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  • What Fire Has Wrought and Fangs at the Gate both have about a dozen Artifacts in them. As well as several Martial Arts.

    I think we're going to get examples of both of those things basically anywhere that they can plausibly go.

    Oh, and spells!

    I have approximate knowledge of many things.
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    • Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post
      Having just finished listening to the podcast interview with John and Holden, it appears that Arms of the Chosen WILL have "more guidance and support for homebrewers than possibly any supplement ever before in Exalted" if I'm quoting that correctly. No idea what extent that is, but that's a very different direction than has been suggested earlier in this thread. So yay!
      Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
      The original outline for Arms of the Chosen (which we did not write) did not include any guidance on artifact creation or Evocation design. Their inclusion is something we did at the eleventh hour because we thought it would be valuable to communicate the frameworks we'd used in designing the current system of artifacts.

      Adding more expansive and rigorous guidance would've required further delaying an already-delayed book at a point in time when Third Edition had gone years without a release, so that wasn't a realistic option.

      The Charm design section of Exigents, for a variety of reasons, is not subject to any of the problems mentioned above, and has a benefit that Arms of the Chosen didn't, in that it gets to build on top of the Charm design document I drew up for Lunar Charm writers for Fangs at the Gate.
      Vance, thank you for your candour. I eagerly await the Exigents book.

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      • IIRC, Vance said Exigents will only have one artefact in it. But then, the point of the book is to help you homebrew.

        I'll be honest, no Exalted book ever has had good rules for homebrewing, and now artefacts are way more complex than past editions, making a guide to homebrewing them also way more complex. I'm a bit sceptical that Exigents can do it well, but then, they are going to have way more word-count on it than I've seen before.

        Anyway, Isator is right, as Dragonblood was full of jade artefacts and Lunars was full of moonsilver ones, I'm sure Sidereals will have a bunch of starmetal artefacts and Abyssals will have a load of soulsteel ones.

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