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    Indra's married to an Asura? I didn't know that. Tell me more.


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      Originally posted by Wannabe Demon Lord View Post
      Indra's married to an Asura? I didn't know that. Tell me more.
      Shachi is the daughter of one of the Asura enemies Indra slew. She’d probably be a Beauty Titan in Scion terms.

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        I'm a bit partial to making her a Passion (Envy) Titan, with Beauty as a Manifestation of Envy, given that the singular hymn to/by her in the Rig Veda is an invocation to destroy the rival wife and/or any other rivals to his affection, but I can see Beauty as well... it might be more appropriate to her Puranic status. Either way, she is 100% a Titan in my Opinion

        Originally posted by Rig Veda, Book X, Hymn CLIX
        1. YON Sun hath mounted up, and this my happy fate hate mounted high.
        I knowing this, as conqueror have won my husband for mine own.

        2 I am the banner and the head, a mighty arbitress am I:
        I am victorious, and my Lord shall be submissive to my will.

        3 My Sons are slayers of the foe, my Daughter is a ruling Queen:
        I am victorious: o’er my Lord my song of triumph is supreme.

        4 Oblation, that which Indra gave and thus grew glorious and most high,—
        This have I offered, O ye Gods, and rid me of each rival wife.

        5 Destroyer of the rival wife, Sole Spouse, victorious, conqueror,
        The others' glory have I seized as ’twere the wealth of weaker Dames.

        6 I have subdued as conqueror these rivals, these my fellow-wives,
        That I may hold imperial sway over this Hero and the folk.


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          Batch 2 of the main roster of the Nat:

          Min Kyawswa, the Lord of Intoxication and Festivity
          Aliases: Ko Gyi Kyaw, Pakhan U Min Gyaw

          Callings: Lover, Liminal, Trickster
          Purviews: Artistry (Music, Dance), Beasts (Horse), Chaos, Fortune, Passion (Ecstasy), War

          U Shin Gyi, the Governor of the Saltwater Delta
          Aliases: Ye-Ngang-Paingshin, Abo

          Callings: Guardian, Hunter, Liminal
          Purviews: Artistry (Harp Music), Beasts (Crocodile, Tiger), Beauty, Deception, Journeys, Moon, Stars, Water

          Shwe Phying Nyinaungdaw, the Golden Pot Siblings

          Callings: Lover, Trickster, Warrior
          Purviews: Artistry (Burmese Orchestra), Beasts (Horse, Tiger), Deception, Fortune, Journeys, Passion (Joy), War

          Poan Ma Kri, the Goddess of Harvest and Weather

          Callings: Hunter, Liminal, Sage
          Purviews: Fertility, Prosperity, Sky, Stars

          Ma Ngwe Taung, the Lady Silver Wings

          Callings: Hunter, Lover, Trickster
          Purviews: Chaos, Fortune, Passion (Desire, Love, Discontent)


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            How's the write-up going, Svarogg?


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              I have been pilling up on work (uni and all) but I'll attempt to finish the rough outline of the writeup. Titans, Primordials and Birthrights.


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                The first couple of gods have their sections expanded!
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                  The full PDF for Scion 2e version of the Nat is almost done. The last step (for me at least) is to flesh out the PSP to differentiate it from the Orisha and the Kami.



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                    Such an interesting read to start my day! Loved it.


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                      This is amazing!


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                        Sources (+ Recommended Reading)

                        In English:

                        Nat-Pwe: Burma's Supernatural Sub-Culture by Yves Rodrigues
                        Burmese Supernaturalism by Melford E. Spiro
                        Folk Elements in Burmese Buddhism by U Htin Aung
                        Folk Elements in Burmese Buddhism (Dissection and Review by U Kyaw Tun) - read online (​
                        Haunting the Buddha: Indian Popular Religion and the Formation of Buddhism by Robert DeCaroli
                        Showing Respect by Bowing Down to the Nats: Spirit Worship and Gender in a Village in Upper Burma by Iikuni Yukako - read online from BurmaLibrary


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                          Svarogg, would you mind if I posted your pantheon in the Scion discord? I don't think it has shown up there, and it might be nice to get it a bit more exposure in the community.