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    Indra's married to an Asura? I didn't know that. Tell me more.


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      Originally posted by Wannabe Demon Lord View Post
      Indra's married to an Asura? I didn't know that. Tell me more.
      Shachi is the daughter of one of the Asura enemies Indra slew. She’d probably be a Beauty Titan in Scion terms.

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        I'm a bit partial to making her a Passion (Envy) Titan, with Beauty as a Manifestation of Envy, given that the singular hymn to/by her in the Rig Veda is an invocation to destroy the rival wife and/or any other rivals to his affection, but I can see Beauty as well... it might be more appropriate to her Puranic status. Either way, she is 100% a Titan in my Opinion

        Originally posted by Rig Veda, Book X, Hymn CLIX
        1. YON Sun hath mounted up, and this my happy fate hate mounted high.
        I knowing this, as conqueror have won my husband for mine own.

        2 I am the banner and the head, a mighty arbitress am I:
        I am victorious, and my Lord shall be submissive to my will.

        3 My Sons are slayers of the foe, my Daughter is a ruling Queen:
        I am victorious: o’er my Lord my song of triumph is supreme.

        4 Oblation, that which Indra gave and thus grew glorious and most high,—
        This have I offered, O ye Gods, and rid me of each rival wife.

        5 Destroyer of the rival wife, Sole Spouse, victorious, conqueror,
        The others' glory have I seized as ’twere the wealth of weaker Dames.

        6 I have subdued as conqueror these rivals, these my fellow-wives,
        That I may hold imperial sway over this Hero and the folk.


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          Batch 2 of the main roster of the Nat:

          Min Kyawswa, the Lord of Intoxication and Festivity
          Aliases: Ko Gyi Kyaw, Pakhan U Min Gyaw

          Callings: Lover, Liminal, Trickster
          Purviews: Artistry (Music, Dance), Beasts (Horse), Chaos, Fortune, Passion (Ecstasy), War

          U Shin Gyi, the Governor of the Saltwater Delta
          Aliases: Ye-Ngang-Paingshin, Abo

          Callings: Guardian, Hunter, Liminal
          Purviews: Artistry (Harp Music), Beasts (Crocodile, Tiger), Beauty, Deception, Journeys, Moon, Stars, Water

          Shwe Phying Nyinaungdaw, the Golden Pot Siblings

          Callings: Lover, Trickster, Warrior
          Purviews: Artistry (Burmese Orchestra), Beasts (Horse, Tiger), Deception, Fortune, Journeys, Passion (Joy), War

          Poan Ma Kri, the Goddess of Harvest and Weather

          Callings: Hunter, Liminal, Sage
          Purviews: Fertility, Prosperity, Sky, Stars

          Ma Ngwe Taung, the Lady Silver Wings

          Callings: Hunter, Lover, Trickster
          Purviews: Chaos, Fortune, Passion (Desire, Love, Discontent)


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            How's the write-up going, Svarogg?


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              I have been pilling up on work (uni and all) but I'll attempt to finish the rough outline of the writeup. Titans, Primordials and Birthrights.