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  • Storm's Embrace - 5-dot Heavy Artifact Armor

    Sometimes, during a fierce storm an elemental serpent of lightning and essence is born. These fiece creatures typically exist for but a short time burning brightly as unstoppable bolts from the blue whilst they do exist.

    In the long forgotten time of the Second Deliberative, the artificer, Fiachu Ganan (renowned for both his wisdom and his subtlety), bound scales taken from these marvellous beasts with impossibly thin strands of soul-steel and rimmed each individual scale with black jade. Backing the scales on a skeleton of blue jade and lining that frame with leather made of the wings of giant bats which inhabit the lightning-wracked Jubatus Forest of the north east, Ganan created a scaled mail with a simple outward appearance that beguilled the true amount of magical material used in its construction.

    The plain, aiconic armor fell out of fashion in the time of the Shogunate, as Gens Fiachu withered. But it's rediscovery in the Second Age has marked it as a wonder of jade and a highly sought prize.

    Attunement: 6m
    Type: Heavy (Soak +11, Hardness 10, Mobility Penalty −0)
    Tags: None
    Hearthstone slot(s): 2
    Era: Usurpation


    Air Essence infuses Storm's Embrace. Heavy as a pregnant thundercloud, the armor doesn’t impair the wielder’s grace or agility; it imposes no mobility penalty. The wearer remains buoyant in water as though unarmored, bourne aloft by air essence trapped under the black jade.

    This airy Essence also extends outward into a thin layer of fresh, clean air. This renders the wearer
    immune to drowning and to airborne poisons, diseases, and environmental hazards based on corrosive agents like acid.

    The armor additionally functions identically to a Belt of Shadow Walking. The wearer can add three dice to all stealth rolls, both twisting natural light to bring forth the shadows that preclude a storm and summoning the unnatural umbra of the Underworld through the twists of soulsteel through the elemental scales that comprise the armor. When the wearer expends ten motes, she can transform into a living shadow for one scene. In this form, she can slip under the space beneath a door or slide through the thinnest crack. In well-lit regions, observers notice the existence of an unusual shadow if they make a (Perception + Awareness) roll at difficulty 3. Once the scene ends, the character must remain in solid form for at least ten minutes before transforming back into a shadow.

    [Evocations as Mela's Coil]

    Speed of Shango [Wind-Rider Swiftness]
    Storm's Eye Grasp [Clutching Dragon Coil]
    Storm Beating Wings [Spread the Dragon’s Wings]
    One With The Thunderstone [Prince-of-Clouds Descent]
    Ogun's Breath [Thousand Storms Exhalation]
    Storm-Self Addimu [One with the Blue Jade Dragon]


    I base this filmsy homebrew on two pillars. The first being page 602 of the Corebook, which states:
    "Artifact •••
    These artifacts are roughly as powerful as artifact weapons and are similarly rare."

    The second being Word of Vance that a built-in artifact weapon falls within the scope of an appropriate 5 dot artifact.

    Any thoughts?

    And if anyone thinks replacing Mela's Coil's Razor Claws with a Belt of Shadow Walking is too cheesy, how would you feel about replacing them with being able to throw bolts of lightning with the stats of a medium artifact thrown weapon (a la Glorious Staff Sling)?
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    • The dedicated Thrown weapons all automatically return to the wielder.

      How do the forums feel about:

      1. A Thrown weapon that "never leaves the wielder's hand" (like 2E's Infinite Jade Chakram)?

      2. A Thrown/Melee weapon that returns? (Perhaps as a free Evocation on a Longfang.) I strongly feel that would be fine on a 5 dot Artifact, would probably be ok on a 4 dot... is it ok on a 3 dot?

      Hi, I'm JohnDoe244. My posts represent my opinions, not facts.


      • a thrown weapon that returns almost sounds like par for course on such things. that feels more *** to me. Maybe not as a free evocation but definitly not so powerful you'd need extra dots to have it as one.