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  • Scion/Trinity hybrid settings

    Hopefully, the versions of the Storypath system used by Scion and TC will be compatible enough to allow for the two to be merged by gamers with minimal trouble. Why? Because settings combining Daring and Superscience with Myth and Magic are awesome! For instance:

    Yeah, it deals with fae instead of gods; but given what the fae can do, there really isn't much difference. And on top of its “all myths are true” aesthetic (though not always directly so), you have things like the Steel Clan, the Pack, the Mutates, cyborgs, robots, Thailog, the Illuminati… and if you include the comics instead of Season Three, you also get such things as the Time Dancer.

    …or you could do, y'know, the Avengers, I guess — though if you're basing it off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you might as well just use TC Aberrant by itself, given the presentation of the Asgardians as sufficiently advanced aliens.

    So how would you do a hybrid Trinity/Scion setting?

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    Well, one of my first thoughts is since we're getting Aeon first of the Trinity eras? Fading Suns with Storypath instead of the VPS system. I've never been a fan of the VPS system in practice, I love the setting, and it's a setting where it would lean much more on Trinity than Scion, pulling from Scion to make the magic in Fading Suns significantly distinct from the superscience would be nice. Basically it would be stripped down to one Pantheon per sentient species (if that).

    I've also been eying doing Storypath conversions of the WoD (certainly not alone there), but instead of just a straight conversion, I'm also kinda interested in a mashup of Trinity, Scion, and Mage. The Technocrats are based in the Trinity specific rules, with the Traditions based in the Scion specific rules (and use the Pantheon framework to build up how members of different Traditions operate differently from each other without going the full DA Mage Fellowship route). Then unabashedly focus on the more gonzo Ascension War antics.


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      We have been playing 1st ed Aberrant hacked to pieces in order to do a continuing DC Comics story(actual DC comics games use D20 or bundles of D6's...screw that noise, we love our handful of d10). The hacks revolve mostly around how to do we are Praying that when these lines come out, there is if not an entire book on converting, at least a "You want a Scion in Trinity? Here's what you change" blurb on page 176 or whatever. Dear Lord Please!



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        Well here is with I wouldn't do. I would not go the marvel route where gods are essential advanced aliens. Magic and Super Science (SS) need to distinct things that works different, has different themes and different rules to some extent. Also having each their original origins.
        What I am unsure about is whatever Magic and SS work together or not. Like in Shadowrun they excluded each other except in rare cases. In Rifts they combine into something even more powerful (techno-wizardry).

        For Scion and Trinity I would start off as keeping the two factions distinct, but as time went on the setting they would overlap, interact and mix. Maybe make up some homebrew for antagonist that are half something and half something else. Or make new playable splats

        like Scions of Divis Mal, or a Aeon Trinity branch for scions, Titans exiled from their home planet, solar system or galaxy, which Titanspawn are appearing on the moon. Having different ways for the Scions and Trinity splat to travel the stars, but each can hitch a ride in the other ones transport.


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          Go the weirdly common route in 90s epic fantasy: normal Scion game goes for a few arcs, then Bam! Aliens attack. Don't tell your players that you've added Trinity for a few sessions

          Or go the reverse with a more Star Trek version: you land on an unknown world. The primitive natives believe in gods. You, of course, scoff at the notion. But, there's a bit more weirdness than can be explained with any science you know. Maybe...
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