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    With australian deities, there is also Balayang, Bamapana, Barraiya (definitely required if you have Eingana), Bila, Bunjil, Daramulum, Julunggul (you have a rainbow snake on the list, but the one you listed is one of the only few ones which isn't a rain/fertility tied one), Karora, Kidili, Kunapipi (her thing is basically being a parent to Scions), Mangar-kunjer-kunja, Ngiṉṯaka, and Wandjina.

    Genius templates (for Demon: the Descent)

    Rakshasa: the Kingdom (Featuring the Extinction Chronicle) [WIP]


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      Updated once again, with the Manchu (thanks again Sacerdos) and Milo's Australian suggestions. I'm very glad for those, by the way. An entire continent with only 14 or so deities to represent it really didn't feel right.

      Edit: 1452 deities. 48 spots left!
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        Originally posted by Wannabe Demon Lord View Post
        Those suggestions sound really interesting Samudra. Thanks a lot! It's good to have the Devas better represented since they are such a large pantheon.

        I think I want to stop at 1500 gods, of which there are 1435 currently, leaving open 65 slots unless I made a mistake and have an undesired double up. I'm not adding any more pantheons at this point, except for the Manchu, I have over 80 and I think that's enough. Still, if anyone has any further suggestions, I'm all ears.
        Happy to help Also, I missed the part up there where you noted that you wanted titan ideas as well as Gods... while you've gotten most of the major Puranic Asura, consider also Vritra, the Vedic Dark Sinuous Dragon who holds the waters of the world within his fortresses until Indra kills him and lets loose the waters into the world (some scholars think he's an embodiment of the dark storm clouds that are split open by lightning (Indra) to make rain, so his Purview would probably be Sky or Chaos). He's a pretty major Vedic era figure, along with the Panis, a tribe of demons who stole the cattle of the world, along with Ushas (who may have been in cow form herself) and sealed them into an underground cavern, from which Indra rescues them, creating the day (their Purviews would probably be Earth or Darkness).

        Puranic era wise, there's Mayasura, also known as MayaDanava (whose name is not pronounced as Maya with the long As, but who is associated with optical illusions) the greatest of Asura architects, who is a surprising presence in the background of Hindu myth... he is Ravana's father-in-law in the Ramayana, and it is he who built the Pandava's palace in the Mahabharata the optical illusions in which helped precipitate the great war in that epic (basically, he built a room in the palace with floor of glass with a pool in between, but it was impossible to tell which floor tile was glass and which was water... and Duryodhana, eldest of the Pandavas antagonistic cousins, fell into the water, and Draupadi, wife of the Pandavas and possible Avatar of Kali depending on who you ask, laughed, and said "there goes the blind son of a blind father" (since Duryodhana's father was blind) which insult eventually helped to precipitate the Kurukshetra war after many more adventures). His Purviews would likely be Forge or Deception.


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          Thanks again Samudra. I can't believe I forgot Vritra!


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            Does anyone have any lesser-known Shen they'd like to see? It's a really large pantheon, and some of the more niche members are pretty unique.


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              Well for the Shen you can always add the eight immortals and the four dragon kings. Aside from them you have Zao Shen, the kitchen god, and Yue Lao the love god. There are obviously more, but I'm by no means all that knowledgeable on Chinese mythology.


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                Some deities to add to the awesomeness that is the UDL - The Tarascan Gods of Mexico. I don't have a lot of info on them, but they are different from the Mayans, Aztecs, Zapotecs, et al.


                And for the Aztecs:

                Mictecacihuatl, Lady of the Dead
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                  Another Mesoamerican pantheon? Cool! Thanks for the suggestion Purple Snit! Glad you think the list is awesome!

                  I did actually have Mictecacihuatl, just under a different spelling. Changed the spelling now, as I assume your version is probably more recognisable.

                  Updated once again with the Tarascans, the Four Dragon Kings, the Eight Immortals, a couple other Shen, and a couple more Hindu bad guys.


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                    Been a while since my last revision, but here's a new one. No new pantheons this time, but some more added to existing pantheons, including several potential titans.


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                      [bows with respect]


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                        I know I have a book laying around that describes the Kaftar (Pre-Islamic Afghan) pantheon, but I can't seem to locate it. That will probably be the next pantheon I add when I find it.


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                          Have you thought of adding the deities of ancient Rhodes? They feature in Greek Myth and would make a great fallen pantheon. They're called the Telchines.


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                            Originally posted by Astromancer View Post
                            Have you thought of adding the deities of ancient Rhodes? They feature in Greek Myth and would make a great fallen pantheon. They're called the Telchines.

                            This is certainly very interesting. I'd always just assumed that the Telchines were just another race of humanoid monsters, albeit a very weird one. I wasn't aware that they were the remnants of a previous pantheon and had actually received worship.

                            Still, I think I'd like a little more info on them individually to work with then that. Even the Minoan, Etruscan, Basque, etc. pantheons have some basic information known about the roles of each known deity, so at least they have something to work with.

                            Got to say they have really badass sounding names. Chryson, Makelo, Demonax, the names do sound really cool. Perhaps if we had someone who knew the etymology of those names (which I personally do not), that could at least give us a starting point.

                            Nevertheless, I really like the idea of these guys filling the Atlantean pantheon niche. Having an Atlantean-esque pantheon where at least the names originate in mythology sounds a lot better then one where they were just made up, and I like the idea of them being a lost/fallen pantheon destroyed by the Theoi, with all the associated lost civilization tropes and plot points.

                            Okay, let me tell you what I'll do. I've been planning a special section at the bottom concerning non-traditional, pseudo-pantheons like an Archangel pantheon, the figures from the Ars Goetia, and a "pantheon" of American folklore figures like a lot of people have been discussing, which would be optionally canon and people could take or leave as they please. I think I'll have these guys fill the Atlantean pantheon role when I do that. Not enough is really known for them to make the main list, but they can certainly be included in a manner such as that.


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                              Update time. Added the Dogon and a small number of Ceram. Updated the Zulu, Mapuche, and Aboriginal.


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                                Update. Fixed some formatting errors, a couple accidental deity double-ups, and added the Burmese pantheon.