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  • P1: "I am so going to probe me some ghosts"
    P2: "Mindprobe or anal-probe?"
    P1: "Does that entirely matter?"

    P1: "We should draw a dick on our manse - that seems to ward off women we don't want coming after us there"

    ST: "guys - how much downtime you want to take to upgrade your characters all depends on how much you dare wait until the bad guys make their move. Do you want to risk spending three weeks and then hearing that another city got leveled?"
    All players: "Time for essence 4 then!"
    ST: *facepalm*
    P3: "Shaming us at this point is futile..."
    P4: "Lets wait two weeks then What's the worst thing that could happen?"

    p2: "His hair is spiders"
    npc: "No, they're my secretaries"
    p1: "Awesome! Can I have some?"
    npc: "No"

    p1: *whispering* "Go touch things"


    p1: *whispering* "I touch him"

    p2: "What, do you guys expect to live through this?
    p1: "Yolo?" *in a worried tone*

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      I'm not a mod or anything, but could you not do this? For one, there's bound to be some Exalted fans who're under the age of eighteen; for another, it's off-topic, bordering on advertising.
      That was obviously a joke, you are reading it a bit too literally.

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      • NPC: "Why is that cow posing?"
        P1: "It's... happy it could help?" *shrug*

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        • "I'll show you my sun if you show me your wood."
          the Solar Goddess Bride, to the Wood Immaculate she's trying to convert.

          "To be clear, you want to set natures bulldozer on fire?"
          A Flame Sorcerer, "solving" the problem of an elephant with Realm troops on its back, in a crowded city.

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          • “Strange, Rakis, all I see around you are birds and little meats on sticks with wings.”

            “Excuse me, Sir, you have a face on your face!”

            “I am NOT getting into a fight with a tsundere sandworm.”

            “We haven't set any homes on fire, but we have set someONE on fire.”


            • Malfeus is a hat now.

              I thank the Devs for the great game of Exalted!


              • "My spear tells me she's not evil."
                "I've also experienced this, it's called 'arousal.'"

                "I survived another Deliberative that should have been an Infallible Messenger."


                • Courtesy of an epic weekend of role-playing with friends from uni. Exalted still, but not my current campaign (basically, the elevator pitch here is Exalted Magical Girls Sail the Underworld)

                  "The very best drugs are those that free you from the limitations of existence."
                  "So... technically, death counts?"

                  "If the shadow swears again, I'm throwing the jellyfish directly at it."

                  "Sunburns are like being very slowly roasted to death."
                  "Sounds awful."
                  "Absolutely. I love it."

                  "He only wants them free to automutilate themselves if they want to. It's not like they'd be contractually forced to!"

                  "Basically, we just made the whole crew deaf. And then they threw our passenger overboard."

                  "I sing a sexy song to the sacred tree."
                  "Algae isn't sexy."
                  "Says you!"

                  "It's like uber but for burglaries."

                  "They're extremely hospitable : for every book, they throw in a free assassination attempt!"

                  "I grapple him and immediately starts rubbing his ears."

                  "She's dead, so we HAVE to kill her."

                  ST : "...the orichalcum mirrors focus the sunlight on him, burning him to a crisp in a torrent of golden light."
                  "So cool.. heh wait, didn't he owe us money?:
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                  • P1 "Hey, how about we wait and check things out for more information, before we charge in?"
                    ST: "Wait, that actually sounds smart - what's up with that?"
                    P1: "I know - its almost as if charging in and slaughtering everything hasn't really worked out that well for us in the past"

                    "No, autochton isn't all about zombies and mass production - its all about mass production, zombies are a bad thing"

                    "We can go back and save someone"
                    "It can only go wrong - so why not?"

                    "Fuck with the jewel, fuck with the jewel!"

                    "I try to make him standing on me like a surfboard to come off as strangely erotic"

                    "You've worn out the dicebot"

                    "I am a hoverboard. We have fixed all things"

                    "That sounds like a great plan - that's why we wont do it"

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                    • ST: "You are now piloting a 50ft tall fighting robot. What do you do?"

                      P: "I enter stealth!"


                      • "You'd be much less scarier if you dragged chains around my house in the dead of the night or something"