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    Originally posted by Corax View Post
    Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed. Set during the Jazz Age, it follows two Voodoo priests as they stumble upon a vast conspiracy called The Wallflower Order, an organization of monotheists descended from the Knight Templars who plan on subverting African-American culture by getting rid of dancing and jazz. I'm not kidding.

    Like Scion's 2nd edition, it imagines a secret, syncretic history of the world where gods and supernatural beings influenced history from the sidelines in a mish mash of real and imagined history. It's a great template for a pre-Visitation game focused less on divine grand feats and more on cultural and mythological exploration.

    Oh and yeah Wicked+The Divine is required reading of course.
    Yeah, those were both required reading for Scion 2e's writing staff. Good calls on both.

    Neall Raemonn Price
    Beleaguered Scion Developer


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      I feel like the only person who has read Wicked+The Divine and didn't like it. It isn't even hating the author either, I've enjoyed both Big 2 and smaller press stuff he's done.