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Welsh PSP Idea Ouline. Help With Mechanics, Please?

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  • Welsh PSP Idea Ouline. Help With Mechanics, Please?

    I have been conferring with Watcher on this so it is fair to give him credit where credit is due. This the outline of Tynged, a possible Welsh PSP. A significant inspiration was the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi. I was hoping that I could get some help with the mathematics part since I have discalcula and so am unable to do it myself.
    Weapon of Choice (Tynged 1)- Gain immunity to a specific type of weapon (revolver, longbow, spear, etc)
    Harder to Kill (Tynged 2)- Force reroll on one attack per session.
    Here I Stand(Tynged 3)- Become unable to be killed at a specific type of location (field of battle, seat of rule, watering hole, etc).
    Die Hard (Tynged 4)- Gain phantom health boxes during any attempt to kill which which does not involve your selections)
    Elemental Ally (Tynged 5)- Choose one of the following elements which now cannot kill you- stone, soil, wood, water, air, moon, sun, sky, and heaven (which can be interpreted as metal, earth, wood, water, air, mind, sun, sky, and health, I can give you justification and explanation for each if asked.)
    Mortal Boon (Tynged 6)- Become completely mortal instead of actually dying. This effect lasts until a condition the scion sets is met. While mortal however this condition is unknown to them. Upon the condition being filled the scion returns to their former self.
    Liminal Immunity (Tynged 7)- Become unable to be killed during a specific liminal time. (Examples include: high tide, the hour of the wolf, twilight, etc.)
    Plausable Impossibility (Tynged 8)- Select a seemingly impossible yet possible condition which MUST be involved in your death. (Such as by your child yet unborn)
    Death Clause (Tynged 9)- The choices made in the previous boons are now more specific and are required to be involved in your death. For example: The scion may only be killed with his brother's sword in a library while being suffocated by his unborn son during the hour of the wolf (3am to 4am).
    From My Own Lips (Tynged 10)- You are the only person who knows the specific and correct interpretation of your Death Clause. Any attempt to discover it without a plausible Ultimate or Avatar is impossible unless like Llew Llaw Gyffes you disclose it yourself. Otherwise your lips are sealed.

    Please remember that while the player may not be killed they still may suffer extensive damage- recall Bran the Blessed in the Second Branch for example)

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    Are you trying to build it on 1E mechanics? Because I didn't think they scaled on 1-10 dots in 2E.

    Anyway, for 2E purposes I want to see the Geas mechanics because the concept of Tynged overlaps heavily. It would probably make sense to use that as a base and make necessary cultural variances as needed.

    (If the Nemetondevos are like their 1E French version, they'll have a PSP based on their current post-Fate state, which inherently raises the question of what PSP they before they fell - and if the Tuatha and the Plant Don share the same basic mechanics outline that'd be strong foundation for the Gaulish Pantheon to have followed suit; same way the Orisha and the Loa share a PSP under different names).

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      1e is implied in the structure. I wouldn't be using it otherwise.