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  • How do you play?

    What i mean:

    Me and my players are used to play commons "human" (no legend) that suddenly, because of a catastrophy or a great shock, became an hero (legend 4) making a great legend jump.

    And you? wich legend do you usually start playing?

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    For games I run and play in, Legend 2 is the normal 'start' for the game. Only once IIRC have we started as Mortal and gotten our Legend after a session or two. The normal situation is very much RAW, the PCs have a Visitation off screen in their backstory, they are currently Legend 2, things are working out. The Story begins, things slowly get out of hand, etc. The bump to Legend 3 normally comes very quickly however since Legend 2 doesn't have a lot going for it. Not a ton of things to spend Exp on right out of Chargen since you are probably mostly capped out on the values you care about. Legend 4 is the real, proper Legend Up with an amazing feat.

    Legend 5 is traditionally because the Players have broken the world somehow. Freed some Titans, intentionally or not. Brought Legend back to the world, started an Apocalypse, killed a God. That sort of thing.


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      In every game I've seen or played in the Scions are usually relatively new, having had their visitations anywhere from three months to two years ago. Gives characters plenty of room for backstory shenanigans and ties if they want without being too powerful, the combination of literally godly patrons and fate that 1e had made getting a group together pretty easy. Almost every character I've ever seen uses bonus points to jump to three legend since there are so few ways to do things at legend two.


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        The first time I played Scion way way back in 2010, we did the RAW rules so everybody started at Legend 4 because bonus points. After that, we used the JSR rules for years and years, which encouraged starting at Legend 2 and leaving Legend-ups in the hands of the ST so that XP wouldn't all be dumped into Legend constantly. The jump to Legend 3 usually happened after their first real epic story. We stopped playing after JSR closed down back in 2014, and I don't see the point in digging back into 1e when 2e is so close....


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          So, you all usually buys "legend" with bonus point... in my group the advancement are all about the storytelling. We do not give bonus point, we give a legend if u did something great and deserve it


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            I want players to experience evolution through games, storytelling, hardworking, roleplaying. I have always given legend 5 and once legend 9 to advance to another level. Other levels of legend can be bought so that they can be more or less powerful than other players which create more interactions.

            I have never started a game with no legend, though because of Scion Origins, I wanted a new experience for players and make them play Scions without knacks or boons to introduce pre Scions feeling.


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              Starting your characters off with 4 or 9 Legend seems illogical to me. It's pretty clear that Demigods are far more powerful than Heroes, and Gods are far more powerful than Demigods. By making your character start off at 4 and 9, you're placing them right on the very cusp of ascending to the next level. So any threats they might face in chronicle aren't really going to be all that effective, unless you're throwing hordes of jobbers at them, or every adventure is a top level threat.

              It would be like confronting an enemy and shouting "Don't you know who I am?" and the other people saying "No, we don't!" because they haven't seen you in action. You're just some random character showing up and throwing their weight around the place like they own it.

              It would make more sense (and a more compelling story) to start them off with lower Legend scores and have them rise through the ranks during the course of their adventures. If your characters are previously experienced Scions who have some off screen adventures under their belts, then I would recommend making them start 1 Legend above the minimum. Which would be 2 for Heroes and 6 for Demigods. This would indicate they've been around for a while, but also show they have a ways to go as they climb up the ranks of power.
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                In the few games I've run and played, we usually started at Legend 2 (the character's Visitation bringing them to that point). After that, the rate of Legend increase usually happened after a number of Adventures equal to the Legend of the characters (not game sessions or adventure parts... but full adventures that often had sub-plots and side quests). Thus it would take 2 full adventures to reach Legend 3... 3 more to reach Legend 4, and 4 more to become Demigods with Legend 5 (9 full adventures... with the last one being rather epic in scale... to give us that last push). 26 more adventures would bring us to God level... with the last Adventure being as epic in scope for Demigods as the one that brought us to Demigod level was for Heroes. Sadly... we were unable to quite get to that level of play before real life caused our gaming groups to disperse... we were averaging about 1 act in an adventure per week... with most covering 3 acts (the one to reach Demigod had 4 acts... as did the adventures from there on while the one that would have taken us to God would have had 5... and likely so would the adventures from there on too).

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                  I run a game that I inherited when the last ST screwed us all over and left the group. (we alternated between her Scion game and my Deadlands game) she had almost no grasp of what the game was, and as a result all of our starting legends were quite varried, ranging from 2 to 4. when I took over, I wasn't worried about their legend rating at all, and to honest, i've never had to even think about it, let alone plan legend. the people who I run for, are all so much more interested in the story going on, that I'm usually the one who has to remind them that they might want to spend some points in Legend.