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    Although I might add that it may be within Odin's ability to use Fortune as a Marvel and mess with the various probabilities and instances that would need to come together to create a snow storm, or to encourage Shadow to do the same with his emerging power. After all, the skies were already pretty bad. A probability nudge here and there is all it would take to make it snow, so really all Shadow was doing by continually saying and visualising 'snow' was nudging things toward what he wanted.


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      Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post

      Related question on Scion 2E rules - Can Hero Scion make Marvels, based on Purviews then? Like ( possibly ) Shadow using Sky Purview from Odin in this scene?
      Odin is not involved in that Marvel except for giving Shadow directions what to do.

      Of course Hero PCs can make Marvels. That’s why there are Marvel rules in the Hero book. They just need access to the Purview in some capacity (Innate, Relic, or Guide) and to perform a Motif. That’s what Marvels are for, to pull off a creative one-off miracle within your Purviews that you don’t have a Boon for.

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