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How does the Abrahamic Faiths have power in the Scion World?

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    Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post
    Meh, it's a coin toss. Some Christians believe Jesus was an individual, and others believe he was an avatar of God, himself.

    But as for him having epic Stamina, keep in mind that he was mercilessly whipped, nailed to a cross by his wrists and feet, stabbed in the side with a spear, and bore a crown of thorns. All of this and it still took him 3 days on the cross before he finally died. That sounds like somebody who doesn't go down easily.
    I mean, most modern Christians believe that Jesus was simultaneously an individual and an avatar of God and God himself all at once, and you shouldn't think about it too hard because it's a mystery known only to the Highest. That's how these things go. If I was "compromising" to fit into Scion's setting, which generally has "pantheons," I'd make Jesus an individual God (or, at the very least, an individual patron, even if fluff-wise he is still God) in his own right just for the sake of playable variety.

    Also, it didn't take three days for him to die. He died after he got stabbed with the spear. It took him three days to come back to life.

    I wouldn't argue it too much, though. I'd just be happy to play a Saint in a Scion game.


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      The tale of him coming back to life 3 days later is well known, but I could have sworn it was also mentioned that he was on the cross of three days before succumbing to his injuries.

      Also, while he was dead, he was apparently traveling around the Underworld, liberating the souls of the damned from other pantheons (such as the Greco-Roman). So one might say that the crucifixion marked the transition from Hero to Demigod, and his resurrection marked his apotheosis to Godhood.


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        I'll avoid debating the reality of deities in the real world we live in, because this is a thread about the game Scion, not a thread about theism. The difference I'm trying to establish, and I'll try one more time to make myself understood, is that we are talking about the myths/faiths of a version of Earth that exists in a role-playing game (not real-world faiths). I'm not talking about right-here-and-now Hinduism, Islam, Asatru, Wicca, or any other faith system (real-world faiths). I'm talking about a game with sets of numbers and abilities that represent mythical beings and their offspring that you can tell tales about and play. Nothing more. I'm not debating your personal beliefs, or mine. If someone wants to play Yhwh as a Legend 12 deity, and have him exist alongside Atum-re, Enki, Osiris, Marduk, al'Uzzah, and all the other deities of the Middle East, fill your boots, you certainly can. It's not something that interests me, which is also a legitimate viewpoint. I just get frustrated when people come to a game about subject X, and then grumble that they can't play an entirely different type of game with the rules presented to them.