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  • Hi ^^)/

    I'm RosePlancton (Rose is okay ^^ ) a 25 years college student from France and a visual artist (doing mostly drawings, clay sculpting and computer graphics).I'm GMing since I'm 12, playing lots of things with my numerous family like The Dark Eye, DnD 3.5, WoD (old and new), Pathfinder, Feng Shui, Qin and lots of "custom rulesets".
    I discovered Exalted and Aberrant in 2017 and I became a groupie of both but after half a year playing Exalted I had to stop a month ago because of health issues.
    I'm still in love with its setting and I've been lurking here for a long time, reading lots of cool conversations about the setting and seeing lots of points of view about the game, its lore and how others are playing it. ^^
    I'm used to look at things from afar even on the internet but sometimes it's fun to not just be an observer. Soooo I'm here and talking (writing ?). X)

    I've talked about me being a visual artist because despite the fact that I don't want to GM this game for now because of my health and my time consuming double degree, I'm still inspired a lot by it and it makes me want to draw and paint lots of Exalted inspired things. ^^
    I don't know, maybe I'll post some things I'm working on. X)


    • Howdy,

      I go by VVolf on the interwebs have been playing traditional pen and paper RPGs since 2005 or so, starting with D&D 4th Ed (Yes, there are people who enjoyed 4E) and first got introduced to Exalted about a year ago. Between then I've played Pathfinder, Dresden Files RPG (Fate system), Mouse Guard RPG (Burning Wheel system), Ironclaw (Cardinal system), and probably some more that I can't think of at the moment...

      When forced to RP as a responsible adult, I work as a web developer and live in College Station, Texas.