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[Peach] J'Qeju - The Glacier that Preserves (Yozi idea)

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    Sorry for sort of Necroing this thread, haven't has time to focus on this sort of thing:
    Itzpapalotl's domain is mostly wild forest, with occasional villages and cities across an area thrice the size of Creation's Scavenger lands on both sides of layer. There are several major cities on Itzpapalotl; Xiabalba, Diyu, Naraka, Pishachas, Tounela-by-Manala, Manala-by-Tounela, Pontus and Asphodel. These serve as the capitals of the various races, with Xiabalba serving as both the great urban centre of Itzpapalotl and the sacred homeland of the Tzitzimitl. Diyu as the main metropolis for the Ebu Gogo, although it probably couldn't be referred to as an urban centre by any conventional understanding. Naraka is the citadel arcology of the Empusa, a necropolis where fallen colonies are reshaped into new structures. Pishachas is more of a Zrang city-state, once a great capital but it's authority lost due to the Wrath of Adorjan, leading most of the fungoid power to transfer to Tounela-by-Manala. The Yacuruna live in the sorcerous lake of Manala-by-Tounela, serving as both a source of water and a major trading post for their Zrang neighbours. Pontus rises above a low tree line with three side ziggurats, with the Pugot still mourning the Wrath of Adorjan to the present day. Lastly is Asphodel, which serves as a capital to none of the races, but as a dock for an air fleet that trades with the wider population of Malfeas.

    The forests of Itzpapalotl are usually shrouded by green miasma with soggy peats covering the ground. The main trees are the branches of the Unquestionable, with leaves so toxic that they kill demons and flowers so sour as they literally make heads to implode (the Ebu Gogo still eat both in some of their stupider moments). The purpose of this foliage is not to feed Itzpapalotl's favoured sapient lifeforms, but to purify any toxins from Malfeas' poisonous wraith and turn it into a useable form. This form being a perfume that exudes from the flowers and fertilizes the air for small aerial algae, creating the green miasma. These micro-plants gets eaten by insects and small bird/bat things, which are either eaten by bigger creatures or die and become part of the soil, feeding new plants. Almost the entire ecosystem is based on this cycle of purification and life. Any life form that isn't relying on this system is parasitic on Itzpapalotl, such as the Creuva vines. These are bronze vines, silver leaves and gold flowers; and are popular with the citizens as there pulp, foliage and blossoms are used as various levels of currency amongst the denizens of Itzpapalotl, with inflation being kept in line by the natural decay of their money and the moratorium on planting more Creuva vines, so they are all wild grown.

    Localities without large algae blooms or parasites tend to lose their peaty soil over time, as slips between gaps in the root/branch matrix of Itzpapalotl. This leaves behind a tangled mess of roots to serve as the ground, which cause tripping and caught feet by those trying to cross it. This in turn means these areas are left alone by sapient life and grow with more parastic life forms that thrive with nothing predating them in an attempt to cleanse Itzpapalotl of them, this causes more people to start scavenger there, so the Unquestionable funnels more miasma, making the area more inhabitable, moving in villages. This in turn causes village distribution patterns to change over time, leaving many abandoned settlements across the layer. This is why the 8 cities are so important, they serve as the only permanent urban centres around.

    The main fauna include various forest creatures that are like sloths, birds, squirrels, boars, etc. Of all insects that exist, moths are the most common due their association with the Forest of the Tzitzimitl. The most dangerous lifeform is the sqeddec; large semi-plant monstrosities the prowl the wilder regions of Itzpapalotl and attacking anything vaguely prey-like; Hiveflesh Moths; dime sized moths that swarm unforunate targets, hollowing them out and using them as living hives, preferring demons and Empusa colonies as they are long lasting; and the bubblelisk; a predator that traps it's prey in essence bubbles, suffocating them before pecking off their flesh. Luckily these beasts are rare and mostly found far from most habitable areas, where more domestic creatures are raised, creatures comparable to cattle, sheep and pigs. The four most important are the Tinel Moth, the Zoega, the giga-rat and the Olios. The first serve as bee equivalents, producing a pearly food stuff loved by all, except the Ebu Gogo, who all hate it. The Zoega are not important for most people, but these sloth-monkey-koala like beasts eat the leaves straight off of Itzpapalotl, although she doesn't seem to mind as they tend to clean off older, less useful leaves filling them with toxins that they purify, into intoxicants, which makes their meat a hallucinogenic delicacy. The giga-rat is a large breed of rat with all the intelligence removed, serving as an alternative to pigs, except they produce surprisingly nice fur. Final, the Olios look like a giant spider with 16 legs, serving as the best form of mount across the forest terrain of Itzpapalotl.

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      Elimi, the Unliving Deals; Progeny of Siren of the Dead:

      How does its help manifest?