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  • EX3 Battle Group Question

    Snake McDougal and Butch Deadlift are at it again... only this time, the unholy alliance has occurred. Their shenanigans caught the attention of two dragon bloods and their troops.

    So for giggles lets say its a size 3 group and the DBs are commanding it. Snake manages due to having a high withering pool and avoiding armor, manages to wither down a full point of size. Snake now gets initiative break, that's great because he rolled well to begin with, but wanted just a bit more before he finishes the group off.

    Butch on the other hand decided to learn White Reaper. He rolled well as well. He launches a heavy decisive, lets say 17 dice, and uses basically every advantage white reaper gets and TAP. So lets say overall he does 19 damage all said and done.

    Snake is fairly obvious how he got his break bonus.

    Butch lets say did enough to drop Size twice. Does he get TWO breaks and does that get added to his reset to base from the decisive he just landed? Or does Butch just get the satisfaction of a lot of damage and resets to 3 + any from charms?

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    I am pretty new into Exalted but I would think he would get the double crash bonus