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  • Hi everyone! I'm Roswynn (or Ros, Rose, Rosie, "Hey you!" ). My name comes from a genius artificer I played in D&D 4e, who grabbed my heart and ran away with it, and since then she's been by far my favourite alias (in Exalted she's a Twilight from Ironfall).

    English isn't my first language so I hope I won't make too many glaring mistakes, fingers crossed.

    I love being the ST (or DM, or GM...) because it means I get to take a little corner of the game world and fill it with cool people and things for my players to interact with, and I love what my players can come up with.

    All 2 of them (we're very old friends and we have a special chemistry at the table).

    Lately I've more often run premade D&D 5e campaigns for them, with some success, but I've known Exalted since First Edition came out and it has always intrigued me. The rules, on the other hand, well...

    When 3e appeared I tried my hand at running it, but I ended up abandoning the experiment in frustration at the system's complexity (some people say I'm smart, but I'm not sure I believe them).

    I tried looking for an alternate system - but even though some might be used to run an approximation of Exalted, I believe the original ruleset is just the best at really conveying the actual flavor of the setting, surprising absolutely no one.

    So I decided to give it another try (and I'm *really* trying hard to learn it well enough), because I love Creation and the Exalted, and all the lore I've read since I was a little girl. My players are game. So wish me luck!


    • "Always an ST, never a player..."

      Hey all, I go by Balbary (named after my favorite Solar character I played in 1st Edition). I've been running games for over 15 years, starting with Aberrant and moving to Exalted and Pathfinder. Exalted will always be my absolute favorite setting.

      With 3rd edition I've been adding a lot of uncommon elements to my games like using playing cards printed with character art instead of minis, an initiative tracking mat with poker chips marking each character, and physical coins to actually keep track of money (bucking the traditional Resources mechanic).

      My games are heavily improvised often with just a few scrawled notes to set the framework. They also have been skewing toward the lighthearted side (a la Fairy Tail) with my current group and that's totally fine.

      I'm also a lurker and don't post very often, but have been working on a new Exalted project lately and wanted to share with the forum, so I'll hopefully be posting that in a few days.

      So... hi!


      • Hello everyone.

        I first got my hands on Exalted about 6-7 years ago. GM:ed a few groups but non that really stuck together for too long.

        I really fell in love with the setting because of the basic premise of "the world is doomed and everything is stacked against you and you might just as well give up... If it were not for the fact that you are a SOLAR EXALTED, CHOSEN OF THE UNCONQUERED SUN". I really like the idea of the characters being empowered to actually change the world.

        Anyway. I live in Sweden and recently started GM:ing Third Edition with my friends!

        "I SHOOT THE GIGGLING!... What do I know about "giggling"?"


        • I'm Illaden and I'm from Sweden and live in a small town called Kosta :P

          I'm mostly just an RPG fan. Playing most of the RPG video/pc games that comes out and have been playing tabletop for 12 years now.
          The tabletop rpg I have been playing is mostly the Swedish rpg EON and after that it has been "Mutant heir of the fall" or in Swedish Mutant undergångens arvtagare :P
          Herosystem, DnD 3.5 and also 5ed , Exalted 2nd edition and Shadowrun
          I'm doing lot of alpha and beta testing in various MMO games or other online games such as LoL, Dota 2, Hearthstone or similar games and have done that since 10-12 years back now.

          In Exalted the Lunars are the one I'm most interested in and after that Dragon blooded