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  • >I want to burn it
    >Responsible, peaceful decisions

    You need to record these sessions.

    Hi, I'm JohnDoe244. My posts represent my opinions, not facts.


    • Originally posted by JohnDoe244 View Post
      >I want to burn it
      >Responsible, peaceful decisions

      You need to record these sessions.

      Look, wanting to dispose of demonblooded babies is - arguably - a fairly sensible thing to want, in a setting such as exalted. Especially when you know that the neomah that crafted the child was a murderous creature the assemble had to track down and neutralize before it could kill any more people. That he wanted to eat the ashes, well... that's just him being him. I have no clue how to record discord voice chats - and its mostly in Danish, so it wouldn't make all that much sense to a mostly english speaking forum here

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      • Some silliness that happened in-game last night with an unconventional use of the Water Aspect anima power.

        * Shanisara nods. "This is the kind of place that would probably do well with a small hidden boat for escape."
        <Sesus_Linarra> "I can get us across."
        <Shanisara> "Always full of surprises."
        <Sesus_Linarra> "Hardly, Water Aspect remember."
        <Shanisara> "I am not actually that familiar with what that actually means over stories yet."
        * Shanisara has actually used actually too much in that last sentence.
        Sesus Linarra lays back on the lake surface her armour becoming far more buoyant than the alloyed jade would suggest "Climb on."
        * Shanisara doesn't think that they will all fit...
        <Shanisara> "All of us?"
        <Sesus_Linarra> "Everyone who cannot fly."
        Shanisara is too curious to not give it a try.
        Callia chuckles "I guess I won't tell Joyous Sky how I ended up mounting her wife"
        <Sesus_Linarra> "Probably not today at least."
        Nileen climbs onto Linarra, kneeling down at by her legs
        Shanisara is surprisingly lightweight as she goes standing near her top half. "Just the rest of us mounting her?" She notes to Callia.
        Nalia squeezes in between Shani and Nileen looking down at the Water Aspect "to what extent does this resemble your bedroom situation?"
        Shanisara hmms and looks at the water. Recalling that Linarra mentioned once about her and Lu Zhin duelling on the top of a lake. A pity she can't do the same.
        Sesus Linarra passes Nalia her longfang "Someone needs to row and I understand you to be the most qualified."
        Nalia takes the spear "aye, you make a fine vessel" and starts to row
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        • "Why would that -ever- be your first assumption? If I ever need you to fuck the ground for some reason, I'll say, 'Anton, it's time to fuck the ground now.'"
          -A painfully literal Twilight who for some reason is never understood that way


          • "Five exalts rock up to rob the vault on Segways."


            • Originally posted by General Trivia Kit View Post
              "Five exalts rock up to rob the vault on Segways."

              This is the only real way to do it

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              • P1: "We can help populate your town"
                P2: "Ya we're good at kidnapping people"
                P1: "No hold on, we haven't really kidnapped anyone yet"
                P2: "We'll have to change that"

                P2: "We're always 100% big dick energy"
                P3: "well, against weak tribal people we are"

                p3: "Preparing? what is this strange word you use?"

                ST: "So... you eat the lunar's blood nugget?"
                P2: "What could go wrong?"

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                • Melody: *Kicks a PoW into a people-eating manse*
                  Melody: What? He's been trying to break in for three days!

                  Udi (Me, NPC), refusing to enter the people-eating manse: I'll just wait here.

                  Ganan, after the party has entered the people-eating manse and the doors are just about to lock shut behind them: Don't freak out.

                  Melody, I really don't feel like you need any more context than this: Oh you’ve got to be f***ing kidding me.

                  Melody: You took us into a manse that eats people!?!
                  Ganan: Well, not 'people': slaves mostly.

                  Melody: This seems refreshingly straight-forward.
                  Danireya: Wait for it.
                  Ganan: Well... there are the barrel golems.
                  Danireya: There you go.

                  Danireya: I point my finger gun at it, and it explodes in a shower of flaming brandy.

                  Melody: Remind me why we care about Sesus F***-Face?
                  Ganan: That's a most unusual name.

                  Ganan: Makes sense.

                  Ganan: Zianosen Black Pearl Brandy, 502 vintage. I have a 506 and a pair of 504s. I don't know anyone in the Realm who has a 502.
                  Danireya: Except the Duke.

                  Ganan: What am I supposed to write with? Sesus Dabab's blood?

                  Melody: Do we not get to vote on that?

                  Melody: Seriously? I don't get any of the loot?

                  Melody: Wow, that's a lot of money!
                  Ganan and Danireya in unison with extreme condescension: Is it though?

                  Danireya: You could have made two trips.
                  Ganan: This was easier.

                  Melody: What’s the betting there’s a Sesus legion waiting for us on the other side of the door?

                  Ganan: Is making a wheelbarrow a basic or a major project?
                  Danireya: That depends on whether you sell cheese or not.

                  Danireya: We should probably wait until he regains conciousness.

                  Danireya: I give V'neef the Greater Hearthstone.
                  Melody: My precious. We needs it.

                  Udi: You are surprisingly good at this.
                  Danireya: Wow.
                  Melody: Rude.
                  Ganan: Kick her ass.

                  Melody: The secret to Gateway is to think tactically.
                  Ganan: Try and focus on the first part of that advice.

                  Hi, I'm JohnDoe244. My posts represent my opinions, not facts.


                  • Me again? Okay.

                    Danireya: I will set the bed on fire. Get up.

                    Melody: Do we open with how we represent House Mnemon or how we're courting House Sesus?
                    Ganan: We could tell them we beat Sesus Dabab unconcious and fed him to a people eating manse?

                    Ganan: I'd rather not fight the entire Sesus army.

                    Melody: Did Ganan just solve a problem by using his words?
                    All: ...
                    Melody: Are we seriously not going to discuss how bizzare that is? Not even OOC?
                    Me OOC: I resent that.
                    Ganan: The entire time you were playing Ganan, did you ever solve a problem with words?

                    Me: Mysterious sun-light could be anything.

                    Ganan: The City of Juche was founded in the Time Before... … until the construction of the Palace Sublime.
                    Ganan: Obviously there's a time skip in the middle there.
                    Me: Five hours later.

                    Danireya: I hold the coffee in front of her nose.
                    Melody: ... I reach for it.
                    Danireya: I slowly pull the coffee away forcing her to reach further and further until she gets up.

                    Melody: I stuff an entire pastry into my face. And talk with my mouth full.
                    Me: These are Dynasts.
                    Melody: Nellens Dynasts. If there are spare pastries, I stuff them in my pockets.

                    Melody: We’re not keeping these guys alive for any particular reason right?

                    Melody: Dragons **** in the heavens!

                    Me: There's a well dressed patrician on a corner making an anti-war speech.
                    Danireya: Do the song.
                    Ganan: What song?
                    Melody: Trust me, there's a song.
                    Me: There's no song. It's just a piece of color for describing the city. You also pass giant obliseks and-
                    Danireya: I go back to the patrician.
                    Me: "Here ye, here ye, my name is Tetagana Tiran and I present ‘Free Thoughts on the Miracle of the Successor’."

                    Danireya: If you're going to do it... *mic drop*

                    Ganan: For just a moment I thought we were going to meet your husband!
                    Ludila (NPC/me): This is my son.
                    Ganan: You wha-

                    Melody: She's married to a Cathak?
                    Danireya: She's married to a Cathak officer.
                    Melody: F-.

                    Ganan: Reminds me of my mother’s home: dark, away from the rest of the house, shielded from the occasional explosion.
                    Liir (NPC/me): Actually that last point is the problem.

                    Liir: I thought about that, but the Gunzosha armor is non-functional. And it's far too heavy to lift-
                    Ganan: I casually lift the armor off the rack.

                    Danireya: I smile at her and pull Ganan into my room.

                    Hi, I'm JohnDoe244. My posts represent my opinions, not facts.


                    • "​[Invisible Horse Princess] is leaning against the railing of the bridge next to Robin, standing perfectly still. So still, in fact, that she can't be seen at all (this disappoints her slightly, since she's traded her usual blindfold for a pair of black eyepatches and a captain's hat and wanted to show it off)."

                      Bu-Yan: Greetings Robin Vaara. I'm glad to see that we both understand the value of safety in this lawless city of Nexus and I can only assume that Carter does as well. So I have no hard feelings about the extra muscle around, but I guess that we should begin our talks then.
                      [A Sidereal in secretary robes whispers in his ear.]

                      Bu-Yan: Carter now, I do not wish you harm, so if I might ask why does your guard wish harm on us? It seems you have already broke the unspoken agreement of discussion. Is this how you wish to be known to your guild peers? Because I promise you that they will not forgive that kind of action towards ones such as myself. So if you don't wish for that to happen then I suggest you and your demon guard to leave this park so we can continue our meeting in peace.

                      KR: Bu-Yan, did your handlers not tell you what they were intent on doing during this meeting? My Guild peers do not take assassination attempts during business discussion kindly. Nor, for that matter, does Invisible Horse Princess take insults.

                      IHP: Yeah! Fuck the police! [she throws a fist into the air, abandoning her invisibility for a brief moment before stepping into the shadow cast by a cherry tree and vanishing from sight once again]
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                      • P1: "Stab me in the gut so I can drink more!"
                        p2: "I can get behind that, do me as well"
                        p3: "If I see anyone without holes in their bellies once this is done, then you've failed at drinking. A good drinking contest ends up with at least two burst guts"
                        ST: "The lunar thinks you are amazingly hardcore drinking buddies"

                        P2: "So, from a scale from 1 to 10, how heartless are we?"
                        P1: "We could teach them to be good slaves?"
                        P3: "We could turn them into food?"

                        P2: "Should I try again? It can't go any worse..."
                        P3 OOC: "Five 1s on seven d10? Brave words"

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