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  • Originally posted by Dex Davican View Post
    Hi, I'm Dex Davican. I was a 2E homebrew writer and became an Ex3 freelance writer. I'm a mental health professional, I'm an ST far more often than I am a player, and Homestuck might be my favorite single piece of media. I began the first Ask the Unconquered Sun thread, but lost it all when the forum changed over, which is surprisingly sad. I was also @malfeas on Twitter.
    You're also, without exaggeration or dishonesty, the most creative man ever to have lived.

    Dex Davican wrote: I can say without exaggeration or dishonesty that I am the most creative man ever to have lived


    • Hello! I've been interested in Exalted, but most of my IRL gaming buddies either default to D&D or 'whatever Stareyes wants to run', and I have limited ability to ST any more -- I teach astronomy at our local university, and it turns out planning classes eats up a lot of my creative planning time and energy. (My job also means that I can nerd out about how stars would appear on a flat world, what the implications are for a Moon whose phase can be due to 'deity got bored', or the details of a calendar system.)

      So, looking forward to lurking around in the forum and at least talking setting, even if I haven't sunk my teeth into the crunchy bits too deeply yet.


      • Hi! I'm a new-ish fan of Exalted. I've known about it since 2e but I couldn't properly get into until 3e came out. I dont have much experience but I'm willing to learn anything new.

        I backed the latest KS and had a lot of fun reading about DBs being themselves. I'll probably be an active participant in conversations here, and probably ST a game or two sometime.


        • Deleted, because posted in wrong thread.


          • Hello all! My name is Charles. I'd say I'm fairly new to Exalted. I did a lot of PBP for second edition with my friends, but I never sank too deeply into the lore and world and whatnot. Exalted is probably the best fantasy RPG of all time, and I'm currently trying to convince my Starfinder group to make the jump.

            Additionally, I am one of three hosts of premiere weekly Exalted podcast, The Deliberative Podcast. Check us out on iTunes!

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            • Hi everybody!
              I used to be on the old forum just a little bit, and decided to get back into posting recently. I've been with Exalted since reading the 1st edition Core book, and have the 3rd core and WFHW kickstarted. I'm trying to get an Exalted group together in my hometown area that matches my odd schedule

              I hope to share lots of fun ideas here and read plenty more!


              • Hello ^^

                longtime lurker, longtime player, recent ST, only recently posting