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Who is the Count of Words?

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  • Who is the Count of Words?

    I hear this name brought up often, but never is he spoken well of. It seems his influence only brings confusion, ambiguity and disstisfaction where there was once knowledge, clarity and appreciation. So I must ask, what kind of being would weild such power.

    Eric Minton in another thread suggets he is Fair Folk, or some othe Wyld Spawned abomination. But could he instead be something else?

    A Deathlord perhaps, his name does sound like a title, and hedoes cause strife on the forums.

    Perhaps it is the title for an unnamed Demon or other primordial soul. Or a particularly anal retentive god, messing with us mortals? Or an ancient Exalt, a Sidreal, or perhaps a Getimian?

    What could he be....?

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    Well, the Fair Folks apparently often mimic human structures. So it definitely an option. Is there also a Duke of Words?

    I have mainly heard about him in relation of information being missing. We know that Fair Folks eat dreams. But, could it be a nickname for a Sidereal, tasked with making sure things are staying secret?


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      The Count of Numbers brother, ah ah ah....

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        Serious answer: they're referring to the "word count," which is to say, how many words a certain section is ultimately assigned. Writers can write as much as they want, but ultimately the book will only have room for ten thousand words devoted to the Fair Folk, so something will have to be cut.


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          The didn't get it


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            Perhaps a soul of Orabilis, who redacts records that only the Yozis may know.

            I am extremely literal-minded and always write very literally. If I don't say something explicitly, please never assume I implied it. The only exception is if I try to joke.
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              There has not been one Count of Words, but many. The first was a Second circle demon whose duty was to find out all the words in existence to see if any of them had the secret to the Yozis escape of their eternal damnation. This Count was slain by a bored Solar who took the title to give herself something to do. The Solar was killed during the Usurpation, and her soul kept the title for several centuries, but Lethe drew her over the ages, and she adopted a younger ghost to hold the title. This ghost was later fused to a sorcerer through his arcane powers to become the co-Count of Words. The Latest Count of Words is a Fair Folk Noble who consumed the mind of the sorcerer and thought the title was a nice little quirk to add too it's panoply of sobriquets.

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                The Count is a peculiar fey figure. Few like to tangle with him, as he is both a cunning and irritating combatant, and yet, once the fight is over and the dust settles the place the battle was had, far from being ruined, frequently seems to have become all the better for the fight.


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                  "The Count of Words" is a derogative nickname for the chief official of the Thousand Scales, Sessus Kalo. Kalo is a man with an infamous temper who insists that all reports sent to him be grammatically perfect and as brief as they possibly can be. Those who must process his reports may complain that his standards make gleaning actual information from them difficult, but Kalo cares not. It is rumored that he once beat a scribe to death for adding in a footnote to clarify a word definition. "If the reader cannot understand the meaning from the context," he allegedly said, "then let them drown in their ignorance!"
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                    Originally posted by vampire hunter D View Post
                    The didn't get it
                    I simply wanted to be sure there wasn't a misunderstanding, dude.


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                      It's Luna. The Wyld Invasion was the only way to cure the Great Contagion. Regulating to the ebb and flow of the Wyld's relationship with Creation is part of her metaphysical function.

                      Edit: Wait - I'm thinking of the Thief of Words

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                        Back when the Balorian Crusade was being planned, Prince Balor said that it would be a war that would last for centuries, with innumerable unique and deep Fair Folk of incredible character, each with a trove of treasures and a lengthy history, each exploring another part of Creation that would be forever warped, a part that had never been described or depicted for mortal eyes before. Each Fair Folk that described his legend and his story was greater than the last, and the assembled hordes drank in deeply of the glorious history that would be claimed by them.

                        Then Count of Words spoke last, saying simply, "No." And most of the Fair Folk and their legends and stories and the places they would explore were simply no more, as if they had never been. The Creation that we have today is a mere shadow of what could have been, a fragment of a fragment left behind by the fires of Count of Words' grim and inevitable "no."

                        (Actually, now that I think of it, the Three Spheres Cataclysm as a metaphor for the Count of Words works pretty well. And forcing a rigid wordcount on reality fits into SWLiHN's themes.)
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