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[Peach] J'Qeju - The Glacier that Preserves (Yozi idea)

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  • [Peach] J'Qeju - The Glacier that Preserves (Yozi idea)

    Idea I had for a Yozi, would like some opinions on it:

    J'Qeju - The Glacier that Preserves, Yozi of Crippled Souls, Demon King of Winter - The Primordial Iakiju had the prime desire to preserve thing. He preserved Creation from the Wyld and the ravages of time, ensuring that all was the same from day to day. Iakiju was a Lahar made of Uneroding Steel, Purified Resin and Mercury-slaying Salt, granting Immortality to favourites and setting whole cities in never ending days so they could relive the same moments over and over again.

    But then the Primordial War came, and every moment hurting Iakiju: with mortals Exalting above their nature, ancient races turned to dust and Primordials being Warped by the Death of Daeva - all being acts of change and thus bane to Iakiju. This all made the Primordial sick, meaning the Exalted host easily defeated and captured his souls to force Iakiju to surrender. One of his souls, Segoy - Kingdom of All the Names -, was chosen for execution, turning the Primordial Iakiju into the Yozi J'Qeju. This moment had horrific consequences for the new Yozi, as his steel rusted, resin melted and salt diluted due to fresh water bleeding out of diplomatic wounds. As this now demonic lahar tumbled into Malfeas, J'Qeju tried to halt his change. But it was too late, his body was now made of freezing water. J'Qeju choose to freeze and accept his new fate over changing any more, becoming the Glacier that Preserves.

    J'Qeju would however face more tragedy, this time from Solar Sorcery. As the Exalted Host mastered this occult art, one of them discovered that the Yozi that preserves had no new 3rd circle demons, only his old, unchanged Daevas. Whether through malice or an earlier manifestation of the Great Curse, several Exalts, lead by the Eclipse who had taken J'Qeju's surrender oaths the moment he stopped being Iakiju. This Eclipse lead to the summoning of the entirety of the Yozi's 3rd circle souls over Calibration in order to hold a 'feast' in their honour. After using special alchemically made liquors to intoxicate the demons, the Exalts place them in magic circle created by Sorcerous Workings, binding them to their material forms and making any damage done to them permanent . The Eclipse lead her small band of Exalts in systematically maiming and scarring the demons, crippling them one by one. J'Qeju felt every moment of this torture, filling him with self-pity and rage, eventually spawning Hrimfurzar, the Flagellant Giant of Rime, out of these negative emotions. Eventual the torture of J'Qeju's demons end and they were sent back the Demon City, but he became known as the Yozi of Crippled Souls. The eventual fall out did see the Exalts involved in the acts of torture, called the Crippling, being punished to avoid some retribution from the Yozis (namely releasing various behemoths imprisoned with them). J'Qeju's response was to seal up most of his 3rd circle souls so they couldn't be summoned by Exalts or hurt in amongst the other demons of Malfeas.

    J'Qeju represents constants, the permanent, eternal things, conservatism, tranquillity, peace, immortality, sloth, repetition, unwillingness to change and things staying the same. He also has association with Ice and snow, due to their preserving affects, although when he was Iakiju, the associations where to steel, to resist violence, resin, the hold and preserve, and salt, which keeps food safe to eat. His current elemental association means that J'Qeju takes the form of a great glacier, grinding against layers of Malfeas as he tries to stay perfectly still in an ever shifting city. All who touch his surface are stuck there by his freezing grip before being crystallized over, preserving them forever. Only extreme levels of strength or magically induced heat can break a victim free of J'Qeju's embrace, avoiding the fate of an eternal sleep encased in ice, a fate met by many 1st circle demons and at least half a dozen Fire Aspect Dragon Bloods.

    Active 3rd Circle Demons:
    Hrimfurzar - The Flagellant Giant of Rime - Hatred of becoming a Yozi and a Creature of Ice and Snow
    Ekilihclo - Palace of The Unchanged - Love of beings unchanged in their innate nature
    Beyul - Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment - Love of excluded lands unaltered by the world.
    Phlegyas - The Volcano of Freezing Flame - Hatred of all that bring change (Exalts, Fair folk, Neverborn, etc.)
    Kingu - The Hunter Blizzard in Sand - Wariness against Change.
    Hreidmar - The living Hoard - Compulsive Hoarding and Preservation of Artefacts
    Itzpapalotl - Tree of the Tzitzimitl - Protector of favoured races

    Several Frozen, but still Summonable 3rd circle souls:
    Hrang (Warden of Unchanging Histories)
    Prokletije (Immortal of Immortals)
    Gramr (The Everchanging Prison)
    Namtar (The Fortress against the Chaos)
    Kee-Wakw (Totem of Never Ending Traditions).
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    First batch of his third circle demons:

    Hrimfurzar - The Flagellant Giant of Rime - 19th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
    Hatred of becoming a Yozi and a Creature of Ice and Snow

    Hrimfurzar is a lonely being, a great monster hated not because of his actions or his appearance, but because he is the self-hated of J'Qeju for changing from a Primordial to a Yozi. The Flagellant giant lives apart from other demons, sitting near the edge of the Glacier that Preserves, but both ignoring each other, Hrimfurzar to be free and the Yozi of Crippled Souls to avoid the aspect of himself that he hates most. Hrimfurzar occasionally goes on pilgrimage to places in hell that he has heard of being powerful enough to punish and torture him for being a manifestation of his master's most hated power.

    Hrimfurzar appears as a giant (100 feet tall) humanoid made of ice, surround by resin chains covered in spikes of Iron that dig into the flesh of the giant, causing indigo ichor to bleed from eternally open wounds. He can also assume human form, appearing as a tall Northern man, with a blood red beard and sapphires for eyes. His clothes in this form consist of spiked chains, forming a pair of trousers and a clock with hood, causing to bleed more ichor in this form. His signature charm allow him to summon a winter wind to attack his enemies and freeze their hearts, ensuring that they can only feel hatred for themselves on the inside and pain from the outside. His famous for the power to summon a winter wind that makes all who feel it be consumed with pain from the outside and self-hatred from the inside. He can also impale whole districts with spear sized icicles that make their victims feel Hrimfurzar's eternal pain, or ensnare those who attack him in the same torturous chains that constantly surround him. Hrimfurzar has intimacies towards his Yozi, a negative one directed at himself, a love/hate relationship with pain, pride in his self-hatred and masochism, cold and things that have no place in the world.

    Hrimfurzar has some way to enter Creation, he just never uses it. The flagellant Giant is just so self-hating as to fell he has even the smallest right to leave Malfeas on his own accord. Sorcerers tend to summon him to unleash his famed blizzard of torture, bringing down whole armies in a torturous maelstrom of suffering.
    Ekilihclo - Palace of The Unchanged - 3rd Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
    Love of Beings Unchanged in their Innate nature.

    Ekilihclo loves mortals, dragon kings, and Most Mountain Folk. He despises Exalts, the Olchilike and Chaos Seers, as they were a perfectly good individual and turned into completely different beings. If he could, the Palace of the Unchanged would keep all mortal beings as the babies they were born as, but even he cannot stop time, so Ekilihclo accepts these beings as they age. This acceptance goes so far that within the floating palace that is his main body, Ekilihclo keeps a population of mortals who were trapped in Malfeas and lets them live in relative comfort and safety. Whole generations have grown and died here, and Ekilihclo is proud that not one of them has Exalted. However, his patronage of mortals has only lead him to be furious as the Yozis as the plans for Infernal Exalted becomes more and more apparent, and while the Palace cannot face down any of those former Primordials, he'll prepare his wards to avoid interference from these new Chosen of Hell.

    Ekilihclo is a flying palace made of Brass and Unicorn Bone, designed to resist assault in not only the 3 mortal dimensions but many, many more that even Exalts cannot imagine. His mortal form is of a king of great beauty, but a kind of beauty mortals can also achieve, except for a single, and now broken, horn on his forehead. The horn is the only remaining scar from the Crippling, as one of his many powers allows Ekilihclo to undo scars, mutations and body modification on any target. Why he didn't do it to the other 3rd circle souls of J'Qeju is unknown, but it is the least miraculous of his powers. He can banish any possessing spirit, cure Mountain Folk of being a Chaos Seer and temporarily suppress the powers of an Exalt. However, Ekilihclo's greatest power is Seal Upon Exaltation, which is linked to how he enters Creation. If any mortal beats an Exalt in their specialised field, such as out casting a twilight sorcerer or winning a debate against an eclipse, and announces that they refuse any Exaltation, The Palace of the Unchanged will appear before the mortal and place the Seal Upon Exaltation on the human's soul, ensuring that they cannot Exalt unless they change their mind on the Chosen and become a radically different person from when they accepted the seal. This has lead Ekilihclo to be the viewed as the closest a demon can become to being good in the eyes of the Immaculate Faith.

    The main reasons to summon Ekilihclo are to deal with either an Exalt, an Olchilike or a Chaos Seer. He is also summoned to stop mortals from Exalting using his Seal Upon Exaltation. However, his Intimacies should be considered when summoning Ekilihclo; to his Yozi (Loyalty of a servant to an exiled master), to mortals (adoration of their unchanged nature), several negative ones to Exalts, Olchilike and Chaos Seers (a mix of pit, disgust and pure fury), another negative one to those who give out Exaltations, especially the Unconquered Sun but not including the Yozis (Rage at destroying the original mortal
    states of humans), to not being attack (to protect himself and his wards) and to his beautiful appearance (pure, unmitigated vanity of what has not changed).
    Beyul - Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment - 10th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
    Love of excluded lands unaltered by the world.

    Beyul's home is a valley beyond the reach of normal mortals or demons, it's not even within Malfeas. When J'Qeju was dragged with his brethren to be imprisoned in the demon city, Beyul was simply bound to her home valley. The Glacier that Preserves chose to let this soul reside in the same pocket dimension that it always resided in, untouched by the Primordial War, a last paradise for the 3rd Circles to relax when the Yozis let them take a luxury break away from their prison. Beyul remembers those days fondly, when she was hostess and steward at the same time, partying with her fellow demons while limiting their effect on her home. Once she had several races that fled Creation as the Solars tried to exterminate them living in the valley, with it's magnificent gardens and immense mansions, but all that is now lost. When the Crippling happened, Beyul's valley, as a part of her very being; entered an apocalyptic time when every tree burned down and the rivers turned to ash filled blood. Most of the inhabitants either died off or made an Exodus to Itzpapalotl, hoping for some mercy from the Tree of Tzitzmitl. Beyul was only spared being preserved by J'Qeju due to her nature being a land untouched, and as such, any change to her would further damage her land and could potential hurt the Demon King of Winter and kill the Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment.

    Beyul's humanoid form is now that of an old crone, with a peg leg, a withered arm and a balding scalp all dressed in the rags of a once glorious ball gown. She was ashamed of how she was no longer a paragon of a beautiful nature spirit, and this nearly cost her a chance to enter Creation. For when a nation completely separated from the rest of Creation and curses heaven for letting outside powers interfere with their small world and that hell would be a better protector. She has only entered Creation once, to protect the Land of Yaenma. This small state was visited by Beyul during the Great Contagion. The demoness used her powers to seal the kingdom off from the devastating plague, quarantine provinces and create a magic boundary to hold off the later Fair Folk invasion. However, Beyul usually is used to sealing palace sized areas for prisons, pleasure houses, secret nurseries and safehouses; so an act of that magnitude bound herself and the kingdom together, meaning that while she cannot enter the rest of Creation on her own volition, she can enter Yaenma during Calibration, and all sorts of doorways exist in the kingdom to her secret valley. This demonic presence has effect the culture of Yaenma as it now has reject all gods, elementals and Exalts and only serves the Yozis, particularly J'Qeju, through their demonic patron Beyul. One still has to cross the Endless Desert for five days to cross between, but the Valley Beyond the Great Imprisonment and the Glacier that Preserve are tied together by a river that crosses Cecelyne, which demon cultist of Yaenma use as a pilgrimage path at certain times of the year to visit the demon city.

    The Intimacies of Beyul include her Yozi (Loving fear of a distant father figure), the kingdom of Yaenma (The Love of a wise mother like Kimbery), the species that once dwelled in her land (longing), one to Cecelyne (making my exile possible), a negative one to explorers (going to places untouched), to secret places and faraway lands (jealous admiration), peoples separated from the wider world (desire to parent over) and her former glory and beauty (desire to go back to the good old days).
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      Pretty cool.

      Not sure how I feel about a Yozi being able to stop their souls from being summoned, though.

      How is J'Qeju pronounced?


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        About the Yozis being able to stop their 3rd circles being summoned, J'Qeju preserved his 3rd circles with the intent that they shall not be summoned. It is in his nature to assume that what he does is a constant and cannot be undone. This is even after the Primordial War and the Crippling, the Glacier that Preserves is just so stubborn that no evidence to the contrary will be able to change his mind. It doesn't matter if the demons can or cannot be summoned, J'Qeju took actions against it and will assume those actions are fully functional and as such, he believes that no power can change that, whether or not that is the case. In short, J'Qeju took action and whether or not it worked is up to the storyteller, either showing the amount of power that a Yozi still has or how dangerous and world breaking the powers that the Exalted can wield.

        J'Qeju's name is complex to pronounce, but it goes like this, and I will be using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as stated on Wikipedia to help:
        1) the first J is pronouced like the one in Johann and not the one in John, so sound like a 'Y' is usually pronounced in english. IPA letter is'j'

        2) The Q is like most Qs in english, just lacking the following U sound. Qantas is an example of how to pronounce the letter in such a manner. Ultimately similar to how a 'K' is read but a softer sound. IPA letters are 'kw'

        3) Finally, 'Eju' is split into to parts, starting of as 'Ej' and the U being a separate sound. The 'Ej' is pronounced with the E from lend or Ben, and the J like John and not the one in Johann. The U is pronounced like the U in dude or Mu. The IPA letters are ɛdʒ-ʊ.

        The final English pronunciation could be seen as Y'Q-Ej-U, and more accurately, the final IPA pronunciation is 'j'kwɛdʒ-ʊ'.
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          More demons:
          Phlegyas - The Volcano of Freezing Flame - 7th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
          Hatred of all that bring change (Exalts, Fair folk, Neverborn, etc.)

          A twisted mountain rises above a single plain in Malfeas, a cold demonless place, only inhabited by the hell damned elementals, as Phlegyas strikes down any demon for their arrogance of entering his realm. From his sides made of obsidian, Phlegyas bleeds his cold fire, which both burns and freezes it's targets. Which are many, as Phlegyas is wrathful side of J'Qeju, unmoving but also unwilling to accept any change to his domain that he didn't put in. When even something as minor as mouse enters his realm, the Volcano of Freezing Flame will throw a great piece of his unmitigated hate upon this disturbance to his realm's continuality. Phlegyas is however most angry at one type of thing, what he calls 'Agents of Change', which include Exalts, Fair Folk and the Neverborn. The first have been changed and desire more change for their own glory, the second are just want constant change for changes sake, and the last want to have the worst kind of
          change - the kind of change that destroys the world for the end of all that is permanent.

          What surprises many is that Phlegyas' realm is not inhabited by his 2nd circle demons or the progeny or any sort of common demon. Instead it is inhabited by 'Shiqqs', 1st circle demons of his own creation, and a horde of fire elementals that have sworn allegiance to the Volcano of Freezing Flame. This is linked to how the 3rd circle demon enters Creation; when a fire elemental is bound to a human master and driven to a point of anger, desperation and self-doubt that they see no way out and wish to die, Phlegyas will manifest as a cloud of smoke with a wispy, but hypnotic, voice. He offers the elemental a chance for freedom, in exchange for become a spirit of cold fire, a thing damned to Malfeas and an enemy of Yu Shan. If they accept, the fire elemental will be empowered and broken free of what every magic binds them to the human, allowing the spirit to act on the anger built up over time. The other things that dwell in the Volcano's plain are a collection of Fair Folk and Dragon Bloods that Phlegyas keeps as prisoners to amuse his elementals and demons in there off time. Their cathartic attacks on his imprisoned enemies keeps the rage of the Unquestionable in check, and occasionally gets a chuckle from him. This laughter can create pyroclastic flows that drive the victims insane while chilling them to the bone and yet be warm encouragement for his followers.

          Phlegyas is usually summoned for his raw destructive power, being able to make volcanoes erupt on demand, or create infernal coronas that are fuelled by constant rage to block off all Exalts, Fair Folk and direct servants of the Neverborn from any fortress ,city or location the summoner desires. The Volcano of Freezing Flame take the form of an armless man, whose face matches the greatest annoyance in the summoner's social circle, covered in open wounds which bleed tendrals of his cold fire to act as limbs. These are all results of the Crippling, and the constant stream of fire keeps J'Qeju from just preserving the Volcano of Freezing Flame as it burns into his master's glacial form. The intimacies of Phlegyas include one to his Yozi (glorious anger to a fellow victim), anger (addiction to both the experience and the show), fire (PYROMANIA!), volcanoes (ccccooooooolllll!!!!!) fire elementals and the shiqqs (concern of a wrathful overlord), negative ones to Exalts, Fair Folk and Neverborn (Hatred to the agents of change) and the destruction he cause to defend his land (A glorious necessity to defend my realm).

          Kingu - The Hunter Blizzard in Sand - 2nd Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
          Wariness against Change.

          As J'Qeju is shifted around the great layers of Malfeas, he is occasionally flipped off like a great big pancake, crashing into new layers and preserving new demons. Although the Glacier that Preserves will not change his flight plan, one of his 3rd circles, Kingu, will go ahead and scout the land to find anything that could stop preservation of the demon city. And Kingu is very effective at this. Kingu looks like a flying creature made completely out of eyes, serving as the heart of an eternal sandstorm. Or she should be. Due to the Crippling, her form is now half-warped, one side of her flying monster body is made out of tongues, noses and ears. Her sandstorm is now part blizzard, with swirling winds mixing the burning sands with the freezing snow to feel across whatever layer her Yozi is flying to.

          Kingu enjoys her work of finding possible escape routes from her master, and punishing any demon that still thinks that such an escape, or even any form of change, is a good idea. Kingu usually can't trap other 3rd Circle Demons, due to their roughly equal power levels, but she'll do everything in her power to ruin their escapes and mock their existences. However, Kingu's actions are not just pure sadism, being the most cautious aspect of J'Qeju, Kingu is merely trying to find any possible source of change in Malfeas that is within her power to limit and disable it, that is why she is not one of the Demon King of Winter's preserved souls after the Crippling. Although the Yozi cannot be directly harmed by even one of the Untouchable, Kingu still fears for her master and will do anything to remove the possibility of change against J'Qeju to keep him from getting annoying itches. However, Kingu does enjoy her work, possibility too much, and many 3rd circle and some lucky 2nd circle demons have vendettas against the Hunter Blizzard in Sand. As such, she mainly patrols the area around the Glacier that Preserves when the Yozi is in one place, striking down at those who cause any form of change and dragging them back to J'Qeju to stop them.

          Kingu is summoned into Creation to spy on whole nations, with her sandstorm/blizzard form being able to feel across whole kingdoms at once. She is also skilled in measuring the plots and plans of others, especially if they involve a change to the social/cultural/political world her summoner or the conspirators. This is related to how she enters Creation whenever the Yozis start to sense a great shift in the cosmic order, leading her to be witness to the Aftershock War, the Usurpation, the Great Contagion and the recent disappearance of the Scarlet Empress followed by the release of the Solar shards, although she never interferes, as that would cause change, which she is ever weary of. When Kingu does enter Creature, she has to assume a most wretched form - one half like a tengu or a harpy, covered in marvellous golden feathers with particles of sand falling from her; the other half appears as an ugly human woman from the North, sun burned and covered in scars, and close examination of her arm and leg reveals that they were broken into place to make them function as human limbs. All of this is due to the Crippling, which also involved her feathers being plucked out 1 by 1, rolled into cylinders, glued tight (giving them their distinctive white colour) and shoved into her head to create her short cropped hair; all of her human body parts were made this way. Kingu has intimacies towards her Yozi (a watchman's loyalty), watchmen and spycatchers in general (respect for fellows), several negative ones to certain 2nd and 3rd Circle Demons (foolish escapees from the glories of eternal preservation), a hatred of change (loyalty to J'Qeju), cruel pranks (torturously good fun), the senses (my greatest possession) and sand (What I should be made of).

          Hreidmar - The living Hoard - 11th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
          Compulsive Hoarding and Preservation of Artefacts.

          Hreidmar is a greedy monster, representing how J'Qeju absorbs things just to preserve them, and never lets them go free. Hreidmar is massive horde of treasure hidden in some titanic cavern in the Demon City, filled with gems stones, treasures and artefacts so numerous, that the Living Hoard could count them for tens of thousands of years and still not finish one count. He usually never moves, and only does so if any one actually finds his horde and starts to steal a great amount of the treasure, or if J'Qeju is coming his way. Hreidmar fears his Yozi and wishes to be free, so that he can keep growing his massive collection of treasure. In either situation, he assumes the form of a 23 headed dragon made of treasure, with 13 tails and nine pairs of wings, although there are clearly scars from where his tails, wings and all of his legs were taken in the 'Crippling'.

          Hreidmar is attended by a large number of loyal demons that have been co-opted by his second circle demons, all of which he is quite close to, if a little disappoint with some of them. Hreidmar can summon his second circle souls all at once, and if Hreidmar is bound to a sorcerer, those seven lesser demons will also be bound to the summoner. This is just one reason to summon the Living Hoard, he can also find lost treasure and evaluate the worth of any object. When summoned, he appears as quadriplegic man with golden skin, silver hair and piercing bronze eyes. To overcome the effects of the Crippling, Hreidmar uses a warstrider that ended up in his hoard sometime in the Shogunate.

          Hreidmar can only willingly enter Creation if an treasure from his horde is taken into the mortal realm, and in such cases he can only stay to reclaim his possession and take revenge on whoever has it. The only ways to avoid this fate are to either attune to a stolen artefact, use sorcerer to claim ownership of a taken object or convince the Living Hoard to give you some of his treasure. The last is the hardest, as every treasure with Hreidmar's hoard is a part of him, and he will not diminish himself unless amply rewarded, and such exchanges usually only Hreidmar really profit. The intimacies of Hreidmar include one to J'Qeju (fear and respect), one to each of his second circle souls (benevolence of a tyrannical progenitor), his treasure hoard (love of gold and self), taking new treasure (all mine), other misers (kinship of deeds) and his independence (no-one shall take my gold).

          Itzpapalotl - Tree of the Tzitzimitl - 9th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
          Protection of favoured races.

          As one goes through Malfeas, it is occasionally possible to see what looks like a small layer, with closer inspection revealing it to be covered with iron trees and unlike any other layer of the demonic city. If one can actually reach the layer, they realise that it is not a part of Malfeas but a third circle demon - Itzpapalotl - who is one tree that has a tangle of roots forming the main body of the layer and all the trunks are just branches of one super tree. Another thing that will be noticed is the lack of demons, but instead there are several races from prehuman times, the Zrang, the Ebu gogo, the Yacuruna, the Pugot, the Empusa, and most notably, the Tzitzimitl. Itzpapalotl is patroness to these races, favouring the Tzitzimitl enough to grant them the rights of being her sole priestess and woodcutters in her domain, as well as letting them enforce their law all over Itzpapalotl's forest. They were her only inhabitants until the Crippling happened, then the other races moved from Buyel's realm to their new homeland, colonizing Itzpapalotl and accepting her as their new overlady. This makes the demoness proud, as she considers it her prerogative due to her representing J'Qeju's desire to see no species alter it's state of being or place in the cosmos.

          It was only due to this necessity that Itzpapalotl was not preserved with the other 3rd circle souls of the Glacier that Preserves. Ekilihclo used a similar excuse to also avoid preservation, leaving the Forest of the Tzitzimitl annoyed, particular due to the fact that it was so he could preserve humans, a species Itzpapalotl despises, due to their wretched betrayal of the Primordials and their loving of driving perfectly good species extinct for their ego. Itzpapalotl especially hates when humans summon her, as she is forced to take a form given to her by the Crippling; a puppet made of amber, crafted in the likeness of a beautiful maiden with moth wings, although a body of a dryad-like being made of salt can be seen acting as a skeletal structure underneath all of the amber. When summoned, Itzpapalotl is usually used get information about long lost species, teach their forgotten languages, help their ghosts to find some degree of peace, or giving mortals the forms and powers of a long lost species for whatever reason the summoner can conceive. The forest of the Tzitzimitl enjoys the last two, as part of her role is to restablish lost races whenever she can. She was given powers by J'Qeju that are not unlike those that operate Lethe, however, she is not as effective as the heavenly system, and spends most of her time trying to process even a handful of souls. As such, full scale warfare is banned within her lands.

          Itzpapalotl is infact trying to rebuild several races in her spare time, using souls she has picked up over the years, and although she is nearing success with a race called the rokurokubi, but she can't quite finish this project. The Forest of the Tzitzimitl only enters Creation when a mere mortal figures out a secret of a lost species which draws one of their ghosts to their location, with the 3rd circle demon switching places with the human in order to try and convince the ghost to join her in Malfeas for another chance at life. Itzpapalotl's intimacies include her Yozi (thankful loyalty), the Tzitzimitl (always my kind), the other races that she protects (glorious dominator and protector), her dreams of bringing back lost races (hopeful expectation), a negative one to humanity (arrogant upstarts of little to no value), another negative one to Ekilihclo (why should he protect those traitors), one to forest creatures and moths (beauty of shared aesthetics) and mother figures without children (similar nature of patronage).

          __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

          I won't do full write ups for the Preserved souls but I will do a one to two line summary of each of them when I put up the list of 2nd Souls I will write up.

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            Can we get some descriptions of these prehuman races? I love this so far, might place a cult to him in the dreaming sea.

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              I'll put up descriptions of the Prehuman races later, I've got good solid ideas for four of them, but two of them I'm not so sure.

              I'll put up description of some of the other 3rd Circle Souls, which have not been seen in either Creation or Malfeas beyond J'Qeju since the Crippling,as they are preserved, but can be summoned if you can find information upon them:

              Aishvarya (Fetch: the Prince of Consistency) - Even before the Crippling and his subsequent preservation, Aishvarya was a unchanging constant - a magnificent marble statue of being more beautiful than even Ligier. The Prince of Consistency can only move using the power he was famed for, the ability to change the constant nature of any being less than a Primordial. He dares not use this power however due to fears of hurt J'Qeju with such an action, possibly to the point of a third soul dying, Aishyarya never used his power, and as such, no-one really knows of it's existence beyond J'Qeju, Hrang and Orabilis.

              Hrang (Warden of Unchanging Histories) - Sometimes referred to as the rival of Orabilis, this is one sided from Orabilis. Hrang merely shows the truth, unaltered and unfettered, occasional showing lesser demons things that Orabilis has to keep secret, leading to the aforementioned hatred from the End of All Wisdom. Hrang can also force others to tell the whole truth, silence fiction and reveal pasts that even he was not witness to. He is summoned to reveal lost truths and secrets of the past that cannot be found elsewhere.

              Prokletije (Immortal of Immortals) - Life has to end one day, as all things must die. Prokletije thinks this is wrong. As she represents J'Qeju's love of the long lived, as such, is a well known bestower of long life and prosperity, although since the becoming a Demon, the Immortal of Immortals has given subtle curses to all that she blesses, drawing them closer to the Yozis, and eventually imprisoning her targets in the Demon City and eventually getting absorbed by the Glacier that Preserves. However, Prokletije is still obsessed with creating Fountains of Youth, some of the older ones occasional have been found to survive since the Primordial war.

              Gramr (The Everchanging Prison) - When the Iakiju tried to stop change, he would imprison the offender in a unique, if despisable prison - Gramr. This third circle was once a might prison, whose insides were constantly changing to keep it's inmates imprisoned, although this constant change did annoy the Yozi of Crippled Souls. Now eternally Preserved, several of it's inmates are trying to escape, as J'Qeju didn't freeze them with Gramr. Gramr is usually summoned to create prisons or hold suspects until trial if an entirely new prison is not worth the summoner's time and resources.

              Namtar (The Fortress against the Chaos) - J'Qeju hates the Fair Folk and the Wyld, so in his attempts to hold it off when he was Iakiju, it was logical that Namtar was formed, a protector against that madness. Namtar is the fortitude of the Glacier that Preserves against the Wyld, and if summoned, can hold back the Wyld, destroy Raksha and shape the chaos into a stable form. If summoned, Namtar appears as an Orichalcum head mounted on a body that appears to be made out of three towers. Before the 'Crippling', he was feared as one of the greatest masters of siege warfare, taking and holding the fortresses in the Primordial war, but ultimately failing in winning the war.

              Kee-Wakw (Totem of Never Ending Traditions) - What laws do not enforce and instinct demand, there lives tradition, and with it Kee-Wakw, the Totem of Never Ending Traditions. She stands for a wide range of ideals and cultural habits that form the consistency of societies. She actually helped start the first societies of Hell, and was occasionally summoned to modify societies and trap enemies in complex social nets they cannot escape due to their traditions and past.

              Second Circle Demons, I'll do write up for these like the first 7 Third Circle Demons, but since I haven't got Exalted 3ed yet, I will not be stating them:

              Ligeia, Siren of the Dead - Messenger Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged

              Gyushi, Repairman to the Broken - Wisdom Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged

              Elymas, the Demon Prophet - Messenger Soul of Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment

              Aeaea, the Worm that stands to watch - Defining Soul of The Hunter Blizzard in Sand

              Hveðrungr, the Laughing Horror - Indulgent Soul of The Hunter Blizzard in Sand

              Teju Jagua, Guardian of the Dragon's Gold - Warden Soul of the Living Hoard

              Mbói Tu'i, Herald of the Dragon's World - Messenger Soul of the Living Hoard

              Moñái, Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock - Understanding Soul of the Living Hoard

              Jasy Jatere, Piper of the Dragon's Brood - Expressive Soul of the Living Hoard

              Kurupi, Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice - Defining Soul of the Living Hoard

              Ao Ao, Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy - Indulgent Soul of the Living Hoard

              Luison, Conqueror of the Dragon's wretches - Reflective Soul of the Living Hoard

              Hariti, the Mother Tiger in All Vengeance - Expressive Soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

              Ceto, Creator of half-beautied life - Indulgent soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

              Pehtalka Puhst, the Maternal Anti-rudaali clothed in Memoirs of Uncounted Wards - Understanding Soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

              Pressyne, The Enduring Waters of Repair - Protective Soul of the Immortal of Immortals.

              Arati, Tempting Princess of Inchoate Azure - Reflective Soul of the Totem of Never Ending Traditions
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                Ligeia, Siren of the Dead
                Messenger Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged

                Why should death change a mortal? The end of life doesn't necessarily mean the end of a person, as long as they do not reach Lethe and remain a ghost instead. And thus is Ligeia, Siren of the Dead. Ekilihclo wants mortals to stay the same and thus Ligeia spreads this message to those who die, able to tempt the dead to continue on as the undead. Her powers of persuasion are especially powerful on ghosts and those nearing death. She can even convince those who are dying to deny the call of Lethe and move onto the Underworld.

                Ligeia is almost always summoned to help in deals with the dead or to keep a soul bound to Creation so that it can remain with the summoner. She also enters Creation when a singleton begs the heavens to protect a love one from the imminent death over three days, and if these prayers turn to curses for the perceived failure, then Ligeia enters Creation, and whispers her beautiful temptation into the dying, so that when they breath their last, they'll ignore the call of Lethe and become ghosts. If there are many people dying around her, then Ligeia will remain in Creation to make them all ghosts, but if not, she rushes back to her fiefdom in Malfeas.

                Ligeia's fiefdom is a small collection of streets, where ghosts stuck in the Demon City are slowly drawn to by the songs of Ligeia. She favours the souls of the dead over the first circles of her domain, and such ghosts are given a wide range of powers over the lesser demons that inhabit her domain. However, whenever Ligeia leaves for Creation, the ghosts of her domain feel a draw towards Lethe, allowing them to breach the divide between worlds and return to the cycle of reincarnation. As such, Ligeia tries to stay in her little dominion for as long as possible to avoid the escape of her souls.

                Ligeia looks like a beautiful five horned human woman with two sets of bird wings instead of arms, and fish scales instead of hair or feathers. Her intimacies include Ekilihclo (patron who deserves respect), ghosts (Those that need to be preserved), singers (professional respect), those who mourn (sympathy) and a negative one to Lethe (hatred for the thief of the dead).

                Gyushi, Repairman to the Broken
                Wisdom Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged

                Gyushi repairs things, anything. Ekilihclo desires people to stay unaltered, Gyushi is there to put things back in their proper place. He is often summoned to repair long destroyed structures and artefacts to a degree beyond the capabilities of humanity in the age of sorrows. He is also a doctor and appears in Creation whenever a mortal craftsman is injured beyond treatment when attempting to repair something beyond their skill. Gyushi will judge the human, and if they are worthy of his attentions, he'll heal their injuries and finish their repair work. Unfortunately for him, he has done it incognito so many times that these events are often seen as a miracle from the Gods and not a labour of a demon.

                Gyushi considers himself the sworn rival of Alveua, the Expressive soul of Erembour. He considers the demoness to be the most wretched thing he has ever encountered, due to Alveua reforging mortals into equipment, destroying the innate state of being, and being a blacksmith of greater fame than he. Gyushi will find any equipment made by the Keeper of the Forge of Night and break it, 'freeing' the soul bound within no matter how much they may protest. He would attack Alveua directly, but the last time he tried, her insect friends rushed him and forced a tactical retreat from the Repairman to the Broken, although he has sworn revenge on both Alveua and all the insects.

                Gyushi appears as a human has been put back together again after a horrific accident. Some have even compared him to one of the Liminal Exalted, which remind the Repairman of the Broken of a secret shame of his, that one time that he entered Kirighast, Gyushi mended a weaver but was too late, and instead of saving her life, a Liminal took her place. What shames him even more is that he fell in love with the new Exalt before she disappeared after three day, two hours and sixteen minutes (yes, he did count all the time spent with her). Now, whenever he enters Creation, he searches for her.

                Gyushi's intimacies include his patron Ekilihclo (inspiring creator), broken things (things to work on), a negative against Alevua (despised rival), craftsmen (respect for a fellow), surgery (rebuilding a person is just the same as repairing a soul) and his lost Liminal love (Intense Longing).

                Elymas, the Demon Prophet
                Messenger Soul of Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment

                Within Yaenma, an order of priests ride on black leafed horses, with both horse and rider clearly marked with the signs of demonic ancestry. Amongst these, a figure on a bigger, more eldritch mount, is a great demon rider, Elymas. Standing at 4 metres tall, a humanoid figure made of dark purple amber with white coal for hair, Elymas scars most who see him. This is before you take into account the goat head on each shoulder, the long ears that twist into spikes at their end, his serpent eyes, a nose on each check or the mouth that is vertically aligned along the face and not horizontally like normal humans. And somehow he still gets young woman lining up to be his lover, possibly due to the influence his children have in the culture of Yaenma - they form one of the two clans of demon-blooded priests.

                Elymas is the voice of Beyul, and although her consort-king is the official head of state with direct access to the Valley Beyond the Great Imprisonment, the Demon Prophet often takes certain liberties in providing an alternative interpretation of the Unquestionable's will. No matter what the husband of his patron's will is, or Beyul's fury, Elymas is confident that he'll survive. The Demon Prophet has a dark charisma which has been important in keeping the common people of Yaenma in line, particularly when he rides out ever moonless night and holds vast rallies to encourage patriotic loyalty to the Yozi cults and demon bloods that have run the country for the last 700 years.

                Elymas can naturally enter Creation by riding through the portals that link Beyul's realm with Yaenma on a moonless night, but he must leave before the Sun shines upon him or he'll burn to dust. Since he formed only within the last 700 years and he dwells within the bound nation of Yaenma, not many, if any, sorcerer's know of Elymas. But if they did, he would likely be summoned to draw in people, both as crowds and as individuals into the influence of the summoner. He can also increase the worth an amount of prayer if he is leading the prayers. Elymas has intimacies towards his mistress Beyul (Contemptuous but loyal), Yaenma (Pride of the true craftsman), those who adore him (their total love needs to be rewarded with a particle of loyalty), himself (unabated egotism), his descendants (useful tools for his glory) and his steeds (that useful line of horse monsters).

                Aeaea, the Worm that stands to watch
                Defining Soul of The Hunter Blizzard in Sand

                Kingu once shredded an entire layer of Malfeas to stop what she thought was an attempt to harm J'Qeju. Whether it was or not doesn't matter, all that was left was a desolate environment, a few demons left by the Hunter Blizzard, and a spire that hadn't been there before. As the survivors rebuilt their land, Aeaea kept watch, with eye after eye opening up. At first the local demons tried to understand the 2nd circle soul, then ignore it and final forget it. This continued for many years until Aeaea suddenly started to dig into the ground, eventually dig through the other side and falling to another layer of Malfeas. The local first circle demons were confused, why would this mighty worm just disappear like that. Five hours later, Adorjan swept through that layer, killing most of the demons present.

                Such stories follow Aeaea, the Worm that stands to watch. She is the silent sentinel that awaits danger and then disappears, fleeing for her life. This has led her to become a symbol of peace and security in hell that is so often missing due to the whims of the Yozis and the 3rd Circle demons. Aeaea is not a compassionate being however. Any demon that follows her escape route will be covered in a fine powder that soaks into their body, corrupting their minds into being fanatical guardians of Aeaea. This means that where ever she goes, she'll be protect from violence and conflict. This reveals the ultimate nature of Aeaea as a coward that makes other's do her dirty work while she watches from afar.

                Aeaea can enter Creation, and used to do so quite often to avoid the dangers of the demon city. Yet something happened, which involved with something that the Worm that stands to watch refers to as 'the Red Wolf', and now she no longer leaves the Demon City if she can help it. If summoned by a sorcerer, she would best serve as a body guard or sentinel, with her ability to detect danger or changes in the balance of the world's natural essence and arrange rapid escape routes being useful in both forward scouting operations and protecting tyrants as the mob bursts down the door and an escape route is quickly needed. Aeaea's intimacies include her Third Circle, Kingu (Fearful respect), her own continued existence (Me first!), See new sights (careful curiosity), Peace and quiet (such useful things to have) and Eyesight (my greatest gift).

                Hveðrungr, the Laughing Horror
                Indulgent Soul of The Hunter Blizzard in Sand

                Hveðrungr appears as a shadow outlined by grains of sand - shifting and twisting to have no definitive outline. Now many believe the Laughing Horror to be something descended from the Ebon Dragon, either as a 3rd Circle Demon, Behemoth or a Yozi-Spawn. Such stories abound with unimaginable torture, sadistic attacks and unending misery. The more one listens to such stories eventually hear a giggling when surrounded by shadows and darkness. Things begin to disappear and intoxicants diluting into ice cold water over time. The stress builds up as one hears more of the Laughing Horror. And then one day, a little demon says that an emissary of J'Qeju through his 2nd Soul, Kingu has come to visit oneself, and that the visiting demon is demanding an immediate conference outside. As the host rushes out to meet their visitor, they'll slip on a pool of cooking oil, skidding out into a crowd of their neighbours, vassals and allies. Standing in front of the crowd will be a shadowy figure, laughing with an all too familiar laugh. It is then that one learns the truth about Hveðrungr, that is the manifestation of Kingu's infamous cruelty and twisted sense of humour.

                The Laughing Horror isn't actually the worst demon in Malfeas, preferring to be a prankster of mythic levels than a master of torture. He'll spend weeks preparing larger jokes, watching to learn the habits of his target, while also spreading rumours of his terrifying and viscous nature. All of this is just a build up to a massive jump scare on an unsuspecting target. This can take time however, so the Laughing Horror also spends a little bit of time do minor pranks on demons great and small; the usually tricks of snakes being as a door is opened, replacing work tools with smelly rags, making every demon follow one poor unfortunate sap in the hopes that doing will free the Yozis or other such classics.

                His precedent for pranks even lets Hveðrungr to enter Creation. If anyone unaware of the Laughing Horror causes a Demon of any circle to be summoned into Creation via a prank, Hveðrungr will follow the other demon and join them in Creation, if only to start pranking unsuspecting mortals. He usually gets summoned to do spy or sabotage work, although these not the best uses of his talents, instead Hveðrungr is most useful as an entertainer with cruel pranks and his signature twisted humour. The intimacies of the Laughing Horror include Kingu (She loves my jokes), practical jokes (my glory), false assumptions (all to useful), comedians (professional respect), shadow + darkness (All so useful) and the Ebon Dragon (nobody actually knows why, maybe not even Hveðrungr).

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                  Originally posted by Mr.Jaxus View Post
                  About the Yozis being able to stop their 3rd circles being summoned, J'Qeju preserved his 3rd circles with the intent that they shall not be summoned. It is in his nature to assume that what he does is a constant and cannot be undone. This is even after the Primordial War and the Crippling, the Glacier that Preserves is just so stubborn that no evidence to the contrary will be able to change his mind. It doesn't matter if the demons can or cannot be summoned, J'Qeju took actions against it and will assume those actions are fully functional and as such, he believes that no power can change that, whether or not that is the case. In short, J'Qeju took action and whether or not it worked is up to the storyteller, either showing the amount of power that a Yozi still has or how dangerous and world breaking the powers that the Exalted can wield.
                  I'm writting this from memory and forgive me if I'm wrong, but the ability to Summon Demons comes from the surrendering pacts signed by the Yozi before the Exalted. Those pacts bind the Yozis and they cannot prevent the signed clauses (one of the reasons Reclamation also requires so much work).

                  Just giving some input, your work is admirable! And thank you for the generosity of sharing!


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                    I'm not sure that it does, but I can't find anything against in Exalted books avilable to me. If it is the case, the J'Qeju is just delusional and still thinking he has absolute power over his preserved souls like when he was a Primordial, and his stubborn arrogance makes him think that he can seal his souls away from summoning, even if he cannot actual take such an action.

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                      Originally posted by Mr.Jaxus View Post
                      J'Qeju is just delusional and still thinking he has absolute power over his preserved souls like when he was a Primordial, and his stubborn arrogance makes him think that he can seal his souls away from summoning, even if he cannot actual take such an action.
                      That sounds very fiting, Primordials turned Yozi had one or more of their defining souls killed which just by nature transforms them into something different and horrible ways that it happen and torture, etc. are sure to twist them.

                      Also their nature, Ebon Dragon also can't help but be evil and betraying even if that is not in his best interest. So I'd say that aspect of J'Queju fits the setting and the lore!


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                        The seven souls of Hreidmar:
                        Teju Jagua, Guardian of the Dragon's Gold
                        Warden Soul of the Living Hoard

                        Occasional a demon finds the gateway to Hreidmar's secret gold hoard, but before all that, is a smaller hoard on which lies the headless body of a dragon. As one tries to get closer to the pile of treasure, maybe to take a piece of treasure, they'll be attacked. Not by the body, but the seven floating head of the dragon demon. It is at this moment that one releases they have met the owner of this lesser hoard and gate keeper to Hreidmar - Teju Jagua.

                        The Guardian of the Dragon's Gold usually keeps his body in the antechamber of his own hoard, due to hard it is for him to actually move his lumbering body, while most of his heads patrol the local area and ensure that no-one is planning to intrude. These heads are quite distinctive, with each of them being bright scarlet and each one of them is unique - from a man, a dragon, a dog, a dragon-dog hybrid, a draconic human, a dog-human fusion and a combination of a man, a dog and a dragon. He will also nick anything he deems of value, which is either treasure or the rare commodity of honey, to which he is addicted to. If he cannot find either, his head will sprinkle a powder that makes people want to buy in precious and shiny objects, especially honey. If anyone of his heads does see a threat, first it will try to glare at the target to fill them with fear and doubt through his magic, then Teju Jagua will attack first will a breath of a super chilled form of the powder, and if that doesn't do the job, it will bite the offender over and over again until they are defeated.

                        Teju Jagua enters Creation when honey is dropped onto a sealed treasure for the first time since it was hidden from the world. He is most often summoned into Creation to as a guardian of treasure, and even if not successfully bound, his loyalty can be bought with a constant supply of honey. The Guardian of the Dragon's Gold has intimacies towards his Unquestionable, Hreidmar (Patron with shared interests), Gold and Precious gems (desire and want), Honey (Pure unabated joy), a negative one to treasure hunters (jealous, rage and hatred), cavernous spaces (safety and comfort), beheadings (fun to watch), dogs (such cute little things) and one to his fellow 2nd circles of the Living Hoard (elder brother over incompetent younger siblings).

                        Mbói Tu'i, Herald of the Dragon's World
                        Messenger Soul of the Living Hoard

                        Hreidmar sometimes need to move, and if he wants to settle down in a layer, there is nothing that will stop him short of Ligier. To this end, the Living Hoard has a favoured servant - Mbói Tu'i. This beaked dragon is a specialist in mass 'redecorating', an euphemism for what can be considered terraforming. This is not only Mbói Tu'i's duty but his greatest joy, reshaping and twisting any landscape he can in Malfeas to create what pleases him. In a way, he make treasures out of the mad landscapes of hell, even if no one else cares for his work.

                        Mbói Tu'i primarily lives in a small swamp that was once a lagoon off of Kimbery, where a collection Seviwt'ne (a type of tree demon) have made the acid safe to move through, although the area has be clogged upped with mud by the tree demons' presence, the Herald likes it. Mbói Tu'i hides in the leaves of his progeny, watching life go by in his only official fiefdom. When the parrot headed demon dragon does leave his lagoon domain, he takes some of the Seviwt'ne with him to preserve any of the 'redecorating' he does. Mbói Tu'i will then claim lordship areas where his tree demons dwell, although since he never enforces such claims or have official witnesses to his claims, these conquests are never legally binding, not that Mbói Tu'i really cares. As long as the cannels he digs between his swamp and his other 'territories' runs with muddy acid, all is fine. But when outside forces destroy his work and the cannels run dry, then the fury of Mbói Tu'i is unleashed.

                        The Herald of the Dragon's world can natural manifest when a leader is killed because of their attempts to reshape the natural world, appearing over the body of the deceased as a rust-orange scale limbless dragon with a green parrot head that has a brilliant red crest that is shaped like a blood coloured orchid. He is summoned to help with changing landscapes for construction projects and for the belief that he can control water. The latter is a rumour, but this demon dragon can manifest as delude of acid diluted with mud and is an excellent swimmer, which both contribute to the myth. The intimacies of Mbói Tu'i include his patron, Hreidmar (service to a glorious patron), swamps (what nice places), his Seviwt'ne (keeping my dreams true), his 'redecorating' (craftsmen's pride), his claimed territories (Mine! All Mine!), his fellow second circles of the Living Hoard (an artist trying to guide philistine relatives)and amphibious life (my wards, my dinner).

                        Moñái, Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock
                        Understanding Soul of the Living Hoard

                        Malfeas has no magpies, but is does have many flying demons including agatae, noresores, and radeken with hell beasts like khomfai, unju, sourn and. While these have none of the covetous as those birds in Creation (except the unju), if a first circle demon sees a vast flock made of all kinds of demonic flyers, most know to run, especially if that flock has small glimmers of gold. This is the personal flock of Moñái, who serves his Demon Prince as a way to get more treasures by raiding various fiefdoms and districts across malfeas to steal precious objects.

                        The Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock does not control his forces by compassion or charisma but by his demon magic. He lacks horns on his head, instead having two antenna which swirl around and let him control all weak willed flying beings. He uses them for a wide range of actions, from manning the impossible citadel he found between two layers of Malfeas and claimed as his own; to carrying the wingless Moñái across the sky as a living sedan chair; to the aforementioned cloud of pillaging and terror. As such, this demon dragon is considered lazy and cruel by many, which is completely true. He considers his lordship of his towering fiefdom, his unholy flock-army and the study of all the treasures he has personally kept to be the makings of a worthy life.

                        Moñái is summoned by sorcerer's to control birds, either to turn them into tools or to keep them away from certain locations. Moñái sometimes captures birds from Creation to take back to Malfeas, but due to a lack of food and proper conditions, they used to die off. A Shogunate Sidereal sorcerer built an aviary to satisfy the 2nd circle demon's desire for aviculture, so now Moñái keeps over a 100 species of birds in his demonic citadel, some of which are lost in Creation. He can return the material world if a bird is thrown into a group of other birds to be killed, which will bring forth not only Moñái but some of his demon horde if more than one bird is killed this way or the death is dedicated to a Yozi or demon. The Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock has intimacies towards toward Hreidmar (Mentor in the ways of Greed), Treasure and pretty things (knick it all!), birds and all things that fly (my pretty's), raiding and raiders (it's what I do!), the open sky (like a 2nd home) and one to his fellow 2nd circles (Such fools do not understand my master of the air and it's creatures, but I'll show them).

                        Jasy Jatere, Piper of the Dragon's Brood
                        Expressive Soul of the Living Hoard

                        Not all that glitters is gold, and there are more valuables things than treasure. Hreidmar didn't know if this was true of not, so he created Jasy Jatere, who he used to study High First Age art, music and culture. Only the music really stuck with the Piper of the Dragon's Brood, everything else seemed to be to complex or sophisticated for him to understand. He abandoned all that during the Usurpation, a Solar sorcerer has holding his own against the Dragon Bloods sent to storm his secret island fortress, but knowing his children and concubines would also be killed, the Lawgiver summoned Jasy Jatere in order to carry away his loved ones so he could focus on holding the fort.

                        Although the demon was able to smuggle out the children and concubines out, when he tried to find a safe place for the civilians the demon could find none. Bound to Creation until he had gotten them to a safe place, he saw the dedication of the mothers to their children, but without food or proper shelter, the weaker mortals died and the half caste young endured. Jasy Jatere started to respect the children, and to understand the love of human parents. When he realised that this was as valuable as any golden piece of treasure, and that if the children were with him in Malfeas, he could return to the demon city and build a palace to keep them safe. After achieving that goal, which was no mean feat in the demon city, where food and water are both at a premium and the very air is poisoned with the hate of the Yozis; Jasy Jatere went to Hreidmar to explain his discovery. The Living Hoard grew furious at his Expressive Soul and started to beat him up as punishment, planning a long and excruciating death by trauma. However one of the children who secretly followed Piper of the Dragon's Brood, and came out of hiding to plead with the Unquestionable. Although Hreidmar had pretty badly bruised his green scaled 2nd circle soul and could destroy the child with one of his many lethal breaths. But for some reason he didn't, and whether out of compassion or some twisted form of sadism, the Living Hoard let both leave his cave that night. The latter is a possibility as he did stitch the mouth of the 2nd circle closed and told him the following: 'You'll lose them all, they are weak and cripple, only souls in pathetic bags of fat, and no matter how hard you try, they'll grow old and wither like rotting food'

                        Jasy Jatere has a fiefdom of a decent sized castle and the surrounding streets in one of Malfeas safer areas. Here he keeps human children that he has taken in and raised as his own. Most end up leaving him as they grow older, but some stay to help look after the next bunch of young ones that the demon brings in. The two ways he does that is finding orphans who are occasionally found amongst the poor humans lost in Malfeas. Most however are lulled by the music from Jasy Jatere when they run away from parents of guardians who have high ranking in cults dedicated to demons or the Yozis. Unfortunately, the Piper of the Dragon's Brood will not except back people who has left him and denied his care.

                        Jasy Jatere is usually summoned into Creation in matters that somehow require both a demon, and someone to help with children, although he is also quite knowledgeable on First Age art. His appearance in such occasions is that of a viridian dragon with pied like mottling from his beating, and his jaw is sown shut, becoming a flute. As such, he cannot talk, only make sounds like a flutist. The Piper of the Dragon's Brood has intimacies towards Hreidmar (distrust and confusion but still a sense of loyalty), music (joy and reverence), children - especially his wards (love and affection), the art of children (the greatest beauty), to his fellow 2nd circles under Hreidmar (they are so like children) and a negative one to First Age art or anything that pretentious (Pure hatred).

                        Kurupi, Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice
                        Defining Soul of the Living Hoard

                        Kurupi is often thought to be a fop; a disgusting, hedonistic and greedy fop. He looks like a blue skin humanoid with white slicked back hair and robes of great luxury and decadence, and usually found in a villa in his fiefdom somewhere between those of Jasy Jatere and the tower of Moñái, surrounded by gold, silver and jewels while several concubines, mostly demons but a few humans. His wealth is based off of various services he has performed for greater and more powerful demons, many of which were carnal and debase (even by demonic standards). Kurupi will proudly admit to these deeds and offers them when asked about it.

                        With this in mind, it would seem simple to label the Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice is a gigolo. But Kurupi is a very powerful demon; been taught sorcery, martial arts and many scores of other skills; he also has a wide range of artefacts, many of which are from the First Age and the Prehuman times. See, Kurupi is the defining soul of the Living Hoard, not the indulgent soul as many suspect. He is desire for treasure and precious things without any of the sloth, conservatism or restraint of Hreidmar that comes from being a direct part of J'Qeju. Because of this, Kurupi is able to see beyond the limitations of his master and see anything of value as worth his time. He'll do anything, if he gets paid. This attitude of Kurupi's annoys the Living Hoard, however the Demon Prince is more annoyed at the second circle soul's choice of form - Kurupi has the true form of a demonic dragon, but has strange stretching powers that allows him extend his form to ten times it's usual surface area and or twist into a humanoid form.

                        Kurupi is summoned by Sorcerers to act as a lover and entertainer, although some wiser sorcerers use him as a tutor for the many abilities he has picked up. He can also enter Creation willingly if a ruler of nation says they'll pay a demon any price they demand to perform some great deed. Kurupi will needs to be done and demand immense payment for his services, and if this is denied, he'll take the three closest relatives of the ruler that he thinks looks nice to make them his concubines. He'll sometimes send back his hostages if a ransom is paid for them, or if they become pregnant, although Jasy Jatere keeps saying he'll look after the children. His price is steep (Resources 4) and any deed that is extremely hard or that could be done by a first circle demon comes at an increased cost. He also hates when summoners use bindings to make him fulfil their wishes without paying Kurupi, and promises revenge on all that do so. Paying him one the other hand will win his trust and favour, for what ever it is worth.

                        The intimacies of the Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice include his patron (strained relationship of master and slave), treasure and knowledge (I want it all), his personal hoard (NO TOUCHING!), his fellow 2nd circles of Hreidmar (Prudes!), punishing those who don't pay him (Joy, nothing but joy) and the pleasures of the flesh and the mind (All to good at both).

                        Ao Ao, Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy
                        Indulgent Soul of the Living Hoard

                        If a demon steals from another, Cecelyne's laws do not strictly stop them, and the strong take from the weak all the time. But some days, a grunt rumbles through the streets of the Demon City. A wise 1st circle will either return what was stolen or seek a powerful protector. Otherwise Ao Ao will start his hunt, this demon dragon will chase down the thief, chasing the poor target until he can catch them, either with his resin fangs or his icy breath. Not even the call to Creation can save his prey, as Ao Ao will follow them there and kill them under the yellow Sun of Creation, favouring the Unconquered Sun to the green light of Ligier. His poor victim will then be eaten alive and digested over several days while Ao Ao will return what is stolen and they are turn into pure essence.

                        Ao Ao has a strange appearance for a demon dragon, with the head of a peccary with the hairs thinning into scales where a mane should be, with ribbons of ice growing from behind each indigo scale to form a fleece not unlike sheep wool, except for it's freezing temperature and razor sharp edges. Many ask how he got his particular body parts, only to bitten by the 2nd Circle, so obviously it's a prickly subject for Ao Ao. Legend has it that Hreidmar punished his Indulgent soul for some folly, most likely losing the thief of a particularly valuable treasure or delaying the Unquestionable from escaping J'Qeju. This would also explain why the Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy seems to spend his free time between hunts searching for something he calls 'the Bladed Crown'. His journeys have taken him across Malfeas, from the sewers that lead to Kimbery, to the forests of Szorney, to the glorious forge of Ligier and even Beyul's valley domain. At the last he helped spawn a tribe of demon bloods in Yaenma - the Aoa, who view him as a patron of fertility, even though he has only had one such union with a human woman.

                        Ao Ao is invoked by sorcerers to be serve as a bounty hunter, tracking down and killing any target the summoner sees fit to die or finding stolen property. Ao Ao will spend any free time in Creation looking for stolen treasures and returning them to their owners, and he will let nothing stop him on these personal quests. Ao Ao's intimacies include Hreidmar (Fear and madness), the Hunt (pure joy), the Bladed Crown (I must get it!), the Aoa (Such a useful cult), the Unconquered Sun (the most beautiful thing I have seen), a negative one to Ligier (Damn show off), a negative one to thieves (tasty to eat), a negative one to his appearance (why must I be a freak?) and a complicated set of relationships to his fellow 2nd circles under Hreidmar (Two thieves, a kidnappers, a brainwasher, a hedonist and a lunatic, but someone has to save them from themselves).

                        Luison, Conqueror of the Dragon's wretches
                        Reflective Soul of the Living Hoard

                        Sometimes as one explores Malfeas they find several streets ruled over by a black and violet wolf-dragon hybrid like demon, calling itself Luison, Conqueror of the Dragon's wretches. This demon will be civilized enough but insist on their uniqueness as Luison. If the traveller goes to another layer, they might meet a similar dragon, who also is called Luison but insists that they are the real Luison and the first one is an imposter. But sometimes people who encounter one of this Luison demons under the night sky of the Ebon Dragon will see what looks like a sparkling nebula in the shape of a wolf or a dragon. A close look will reveal that the nebula is looking down at the viewer and the demon dragon. That is the true Luison, the Reflective Soul of the Living Hoard.

                        How Luison became like this is unknown; some say he dabbled in the secrets that Orabalis keeps and when sent to the stars he knew a secret path to return to Malfeas, but only as a nebulas spirit; others say that he challenge Erembour to a musical competition between her music and his howl, and that his current form is a sign of his defeat; or that he used sorcery in an attempt to ascend and become a 3rd circle demon, only to lose his physical form. Most of these seem to be false as Luison is a great fan of mysteries, both of keeping them and solving them, so it's likely he hid the truth of his past to keep others guessing. What is known is that Luison possess seemingly random 1st circle demons, which either die by his presence or are transformed into copies of his old body, called a duplicate, and of the firm belief that they are Luison. All fiefdoms they claim in his name are counted as belonging to him in the eyes of the Priests of Cecelyne, even if he has no duplicate currently stationed there. He can willing switch between any of these 1st circle duplicates and control them as if they were his old body, and able to use all of his normal charms plus the powers the demons possesses itself. Demons transformed by Luison will still have all his old capabilities and a new one to have one of the 23 breaths of Hreidmar. These demons can enter Creation like they could before, but when they do, Luison can possess them like he can Malfeas, teleporting to their body after marching over Cecelyne for 5 days.

                        When in Creation, Luison can also possess wolves and mortals, turning them into a hybrid creature between both species for their whole life. This new being is for all intensive purposes a beastman, and it's children will be spawned as such, however if Luison is still possessing his victim while they conceive a child, it will be one of the Enkidu, a 1/3rd demon blooded lupine beastman that takes on the draconic/demonic mutations if exposed to a large dose of demonic essence. Enkidu will only breed like a regular beastman, except for the next 23 generations, the seventh child will also be an Enkidu like the original child.

                        This Second circle demon is best summoned to solve mysteries, or control wolves, one of his duplicates or affairs involving the Enkidu. Luison is a bit tricky to summon, as he has no physical form, and must immediately be bound into a first circle demon, a human or a wolf to give him a physical presence in Creation, or else he will dissipate back into Malfeas, something that Hreidmar does not have to worry about as he when he summons Luison, he also summons one of the duplicates. If he loses his host during his time in Creation, he must find another in a day and one hour or else he'll befall the aforementioned fate. It is advisable to summon one his duplicates to serve as the host as it unknown how a demon is chosen to die or change into a duplicate when Luison possesses them. The Intimacies of Luison include his 3rd circle (distant father figure), his fellow 2nd circles under Hreidmar (loyalty but distain at their choices), wolves (such adorable fiends), Enkidu (My spawn), his duplicates (tools, all so handsome tools), the nightsky (hides me from the scorn of those two Suns) and mysteries (to keep and to solve, the great games of life).

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                          Is yanema in malfeas then? Sorry, I just noticed that.

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                            No, it's technically in Creation, but thanks to Buyel's valley is linked to it, and the paths in an out of the kingdom are either blocked off and so insanely difficult to use that an Exalted would be needed to get through them. However, Yaenma has various portals to Buyel's Valley, which is somewhere in Cecelyne's desert. Mortals as such can enter in and out of Creation through these doorways, and demons can also do so under certain circumstances, which are modified versions of how they can enter the rest of Creation, so Ao Ao could have entered if a theft was taking place close to one of those portals. I will be explaining the whole country in more detail later after I do 1st circle demons.

                            Actually on that note, my plans for this project are to finish the second circles, do a few first circles, then move on to either Yaenma or the lost races and then the other one. But I don't know what people want to see first, so I'll put the order of the last two to a vote: Should Yaenma or the Lost Races be done first?

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                              Personally, I'd rather see the Lost Races, but that's bc prehumans are one of my favorite bits of exalted.

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