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  • ST: Care for a bit of smoked rabbit?

    Me: Sure!

    ST: Did you just... freebase the rabbit?

    Me: You told me to smoke the rabbit.


    • PC: "Hey, are you from the Realm?"

      NPC: "Yes, I am"

      PC: "Are you a Dragon-Blooded?! :-)"

      NPC: "No, I'm not a Dragon-Blooded."

      PC: "Oh. Well, do you know any Dragon-Blooded?"


      • Later, <NPC> opens the door of the room where <PC> is staying to reveal a floors worth of Stomach Bottle Bugs "Please sir, might I have some tasty liquor?" one enquires in a high pitched child-like voice while another stomps in a circle "I wish to be where nobody steps on me, I will never be stepped on again!" a third pipes up "Doooooctor is the patient ready?"
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        “The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.” George Carlin


        • ST: No it's a giant city. Like Chicago sized, thousands of ships.
          Player: what an awesome concept with such a stupid name


          • (In Skype)

            P2: Fluttershy is a better Midnight than her.
            P1: If her name isn't Broken Wings, Ima shoot somebody
            P2: Hush After Carrion Wings
            P1: Sorry pal, you're the only one here. *cocks shotgun*
            P2: but you forget... I AM THE SHOTGUN
            P1: *tosses into a smelter* Bye [P2].
            P2: [P2] died as he lived: being a remington 1870 with an excessively long trigger pull.

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            • *while PC2 (PC1's wife and a midnight caste banker) is looking over a particularly irksome client's ledger*

              PC1: "... Honey... please don't take his house. Or his wife's house. That's just cruel."
              NPC: "But we live together...?"
              PC1: "... I'm so sorry to tell you this, but your wife is most likely chea-"
              NPC: "THAT LITTLE SLUT I'LL BEAT HER ASS INTO PASTE AND FEED IT TO THE DOGS!! [runs out of the room]"
              PC1: ".... [He leans in] Second thought, I've always wanted dogs."

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              • "That's not a migration that's an apocalypse."


                • "Hey, we killed a family tonight, I'm happy!"


                  • "You sure know the best way to ask someone to let you step on them."


                    • PC1: "That... that is not a nice thing to do! You tell him right now that is not a nice thing to do!"

                      PC2: "Sorry, I don't tell people things they already know."

                      Murcushio: Sure, you avoid all that messy withdrawal, but you still need to stop doing heroin (for the purposes of this discussion your cousin is named Heroin).


                      • P1: I hereby reserve the right to bitch like a mofo about time constraints because of the final 2 or 3 weeks of school getting in the way of my RP time.
                        ST: Sure, as long as I reserve the right to remind you that I said from the beginning that it might take a while to get the ball rolling. :P
                        P1: The original interest check was started in January. (it's April and we don't have an IC yet)
                        ST: ... *checks* ...
                        ST: WAT.
                        ST: THIS ISN'T HOW TIME IS SUPPOSED TO WORK

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