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  • Your Sanctums?

    What are some of the Sanctums you and your players have developed?

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    I mean, in my game they have a rad boat one of them stole. But I don't know enough offhand from 1e to guess if a capitalization of Sanctum means something different than 'sweet party pad'.


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      Originally posted by Alpharius View Post
      I mean, in my game they have a rad boat one of them stole. But I don't know enough offhand from 1e to guess if a capitalization of Sanctum means something different than 'sweet party pad'.
      Sanctum was a God-tier Birthright in 1E that referred to a personalized God Realm you could build for yourself

      Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


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        Feel like this isn't as fleshed out as I wanted it to be, but here's a potential idea I had for one of my characters.


        The Pleasure Cruise: a place of opulent decadence and relaxation, this sanctum was originally created to serve as a place of retirement for an Egyptian Scion who thought he could slack off after obtaining divinity and establishing himself as the self proclaimed God of Luxury. Not realizing at the time that the pantheons were fighting on the front lines and he now had more work to do than ever before.

        None the less, The Pleasure Cruise maintains its position as a place of entertainment, as its creator originally intended, and serves as one of their favorite places to unwind after a hard day battling the Titans. True to its name, the sanctum is shaped like a luxury cruise liner, instead of a traditional barge, but serves the same purpose of ferrying its master across the waters of the Overworld.

        Located in the Egyptian Overworld, The Pleasure Cruise is a colossal ship, roughly the size of a skyscraper in length and standing just as tall; the mere sight of it on the open waters is enough to leave any mortal slack jawed in awe. And that's before they even step foot on deck, where they are greeted by the sounds, smells and sights of gods and their guests engaged in almost non-stop partying!

        The sanctum itself is divided up into 60 different floors, each one dedicated to varying degrees of wealthy enjoyment. The first 10 floors are dedicated to the more casual means of entertainment that the common tourist might take pleasure in. But as you descend to the lower decks, the pleasures become more exotic, with every 10 levels marking the beginning of a noticeable change in atmosphere. Starting from the 50th floor, the means of entertainment cross into territories which only those of a more 'refined' palette can truly appreciate. Details on what goes on beneath those levels are hazy due to the fact they do not receive as much visitors as the upper floors, but rumors persist of less reputable members of the multiverse congregating there to indulge their desires.

        The more immediate pleasures offered to those who find themselves lucky enough to visit include music, dancing, feasting, drinking, swimming, massaging, bathing, gaming (both virtual and sports related), recreational narcotics, theater performances and, of course, sex. All of which are offered in both public and private venues, depending on the customer's choice.

        Despite it being considered a sanctum, The Pleasure Cruise has a surprisingly lax security system. By default, anybody looking for a good time has an open invitation to come on board; which is accessed via a gangplank or a rope ladder, depending on whether the sanctum is at sail or embarked at the time. It is only once they start to actively cause trouble that the sanctum will move to defend itself, summoning the master's servants to hunt down and engage the threat. Anyone captured by security is tossed overboard, where The Pleasure Cruise quickly sails away and leaves them stranded in open waters. Crashing into the water from a 60 story drop is enough to knock the strength out of most entities who lack the gift of Epic Stamina, and those who suffer such a punishment are faced with one of two possibilities. Either they can muster their remaining strength and swim back to shore, or they can hope that another god's barge will come to fish them out of the water. The third possibility is to give up and drown beneath the sacred river.


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          Not one I got to use, but an astrophysicist-that-specialized-in-black-holes son of Tezcatlipoca that I made I would have aimed for his sanctum being the crushing heart of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. His throne would have been made out of tzitzimimi corpses and no light would exist within it.


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            Ancient Canadian Burial Chamber-This is the sanctum of Dubhna Gravewalker, daughter of the Morrigan, and is a terra incognita claimed for the Tuatha de Danann.
            Size= Manor House (Consists of seven immense domed halls, deep beneath the Rocky Mountains, on the banks of a underground river)
            Type= Terra Incognita
            Inhabitants= Reanimated Soldiers, Ghost Warriors, and various other beings who live with Dubhna.
            Unique Features= Natural Gas Lamps
            Chamber #1: Dubhna's Personal Quarters (Decorated in a gothic style, decidedly necromantic)
            Chamber #2: The Armory (Filled with ancient swords of bronze, spears, and other weapons including Dubhna's personal defense kit and armors)
            Chamber #3: Hall of War (The walls are covered with paintings, depicting the history of the forgotten race beginning with their retreat from the surface and ending with their doom, other paintings have been added since then which show the history of the lands above, right to the modern day. It also has bookcases filled with handwritten texts)
            Hall #4: Chamber of Death and Silence (Contains high cases of drawers with a portrait on the front of each which is beautifully executed. Inside each drawer robed in funeral clothing are supernaturally preserved bodies of the wisest and most beautiful members of a forgotten race. There are over 12,000 bodies in this room representing more than 20 successive generations.
            Chamber #5: The Hall of Wealth (Contains a massive collection of valuables shaming most treasure hoards and the wealth of small countries)
            Chamber #6: The River Entrance (Contains a rebuilt stone pier which juts out into the river, a small harbour and newly built fortifications, including enormous gates and a portcullis protecting the other chambers)
            Chamber #7 The Great Hall (Connects the other chambers together, lit with a undying fire)

            Based on "A Subterranean Story" from the Manitoba Free Press on the 22nd of April 1890, originally printed from the Washington Critic of the same year. This an actual newspaper account based off a strange document found in a hollow geode, bound with five bands of bronze, inside a log of strange wood. Supposedly.
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              My players really don't have one, they tend to work out of one of their houses or another. (although one of the characters is a child actor on TV, and his place is pretty tricked out.)


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                What kind of Residence is Hero or Demigod likely to have, since he doesnt have a sanctum yet, but probaly has a pretty lavish residence if he wants one.


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                  Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
                  What kind of Residence is Hero or Demigod likely to have, since he doesnt have a sanctum yet, but probaly has a pretty lavish residence if he wants one.

                  For Heroes, I imagine they still live in whatever home they had when they were normal, or they might constantly move around from place to place as they try to adjust to their new lives. Demigods might be more more comfortable with their duties and have acquired a more befitting living arrangement for someone of their station.

                  I like to imagine that a Scion of a sea deity might be granted a roaming island. Something that allows them to travel their parent's domain, while enjoying all the benefits of a relaxing vacation spot. Would greatly help ease the stress that comes with living up to the god's expectations.
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                    Problem with Sanctum is that as a background it was largely just flavor text, it had no specific in-game benefit I can remember so we just ended up using it as an excuse to create divine “holdings”.

                    An old character I had was a god of dreams (people who don’t typically live in the Overworld anyway but whatever) and had an agenda he was pursuing using his sanctum. Scion 1E never really specified where the souls of those who died under “unrepresented” modern faiths or those of the faithless went thus it was assumed they just accumulate all over the world or fall into oblivion. So in order to prevent the world from filling up with ghosts that would quickly become specters, he created a dream-world where those souls could reside until he either brokered a deal to get them reincarnated after Ragnarok/2nd Titanomachy, or figured out how to do it himself.
                    The dream-world itself was essentially a copy of the world as is without any of the typical irritants of normal life (taxes, work, bills, etc.). The deity-character was associated with night so the sun never rose and all was in perpetual starry night or twilight. The souls there basically abided in an extended holding pattern while the gods and titans fought. The character’s actual residence was an unreachable tower in the distance that could always be seen as it glowed with divine power at about the intensity of a full moon.