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  • Originally posted by Lupislacertus View Post
    "I will not let you bribe the storm gods with mechs." me- the storyteller. My girlfriend's mom who plays D&D heard this as her only introduction to exalted.

    there are many things storm gods should have. mechs are not one of them

    now, new session from my end:

    ST: "I have a random encounter table. Be afraid"
    p1: "Do we get to meet the tea house guy again?"

    ST: "Who here can honk [player 2]'s character's horn the best?]

    p2: "I was afraid

    p1: "You can pop my slurry"

    p3: "I'll just be slobbering in my armpit"

    ST: "They are large, greyish and have chimneys for horns"
    p1: "So its [player 2]'s mother?]

    ST: "The vilagers are 1/10th the size of normal people"
    p1: "its going to be difficult to get a tinder date here"
    ST: "Depends on how kinky you are"
    p1: "Little people tinder, natch"

    p1: "I do not abuse children and smurfs"

    ST: "The tiny people agree but still think you're an idiot"

    p1: "I start to touch my self"
    p2: "No you do not"

    Malfeas F'Tagn - go check out my epic MLP/Exalted crossover "The Scroll of Exalted ponies" @ Fimfiction


    • “Okay, so so far we’ve got the cult warrior, the warrior cultist, the warrior cult evangelist, and the artifact cultist. Did I miss anyone who’s actually said anything about their character yet because I’m seeing a pattern here. 😆”


      • "The lunar isn't a dirty bomb" explaining a tactic to a fellow player having moral issues with my plan.


        • P1: "At least three of them has to be a reference to P3's genitals"

          P1: "We've made a new friend without developing a new fetish"

          P2: "I just have a long scrote note, but not a fetish for it, I failed that roll"

          P1: "I rip off my clothes to reveal my leather daddy outfit to the fairfolk lord"
          ST: "The fair folk lord recoils in horror and his head explodes"

          p1: "We need a hole into the underworld, who volunteers to being a serial killer?"

          p2: "I'll throw them out into the wyld"
          ST: "All four and a half thousand?"
          p2: "I'll do it all day"

          p1: "I think its a good idea... except the thing about eating people, unless we turn them into food pills first"

          Malfeas F'Tagn - go check out my epic MLP/Exalted crossover "The Scroll of Exalted ponies" @ Fimfiction


          • Invisible Horse Princess: I got some good one-liners in this session, which is all I really care about.


            Huyla: "Why are you following me? Can't you see the Council is our enemy?"
            Invisible Horse Princess: "Bitch, I can't see anything!"


            Huyla: "If the Emissary still wants to kill me, will you back me up?"
            Invisible Horse Princess: "The Emissary knows better than to make an enemy of me."


            ​Invisible Horse Princess: "I'm trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle, but the puzzle pieces are made of a little girl's shredded soul."


            Emissary of Nexus: "Lay your hand on this stone and say those words again, please."

            Invisible Horse Princess: "Can I have my hand back now? It was a gift."
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