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    The sun blazes in a clear blue sky over the island of Achicke. It is market day in the trade town of Umber, and though it is far from the greater trade lanes of the West the stalls are laden with silks, furs, spices, pickled vegetables, metalwork, ivories and all manner of other wares from distant shores, each vendor shouting claims louder and more ostentatious than the last. The aroma of baking flatbreads and richly seasoned meat almost covers up the omnipresent stench of Umber’s tanneries and open sewers. Everywhere there is colour and bustle and clamour.

    You take a bowl of soup from a smiling vendor. It is lukewarm and the meat is of suspect providence, but at least it is food. Umber isn’t exactly where you want to be, but as it happens you will soon be on your way elsewhere. You will uncover the dark secrets of a mystical isle and perhaps avert a terrible cataclysm.

    First though, you take a moment to reminisce as you glance up towards the sun in the clear blue sky. It has been some time since you Exalted as one of the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun.

    What is your Caste?

    It's been years since I did anything like this so please bear with me. Vote away on Caste, more character creation options will follow.
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    Dawn Caste!

    Bits and pieces of Exalted setting.


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      I'm going to have to agree with omicron and say Zenith.

      P.s. my vote is for Dawn


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        I'm going with Eclipse.

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          I'm getting a feel for Zenith!


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            Zenith for the Win.

            I write things.


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              Go Zenith!


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                I prefer Twilight but lets go with Zenith for a chance at winning.


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                  My troll hath backfired D :


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                    Zeniths never have to deal with the ten characters problem on the forums!

                    I'm feeling bluuuueeeee~


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                      Zenith. Let's have ourselves a good old-fashioned Hero to the People.

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                        Dawn Caste!


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                          Night Caste.


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                            Dawn, yeah.

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                              It's funny. I had just started saving my old quest to a word document for posterity when this showed up a day later. Looks like I really have been replaced.