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    Greetings, anyone who might be reading this!

    This is an idea I've been toying with for a few days now. We've got the Evocations workshop to consolidate work on artifact weapons in Ex3. I've been wondering if this place could do with a similar thing for locations. Lots of us like to create our own settings in Exalted, either as a storyteller, or just as part of a character's backstory. I've seen more than a few posted on this board.Why not make a thread based around consolidating and sharing that? There's less of a definitive need for feedback with this stuff, it can be nice to just have your work out there, but if someone wanted people to look over their ideas... this should work for that, right?

    (I possibly shouldn't be starting this after a long day and getting close to midnight. But I'm not good at decisions!)

    I'm going to start this with the experiment that set this in motion. Four locations, spread out across Creation, and each with just two paragraphs of material. This was an attempt to try writing under similar constraints to the ones the Ex3 teammust've gone through with the corebook. (Yes, I know this is more generous, it's just an aproximation) I apologize in advance for the names, but... well, that's why I'm doing this so late. Too tired to get self conscious about it. Hope you guys like the locations!

    At the base of Mount Lamaya lies Lulagarn: the City of Ten Thousand Lotus Blossoms. Lacking the size and grime of Creation’s great metropoli, Lulagarn blends simple wooden huts and humble parks with mighty stone dojos and resplendent bridges across the River of Tears, encircled by walls of still living white wood. Monks, boxers and wandering champions from across Creation make pilgrimage to this place, seeking the mythical White Lily Garden where it is said that five ancient goddesses came together to first instruct mortals in the martial arts.

    Lulagarn is home to two dozen monastic orders: some old and venerable, some young and irreverent. At first the settlement consisted of naught but temples and gardens. In time however, a population and settlement arose between the monasteries. Common folk came to provide for the worldly needs of the monks, to take advantage of naive pilgrims, or to sell their grain at better prices than could be found in Halta. The monks argue often, but band together for the sake of governance and defense. Many northern powers retain embassies within the Hall of Celestial Insight, and an abbot in this Time of Tumult may be better served by political savvy than simple enlightenment.

    To the south of Tanlin, the vale of Ashwater rings with the sound of workers. Quarries are being worked, clearings chopped, buildings assembled. Right in the midst of the vale, buildings are starting to rise, one after another. Yet the inhabitants of this new city are a strange band: refugees from the wars to the north are joined by beastmen of the far east, and the dead of a fallen kingdom. The new city of Ashwater is meant to be home to all three of these peoples, and for now, they work as one to see it build.

    Regis ap Sora, Chosen of Luna is the king of this place. One of few Lunars who has mastered the art of necromancy, he hopes to build a home for wanderers both living and dead, as well as a stronghold from which to launch campaigns against the Realm. Regis’ fellows in the Silver Pact watch his actions carefully: while the Vale’s military strength is impressive, its overtness and foundations in necromancy make many Lunars uneasy. This is not how the Pact traditionally wages war, and more than a few Crossroads members curse the name ap Sora.

    Novac is legendary for its grand domed towers, rising many stories above the ground and painted bright reds and blues. The entire city is said to have been erected through sorcery: stolen by Kumari Yisay from the gods of the desert. To this day, it is said that only a sorcerer as bold as Yisay may sit in the Throne of Winds, and the populace scrutinize would be Kumari and Kumara closely. Sages and thieves both have a place of honor within Novacian folklore: the people respect a quick wit and valorous heart above propriety, and look for both in their rulers.

    Novac has never been known as a pious city, but as the Time of Tumult builds, it has become something of a rallying point for refugee divinities. Cults from across the south are flocking to Novac’s golden gates, forming a ramshackle slum in the shadow of the city’s walls and wandering the streets to polytize. It has reached the point where Kumari Aylin is entertaining a delegation of Immaculate monks, who have come seeking to found a temple. The Princess has no love for the Dragon Blooded, but finds some sympathy with the Order’s view of divine duty to Creation, and the prospect of driving away the beggar-priests grows more tempting by the day.

    The Flotsam Isles are a problematic satrapy. They barely grow enough food to sustain themselves, and no amount of Cynis jade seems capable of nourishing the soil. An impoverished Satrap sits in the Silver Palace, looking out over mountains and valleys that seem to be poor in all but stone debris and rusted iron. The Isles were the site of a grand Anathema city once, but the wrath of the Dragon Blooded splintered the land itself, and all items of value were picked away by long dead shoguns. All that remains are scraps and tatters of the past. There is no profit here, and after centuries of looking for one, the Satrap despairs of this place.

    The islanders are a merry lot, prone to gallows humour, for food is often in short supply. Still the Flotsamites endure, singing away in their ramshackle houses just as they always have. Once a season, the isles hold a grand faire: locals come to the Silver Palace’s grounds to display various skills or hawk their wares. There is always a contest of craftsmanship, wherein tinkerers parade a hundred strange little creations they have forged from salvage before a crowd. These vary from crude sculptures and bizarre tapestries to crystal daggers and small flying mechanical dragons. The Satrap receives the finest ten each year, and this is marked as the Isles’ tribute to the Realm.

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    Pakst-ad-Ntlisih (The Valleys of the White Streams)

    On the old forum I submitted this place to The Invisible Voice's contest. I don't really feel any urge right now to revise or expand it, in fact I don't remember what I wrote, but if anyone wants to use it here it is. Although, feedback is welcome.

    The broad land of the Valleys of the White Streams lies along the north shore of a chill sea far in the northeast, under the south-facing slopes of frowning mountains. Great, austere heights rear above grassy hill-country and lowlands forested with gnarled fir, cedar, and tlidosg trees. Sparkling mountain streams, thin and choked with sharp rocks and dangerous rapids, leap and tumble from the mountain faces into narrow valleys between hills to reach their ends in the Sea. In Fire Season, when the wind is in the south and East, cool rains wash the slopes and valleys. Streams swell, fish spawn, the woods swell with life, and the hilly tundra bursts forth in brief but spectacular floral abundance. During the cold seasons, though the mountains block the worst of the North Wind, the air is viciously cold and parched. Snowfall is scarce, leaving the bare ground frozen to the surface, and dry lightning slashes the glowering blue peaks.

    During the Shogunate, Pakst-ad-Ntlisih belonged to a Dragon-Blooded dominion that stretched further eastward along the coast. Mortals cooperated with a small clan of Pterok allies in the cool aeries far above. Three jeweled cities, battered but proud remnants of the mythic First Age, stood in rough splendor among dozens of lesser towns and hamlets. Ancient works of geomantic engineering and delicate artifice channeled dragon-lines into useful shapes that warmed hot-baths and greenhouse gardens, while steel-bearing armies and Exalted taimyos kept wild and Wyld at bay and the gods assured bountiful harvests from the sea. Trading ships plied the coasts and open water, carrying the exotic products of caravans from distant lands to the chill cities and bearing away lumber, fish, ore, and finished goods for warmer ports.

    Since the Contagion and the dream-armies of the Wyld swept over the northeast, the kingdom is no more. The cities of Pakst-ad-Ntlisih have crumbled into haunted ruins, the Dragon Kings have become shrieking aerial predators, and the lands further east along the coast have dissolved into a nightmare of twisted, impossible shapes grown in stone, psychedelic colors shimmering in mists that crawl through the water while drops of blood and crystal waft in the air. Marauding bands of mutant beasts and predatory Raksha roam the hills and forests, sneaking at times even into the settlements to snatch the unweary. The fool who ventures into the Twisted Lands themselves does not return, unless the Kindly Ones who dwell there find amusement in loosing the gibbering, empty husk of some hapless traveller to stumble towards the village they (it?) once knew, bringing colorful new anguish and terror to former kin.

    Tribes descended from the survivors live in the scattered valleys between tundra-clad hills, digging their homes into banks behind windbreak trees and roofing them with stone and sod. They grow pindli leaf in small plots, collect the produce of the forests and the mussels that cluster thickly over the shores, and trawl the cold, clear waters for fishes and squids that grow to three times the size of a man. Since the March of Nightmares twisted the eastern coasts into an unreal landscape of illusion and fear, strange things swim in the sea here, things that the fishermen dare not touch. The net that drags a hektth tuksih (literally “wrong lamprey”) to shore is cast back into the sea with all its catch and hurried prayers to the gods. The fishers who caught it are unlucky and must eat alone until they bring forth a fortune-compensation from the sea -- such as giant sturgeon gravid with caviar, white dolphins fat with blubber, or best of all, a wonder of another age dragged from some ancient shipwreck or rotting cache. Only then is the ill omen forgotten.

    The short warm season is the time of fishing and hunting, of growing and boat-building, of gathering from the forest, of trading boats visiting the inhabited shore to the south-west, and of raiding one another for the best lands and waters. Though their ancestors spoke one dialect and served one daimyo, at the twilight of the Age of Sorrows the people of Pakst-ad-Ntlisih are fragmented into some seven tribes, each with differing customs and tongues, and disjunct territories over what remains of the kingdom. Old Realm and Forest-tongue are forgotten now. Literacy has been discarded in favor of other skills more immediately useful for survival in a savage era. Skill, fertility, and the decency to mind the taboos, matter more in society than sex or age. But those without the talent, wit, or hale limbs to contribute to the community either go to serve a shaman or else eke out a spare existence at the edge of the village, given just enough to survive and no more. Children born with a deformity or mutation are hektth tuksih, not human, and must be drowned at sea to avoid certain calamity for the unfortunate family.

    Yet Pakst-ad-Ntlisih’s past is not forgotten. Legends and folktales recounted about winter fires still preserve an oral history stretching back to the terror of Contagion and invasion and, in faint and garbled form, echoes of the time before. The marvelous stone cities of the ancestors -- and the ghosts who own them now -- are revered by the living, respectfully avoided by the sensible, and paid tribute in the bodies of the newly deceased. From time to time, the fading blood of Gens Jerisu still flares to sudden glory in one or another tribe. The Dragon-Blooded ruled Pakst-ad-Ntlisih, and so each Exalt must have been Chosen by the gods and Dragons to become a great leader. A scion of the Dragons grows to be a daring warrior, revered shaman, or mighty guardian of their people before they, too, join their ancestors in the silent cities. Two such Exalts living today are Ice-Carved Shadows, born to the Nanshi tribe, Exalted in the aspect of Earth; and Fleet Goral, born to the Pa-dlikt tribe, Exalted in the aspect of Wood.

    Deep in the ruins, small shadowlands mar the face of Creation like the pox-scars of a plague survivor. Too minor to support legions of the dead, too remote to threaten any major powers, they are claimed by no Deathlord, as yet. Those who fell to the Contagion and the Fair Folk jealously guard the relics of the civilized past, accepting the bodies and souls of their fallen descendants carefully laid upon the scaffolds that stand like upon the city outskirts, among the tumbled remains of walls and outworks. The living do not know whether carrion-birds or the ancestors take the bodies that they lay there -- to join the ancestors cleanly and honorably is all that they ask, and the dead demand no other tribute. The living believe that as long as the ancestors fill the cities, the wicked Spawn of Nightmares cannot invade their valleys. Certainly, no major incursion has overtaken the Valleys of the White Streams for seven generations. In return, the quick shun the ancient ruins, for the living thief who grasps at what the dead own shall soon have neither life nor a place among the ancestors.

    The living have not yet noticed that the shadowland of one ruinous city is expanding.


    Laden Weir, God of Plentiful Catches and Bountiful Waters

    Laden Weir watches over the fisheries of this sea, from Pakst-ad-Ntlisih’s eastern end to the Hedenn people further west and the foreign peoples of the southern shore. His duty is over the mats of kelp, the massive fishes and squids struggling in the groaning net, the mussel-beds crowded with fat mollusks, the sturgeon and dolphin harpooned on the open water. The folk of Pakst-ad-Ntlisih pray to Laden Weir each morning before a day of fishing, and observe his holidays twice a year. Since the chaos of the Contagion and the fall of the Shogunate, as the nearest spirit court has unraveled, Laden Weir has grown less attentive and careful, but he still mostly does his duty without too much law-breaking. Though somewhat lazy, he genuinely cares about the survival and well-being of his worshippers, and not only because without fishers to draw the nets there would be no catch, and no God of Plentiful Catches; Laden Weir is the god of fishers, not fish. The Wyld zone to the east, where long-ago mortals and Exalted held other cities and fisheries, terrifies him with the threat of dissolution and insanity.

    Hazami, Eastern Goddess of Fish Poison

    Creation has two Terrestrial Gods of Fish Poison: Parvusu in the West, and Hazami in the East. They preside over all plant toxins and other banes that can be poured or sprinkled into water to stun and paralyze fish for easy capture. Hazami’s domain reaches from the steaming jungles of the southeast to the cool forest streams of the north, and from the shores of the Inland Sea to the Dreaming Sea and the limits of fishable streams eastward. But she holds no sway in the Far East -- where fishing is economically insignificant, streams are small, and people never touch the ground -- and in the northeast, where the great woods are too thin and subarctic to provide adequate poisons.

    For the past century, Hazami has sought to spread her influence northwards, into regions where mortals fish without the benefit her poisons bring. Pakst-ad-Ntlisih, with serviceable forests growing much further north than most, is one of the regions she eyes next.

    Fleet Goral of the Pa-dlikt, Wood Aspect

    When Fleet Goral was ten, her father was dragged from his boat by a massive and hideous hektth tuksih and sucked under the waters to his end. The evil omen of his death has hung like a pall over her family ever since, leading several of the band to shun them, and her mother was unable to convince another man to wed her. As the eldest of the three surviving children born before their father died, Fleet Goral was responsible for raising her younger siblings and helping her mother gather, fish, and maintain their home. Though not starving, they are poorer than the families around them, and Fleet Goral grew up with few friends and little spare time. When the Sun set on her sixteenth year, she had still found no hand in marriage, and her prospects looked grim indeed.

    Then came the blessing of the Wood Dragon. Though Fleet Goral was Chosen less than two years ago, already her family’s fortunes have completely reversed. With their ill-luck annulled by her Exaltation, her mother has joined the household of a widower whose previous wife died in childbirth, and more than one young man has courted Fleet Goral. But the young dragon has so far refused all advances. To her mother’s continual exasperation, she stubbornly wishes to wed a man who wants her for herself, not for her Dragon’s Blood.

    As the only Exalt for several miles, Fleet Goral has swiftly gained a reputation for her excellent tracking, hunting, woodcraft, and herbal knowledge, and for her prowess in battle against the other six tribes. The village shaman has already taught her most of his own medical knowledge, which Fleet Goral has supplemented with her own Charms. She has become a well-respected and valuable member of the band -- yet the satisfaction of a life well-earned and well-lived continues to elude her.

    Ice-Carved Shadows of the Nanshi, Earth Aspect

    Iron tools and goods are rare in Pakst-ad-Ntlisih, often beaten from scrap metal or handed down from untold generations past. Ice-Carved Shadows aims to change all that. He dreams of arming all Nanshi with cold iron and ending the Fae threat to their tribal territory. Already he has become a great smith, arming his band with new weapons and making the Nanshi rich off trade with the other tribes and with the Hedenn to the west. Some in the other tribes have begun to accuse him of robbing the cities of the dead for raw materials, but the Nanshi dismiss these claims as the jealousy of rivals. They credit their new near-monopoly on iron to the skill of their Chosen and say that he has discovered and re-opened ancient mines in the mountains.
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      ((Damn, I need to clean up the formating on this))

      Breezy Cove, a Tacky Tourist Realm Territory
      Breezy Cove is a small tourist/shipping town located east of Lap. It is not the largest harbor town on the coast of the Bay, yet it does brisk business in the Exotic Import/Export Business in addition to its thriving tourist economy. The majority of the Tourist Businesses are located on the Boardwalk. During the tourist season, cart pushers and entertainers patrol the Boardwalk, delighting visitors. The Season of Air is considered the “off-season” and is when the majority of businesses on the Boardwalk shut down and do maintenance.

      Link to the original Campaign setting thread

      Locations and NPCs

      Boardwalk Businesses

      The Boardwalk
      The Boardwalk is a line of brightly painted tourist trap businesses along the beach of Breezy Cove. The majority of the businesses are closed during the off-season except the House of Painted Faces and Suzu’s Sea and Sand Shop. There are alleyways between and behind each business.


      Street Kids Tour Guides/Thieves (Calling this a business is a stretch)
      The street kids of the Boardwalk are between six and twelve year olds who either offer their tour guide services to hapless tourist or pickpocket others. The majority of the kids do have homes, but a few are orphans who sleep on the streets. These kids often avoid the Immaculate Monks, who would send them to the Immaculate Orphanage in Lap. There are more than just the street kids named below.
      Shu - Inspector’s Daughter
      Babur - Inspector’s Son - Doesn’t hang out with the other kids anymore, except Shu

      Street Performers and Carters
      These people set up temporary business on the boardwalk during the tourist season. They usually make enough to live comfortable in the off season. There are more than just the street performers named below:
      Singing Shepard - Street Musician - Resplendent Destiny of Aamir
      Brave Sandpiper - Clown and puppeteer (Female) - Mortal
      Lightning Lin - Magician (Sleight of Hand) - Mortal
      Merciful Sisters of Sorrow (Ruby and Opal) - Fortune Tellers (Con Woman, twins) - Mortal
      Cheerful Monkey - Banana Stand Vendor with dancing monkey - Mortal - Has lots of kids

      House of Painted Faces - House of Pleasure (High end)
      High end house of pleasure located on the Boardwalk. Blue banners sway in the breeze and the furnishings inside are simple, comfortable, and elegant. Services offered include conversation, exotic delicacies massage, and sexual services.

      Ascending Bird of the Silent Shriek- Crazy Fair Folk
      Traits: Absent-minded and Affectionate. and Drama-loving
      Shriek has pink rose petal pale skin and magenta eyes. Her hair is a deep red with frosty white feathers woven into it. Her eyes are entirely blood red with no whites or pupils. She has long pointy ears. Shriek wears a variety of clothes and has no consistent style. She can be seen wearing the full armor of a Realm Legionnaire (Hali doesn’t like this during the Tourist season. Pisses off the Dynast) to a komodo to something the street kids may wear to nothing at all.

      Shriek is technically the owner of the House of Painted Faces. This Fair Folk has an unique point of view. She is the most expensive courtesan at the House. She does not feed on children as this is “unethical”. Shriek is very touchy feely.

      Hali - Wyld-Touched (Female)
      Traits: Industrious and Impatient
      Hali has inherited her mother’s red and white hair and eyes (but with pupils and whites), but has deep brown skin. Her ears are also pointy but not as long as her mother’s. Hali runs the house. She is very practical for a Wyld Touched. Her mother frustrates her.

      Four Rings Carnival
      Four Rings Carnival is a park filled with rides and games of chance. It has been closed for a few years and now has a new owner. This upcoming tourist season will be thier first. They also have a freak show. The Carnival is closed during the off season

      Four Rings - Owner (Male)
      Traits: Charismatic, Hypercritical
      Four Rings is the owner of the Carnival. He used to own a travelling circus, but as he grew older, he could no longer keep up with the work. He bought the carnival and renovated it a few years ago to its current glory. He is a tall well dressed Western man with tan skin and blue hair.

      Bozo the Clown - Tyrant Lizard Lunar (Male)
      Traits: Shy, Self-Conscious, Considerate, Handy, Hot-Tempered
      Bozo is Four Rings illegitimate dwarf son. Four Rings was always ashamed of Bozo. Bozo exalted as a Lunar while he and Four Rings were still traveling. Bozo is a dwarf with blue hair. He is always in clown makeup.

      KnickKnack's Galour! - Tacky Tourist Shop

      This was a PC business. I lost the description

      Vivian Vemonsbane - Cody’s Body guard and shop keeper, his voice of reason

      Suzu’s Sand and Sea Shop - Surf Shop and General Store - Swimsuits, hats, surf boards, all your beach needs. - Chris’ Office in Attic?

      Small Brightly-light store with various beach products. Also sells food stuff. Has a small grill window which servers better food than Fatty Satty’s Fish Shack.

      Suzu - Mortal (Female)
      Traits: Cheerful, Energetic, Gossip
      Suzu is a blond, tan woman of medium height and fit. She always has the newest gossip about Breezy Cove.

      Fish Face - Mortal - Male - Short Order Cook
      Traits: Ugly, Taciturn, Efficient
      Fish Face is Suzu’s cook. Doesn’t talk much, but he is a damn good cook. He is fat with thin black hair.

      The Flamingo - Hotel/High End Restaurant/ Casino
      Fancy and ornate furnishings. Currently under renovation. Fresh paint smell. Chairs stacked against the wall.

      Peleps Jor - Arrogant Partician mortal (male)
      Traits - Condescending, Meticulous, Tactful
      Jor runs the most exclusive Hotel on the Boardwalk. He wants to buy out the rest of the businesses, but his relatives won’t loan him the money to do so for political reasons (They don’t want to tangle with House Ragara.)

      Cynis Nale- Visiting Dragonblooded - Wood Aspect
      Traits - Fussy, Aggressive, Frugal
      Poor Wood Aspect. Visiting during off season because it is cheaper. Bitches about how there is nothing to do.

      Perfect Paradise - Condos - Pushy Salesman with booth
      These new condos are an eyesore to some. Very plain and generic on the outside. Inside is very elegant and comfortable (depending on the occupant).

      Goose - Pushy Salesman/Handy Man - Mortal (Male)
      Traits: Pushy, Energetic
      This guy wears loud eye catching clothing and is heavy set and balding. He always has a pained smile on his face. During Tourist season, you see him in his booth trying to sell timeshare condos.

      Sesus Temol - Retired Military Commander - Fire Aspect (Male)
      Traits: Punctual, Resourceful, Authoritarian
      Temol is an old Dragonblooded General who is now retired from service. He is one of the few Dragonblooded who frequents Fatty Satty’s Fish Shake (Satty doesn’t like him though, but he tips well) Temol likes to tell old drunken stories of war and wyld hunt.

      Nellens Fakora - Disgraced Legionnaire - Wood Aspect (Male)
      Traits: Cowardly, Hedonistic, Shrewd
      Fakora is a lost egg that took the coin and then deserted from the Legions. Owns three hound dogs.

      Out of Business Oyster Bar - Formally The Smiling Oyster
      Building shaped like a boat. Abandoned for right now. For Sale. Empty Restaurant except for some garbage (everything was sold off)

      Off the Boardwalk Businesses

      Fatty Satty’s Fish Shack - Dive Bar

      The Fish Shack is a poorly thatched Dive Restaurant/Bar located directly on the beach with rusty metal awnings that come down when the bar is closed. The Fish Shack’s open air deck is littered with broken tables and chairs. Inside there is a long wooden bar and more tables and chairs in various states of disrepair. The Fish Shack is poorly lit, the only light comes from small rectangular windows near the ceiling and jars with dim candles. The roof leaks when it rains. Pails of water sit inside the bar to catch the leaks.

      Fatty Satty’s Fish Shack opens at Sunset and closes whenever Satty feels like it. The food is shit, mostly poorly seasoned grilled fish (affectionately called “blackened” by the regulars), but the booze is cheap, plentiful, and of good quality. A sign reading “Hiring Line Cook” is displayed outside of the Fish Shack.

      Fatty Satty - Ronin Chosen of Endings
      Traits: Grouchy, Tactless, Observant, and Loyal
      The owner of the Fatty Satty’s Fish Shack is known as “Fatty Satty”, an Exigent of some unknown god, to the people of the Island. Satty is a short, curvy, reddish tan skinned woman in her mid-forties. She has long and frizzy black hair that is haphazardly pulled back into a pony tail. (Non-Politically Correct Description: She is an overweight middle aged Indian woman who can kick your ass.) She walks around barefoot and wears loose flowing white shirt and brown cut off pants. While working at the Fish Shack, she has on a grease stained white apron.

      “Satty is foul mouthed and drinks like a fish. She spends her days fishing on the docks and her nights running the Fish Shack or brawling poorly behaved patrons. If an Exalt comes into town, she will pick a fight with them. She hold these Exalts no malice and is simply looking for a good brawling partner. Her last one, a Water Aspected Dynast, left to get “hitched or some shit like that.”

      Aamir - Chosen of Serenity
      Traits: Faithful, Peace-making, Conceited, Manipulative
      Aamir is a Gold Faction Sidereal that is Fatty Satty’s estranged Husband. He is looking to recruit Satty into the Gold Faction and hopefully get back into her good graces again.

      Other Information
      This is a concept I used in my White Elephant -

      The Docks - Shipping/Export Business/Warehouse/The Docks
      The Docks are smelly and unattractive area of Breezy Cove. There are rows and rows of warehouses. The streets have pot holes.

      Emeka - Mortal bureaucrat - asshole (Male)
      Traits: Demanding, Frugal, and kind of dumb
      Emeka is the Harbormaster for the Magister. He is corrupt and demands extra bribes. He is a fat and balding Pale skin man. He wears a large floppy hat to protect his fair skin from the sun.

      Itzel - Guildsman - Sociable - Back stabbing bitch - Female
      Traits: Confident, Shrewd, and Disloyal
      Itzel is the Guildsman who owns a large part of the warehouses at the Docks. She speaks with a River Provinces Accent (Nexus). She is a short woman with copper hair and tanned skin.

      Fallen Blossoms Tea House - Tea House/Cafe - Old Bear Club Hangout
      A cozy little teahouse frequented by locals. Dynasts will conduct business here with low class/mortals. A hangout for the elderly Dragonblooded locals called the Bear Club.

      Haruka - Owner of Teahouse (Female)
      Traits: Industrious, Old, Inhibited
      Haruka is an old woman with grey hair and squinty eyes. She is bent over and walks with a cane. In spite of this, she still brews tea.

      Mnemon Gatasa- Earth Aspect Crafter (Female)
      Traits: Judgemental, Independent, Cheerful
      Gatasa is an elderly Earth Aspect Crafter. She lives in a house off of the boardwalk. When she isn’t drinking tea in the Fallen Blossoms Tea House, she is often working at her forge making ugly gear for her great grandchildren.

      Immaculate Temple (Small Temple. Only a couple of DB monks)
      A small but lovely temple (stereotypical buddhist temple). Has services each day and a public dojo and clinic.

      Ledaal Kebok- Older DB Monk - Air Aspect (Male)
      Traits: Serene, Scholarly, Prickly, Harsh
      Wrinkled old blind monk. Walks with Cane.

      Mnemon Kijar - Younger DB Monk - Air Aspect (Male) - New to town
      Traits: Gentle, Idealistic, Eager to Please
      Young, tall, bald head, grey eyed monk. Always smiling. A lost egg from the Lap.

      Thousand Scales Magister’s Office - Police, Postal Service, Tax Collector, Harbormaster, etc
      Simple Unassuming Building two story building. Maze like inside with various offices of bureaucrats.

      Ragara Mara - Magister's Office - Young DB - Earth Aspect (Female)
      Traits: Inexperienced, Demanding, Tough
      New to the job, Just starting to handle it. Her house has a strong interest in this town and the harbor town.

      Abeni - Doctor/Medical Examiner (Female) -
      Traits: Bitter, Lazy, Empathetic
      The Doctor feels too much and is burnt out. Knows about Babur being a lunar. Helped cover up the Dynast’s death.

      Inspector Gao Ryo - Investigator - Thaumaturgist (Male)
      Traits: Perspective, Restrained, Anxious
      Tall, scholarly fellow with glasses. Dark Hair, Dark eyes. Wife left years ago. Raising his daughter alone. Thaumaturgy - * You can summon the ghosts of people who are recently departed, allowing them to possess your body for a short time while another person talks to them.

      Babur - Cat Lunar - Shu’s Cat - Fourteen years old
      Traits: Shy, Antisocial, Gentle, Flexible
      Formerly a street kid. Exalted as Lunar when he was beat up by a Dynast. Inspector was there and helped him cover up the Mortal Dynast’s death last year.

      Gao Shu - Inspector’s Daughter - Twelve years old
      Traits: Youthful, Noisy, Rambunctious, Independent
      Shu runs with the street kids even if her father disapproves. She doesn’t steal anything.

      Diti - Gao’s Nanny
      Traits: Kind, Strict, Flustered
      Diti is Inspector Gao’s Nanny/Cook
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        How detailed do we need to get to contribute here? I have ideas, but nothing this fleshed out.


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          Originally posted by vampire hunter D View Post
          How detailed do we need to get to contribute here? I have ideas, but nothing this fleshed out.
          A similar question is how detailed are we allowed to be? I got something but it is kinda massive so I am unsure if it should be its own thread...


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            Originally posted by Gigaton-Falcon-Emu View Post
            A similar question is how detailed are we allowed to be? I got something but it is kinda massive so I am unsure if it should be its own thread...

            Maybe create a thread and post a link here?

            (probably should have done that with my post.)

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              Mmm.... I'm not looking to hold this thread to any firm standard. If you've got something, feel free to share it, and having a communal thread might help get you some freedback. Then again, if you want to really go into depth on one location, throw out as much stuff as you can and keep working on it, a specific thread might suit your needs better.

              I'm aiming to give feedback to posted stuff, but... honestly it's kinda late for me. Will read things over and respond in the morning. Thanks for sharing all! Good night.


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                Uluuan (From Ordinary to Extraordinary)

                Roughly at the apex of an equilateral triangle whose other two vertices are Volivat and Mount Namas lies the pleasant valley of Uluuan. With the fertility of the East, and the pleasant climate afforded by its middling elevation and location north of the Dreaming Sea, it is a fertile, productive area. It also has the good fortune to be far enough away from major raksha freeholds, Realms outposts, Volivati hunting parties, aggressive beastmen, or warlike Lunar Dominions that its peaceful independence has not been seriously challenged for five hundred years. It's just too ordinary and far away for any conqueror to set upon. Banditry along the trade routes to the Dreaming Sea is the only real trouble the Commonweal (the democratic confederation of the various villages and steadings scattered throughout the valley) ever has. Or at least had.

                A decade ago, a remarkable discovery was made by a Sijanese exorcism squad. Stopping to rest in the valley to rest on their way farther into the Eastern forests to the north of it, they learned that Uluuan has no ghosts. Uluuan has never had ghosts. In all the valley's recorded history, which, in admittedly fragmentary form, goes back to the Great Contagion, there has never been a ghost, po or hun, arise from anyone who's died in the valley and approximately fifty miles in any direction from it. All huns instantly enter Lethe no matter how tragic the death; all pos stay quiet in their graves no matter how inadequate the funerary rites.

                The Sijanese had pressing matters to attend to farther north, but when they informed their masters in Sijan of this extraordinary place, a pair of researcher-funerists was dispatched. Spies and gossip soon alerted other necromancers of the valley and its strangeness, causing a rather unwholesome swarm of sorcerors, including one deathknight, to descend upon Uluuan.

                What they discovered was that not only do no ghosts arise from any passing in the valley, no ghosts can even be made to rise, no matter the potency or wicked inventiveness of a necromancer. Walking dead can enter the valley (as the terrified Uluuans discovered), but new ones cannot be created within it. No shadowland, either, will form, no matter how many Uluuans were massacred (by the deathknight). Necromancy "worked" well enough, but most spells and techniques simply had nothing to act upon. No First Age artifact or ruin, sorcerous working, Wyld emanation, or anything of the sort could be found anywhere in the area. Local spirits and elementals were perfectly "normal," and also had no knowledge of how, why, or even when this effect was produced. (The deathknight was particularly enthusiastic in his torture of various spirits, and still could garner no useful information.)

                Though several villages were practically depopulated by the necromancers' attacks and experiments, the more powerful spirits and a small line of Dragon-Blooded native to the valley allowed the major settlements to defend against the necromancers. But it was the sudden appearance of an unprecedented number of Liminal Exalted (13) that finally brought peace back to Uluuan. Within a month, several necromancers, including the deathknight, were dead, all imported walking dead destroyed, and the Sijanese researchers (who had helped the Uluuans resistance) politely, but firmly, told to return to their city and tell their masters no further funerists would be welcome in Uluuan.

                Uluaan is now home to an ever-changing array of thirteen Liminal Exalteds. The uneasiness they produce in mortals is, for now, more than counterbalanced by the gratitude of the Uluaans. Liminals now enjoy an unprecedented acceptance, and as their wanderlust and duties take each of them elsewhere, other Liminals uncannily appear to take their place. When asked what brought them there, they speak only of the "blessing of the Dark Mother upon this place." The Uluaans are simply glad of the protection they never required or desired before.
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