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  • Hi everyone! I'm Roswynn (or Ros, Rose, Rosie, "Hey you!" ). My name comes from a genius artificer I played in D&D 4e, who grabbed my heart and ran away with it, and since then she's been by far my favourite alias (in Exalted she's a Twilight from Ironfall).

    English isn't my first language so I hope I won't make too many glaring mistakes, fingers crossed.

    I love being the ST (or DM, or GM...) because it means I get to take a little corner of the game world and fill it with cool people and things for my players to interact with, and I love what my players can come up with.

    All 2 of them (we're very old friends and we have a special chemistry at the table).

    Lately I've more often run premade D&D 5e campaigns for them, with some success, but I've known Exalted since First Edition came out and it has always intrigued me. The rules, on the other hand, well...

    When 3e appeared I tried my hand at running it, but I ended up abandoning the experiment in frustration at the system's complexity (some people say I'm smart, but I'm not sure I believe them).

    I tried looking for an alternate system - but even though some might be used to run an approximation of Exalted, I believe the original ruleset is just the best at really conveying the actual flavor of the setting, surprising absolutely no one.

    So I decided to give it another try (and I'm *really* trying hard to learn it well enough), because I love Creation and the Exalted, and all the lore I've read since I was a little girl. My players are game. So wish me luck!


    • "Always an ST, never a player..."

      Hey all, I go by Balbary (named after my favorite Solar character I played in 1st Edition). I've been running games for over 15 years, starting with Aberrant and moving to Exalted and Pathfinder. Exalted will always be my absolute favorite setting.

      With 3rd edition I've been adding a lot of uncommon elements to my games like using playing cards printed with character art instead of minis, an initiative tracking mat with poker chips marking each character, and physical coins to actually keep track of money (bucking the traditional Resources mechanic).

      My games are heavily improvised often with just a few scrawled notes to set the framework. They also have been skewing toward the lighthearted side (a la Fairy Tail) with my current group and that's totally fine.

      I'm also a lurker and don't post very often, but have been working on a new Exalted project lately and wanted to share with the forum, so I'll hopefully be posting that in a few days.

      So... hi!


      • Hello everyone.

        I first got my hands on Exalted about 6-7 years ago. GM:ed a few groups but non that really stuck together for too long.

        I really fell in love with the setting because of the basic premise of "the world is doomed and everything is stacked against you and you might just as well give up... If it were not for the fact that you are a SOLAR EXALTED, CHOSEN OF THE UNCONQUERED SUN". I really like the idea of the characters being empowered to actually change the world.

        Anyway. I live in Sweden and recently started GM:ing Third Edition with my friends!

        "I SHOOT THE GIGGLING!... What do I know about "giggling"?"


        • I'm Illaden and I'm from Sweden and live in a small town called Kosta :P

          I'm mostly just an RPG fan. Playing most of the RPG video/pc games that comes out and have been playing tabletop for 12 years now.
          The tabletop rpg I have been playing is mostly the Swedish rpg EON and after that it has been "Mutant heir of the fall" or in Swedish Mutant undergångens arvtagare :P
          Herosystem, DnD 3.5 and also 5ed , Exalted 2nd edition and Shadowrun
          I'm doing lot of alpha and beta testing in various MMO games or other online games such as LoL, Dota 2, Hearthstone or similar games and have done that since 10-12 years back now.

          In Exalted the Lunars are the one I'm most interested in and after that Dragon blooded


          • I intend to actually post stuff now (after lurking for a while) so here goes...

            I'm RealityCheque (or RC) most places, except when some git took the name before me (or I was an idiot and lost the account, hello Twitter) in which case I'm usually known as Exalts for reasons that will be obvious to nobody but you lot. I'm from the UK, I work in IT, and I've been playing RPGs for 25 years (now I feel old) ever since we discovered carrying 3 books between us into school was a lot easier than several kilos of metal 40k models each.

            I've been playing Exalted since me and two friends found this cool looking book in a FLGS and went 3rds on it. 2 editions later, and it's our most played game since that day. We usually have a few games going on at once with different GMs and switch between them every 8-13 weeks, and it would be a safe bet that 2 out of the 3 are Exalted and that I'm running one of those games.

            Fun fact: Roleplaying a dragonblooded 15 years ago accidentally helped me change my personality for the better... I literally would not be the person I am now without this game.


            • Sure, I'll jump in!

              Simon here. Named after my Nuwisha character in our mix-and-match Werewolf game. As a Nuwisha Ghost-Dancer, Simon is quite capable of stepping across the Gauntlet reflexively. Even though he's rather weaker than the werewolves (and a were-lion!) around, he's no slouch in a fight - his Coyote's Tooth takes the form of a huge wrench, strikes across the Gauntlet, and can be used for grappling and judo/aikido throws.

              We keep winding up with games on-hold, because of changes in schedule, people moving, and so on. I've mentioned in passing a couple of times, that I'm hoping Ex3 can be our next game, and that I can prepare for it to accommodate people coming and going. We'll have up to 5 players plus storyteller, so quickness of turn resolution is vitally important to me. If we do go with Ex3, I'm just about certain we'll use the Momentum Exalted (see the forum thread) rules hack, because it's vastly faster.

              I sometimes write stories set in my campaigns. Some of them are to be further exposition, and some just come along naturally from after-inspiration during the week between play sessions. I'd love to write for a living and I keep wanting to submit some samples... but on the other hand I'd hate to have a fun hobby turn into work. First world problems!

              I have successfully made a player cry from a story reveal. I've given a player a week's insomnia over an upcoming decision. And I've had players dress up in costumes made especially after game ideas. Keeps me going!

              I'm a big fan of Lunars. (Don't tell anybody, but I run game for a table full of furries) I personally cast Celestials as peers of Solars, but with different roles, because turning everybody into "and friends" second-fiddles is crummy game writing. In 2nd Ed, I gave Sids a lot of extra leeway with astrology and resplendent destinies - basically letting them set up a pool of successes to draw from and some narrative oomph to change details of the scene if they'd done the arrangements ahead of time. Lunars automagically kept their inventory in Elsewhere and could choose what to have with them upon each shapeshift, and the Moonsilver Tattoos gained a lot of story leeway.

              For 3rd Ed, I was considering expanding on the Lunar-Elsewhere knack, by turning that Elsewhere into a Lair (a la Beast) with some detail and character to it. Their panoply of shapes and inventory would be hidden there, and sometimes a scene might take place there - maybe a conversation with the mind-shadow of someone the Lunar ate to gain knowledge from. Some part of my Lunar society would be working to build a network of Lair chambers in between Creation and the other realms, I think.... a bit more productive than humping beastmen at the edge of Creation. I was also considering having my game's Moonsilver Tattoos with a tree of Evocations, branching for each of the different Castes. So you'd start out as simply Shaping-resistant, but as your power and legend grew, you'd grow into the abilities of the phases of the moon - and be able to shift among them if you put the effort into being able to. Maybe.

              I haven't put together quite as much for how I want to do the other splats yet.

              Check out Momentum Exalted!


              • Originally posted by Simon Darkstep View Post
                I'd love to write for a living and I keep wanting to submit some samples... but on the other hand I'd hate to have a fun hobby turn into work. First world problems!
                This is exactly what's keeping me from doing it too XD


                • Hi. I should introduce myself, since I have begun the inevitable slide from lurking to posting. History suggests this slide will continue. I'll try not to slide all the way to the insurmountable-walls-of-text phase I seem prone to.

                  I'm an avid player/rules lawyer/system junkie. I love role-playing and role-playing games. I'm pretty new to Exalted, having only explored 2nd Edition through one-shots before diving into the most recent incarnation of Exalted. My general philosophy is that when playing, I want to have fun, I want to tell a good story, and I want everybody else at the table to have fun. Roughly in that order, because I'm selfish. Intelligent self-interest mostly herds me toward the second though, because that's how you get games to run better and longer.

                  I'm a competent munchkin, but game-breaking tends to derail sessions, so I avoid it, and mostly use my rules-lawyering capabilities to try to make things run smoothly. Occasionally, the story is best served by doing something ludicrously effective/powerful/impactful, and if I can find a way to do it, that scratches two of my backs at once. (Oh god, what happened to this metaphor?)

                  My current chronicle is has been running for 6-ish months, with a Circle of 4 Solars running amok under the benevolent guidance (heh) of our Storyteller.

                  As is my wont, I've read the entire Core book and memorized fair chunks of it, and already have half a dozen character concepts brewing in the back of my head that I'll likely never get to play, since my Presence-Supernal Zenith, Defiant Clarity of Jade, doesn't show any signs of retiring from her campaign to rule all of Creation.


                  • Hello, everyone! Long time listener, first time caller here. Decided it was time to end my commitment to lurking charms and finally start posting, so I figured I would introduce myself.

                    I've been gaming on both sides of the table for years but 3rd edition is my first real experience with Exalted; I made one 2.5 character (a Twilight sorcerer with the teaching charms) but never actually got to play her. Playing in a 3rd edition campaign someone else was running hooked me, though, and I've been a fan since.

                    I've actually built significantly more characters than I've played because I really enjoy the process of building characters, fiddly XP-saving math included! I'm terrible at homebrewing stuff, though, so Arms was a very welcome addition to my library. Currently very excited for What Fire Has Wrought so I can bring my Stormcaller/Mela's Coil-wielding Nellens sorcerer to life.


                    • I'm orukan, been lurking in here for a few months and finally decided to join a few days ago. Been playing exalted since first edition and liking the 3rd one so far. Never been a big fan of DnD because of number crunching and whatnot. I prefer RP over power playing, though I do love myself a good fight once in a while. I hail from the frigid northlands of little Canadia.


                      • Originally posted by Orukan View Post
                        I'm orukan, been lurking in here for a few months and finally decided to join a few days ago. Been playing exalted since first edition and liking the 3rd one so far. Never been a big fan of DnD because of number crunching and whatnot. I prefer RP over power playing, though I do love myself a good fight once in a while. I hail from the frigid northlands of little Canadia.

                        I'd be interested to hear how your actual play deals with Ex3's crunch, sometime!

                        Check out Momentum Exalted!


                        • Hello to all. I've been an Exalted fan for a few years now, having gotten into it about a year or so before 3E dropped. D&D was my gateway drug to tabletop RPG's, but I've played a lot of other systems too. The friends that I play with IRL are still mostly interested in D&D, but I'm probably going to run an Exalted game for them soon enough. I hail from Terra Australis, on the eastern coast.

                          I found myself making an account here when I realised I was spending more and more time lurking on these forums in the past few weeks while waiting for news of Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought.


                          • Hi , user name tahu1809 hear. I've been interested in Exalted for a few years now. Little bit of funny background for me, I bought the core book for second edition back in summer of 2012. I.e around the time the last books for second edition was published. What got me into Exalted in the first place? The chapter comics. Well and the fanfiction Glorious shotgun Princess.


                            • Well, I signed up and pretty much immediately moved house, so I hadn't gotten an opportunity to post much before we lost internet access for a fortnight. But that's sorted now so without further ado:

                              Hi everyone. I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I've been playing Exalted since 2nd ed. I'm currently running a 2.5e Abyssals game in a modern version of Creation (I should probably say Abyssals/Solars game at this point since two of my PCs have gone and redeemed). That's been ongoing for three years now. Limited 3rd Ed play under my belt, but not for lack of enthusiasm. Looking forward to running it in the future, but I'm not about to do that while my other campaign is ongoing, and no one else in my group has volunteered to run it yet.

                              I play a diverse range of systems since one of my gaming groups rotates GMs regularly and everyone has their favourite. But Exalted is the game that has most captured my imagination, chiefly because I fell head first into its setting and fell in love.

                              I'll see you all around!

                              "Measure of Hope is right about everything." - Wise Old Guru

                              Currently running an Exalted 2.5 Abyssals game in a homebrew modern shard because I value neither my time or my sanity, and I'm loving almost every minute of it.


                              • Hi, I'm Dex Davican. I was a 2E homebrew writer and became an Ex3 freelance writer. I'm a mental health professional, I'm an ST far more often than I am a player, and Homestuck might be my favorite single piece of media. I began the first Ask the Unconquered Sun thread, but lost it all when the forum changed over, which is surprisingly sad. I was also @malfeas on Twitter.