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    Before tonight's game, one of my players and I were watching this week's episode.

    When Sho takes over piloting the policemen, we both joked that he was a 2nd Edition guy and was able to wear his battlegroup. Good times!

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      I really like that the plan they used to win involved the Night of Mourning. The idea of a Lesser being able to beat a Greater through appropriate planning or even just the fact that the match has an advantage to the weaker is something I think should be a part of any good story, particularly in Exalted, and with the way they do Evocations now, something like this feels extremely plausible and should be supported.

      I also liked the description of how Shang was blocking the attacks by relying on his opponent's killing intent. It felt like an appropriately powerful technique for one of the world's greatest warriors.

      Really Excited for Season 3 which was apparently confirmed after the airing of this episode, and it confirms the fate of a character whose fate was uncertain for awhile.


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        So regarding the decay in the danger represented by Seven Blasphemous Deaths once it ends up in the hands of Rou Shin Kai. I honestly figured once he started to get possessive of the sword to the point of creeping out Seven Blasphemous Deaths that he was basically the protagonist from Yandere Simulator. To clarify before he had the sword the Tei had no real discernible desires or ambitions.* The closest he had was trying to find a point to it all and going along with anything so long as the person insisted it had value or meaning. (The exception being that he did have some sort of scale for what it would cost to let others kill him, but that seems to be it.) Now I know later we got the indication that Rou wasn't the thrall of SBD I don't think that was always the case.I mean when he's first shown with it his eyes keep glowing and flashing, which I think indicates that SBD did initially manage to influence him. Just afterwords he had a purpose and goal and well turns out the monk has a really good will save.

        Now I could be wrong on the idea that he was ever influenced. However, I think do think the yandere angle makes the most sense. We see the way Seven Blasphemous Deaths normally operated with Princess of Cruelty. Normally it takes the person and pushes them to go after their desires, strive higher, go after more. Eventually they push too far and the person gets defeated in spite of possessing the sword. At which point SBD either attempts to claim the victor as her new "owner" and begin the process again or grab someone else nearby. Either way she seeks to feed on the attempt to conquer and pushes people to do so. Her conflict with Rou came from the fact that it ends up with his only desire being to keep hold of SBD and not let anyone else have her or be anywhere near her ever again. Even if Rou was immune to her mystical methods she couldn't, and didn't want to, use mundane methods to push the only drive she did know of his any further. Hence why her last resort was to egg him into going after Syou by egging on the points that Rou might not be the best wielder she could receive from the world and probably hoping to remind him that Syou was seeking to recapture SBD meaning Rou might not have gotten his eternity with the princess even if he did find a good pit to die in.

        *A rare target for Cup Boils Over.


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          I'm very happy we get at least one more season. 2020, probably?


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            That last fight was goddamn spectacular. It was such a cool confrontation, creatively as well as stunt-wise, it really made the build up to the clash worth it. I don't think I'd have guessed it at the start of the season that he was going to be the final antagonist of Season 2, but he sure worked to justify the role.

            Overall, this season was really solid though, despite the introduction of a new (and cool!) main character, Shang felt like much more of the protagonist this time, and the world felt a lot more lived in than Season 1, which mostly took us down a pretty straight line into villainous territory. This season showed us more of the setting and integrated elements like the law and how the jianghu interact with society. It also had a dynamic and fun line-up of antagonists.

            It was neat to see the Princess of Cruelty and the Fugitive Hunter both have to deal with changing circumstances and obstacles emphatically greater than themselves in the way of their goals instead of playing more passive roles, although Xie Ying Luo more so than the latter. It was unusual how much of an underdog position she was thrust in for a villain, and very interesting how much she went through trying to overcome it; despite the tragic end, or maybe more so because of it, her character really paid off.

            And of course, all's well that ends well, except we left off on a really big setup for the next season, wow. It's going to be bombastic, no doubt. Thunderbolt Fantasy did phenomenal this season, and I can't wait for more.


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              I wonder if there's a build-a-bear (or the like) store that can do up our Exalted characters.

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                This was a glorious and fantastic ending to what what already a wild ride. The setting up for season 3 left me gasping and I am ready for more puppet spectacular in the coming season. I feel *super* inspired for my Exalted chronicle now.

                May you live in interesting times...

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                  My problem with the decay of Seven Blasphemous Deaths is that I couldn't help but question if that would've happened if the sword had been coded as male.

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                    Originally posted by Lioness View Post
                    My problem with the decay of Seven Blasphemous Deaths is that I couldn't help but question if that would've happened if the sword had been coded as male.
                    Pretty much my opinion as well. Like the fact Night of Mourning didn't seem to be coded either way seemed to help it; even though other people were dismissing it it turned out to be very useful in the end.

                    At the same time, it kind of felt like during the part of the fight where Seven Blasphemous Deaths is talking to herself was the show going 'well if she actually gave it her all she would still win', which was kind of interesting.

                    In the End, even with her kind of being waifu'd, Seven Blasphemous Deaths still felt impressive and worth respect. Poor Princess of Cruelty though.


                    • Honestly I feel like Seven Blasphemous Deaths and the Screaming Pheonix Killer were made for each other and it's a shame he's dead so that ship can't happen.

                      But yeah, show has been pretty unkind to its female characters. It was nice to see Dan Fei for two minutes.

                      So I'm making God-Kicking Boot, an Exalted webcomic, now. Updates on Sundays. Full-color, mediocre but slowly improving art. It's a thing.

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                      • Xie Ying Lu leaving the show the way she did is worse in retrospect, considering how solid a character she was this season and how lacking several of the few female characters have been in lasting importance.

                        I really hope Dan Fei gets more chances to shine next season, if the story progresses in the expected direction it would make great sense for her to take up a major role again.