone on these forums.
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                • Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
                  I'm just not sure why the noble would blame someone attached to the player characters for the theft, instead of someone who works in his kitchens.

                  If my can of Spaghettios goes missing, I'd assume it was one of my roommates who took it, rather than assuming it was someone on these forums.
                  Well, the idea is that the bracers create story events/issues/problems for the PCs, instead of gathering the materials as a story point. (Which can be fun the first time, but gets old.)

                  i.e. The PC builds a variety of items, and the next town they come across - is suffering from severe problems as everyone is accusing everyone else of stealing their stuff. I don't quite want it to cause Monkey Paw levels of unhappiness, just give an enterprising DM an avenue for interesting complications for their story.
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                  • I will ask a question here perhaps to get it answered. Assuming you have the full set of Solar power Craft charms what is the order of their activation?

           I play a lot of videogames.


                    • Originally posted by BogMod View Post
                      I will ask a question here perhaps to get it answered. Assuming you have the full set of Solar power Craft charms what is the order of their activation?
                      I'm new to using craft in 3E, and worked through this myself. Much of it comes down to reading the text carefully.

                      There are a couple key points:

                      1. The base roll before you start modifying it from charms

                      2. Modifications (reroll 1s,6s, 10s until they dissapear) double 7,8,9s etc

                      3. Non charm dice purchased.

                      Honestly, I'm a statistician by profession and I still don't really want to go through the hassle of rolling everything out.

                      If you want to how they chain together, the website is very, very useful.


                      • So there are two warstriders that I am trying to put together for my players. I could use a hand. Here is the first.
                        Storm Herald.
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                        • Here is the other.
                          Again I could use some guidance and pricing help. I think what I want to do is create what might look like two trees. One for melee weapons the other for Soul Burner Cannon. I kinda got the idea form playing battleteci years ago that you build up het, then because it's exalted that heat can be used is a resource to add to charms. Kinda like black razor, or volcano cutter in user generator created resource. Plus this can work in a heat shut down where if you don't use up your special reduces when you have so much of it that the machine might force a shut down.
                          Infernus Indomitus
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                          • I need some power level suggestions...

                            1. The PCs are trying to track someone but no one has investigation charms. The twilight proposed making an artifact that allows the user to target a person, and then be given a vision of the target moving backwards through time. (i.e. point it at a dead assassin, and then view the path of how the assassin came to be in that location and who hired them.) I am thinking Artifact 3.

                            2. The PC's will encounter someone who has a miniature lantern made of (insert material). It is not what it appears to be, in fact, it is a prison that if activated, can seal a person in there and provides sustenance for almost indefinite imprisonment, so long as the owner maintains the essence commitment. If the commitment is removed, the prisoner will die unless they have some other way of escaping or sustaining themselves. I am thinking Artifact 5.



                            • Originally posted by Tytalus View Post
                              I need some power level suggestions...

                              1. The PCs are trying to track someone but no one has investigation charms. The twilight proposed making an artifact that allows the user to target a person, and then be given a vision of the target moving backwards through time. (i.e. point it at a dead assassin, and then view the path of how the assassin came to be in that location and who hired them.) I am thinking Artifact 3.

                              2. The PC's will encounter someone who has a miniature lantern made of (insert material). It is not what it appears to be, in fact, it is a prison that if activated, can seal a person in there and provides sustenance for almost indefinite imprisonment, so long as the owner maintains the essence commitment. If the commitment is removed, the prisoner will die unless they have some other way of escaping or sustaining themselves. I am thinking Artifact 5.

                              1. If there are restrictions so that the artifact is mostly used for investigating plot relevant people then 3 dot feels fine. If players can magically obtain the backgrounds and motivations of literally anyone they meet, we're approaching 5 dot or even N/A territory.

                              2. I'd say the power level of the artifact has a lot to do with how many restrictions there are to using it, i.e. :

                              -You can capture someone with no restrictions, your only commitment is the motes, and they can't escape without magic >> N/A

                              -Target must weakened or held still, mote commitment increases with time or if the prisoner struggles against their prison, releasing mote commitment creates "gaps" in the prison creating opportunities to escape. >> 5 dot

                              -Target must be incapacitated, prisoner gains social bonuses against you the longer they are held, they can leave with a magically binding oath to repent for whatever sin they committed >> 4 dot
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                              • Originally posted by Epitome View Post

                                1. If there are restrictions so that the artifact is mostly used for investigating plot relevant people then 3 dot feels fine. If players can magically obtain the backgrounds and motivations of literally anyone they meet, we're approaching 5 dot or even N/A territory.

                                2. I'd say the power level of the artifact has a lot to do with how many restrictions there are to using it, i.e. :

                                -You can capture someone with no restrictions, your only commitment is the motes, and they can't escape without magic >> N/A

                                -Target must weakened or held still, mote commitment increases with time or if the prisoner struggles against their prison, releasing mote commitment creates "gaps" in the prison creating opportunities to escape. >> 5 dot

                                -Target must be incapacitated, prisoner gains social bonuses against you the longer they are held, they can leave with a magically binding oath to repent for whatever sin they committed >> 4 dot
                                Thank you!

                                1. Yes, I only had it in mind for Investigating plot relevant people. My group has no skill socialites, so it's a moot issue for now.

                                2. N/A it is!