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  • Originally posted by Cenrei View Post
    I'm playing a Dune People Zenith, who thinks that all non-Dune People are lesser, weak beings and that the long years of surviving in the desert have made the Dune People the hardiest, most capable humans. He has a Defining Principle about this.

    Archery Charm Phantom Arrow Technique allows you to use your Intimacy for a damage boost, but it numbs the Intimacy. And you can't use the Charm again until you have regained the Intimacy through roleplaying it, specifically "spent significant effort in restoring or remembering the Intimacy"

    Sooo, if I want to use that Charm again, I need to regain my racist views :P
    its stories like this that make me love this game

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    • Sidereal: "Identity is such a fluid thing."
      Zenith: "No, it isn't."

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      • He gives a blank stare, As a lizard and he has +5 on blank stares.

        Does that hawk look like it has a big red butt?

        You made a Catherine Zeta Jones reference before I was able to... two stunt dice.
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        • "I would invite Hitler to my birthday party."


          • [In a threatening tone]: "Excuse me? Do you want to learn what it's like to be an elephant?

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            • "Are my pants here?"

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              • [ST] It's gooey
                [Night Caste] If he's gooey i'm going to stick it in


                • Most recent game:

                  GM: You cut down the tree with the demon monkeys in it, and it falls. Everyone roll Dex+Dodge to jump out of the way. Stunts?
                  Player 1: My wings are still up, so I Palpatine-spin out of the way!
                  Player 2: Palpatine spin?
                  Player 1: Yeah, abyssal, dark cloak, glowing sword, sorcerer. I Palpatine spin.
                  Player 2: So...It's tree-son, then?

                  I thank the Devs for the great game of Exalted!