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[Homebrew] I wrote up a Tomescu (and other attempts to adapt Demons to 3e).

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  • [Homebrew] I wrote up a Tomescu (and other attempts to adapt Demons to 3e).

    3e's core is out in its final form and, as triumphant a return as some of our dearly beloved infernal staples have made, I'm missing some of my personal favorites. I tried looking online, but no matter where I checked, I couldn't find any attempts to make ports for Demons. So, to correct this for however long it takes for more Demons to get officially released, I drafted up tomescu and I'm planning on porting perroneles and sesseljae as well. Without further ado, here is what I've got so far. Any critique or input would be welcome.

    Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenals
    (Progeny of the Living Tower)
    Based on pages 122-123 of GoD and 89-91 of RoGDII.
    From the moment of its birth, every tomescu realizes the moment of its death. The image of its own mortality burned into its consciousness, each tomescu cries out in pain twice a day. In Creation, this scream comes at dawn and dusk; in Malfeas, where the light of Ligier is unrelenting, the collective screams of the tomescu mark a passage from day to night that would otherwise be undetectable. Only a single tomescu in 100 does not cry out. Of these, 99 in 100 are stoic or addled. Only one tomescu in 10,000 foresees a beauteous end; these tomescu, other demons fear.
    The form of a tomescu generally cannot be discerned in full, for each is perpetually surrounded by a thick cloud, an airy vapor that partakes of the creature’s Essence. From this fog emerges an assortment of the tomescu's many long, insectile legs, each usually ending in a weapon of some sort bonded to the tomescu at the last joint - spiny raptorial legs, like that of a mantis, as sharp and lethal as metal blades; the smashing or spearing thoracic appendages of a stomatopod, as hard as hammers or piercing as lances respectively; axes with blades of steel-cutting keratin; even chitinous bows. Though most of these limbs end in weapons below the joint, the innermost limbs have either hands capable of working the bows and manipulating other objects or feet like the tarsus of a spider's leg to support the tomescu in its crablike gait. Ancient texts depict the tomescu’s true form as resembling a massive snow crab with the wings of a praying mantis on its back, dozens of armed limbs jutting improbably from all sides of the demon’s body.
    Although they are quite skilled at the act, the tomescu do not live for violence, existing as they do with an innate understanding of their own mortality. To them, the matters of beginnings and endings hold no interest, nor the matters of life and death. They live for the instants of the present and in furious service of the Yozis, who endure past time. They listen to the air of the Demon City and from it glean the whims and will of the Demon Princes. They move from place to place in the city, carrying out their incomprehensible tasks, performing strange, seemingly innocuous acts such as rearranging a road sign, sabotaging a wagon wheel, or saving the life of a penniless urchin. Such actions seem random and often out of character for a demon; only years later does the tomescu’s minor alteration of destiny take hold in a way that advances the Yozis’ will. Given their druthers, they do no differently when freed to act in the mortal world, as they are when occasionally summoned into Creation after destiny is thwarted.
    Essence: 2; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 8 dice
    Personal Motes: 70
    Health Levels: -0/-1x5/-2x5/-4/Incap.
    Actions: Climbing and clinging to surfaces: 6 dice; Feats of Strength: 8 dice (may attempt Strength 5 feats); Flying maneuvers: 6 dice; Interpreting omens: 7 dice; Resist Poison/Illness: 7 dice; Senses: 7 dice; Stealth: 4 dice; Threaten: 7 dice; Tracking: 4 dice
    Appearance 4 (Hideous), Resolve 4, Guile 2
    Attack (Melee): 12 dice (Damage 15)
    Attack (Archery): 11 dice (Damage 12)
    Attack (Grapple): 8 dice (11 dice to control)
    Combat Movement: 7 dice
    Evasion 3 (2 while airborne), Parry 5
    Soak/Hardness: 10/6

    Clamorous Cloud Arsenal: As befitting its epithet, the tomescu may bring to bear a veritable armory of combat options. All of a tomescu's weapons possess the Natural tag. Its melee weapons all possess the Melee and Reaching tags. Whenever a tomescu wields a melee weapon for an action, it chooses whether that weapon has the Lethal or Bashing tag and then may additionally apply either the Balanced, Chopping, Disarming, Piercing or Smashing tag. A tomescu's archery weapon possesses the Lethal, Archery (Long), and Piercing tags. Unlike its other weapons, which are innate, a tomescu only possesses arrows it gains in a mundane fashion.
    Diabolical Herald Prognostication: By listening to the air of Malfeas, a tomescu gleans how it might best fulfill the will of the Yozi. This purpose is imprinted within them, so they are naturally in tune with the patterns of fate and, by extension, the astrological forces of Creation, knowing in the moment how they must meddle with the flow of destiny to achieve their masters' desires. Unfortunately, it often cannot explain or doesn’t understand the significance of these omens beyond its own experience. Even so, a tomescu may be compelled to interpret its auguries in relation to those around it.
    Once a day per target, a tomescu may attempt to foresee the destiny of a character with some direct relation to it at difficulty 3 using an interpretation roll of 7 dice; success allows a tomescu to make a short statement, determined by the Storyteller, about the next major event in the character's life within the day or week, while failure means the tomescu is unable to come to any useful conclusion at that time. This prediction does not assert where the character's life will wind up, but rather something that will happen to them if their present course is maintained. In practice, the tomescu's statement is usually as insightful as a thaumaturge reading tealeaves.
    After a successful reading, a tomescu has deduced what it could and cannot attempt another prediction for a character until the event it hinted at has either come to pass or has been avoided, while a failed reading cannot be retried until the tomescu renews its prophetic insight when it next screams at either dawn or dusk. The readings of one tomescu will not substantially diverge from those of another, and if one tomescu cannot glean any meaning from its omens, neither can its peers.
    Because of this ability, a typical tomescu must cry out at dawn and at each day’s end as its intuition of destiny's flow is renewed, even if it desires stealth.
    Many-Limbed Deterrence: The tomescu's excess of weapon-tipped limbs makes it extraordinarily difficult for enemies to find an opening. It ignores onslaught penalties, penalties from being grappled, and penalties incurred from being hit by temporary physically crippling techniques other than those that affect the senses. The tomescu loses the benefit of this merit during Initiative crash.
    Unseen Sight: Tomescu can perceive immaterial spirits even while they themselves are materialized.

    Offensive Charms
    Preordained Encounter Readiness (3m; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 2): The tomescu is ever prepared against opponents it knows it was destined to fight. This Charm supplements a Join Battle roll, granting the tomescu a single additional success for each opponent it rolls higher than on its Join Battle roll, even as a result of this charm, up to a maximum of 5 successes.
    Unending Tide of Strikes (7m; Simple; One scene; Perilous; Essence 2): The tomescu's limbs attack wildly in a rampant onslaught against their foes. Enemies with an Initiative three points or more below the tomescu's own take a -1 onslaught penalty to Defense against it, while the tomescu gains +1 Parry against their attacks. Whenever the tomescu successfully deals Initiative damage with a withering attack that causes its attacker’s current Initiative to fall below its own, it may reflexively activate Unending Tide of Strikes. This charm ends if the tomescu is crashed.
    Principle of Motion (10m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2): The cloud arsenal moves with blinding speed, taking a flurry without the usual restrictions—it can flurry two of the same action if desired, and it ignores the usual penalties to dice pools and Defense.

    Defensive Charms
    Preemptive Retaliation (1m or 3m; Reflexive; Instant; Counterattack, Decisive-only; Essence 1): The tomescu already knows its opponent's vector of attack and responds accordingly. This Charm must be invoked when an attack is declared, but before the attack roll is made. The tomescu takes its full onslaught penalty, forfeiting that benefit of Many-Limbed Deterrence against the attack. Successful defense strips a point of Initiative from the tomescu's attacker and, for an additional 2m, allows the tomescu to respond with a decisive counterattack. It may use this counterattack to make a disarm gambit.

    Miscellaneous Charms
    Hurry Home (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The demon fades away and vanishes on its next turn, drawn instantly to its summoner’s side. This Charm is unavailable when the demon is unbound.
    Immaterial Intersection (1m; Supplemental; Instant; Uniform; Essence 1): Linked with their peculiar relation to the air of Malfeas, by which the transcendent will of the Yozi is conveyed to them on a spiritual level, a tomescu's body may briefly span the threshold between substance and soul without fully shifting states. This is a Supplemental Charm that allows the Tomescu to interact in a limited capacity between material and immaterial states of being. Primarily, for 1m, they may make a single attack affect an unmanifested spirit while they are material. Conversely, they may act on the material while they are dematerialized, though their influence is weaker and they cannot attack material beings; they are able to nudge tangible objects or whisper a brief message to a material individual.
    Materialize (35m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): A cloud of thick grey smog abruptly puffs into existence and expands to the tomescu's proper size, followed by its many limbs extending outward.
    Measure the Wind (5m; Simple; Instant; Essence 1): The tomescu can discern the nature of anyone it recalls from its prophetic auguries or anyone it has attempted to read the destiny of through Diabolic Herald Prognostication.
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