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Purviews and Legend costs in Sion 2nd

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  • Purviews and Legend costs in Sion 2nd

    In the 3rd of April Kickstarter Update in the previews there are Legend Costs mentioned in the purviews like the Purview of Fire. What is the difference between "Imbue" Legend points and "Spend" Legend points? I get it, if you spend a Legend Point its gone until you regain it through exceptional deeds and the like. Does Imbue on the other hand means that you only spend the Legend point for the duration of the effect like Heaven's Fire one scene and then get it back for immediate reusage?

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    From what we've been given to see so far, yup, that's pretty much exactly it... Imbued Legend is only 'spent' for the duration of the effect, after which you get it back and can then Imbue or Spend it somewhere else. Spent Legend is gone until recovered.