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Ireland's Immortals, a book you must read!!!!!

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  • Ireland's Immortals, a book you must read!!!!!

    I'm reading the book Ireland's Immortals . This work is a history of the Irish Gods focused on how and why the mythology of Ireland was preserved.

    While fascinating in itself, and a great read too, the real value of the book would be for building historical games around pantheons that wish either to be remembered (so they can continue to influence their chosen cultures) or those seeking to be forgotten (to escape the snares of fate). The section of the book I'm just starting, the literary revival of the Irish gods should be a handbook for forgotten deities striving to get remembered in the modern world.

    Yes, those interested in Irish myth will get tons of ideas. But this book is a winner for anyone who plays this game.

    Please give me both your reactions to the book I've recommended and recommend your own picks for useful works on myth.

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    Just finished reading it there now, thanks for making me aware of it.

    It's a great book, but I think it is really the first half that most Scion players would enjoy, as it contains a good description of Irish mythology. The second part is more about the literary revival and how Dublin's educated elite revived the stories for a Victorian audience, which I think would be less of a concern. I'll give a more detailed response soon.


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      Given that the Tuatha in the Companion take their forms more from the Literary Revival's fancies about the Tuatha, that's the most important section of the book!