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    Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post
    The Unsung Hero,

    ​Yeah, they're actually Essence 3 in previous editions, but I felt that in order to grant them the kinds of powers I wanted them to have and some of the stuff they had in previous editions, I wouldn't necessarily want them to be summonable with them because they'd trump all other things.

    That said, if you want a version that you can summon, I personally advise these changes:

    Drop Essence to 3.

    Remove the Merit "Mighty Storm Warclub" (Which includes their artifact warclub) and they lose the Charm Voltage Hammer Strike (Though you can increase its cost to 15m, 3i and maybe refluff it as an attack innate to raptor for if you like! It doesn't give this Juvenile Thunderbird much incentive to be in human form though. Maybe it's one of the Thunderbirds that hasn't yet learned how to assume its human form?)

    Remove Essence 4 Charms (Winged Wind Dismissal, Blessing of Thunder)

    Lower Storm-Calling Cry to Essence 3 and give it a locational limitation, such as "in the mountains" or "in the Thunderbird's territory" or "in or near the land of its worshippers."

    I can take a crack at offering you a juvenile thunderbird with some different charms if you'd like one for your sorcerer to summon. Might help me overcome some of my misgivings about their charmset, honestly.
    Those are some reasonable adjustments! I'll look into em!

    I'm all for more options. My sorcerer detests demons but loves to Summon, so we need more Essence 1-3 elementals. ^_^

    I post Artifacts in this thread. How I make them is in this thread.
    I have made many tools and other things for 3rd Edition. I now host all of my creations on my Google site: The Vault of the Unsung Hero


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      Well, here you go!

      Juvenile Thunderbird

      Some things to note: This thunderbird is not the most stalwart combatant, but the thunderbolts it may attack with at range can make it a very nasty archer-type support character, and a decent leader if it has a group to apply the Blessing of Thunder to. Imagine exploring the weird relationship of summoning the god of a group of people serving you through it! Weird relationship.

      I hope you can potentially use this, The Unsung Hero!

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        Another small update with something new for the front page:

        Bestiary of Creation

        Whenever I make animals, I'll put them in there. The Direwolf was requested by somebody, but the Great Roc is a gigantic bird from Mount Metagalapa. It is a powerful combatant in terms of the damage it can do, and because of its huge size, it can pick somebody up and just... fly off with them. Which is pretty cool. But they're rare and the Hawkriders don't like to risk them, so they use them to transport large goods.

        I envy the Lunar that could take one's heart's blood...

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          New update. I finished the Metody, the Malfean Elemental, a new 1st Circle Demon from the previous edition. They're shapeshifting beings made of an element only found in Malfeas called vitriol. It's kind of like acid and very unpleasant. They can shapeshift, which is cool! But they always shapeshift into something ugly. Gross. A sorcerer that summons one can probably ask it to look pretty, but it will probably be unhappy. This was true in the previous edition as well, that they're not statistically impressive, but they have interesting capabilities in assuming different shapes, and adapting supernatural merits is nice! Perhaps most notably, they can turn into a giant pit of acid. That's probably their most useful feature. Gross!

          Metody, the Malfean Elemental

          They have also been added to Demons of Malfeas, where I slightly updated my format for version control. The good news: I made a pass at tweaking Charm values and some new ideas. Notably, the Sesseljae have a new Charm that lets them boost healing significantly in a resting subject. In-battle healing feels a bit too powerful, but if you're, say, a mortal sorcerer who gets cut up, resting with the aid of a Sesseljae will vastly improve your ability to function and your recovery. Scary stuff!

          I removed Lypothymie from Demons of Malfeas because I was ultimately unhappy with the exercise. I may try to convert a more "straightforward" example of a 3rd Circle Demon next like Erembour and apply whatever lessons I learn there to a revision of Lypothymie at a later date.

          As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. I absolutely want to hear about playtests or ideas or conceptual problems you have, as these are intended to be a resource for everyone and I want them to be the best they can be.
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            Another Tuesday, another update.

            First, we have a new demon QC, Angyalka, the Harpist! For all your music-making needs, they look like pretty people with extremely creepy hands that can play any instrument or even make music out of nothing. Their charms are mostly focused on making music and how it can affect things socially. While I don't mention it in their write up, it is good to note now that a QC has a bunch of charms, but that does not mean that all Angyalka ever only have those Charms. Angyalka might know fun or weird songs which have specific magical effects when they play them.

            Angyalka, the Harpist

            If anybody has any at-a-glance feedback this week, be sure to offer it, including criticisms, and I'll try to incorporate that when I do some final tweaks later this week. The Angyalka has been added to Demons of Malfeas.
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              Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post
              Looks good overall, but I'd drop the Shattering Roar-alike in favour of a grapple enhancer exploiting the angyalka's hair. Probably something debilitating rather than strictly offensive, making it better at defending itself (and its summoner) than outright combat.


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                Originally posted by The MG View Post
                Looks good overall, but I'd drop the Shattering Roar-alike in favour of a grapple enhancer exploiting the angyalka's hair. Probably something debilitating rather than strictly offensive, making it better at defending itself (and its summoner) than outright combat.

                This was a good idea! I updated with a charm that makes it easier for them to grapple and allows them basically 1 free restrain/drag if they use it on the first round of control.

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                  Tuesday again? No problem.

                  I was feeling a little creatively bereft this weekend, though I began work on the Vodonik, an undersea water elemental that's pretty mean. Charms are forthcoming, but they're Essence 5 and plenty nasty. Might write up a Vodonik King Sorcerous Initiation to go with it for later this week, but alas, the Vodonik will not be joining the Elementals of Creation today.

                  Instead, we have:

                  Followers of the Chosen

                  These are some basic statistics which include Ability and Attribute scores for those things described in the Followers Merit. Their Attribute and Ability scores are listed due to the possibility of using training charms in conjunction with them, though I could make standard QCs out of all of them if people want them. Additionally, each has a little Merit to make them a little bit more interesting. If anybody has any feelings about these QCs, I'd love to hear them, and if you'd like some more varieties, please say so! I am happy to provide. I hope people make use of these and train their friends to greatness. Or something. Training Charms!

                  Also available but more experimental are some additional traits for Battlegroups and for NPCs. These are supposed to make NPCs more powerful without giving them extremely supernatural powers, and I'd love feedback on them if anyone has the chance.

                  Chosen for Battle (WIP)

                  As always, feedback or thoughts are appreciated. These are supposed to be lite widgets to add on top of the combat system to enhance play. Let me know what you think.

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                    Update time! But it is not a Tuesday.

                    Sorry everybody. December was a busy and emotionally exhausting month, with some family health problems, world problems and problems with good friends. Maybe this new year will be better? I hope.

                    Anyway, here's something I've been playing with for ages, but I feel has finally reached a point where I think it's usable, a collection of Emerald Circle Spells for your Terrestrial Sorcerer needs!

                    Book of Three Circles

                    Special thanks to Madletter for making it beautiful, to Daerian for originally converting these spells and inspiring me to do the same, to the Exalted Discord for helping me refine ideas, and to my players for helping me have fun while running stuff.

                    If you have any feedback on these spells, or spells you want to see converted forward or made from scratch, please let me know! I am always interested in trying to figure out how to make these things fun.

                    Currently, it only contains Emerald Circle Spells, but my intent is to expand it with more Sapphire and Adamant Spells for use by PCs and by NPCs.

                    EDIT: Oh, also, here's a new Elemental!

                    Brine Cur

                    They're sort of horrifying water dog elementals. They often serve as mounts for the Vodonik and other mean undersea things, but they can't survive long on land.

                    Their art has made them literally look like giant gross dogs in the past, but I dunno if I love that. If anybody ever comes across cool art for them I'd love to steal it.

                    As always, feedback is appreciated. If you have ideas for more charms they might have or criticisms of existing charms, please let me know. Feedback is always appreciated.


                    If you have any suggestions on what benefits the spell ought to offer, I am all ears.
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                      I've picked up my Necromancy Homebrew again and am going to vastly expand on it. Things I'm currently working on:

                      - Complete rules for necromancy (most of it is already covered by the homebrew in this thread) and necro-workings.
                      - Conversion of all necromancy spells from Second Edition into Third Edition (some may be cut or vastly altered) as well as add new spells. There will also be rules and spells for "blood magic" which bridges necromancy and sorcery.
                      - A collection of necromancy shaping rituals, new necromancy-associated merits and tools, as well as story elements.
                      - (Optional) Complete rules for necro-surgery crafting projects.
                      - Everything will be put in a PDF that I will layout and make available for download. The document will contain art made by me.

                      My aim is to make that necromancy document the source for necromancy for 3E. I will therefore also look for other people's homebrew and either add it to the document (with credits) or make some alterations to it (with approval from the creator).

                      I'm not going to hold out on it until it's finished and will publish drafts of the project for review throughout the development process.
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                        Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post

                        If you have any suggestions on what benefits the spell ought to offer, I am all ears.
                        I wrote Commanding Presence of Fire some months ago and playtested it with a Dragon-Blooded NPC during the Civil War arc of my PBP. I played it like below. If there's something I'd change after my playtest, it would be to reduce the cost from 10sm to 5sm because of the short duration.

                        COMMANDING PRESENCE OF FIRE

                        Cost: 10sm, 1wp
                        Keywords: None
                        Duration: One round or one minute

                        From the fiery valor within her, the sorcerer creates above herself a huge projection in her own image, dozens of feet tall and wreathed in flame, high enough to be seen for seven miles. Speaking through the image, the sorcerer's voice is amplified so all who see her, even in the clamor of a storm or a battlefield, can hear her. The projection lasts for one round in combat, or for one minute outside of combat. For every additional round or minute the sorcerer wishes the projection to last, her player must succeed at a reflexive Stamina roll (or spend three motes if the sorcerer has an Essence pool). Failure to prolong the effect ends the spell.

                        Any social attacks made through Commanding Presence of Fire gain (Essence or 3) bonus dice, whichever is higher. Should the sorcerer be fighting alongside an allied battlegroup, this bonus also applies to the battlegroup's rout check. There are many stories in both Lookshy and the Realm of Dragon-Blooded heroes having used this spell to motivate their forces against overwhelming odds.

                        A character with Commanding Presence of Fire as her control spell has a natural heat emanating from her body, growing stronger when in passion or when adrenaline runs wild. Snow and ice may melt around her and candles may turn lit. She cannot control this heat other than for dramatic effect. Additionally, controlling the duration of the spell becomes easier, as it costs only a single mote.

                        Distortion (Goal Number: 10): Distorting the spell renders it mute for a round. The contesting sorcerer may also infest the display with projections of his own, though he cannot take control of it completely.

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                          Whew! It's been awhile since I posted to update on how things are going. I've lost a chunk of free time to work stuff recently, so I've been producing much less content. On the bright side, I have produced a few things since we last were here, and I'll try to go through each of them to give an update.

                          First, I want to point to the manuscript for the Book of Three Circles (I should apologize to anybody confused, I did not release that the Bo3C was an actual supplement prior to Savant & Sorceror.)

                          Until MadLetter has the time to update the pdf, here's a link to the current manuscript of the Book of Three Circles.

                          Book of Three Circles

                          To give a little changelog:
                          • Disguise of the New Face has had its language updated and cleaned up to better reflect what it does. For those concerned about how it operates, I would compare the functions and mechanical benefits to PID to get a sense of how this is a bit simpler and more low maintenance. It also now requires a symbolic link of some kind to impersonate somebody. Don't forget you can use it on other people! But also don't forget that you can't use your Larceny charms to enhance these actions.
                          • Fugue of Truth was cleaned up and simplified, and had its control effect altered. This spell is a great one for sorcerers, particularly mortal sorcerers, attempting to see through illusions/deception. The control effect can really help you feel weird in a way that lets you be a buddha.
                          • Internal Flame had the language of its activation simplified, and now it functions similarly to other curse spells. It already feels like it has several easy potential points of failure and the attack roll wasn't necessary.
                          • Peacock Shadow Eyes also includes a simplified action clause for applying the 'curse' though this one is flexible.
                          • Personal Tempest got revised pretty seriously to make things more interesting. It's excellent against ranged soldiers and also gives some parry to defend against melee attacks. Also revised the control effect to make more sense.
                          • Sting of the Ice Hornet is a new, more accurate sorcerous attack, sending a hail of icy needles after an enemy that damage them and make it harder for them to get away. Often favored by sorcerous assassins, the control effect lets you summon individual ice-hornets to be direct with magic or thrown like a ninja.
                          • Titan's Icy Breath can do some damage to groups, but really it's about trapping the enemy in difficult terrain, to set them up so movement or disengages are much more difficult. You can easily trap your enemies in a quagmire of ice and snow with this power. The control effect can let you freeze someone too.
                          There are other spells that still haven't fully baked like Commanding Presence of Fire and a number of Celestial Circle Spells I'll try to get in there before the week is out.

                          Additionally, I've added two new Elementals to my roster:

                          Wood Spider

                          First one up, this was one I've been sitting in for ages and finally got around to finishing. I tried to put emphasis on the trickster skill set of the Wood Spider. Although their venom is plenty dangerous all on its own, wood spiders can be dangerous because of heo they can use their abilities to create traps, waylay travelers, waste time and dazzle with illusions. They also have wood shaping, though they use it in fairly simple ways.

                          Some feedback that would be valuable: How do you like their Charms? Charm costs? Does the Wood Spider feel a bit too busy? What might you change?


                          Crumplepunch asked me to do it. For some irrational reason, I didn't want to convert the Huraka. It wasn't that I didn't think they fit, but I felt like I couldn't figure out the stats and charms and stuff, then Crumple asked me and I figured it out. I think their charms came out pretty well, but would love feedback on the range and stuff.

                          Mechanically, I felt like I was juggling the strength and ferocity ascribed to their bear-like nature with the Air based manipulative powers that form the bulk of the work they actually do. A Huraka is slower than a similar mount, but still kicks plenty of ass and can use his wind powers to aid you in surprising ways.

                          Do you feel like there's any holes in their Charmset that would be good to fill? Any other balance concerns? Do you think the costing of all their Charms are right?

                          Then finally, two old Elementals that I'm still requesting feedback on.

                          Flame Duck

                          For the Flame Ducks, I feel not very confident in their charm set, and wonder if anybody has any good ideas to innovate what the mechanics are even if the principles remain the same.

                          Similarly, I feel like the concepts of the Nymph charm set are broadly correct, however I'm running into this problem where I feel like there must be mechanically superior or simpler ways to render the desired effects in broad strokes. Ideas for how to approach these things especially with regards to elemental symbolism are appreciated!

                          Oh, wait, one more.

                          Need Fire

                          Do the effects and the costing on the Need Fire look right? Particularly on Fire Consumes the Forest?

                          Thanks all! Trying to tackle those Celestial Spells and the wood elementals called Artisans next per another request. If you have a request for a specific conversion, please feel free to request it here or in a message! I really enjoy helping make stuff that people can use.
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                            Some other spell changes:

                            - Paralyzingly Contradiction has been altered. If it's used in combat it has a slightly different effect where the character is compelled to still solve the loan, but they do so on a round by round basis, rather than a minute. Additionally in combat, they can act normally but in order to do so they have to flurry the miscellaneous action of attempting to solve the koan with whatever action they wish to take. If you attack them, they get busted out of the mesmerism effect. This prevents it from completely invalidating enemies in combat while still retaining the strength of the spell.
                            - There is also an activation roll now that checks against Resolve to effect people as another potential point of failure.

                            Additionally, Personal Tempest had its distortion fixed.

                            Working on incorporating into the document a few Celestial Circle Spells as well.

                            Feedback on those elementals is still appreciated!

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                              Another update!

                              Added the Artisan, a wood crafting Elemental which hates crafting Living Wood but can make stuff out of deadwood. They can do some social stuff with their crafting and make unusually tough items out of wood. They can also, to a limited degree, twist other living wood elementals besides themselves to incorporate new shapes and parts of their bodies. They've been added to Elementals of Creation on the front page, and any feedback is desirable.


                              In other news, we have a new demon this week as well, the Perronele, the Living Armor. They were a popular one previously for being symbiotic armor. I tried to retain that while introducing some balance points and mechanics to make them useful. While they can generally improve your soak, they can also become an instantly equipped medium armor set, and lower the damage you suffer from an effect at risk to their own lives. If you guys have any feedback on charm costs or ideas for additional stuff, I'm all ears. They've been added to Demons of Malfeas, and will have their Crossing entry added in a few.

                              Perronele, the Living Armor

                              Hope you guys enjoy these or find them useful!

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                                I really like your efforts on the demons! I especially appreciate the spiders, going to use them in the next session.