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Help with fleshing out a Twilight backstory

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  • Help with fleshing out a Twilight backstory

    The basics are quite simple: a poor southern craftswoman gets tired of being dirt poor and hooks up with a treasure hunting expedition into the desert. She gets separated from the rest of the party, and they can't find her before they have to head back. In the ruins, she discovers the sanctum of an ancient sorcerous sect, and at first thinks the library would be worth a fortune. Then she decides to try reading some of it, and learns what the sanctum actually was, also that the sect was not composed of sorcerors, but of necromancers (I'm currently working on the idea that the sect was in fact using sorcery, just focussed on plagues, poisons, ghosts, and the like). Their initiation rites involving bargains with demons, human sacrifice, and other such practices. Fortunately for our heroine, the sect is long gone. So the question now becomes "how does she become a sorceress without using the vile rituals?" and following from that, what shaping ritual might she know? I'm thinking of having her Exaltation occur during the carving of an idol of the Unconquered Sun, meaning initiation and Exaltation are entirely unrelated.
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    Long study, if she can unlock the actual knowledge hidden behind their death obsession then it becomes possible to reverse engineer it (possibly the potion brewing ritual), alternatively she can succumb to madness brought on by the images and cruelties in their records and a dark power may make contact with her and initiate her that way.


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      I'd go for the Potion one in the book, perhaps reskinned for the initiation, thematically with a few changes. For example, inhaling fumes or the like rather than meditation. Or perhaps a minor ritual that sacrifices the right hand to a 'benevolent' demon.


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        If initiation and exaltation are totally seperate, you don't need anything from this part to undergo initiation. Perhaos she initiates while exalted, with the icon she carved a talisman type initiation.